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T6  - motor yacht -  48.5m (159.22ft)  -  Flyghtship Construction   -  2006

John Spencer  -  net worth: USD 550 million -  New Zealand

Caxton Paper (sold to CHH)  -

J ohn Spencer was the owner of the yacht T6. John Spencer even owned the yard that build his yacht: Flyghtship, although Flyghtship seems to be out of business.

The Spencer family is a well-known New Zealand family. John Spencer’s grandfather Albert Spencer founded the Caxton paper company in 1890. Caxton paper became New Zealand’s market leader in toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels, and related products.

Caxton Paper was sold to Carter Holt Harvey in 1987 for NZD 300 million. Carver Holt Harvey in its turn was acquired in 2006 by Graeme Hart, New Zealand richest person.  

Graeme Hart is the owner of the luxury yacht Ulysses. The net worth of John Spencer is estimated around NZD 700 million, equal to more or less USD 550 million.  He died in 2016

Taconite - motor yacht - 38.10m (125ft)  -  Boeing Aircraft  - 1930

Gordon Levett  -  net worth >USD 25 million  - Canada

Pacific Coach Lines  -

Gordon Levett is the owner of the classic motor yacht Taconite. Levett is the co-founder of Vancouver’s Pacific Coach Lines. Pacific Coach operates scheduled bus line between Vancouver, Vancouver Airport and Whistler. Gordon Levett sold Pacific Coach in 1990.

His yacht Taconite was built in 1930 by the Boeing Aircraft company for its founder William Boeing. The Boeing family used the yacht for more than 40 years. Taconite is available for charter.

Taiba  - motor yacht -  49.95m (163.88ft)  -  Benetti SpA   -  1997

Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid al-Nuaimi  - net worth: $ 1 billion -   Ajman

Son of the Emir of Ajman  -

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi is the owner of the superyacht Taiba. Sheikh Rashid is the son of Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid al-Nuaimi, the Emir of Ajman.

Ajman one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates federation. Sheikh Rashid is the head of Ajman Club a football club competing in the UAE Pro-League. Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi is also the owner of R Holding, a Ajman based conglomerate active in real estate development, hotels and investing.

Hotels of the group includes the Ramada Ajman Hotel and the Ramada Downtown Dubai. The ruling family of Ajman has a net worth of $ 1 billion.

Talitha  - motor yacht -  82.6m (271ft)  -  Krupp Germania Werft   -  1930

Getty family  - net worth: > $ 10 billion  - USA

Oil  -

Superyacht Talitha is owned by the Getty family. Getty Oil was founded by J. Paul Getty in 1964, after the Getty family had already accumulated wealth from earlier oil investments.

In the 1930’s the Getty family was active in Saudi Arabia oil exploration through their Pacific Western Oil Corporation. Later their oil holdings were organized under Getty Oil. In 1984 Texaco acquired Getty Oil for USD 10 billion.

The Getty family remained owner of the real estate/ tank stations through Getty Realty. A spin off of Getty Realty was later sold to Lukoil. Getty’s  son Gordon Getty is listed at Forbes with a net worth of USD 2 billion.

Tamer II  - sailing yacht -  36.42m (119.49ft)  -  Jongert  -  1986

Maamoun Said Tamer  -  net worth > USD 100 million  - Saudi Arabia

Tamer Group  -

The Tamer family are the owner of the Jongert sailing yacht Tamer II.  The family owns the Tamer Group, a Saudi based healthcare, prestige products, and fast moving consumer goods company.

Tamer Group is the leading supplier of pharmaceutical products to the Saudi market. The group distributes laboratory diagnostic machines and reagents, interventional cardiology, radiology, and orthopedics.

Tamer supplies diverse food and nutrition products, ranging from baby food, sweeteners, confectionery, and nutritional products, Toiletries, Hair Care, Skin and Body Care. Tamer Group is a majority shareholder in the Saudi Arabian Japanese Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (SAJA).

Saudi Arabian Japanese Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is a 50-year-joint venture between Tamer Group Industries and two of the largest Japanese pharmaceutical firms, Astellas and Daiichi Sankyo.  

Tamsen  - sailing yacht - 52m (170.6ft)  -  Perini Navi  -  2007

Firestone Family and Friends  - net worth > 100 million  - USA

Somera Communications (sold)  - Global Power Supply  -  

Sailing yacht Tamsen was built for a group of owners, centered around the Firestone Family. The superyacht is named after the wife of Robert Firestone, a psychologist and author.

His children and their friends founded several successful companies, including Century Computer Marketing, a distributor of computer equipment, which was sold for US$ 30 million, Somera Communications, a provider of new and used telecommunications infrastructure equipment and services, which was listed on Nasdaq (raising US$ 107 million) and is now owned by Jabil Circuit, and Global Power Supply, buying, selling and renting generators for example to the oil and gas industry.

Tango  - motor yacht -  77.7m (254.9ft)  -  Feadship  -  2011

Viktor Vekselberg -  net worth: USD 10.6 billion  - Russia

Renova -

Viktor Vekselberg is the owner of the yacht Tango.

Tatoosh  - motor yacht -  92.42m (303.2ft)  -  Nobiskrug  -  2000

Paul Allen  -  net worth: USD 15 billion  - USA

Microsoft  -

US billionaire Paul Allen is one of the founders of Microsoft. Paul Allen owns the yachts Tatoosh, Octopus and Meduse.

Tenaz  - sailing yacht -  39.0 m (127.9ft)  -  Pendennis Shipyard  -  1996

Mike Ryan  -  net worth US$ 50 million  -  Cayman Islands

Silverfin Development  -

Mike Ryan is the owner of the sailing yacht Tenaz. Mike Ryan is a real estate developer specialized in residential properties and resorts. He is famous for developing the The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Resort, rated as the number one resort in the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, in 2012 the Ritz Carlton went into receivership and is now owned by Five Mile Capital Partners, who purchased the property for US$ 177 million at the largest real estate auction in the history of the Cayman Islands.

Through his Silverfin Development Company Ryan develops properties in the Cayman Islands, Asia and London. His yacht Tenaz is currently for sale.

Texas  - motor yacht -  44.6m (146.33ft)  -  Proteksan Turquoise Yachts  -  1984

Solomon Lew  -  net worth: USD 1.1 billion  -  Australia

Retail and investments  -

Solomon Lew is the owner of superyacht Texas. Lew is an Australian billionaire. In 1964 he inherited a small retail business. This small business was turned in to a large group, importing textile, toys and other goods from China into Australia.

Currently Salomon Lew is chairman and the largest shareholder of Premier Investments Limited, a stock listed investment company. The company is owner of the Just Group, one of Australia’s largest clothing retailers.

Mr Lew is the owner of two superyachts: the 54 meter Maridome built by Brook Marine and the 45 meter Texas built by Turquoise. Mr Lew’s net worth is estimated at USD 1.1 billion.

Thalia  - sailing yacht -  48.42m (158.86ft)  -  Vitters Shipyard   -   1994

Mikhail Khimich  -  net worth: USD 100 million  -  New Zealand

Waivera Water  -

Mikhail Khimich is the owner if the sailing yacht Thalia. Khimich owns the New Zealand water bottling company Waiwera Water. Some 1.5 kilometres below New Zealands Waiwera Valley lies one of the South Pacific’s main geothermal aquifers.

Carbon dating reveals this water to be approximately 15,000 years old. In 1875, Waiwera water was first bottled in its distinctive Georgia Green bottle and promoted as ‘the elixir of life’. WAI means ‘water’ in Māori, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand.

And WERA means ‘hot’. Together, they make up WAIWERA, pronounced ‘why-wear-ah’. The Waiwera company includes a thermal resort. Khimich made his fortune from property development and minerals and gases. Khimich is a philanthropist, who sent two shipping containers of Waiwera bottled water to Japan after the tsunami.

Mikhail Kimich’s sailing yacht Thalia was built by Vitters.

The Big Blue  - motor yacht -  42m (137.8ft)  -  Troy Marine  -  2010

Tony Mayer  -  Captiva Resources  -  Arta Tequila  - net worth > US$ 100 million  -  USA

Arta Tequila  -

Tony Mayer is the owner of the yacht The Big Bue. Mayer is CEO of Captiva Resources, a Denver-based oil and gas exploration and production company and founder of Arta Tequila.

Mayer is the son of Frederick Mayer, who founded the Exeter Drilling Company in 1953. In 1980, when Exeter was the US largest privately held drilling company, he sold the company to the People’s Energy Company of Chicago for USD 134.5 million.

He then founded Captiva to manage his resources. Frederick Mayer was a philanthropist and a succesful stamp and postal collector. His collections are display online at the FRM Foundation. Tony Mayer acquired Arta Tequila in 2011.

Arta Tequila was founded in 2008 and won several (Bronze and Silver) medals at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits competition. Superyacht The Big Blue was built (but never finished) as Imbros. She was refitted in 2012 and 2013 by Derecktor, in Florida.

The Highlander  - motor yacht -  35,0m (116ft)  -  De Vries Lentsch  - 1967

Victor Muller   -  net worth < USD 50 million  - The Netherlands

Spyker Cars  -

Victor Muller is the owner of the yacht The Highlander. Victor Muller is a Dutch millionaire who became wealthy with the shipping company Wijsmuller and the clothing brand McGregor.

He is best known as founder of Spyker Cars and CEO of  Saab Automobile. Muller became owner of shipping and salvage company Wijsmuller after a management buy -out.

Later he invested in the Emergo Fashion Group who acquired the rights for the bankrupt clothing brand McGregor.  Muller led McGregor to success and cashed when McGregor was listed at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.  In 2000 Victor Muller founded Spyker Cars.

Later Spyker Cars acquired Saab Automobile, which was declared bankrupt in 2011. The Highlander was built as the first large yacht for the Forbes family.

Themis  - motor yacht -  47.55m (156ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC   -  1998

Ronald Motley  - net worth >USD 100 million  - USA

Motley Rice  -

Superyacht Themis was built for Ronald Motley. Motley was one of America’s most successful trial lawyers. He was a pioneer in the use of class-action lawsuits, for example against the tobacco industry.

His biggest success was in 1998, when tobacco companies agreed to pay states more than $246 billion over the next 25 years, the largest civil settlement in U.S. History. It was reported that his firm earned US$ 2 billion from the settlement. Ronald Motley died in 2013.

The One  - motor yacht -  73m (239.5ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts  -  1972

Francesco Bellavista Caltagirone  - net worth > US$ 100  million.

Aquamarcia  -

Francesco Bellavista Caltagirone is the owner of the yacht The One. Caltagirona is a Italian real estate developer. In the 1970’s and 80’s he developed real estate in Europe, the US and South America.

In 1994 he acquired the Italian real estate company Aqua Pia Antica Marcia, which was founded in 1868 to exploit and manage an ancient aqua duct in Rome. Caltagirone was very successful and owned several houses in Italy and the South of France, a Falcon private jet and the 71 meter Lurssen yacht The One.

n March 2013, however, Francesco Bellavista Caltagirone was charged with a US$ 200 million tax fraud and his real estate, yacht and private jet was seized by the tax authorities. Aqua Marcia was declared bankrupt in 2007.

The Snapper  - motor yacht -  36.89m (121.0ft)  -  Sunseeker  -  2007

DJ Chris Evans  -  net worth > USD 75 million  -  UK

Radio DJ for the BBC -

Motor yacht The Snapper was built for Formula 1 driver Eddy Jordan. In 2012 he sold the Snapper to BBC radio DJ Chris Evans, as he order a new Sunseeker 155 yacht named Blush in 2014.

Chris Evans is a successful radio DJ at the BBC. He hosted several programs such as The Big Breakfast and the Radio 1 Breakfast show. In 2000 he was the highest paid UK entertainer. IN 1994 he founded his owns production company named Ginger Productions.

In 1997 Ginger Production - together with some other investors - acquired Virgin Radio from Richard Bransom for USD 100 million. In 2000 Evans sold the Ginger Group for USD 300 million, netting himself some USD 75 million.

Evans is a car collector, owning several classic Ferrari’s including a 1961 250 GT Spyder California SWB and a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. In 2014 Evans put his yacht The Snapper for sale.

This Is Us  -  sailing yacht  - 41.83m (137.2ft)  -  Holland Jachtbouw   -  2005

Dirk Cavens  -   net worth > USD 50 million  - Belgium

Antwerp real estate KVH

Dirk Cavens is the owner the Belgium real estate developer Kempens Vastgoed Holding (KVH). Dirk Cavens is married to Christine van Hool.

Van Hool is a major bus and coaches manufacturer in Europe, offering a range of buses for public transport for international markets. Van Hool manufactures approximately 1,400 buses and coaches, and as many as 4,000 commercial vehicles annually.

Thunder B  - motor yacht -   49.84m (163.5ft)  -  Oceanfast  -  1998

Boris Berezovsky - deceased

Sibneft  -

Berezovsky was the owner of the yacht ThunderB. Berezovsky was a Russian oligarch who was in constant struggle with Russian politics. He was a London based exile, who critized Putin.

He lost several legal battles, including a case claiming ownership of Sibneft, which he lost. Berezovsky was found dead in 2013.  Berezovsky’s yacht Thunder B was sold to a Croatian owner in 2013.

The yacht is now named Lady K and is famous for her speed of more than 30 knots, powered by a 4,600 hp gas turbine. Berezovski was the original owner of the yacht Radiant.

He ordered her at Lurssen for EUR 149 million, but ran into financial problems and sold her to Abdullah Al Futtaim for EUR 240 million.

Tian  - motor yacht  - 34m (111.55ft)  -  CRN Spa  -  2008

Anil Ambani  -   net worth USD 5.2 billion  -  India

Reliance Industries/ Ambani Group  -

Anil Ambani is the chairman of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. The Ambani family is the richest family in India.

Ambani’s brother Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries. Reliance Industries, was founded by his late father Dhirubhai Ambani. Together with Mukesh, Anil had led the Reliance Group to India's leading textiles, petroleum, petrochemicals, power, and telecom company.

After their father’s death the brothers had a dispute about control of the families business. Their mother arranged a demerger in 2005, which gave Mukesh control of oil and gas, petrochemicals, refining and manufacturing while Anil took control over electricity, telecom and financial services.

Anil Ambani’s yacht Tian is named after his wife Tina.

Tiara  - sailing yacht -  54.27m (178.05ft)  -  Alloy Yachts -  2004

Guy Laliberté - net worth USD 1.8 billion  -  Canada

Cirque du Soleil -

Built for:

Jonathan Leitersdorf  -   net worth> USD 100 million  - UK

L Capital Partners  -

Guy Laliberté is the owner of the sailing yacht Tiara. Guy Laliberte is the co-founder of the Cirque du Soleil. He started his career as a street performer and co-founded the Cirque du Soleil as a one year project.

Nowadays the Circus has 4,000 employees and realizes annual sales of more than USD 800 million. Forbes estimates the net worth of Guy Laliberte at USD 1.8 billion. He bought his yacht Tiara from Jonathan Leitersdorf. Leitersdorf is the founder of a New York venture capital firm, L Capital Partners.

The firm has made investments in small companies like Aquarius Technologies, a Wisconsin-based wastewater treatment firm. Jonathan Leitersdorf is married to Israeli medical cosmetics entrepreneur Ronit Raphael. Ronit Raphael opened her first beauty parlor in Tel Aviv in her 20s.

This company turned into an international cosmetics empire said to be worth tens of millions of dollars. Today Raphael controls the Israeli Ronit Raphael company and the international L. Raphael skin care company.

Timoneer  - sailing yacht -  44.7m (146.8ft)  -  Vitters Shipyard  -  2001

Mrs Georgia P. Gosnell  -   net worth USD 800 million  - USA

Lawyers Cooperative Publishing  - The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company

Mrs. Georgia P. Gosnell is the owner of the yacht Timoneer. Georgia Gosnell is the widow of publisher Thomas Gosnell. Thomas Gosnell was the owner of The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, which had been co-founded in 1882 by his great-grandfather and which became one of the largest publishers of legal and professional materials in the U.S.  

In 1989 the The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company was sold to The Thomson Corporation for USD 815 million. The Thompson corporation later merged with West Publishing Co and is now known as Thompson Reuters.

After the sale of their business, the Gosnell family founded Stonehurst Capital Inc., as a private investment firm and family office. Stonehurst has made many successful investments including the Reilly Mortgage Group, Inc. – a commercial mortgage finance company-  which was sold to Wells Fargo in 2006 for USD 300 million and the VehiCare Corporation which was sold to Clarke Power Services in 2010.

Tiziana  - sailing yacht -  35.6m (116.83ft)  -  Abeking & Rasmussen  -  1963

Conrado Dornier  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  USA

Dornier Seaplane Company  -

Conrado Dornier is the owner of the sailing yacht Tiziana. Conrado Dornier is the heir in the famous Dornier family, active in aircraft manufacturing.

The Dornier family is famous for the design, development and manufacture of aircraft and of flying boats. Dornier Flugzeugwerke was a German aircraft manufacturer founded in 1914 by Claudius Dornier.

Dornier produced many notable aircraft for both the civil and military markets Conrado Dornier currently owns the Dornier Seaplane Company. Dornier is famous for the design, development and manufacture of aircraft and of flying boats.

The Dornier Seaplane Company holds the type certificate, the program rights and assets to the world’s first all composite amphibious aircraft named the “Seastar”. Seastar is the brainchild of Professor Claudius Dornier Jr., eldest son of aviation pioneer Claude Dornier and long term chairman to the group of Dornier companies.

A composite flying boat overcomes the two major shortcomings of amphibious aircraft: namely corrosion and lack of sea worthiness. Sailing yacht Tiziana was built in 1963 by Abeking and Rasmussen, and underwent an extensive refit at Vitters Shipyard in 2006.

TM Blue One  -  46m (152ft)  -  Picchiotti  -  1988

Valentino Garavani  - net worth USD 500 million -  Italy

Valentino -

Fashion designer Valentino Garavani is the owner of the yacht TM Blue One. Valentino is the founder of Valentino SPA, part of the Valentino Fashion Group.

In 1998, Garavani sold the company for approximately US$300 million to HdP, an Italian conglomerate controlled, by the late Gianni Agnelli, the head of Fiat. Valentino Garavani has an estimated net worth of USD 500 million.

His yacht TM Blue One was built by the Italian yacht builder Picchiotti. Her design is by Gerhard Gilgenast. She can accommodate 10 guests.

To-Kalon  - motor yacht -  30.79m (101.02ft)  -  Burger Boat Company  - 2008

Dave and Cheryl Copham  -   net worth > USD 160 million  -  USA

Liberty Enterprises  -

Dave and Cheryl Copham are the owners of the yacht To-Kalon. Dave Copham founded Liberty Enterprises in 1985. Liberty Enterprises is a leading provider of payment systems, marketing services and technology solutions for credit unions.

Liberty provides financial institutions with card services, checks, financial supplies, database marketing and creative services. Copham sold Liberty to the Atlanta-based John H. Harland Company for US$ 160 million.

Told U so  - motor yacht -  43,6m (143.04ft)  -  Benetti SpA   -  2011

Kirk Lazarus  - net worth > USD 50 million  -  USA

Hospitality  -

Kirk Lazarus is the owner of the luxury yacht Told U So. Kirk Lazarus is a South African businessman, who earned his wealth in the oil business. Lazarus is the founder of Molori, an exclusive hospitality brand.

Molori Private Retreats is comprised of Molori Safari Lodge in South Africa, Molori Great Barrier Reef, Australia; Molori Clifton in Capetown, South Africa; Molori Beach House in Santa Monica, California; and the luxury yacht Told U So.

Lazarus also owns Molori Air, a private jet charter company. Molori means 'to dream' .

Topaz  - motor yacht -  147m (483ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts   -  2012

HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Zayed Al Nahyan  - UAE

Depute Prime minister UAE

HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the owner of the luxury yacht Topaz.


Top Five  - motor yacht -  47.85m (156.99ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards  -  2005

Terrence Pegula  -  net worth USD 3.1 billion  -  USA

East Resources  -

Terence Pegula is the owner of the superyacht Top Five.

Totally Nuts  - motor yacht -  36.8m (120.73ft)  -  Heesen Yachts  -  2005

Dikran Izmirlian  -  net worth > USD 1 billion  - Armenia

Alimenta SA  -

Dikran Izmirlian is the owner of the yacht Totally Nuts. Izmirlian is a Swiss based businessman with Armenian background who made his fortune by creating a near-monopoly on the world's peanut market.

He is chairman and chief executive of Alimenta, a company that has built up a large interest in the Gambian peanut market. Alimenta has established effective control of the processing and export of peanuts in Gambia.

In 1999, Gambia's government accused Alimenta of money laundering and seized processing plants belonging to the company. Alimenta successfully sued Gambia in international courts and, in 2001 the Gambian government agreed to pay USD 11.4 million in compensation, money that was partly met using grants from the EU.

In 2011 Alimenta sold its 50% shares in the Golden Peanut Company to Archer Daniels Midland for USD 218 million. Izmirlian owns London Bridge Holdings, a Bahamas based company which owns London City Hall and leases it to the Mayors office of London.

Izmirlian also owns the rest of the 13 acre site City Hall sits upon, which is the second largest commercial development in London and lies on the city's south bank, between the Tower Bridge and the London Bridge. In 1994, Dikran established the Izmirlian Foundation in Yerevan, to support education and business.

His son, Mr. Sarkis Izmirlian resides in Lyford Cay Nassau, The Bahamas. As Chairman and CEO of Baha Mar Ltd. Sarkis Izmirlian is the driving force behind the Caribbean’s largest single-phase hospitality investment in history.

The USD 3.5 billion resort, financed by the Export-Import Bank of China, is currently the largest project under development in the Western Hemisphere.

Baha Mar acquired over 400 hectares of land within one kilometer of beachfront and will completely redevelop the Cable Beach area and re-routing Nassau’s main road around the perimeter of the property. Izmirlian´s yacht Totally Nuts is named after his business.

Touch  - motor yacht -  36.58m (120.0ft)  -  Creation Marine  -  2004

Antonio Accurso  -  net worth > USD 50 million  - Canada

Montreal construction  -

Tony Accurso is the owner of the yacht Touch. Accurso is a Quebec construction entrepreneur. He headed Constructions Louisburg and Simard-Beaudry Construction.

Simard-Beaudry Construction provided general contracting, construction management, design, and project financing services. The company builds bridges, roads, dams and hydro-electric projects and urban infrastructure.

In 2012 the Quebec's building authority, suspended operations licenses of both companies after they were found guilty of tax evasion. Tony Accurso’s yacht Touch was put for sale.

Tranquility  - motor yacht -  39.6m (130ft)  -  Hatteras  -  1995

Tom S. Holderby -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  USA

Woodland Heights of Burlington

Tom Holderby is the owner of the yacht Tranquility. Tom Holderby, or Thomas Stuart Holderby, is a real estate developer based in North Carolina, USA. He founded the TSH Development Company, active in the development of “Class B plus” apartments in North Carolina.

Successful projects include the Woodland Heights of Burlington and Woodland Heights of Reidsville.  The Hatteras yacht Tranquility  was previously owned by Tom Weickardt, owner of the River Club of Mequon golf course.

Tom Weickardt co-founded Electronic Systems Protection, offering power protection and conditioning technology for the photocopier industry and other industries. Weickaerdt sold ESP in 2008 for US$ 82 million.

Tribu  - motor yacht -  50.7m (166.34ft)  -  Mondo Marine SpA   -  2007

Luciano Benetton  -  net worth USD 2 billion  -  Italy

Benetton  -

Luciano Benetton is the owner of the yacht Tribu. Benetton co-founded the Benetton Group, together with his brothers and sisters. In 1963 Luciano Benetton started knitting colorful  sweaters by hand.

A few years later he opened his first shop and now the Benetton group has over 6,500 stores, realizing more than USD 2 billion in sales.  Through the family holding Edizione SRL, the family also owns shares in Atlantia, Autogrill and several hotels.

Luciano Benetton has an estimated net worth of USD 2 billion. His yacht Tribu, is a 50 meter explorer styled yacht, built by the Italian yacht builder Mondo Marine. In 2013 Tribu was put for sale for an amount of USD 13 million.

Triple Seven (now Lexa)  - motor yacht -  66.7m (218.83ft)  -  Nobiskrug -  2006

Alexander Abramov  -  net worth USD 7.5 billion  -  Russia

EvrazHolding (steel)  -

The yacht Triple Seven (777) was built for Alexander Abramov .  Abramov is a Russian billionaire who is the head of Evraz Holding. Evraz Holding is Russia’s largest steel producer, which controls 20 % of Russia’s steel production.

The yacht Triple Seven was built by the UK based Reuben Brothers and sold to Abramov in 2006.In 2013 Abramov sold 777 to Multiplex heir Tim Roberts, he named her Lexa.

Triumphant Lady  - motor yacht -  44.96m (147.5ft)  -  Sterling Yachts  -  1986

Glenn Straub  -  net worth > USD 50 million  - USA

Palm Beach Polo  -

Superyacht  Triumphant Lady is rumored to be owned by Judith Sheindlin, also known as Judge Judy, but actually Wellington, FL real estate developer Glenn Straub is the owner of the yacht Triumphant Lady.

Glenn Straub is the owner of the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, but also owns plots as the former Miami Heat Arena in Miami and the The Palm House Resort & Spa Hotel in Palm Beach.

Judith Sheindlin, also known as Judge Judy is an American television personality.  After  her retirement as judge in a criminal court in 1996, Sheindlin was approached about starring in a courtroom television program, featuring real cases with real rulings.

She accepted the offer. Soon the show had 10 million viewers daily. In 2005 Sheindlin's salary was USD 25 million per year, in 2010 her salary was already USD 45 million a year.

The show is the top rated daytime show in the US. Judge Judy was the owner of the Feadship yacht Her Honor.

Tsalta  -  motor yacht  -  39.6m (130ft)  -  Westport Yachts  -  2004

John Darvish  -  Net worth > USD 250 million  -  USA

Darcars -

John Darvish is the owner of the yacht Tsalta. Darvish is the founder of DarCars, a Washington based car dealer group. Darcars was founded in 1977 as a Chrysler - Plymouth dealer.

Nowadays DarCars is one of the largest private owned companies in the Washington area, realizing sales of USD 1.25 billion with 34 franchises and 2,000 employees. John Darvish is chairman of the company, while daily management is done by his three children, John, Jamie and Tammy Darvish.

The family is active in philanthropy. In 2014 Tammy Darvish has been named the Montgomery County Philanthropist of the Year. The yacht Tsalta (‘At Last’ spelled backwards) was built by US yacht builder Westport.

Tsumat  - motor yacht -   49.9m (163ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC - 2012

Alfredo Chedraui Obeso - net worth USD 1 billion  -  Mexico

Chedraui -

Alfredo Chedraui Obeso is the owner of the Trinity motor yacht Tsumat. Alfredo owns the Mexican retail chain Grupo Comercial Chedraui. Chedraui operates more than 200 supermarkets and hypermarkets in more than 25 cities in Mexico and is Mexico's fourth-largest retailer.

The group is also active in real estate development. Chedraui was founded in 1927 by Lázaro Chedraui Chaya, and now has more than 35,000 employees. In 2012 the group realized sales of more than $5 billion, with a net profit of $ 120 million. Alfredo Chedraui Obeso’s net worth is estimated at $ 1 billion.

The yacht Tsumat was built by Trinity and delivered to her owner in 2012. The interior design is done by Mexican designer Ramon Alonso of Loguer Design.

Tueq  -  motor yacht - 77.6m (254.59ft)  -  Van der Giessen - de Noord BV  -  2002

Prince Salman bin Abdul Azziz Al Saud  -  Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia  -

Luxury yacht Tueq is owned by Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Azziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.

Turama  -  motor yacht -  116.4m (381.9ft)  -  Rauma  - 1990

Latsis family  - net worth USD 5.5 billion  -  Greece

Shipping, European Financial Group

Superyacht Turama is owned by the Greek shipping family Latsis. The family now owns the EFG Bank European Financial Group.

Turmoil  - motor yacht -  3.84m (209.4ft)  -  Royal Denship A/S   -  2006

built for the late: Gary Comer (passed away in 2006)  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  USA

Fashion: Lands End  -

Superyacht Turmoil was built for Gary Comer. Gary Comer was the founder of Lands’ End, a mail order clothing retailer. The company started as a supplier of sailing equipment.

Lands’ End soon expanded into general clothing and home furnishing. The company grew rapidly and was sold to Sears in 2002 for USD 2 billion. Gary Comer died in 2006 of prostate cancer, just a few months after his yacht Turmoil was delivered.

Comer had owned several other yachts, all named Turmoil.

Turquoise - motor yacht - 55.4m (182 ft) - Turquoise Yachts -2011

Douglas Barrowman - net worth > USD 150 million - UK

Aston Property Ventures -

Douglas Barrowman is the owner of the yacht Turquoise. Barrowman is the founder of Aston Ventures, an investment company with a focus on financial services and service sector businesses. Investments include B3 Cables and Coates Engineering Group.

B3 Cable is a leading manufacturer of copper and optical fibre cables. Coates Engineering is active as a high quality stainless steel fabrication company for the nuclear, aerospace, environmental, semi-conductor and general fabrication industries.

Barrowman also owns the Knox Group and invests in real estate through his Aston Property Ventures, The net worth of Douglas Barrowman is estimated at more than USD 150 million. His yacht Turquoise was built at Turguoise yachts in 2011.

Barrowman purchased her in 2013 and had her refitted. She is now available for charter for approx USD 280.000 per week. Barrowman put his yacht for sale, as he is planning to build a larger yacht.

Turquoise  - motor yacht -  30m (98t)  -  CRN Spa  -  1974

John Whitehead  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Goldman Sachs  -

John Whitehead is the owner of the yacht Turquoise. Whitehead is a former Goldman Sachs banker, he was chairman of GS for more than thirty years. He was US deputy secretary of state under president Reagan. Currently Whitehead is board member of  the WTC Memorial Foundation.

TV  - motor yacht -  79.2m (259.84ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts  -  2008

Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean -  net worth USD 2.5 billion  -  Mexico

Grupo Televisa  -

Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean is the owner of the yacht TV. Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean is a Mexican businessman and owner of the Grupo Televisa. Grupo Televisa is the largest multimedia company in Latin America.

Azcárraga Jean is credited for turning around Televisa into the prosperous company it is today after it almost went into bankruptcy. Grupo Televisa nowadays is active in in television production and broadcasting, publishing, cable television, radio production and broadcasting, and many other media activities.

Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean purchased the 78 meter yacht Madsummer from US real estate investor Jeffrey Soffer and traded in his smaller 45 meter Feadship (then named TV). The yachts changed owners and names: Madsummer is now named TV, while TV is named Madsummer.

Twizzle  - sailing yacht -  57.49m (188.6ft)  -  Royal Huisman Shipyard  -  2010

Michael Stephen Bradfield  - net worth > USD 100 million  - UK

Hospital Plan Insurance Services  -

Michael Stephen Bradfield and his wife Bettina are the owners of the sailing yacht Twizzle.

Tzarina  -  motor yacht  - 50m (164ft)  -  Amels Holland  -  1997

Janna Bullock  -  net worth > USD 700 million  -  USA


Real estate investor Janna Bullock is the owner of the yacht Tzarina. Janna Bullock is the founder RIGroup, a real estate development company active in Russia and New York.

She became famous for ‘flipping New York real estate’, ‘flipping real estate’ is mostly referred to as buying real estate that needs repair and fixing it up before reselling it quickly for a profit. She became involved in legal troubles as the Russian government accused her and her ex husband (Alexei Kuznetsov a former finance minister for the Moscow region), of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the regional government.

Both Kuznetsov and Bullock left Russia in 2008 after Russian authorities announced a probe into whether companies tied to Bullock’s firm, RIGroup, illegally obtained real estate in the Moscow Region. In a lawsuit it was alleged that Bullock purchased the Amels built super yacht Tzarina with funds belonging to Gazprombank.

The yacht Tzarina was built as Tigre D’Or for Ian McGlinn. McGlinn was known for lending GBP 4,000 to Anita Roddick, who used the money to start the Body Shop. He received a 22% stake in the Body Shop which earned him a GBP 146  (USD 200) million fortune.

Ulysses  - motor yacht -  107m (350ft)  -  Kleven Yachts -  2015

Graeme Hart -  net worth: USD 5,7 billion - New Zealand

Investments: Rank Group / Packaging -

The yacht Ulysses is owned by New Zealand billionaire Graeme Hart.

Ulysses  - motor yacht -  56 (184ft)  -  Benetti Yachts -  2012

Johnny Ronan - net worth USD 100 million - Ireland

Ronan Group -

The Benetti yacht Ulysses is owned by Irish real estate developer Johnny Ronan

Unfurled  - sailing yacht -  34.17m (112.1ft)  -  Royal Huisman Shipyard  - 2000

Unfurled - sailing yacht - 46 m ( 151 ft) - Vitters - 2015

Harry Macklowe  -  net worth USD 500 million  -  USA

New York real estate  -

Harry Macklowe is the owner of the yacht Unfurled. Macklowe is a New York based real estate developer. Macklowe started as a real estate broker but soon started developing.

He is famous for developing the Metropolitan Tower and for acquiring the General Motors Building. He later lost the General Motors Building as it stood as collateral on a $ 6 billion loan he defaulted. His current projects include 432 and 737 Park Avenue.

In 2015 his new 46 meter yacht, also named Unfurled, will be delivered by Vitters. She is designed by German Frers and will have some innovative features, such as retractable propulsion pods which reduce resistance while under sail.

Macklowe’s 34 meter yacht built by Huisman is for sale with an asking price of EUR 6,9 million.

Unity  - motor yacht -  52.3m (171.59ft)  -  Amels Holland B.V.   - 2009

Elena Ford  - net worth > USD 1 billion  -  USA

Ford Motor Company  -

Elena Anne Ford-Niarchos is the owner of the yacht Unity. She is heiress to both the Ford Motor Company fortune and the Niarchos fortune. Elena Ford is the great great granddaughter of Henry Ford.

Her mother Charlotte Ford was shortly married to Stavros Niarchos, Elena was their only daughter. Elena Ford is currently Director of Global marketing at the Ford Motor Company.

The yacht Unity was built as Addiction at Amels in the Netherlands.

Usher  - motor yacht -  46.94m (154ft)  -  Delta Marine  -  2007

Michael Saylor  -  net worth USD 300 million  - USA

MicroStrategy  -

Superyacht Usher was built as Mr. Terrible for the Herbst family. The Herbst family own the Terrible Herbst gas station and car wash chain, based in Nevada. Ed Herbst started the gas station empire in the 1950’s. The stations also sold food and cigarettes.

In the 1980’s his grandsons introduced slot machines to the stations. That became a success and Herbst became the largest operator of (non casino) slot machines in Nevada. The Herbst family is also active in motor sports.

In 2013 the yacht Mr Terrible was sold to Michael Saylor (founder of Microstrategy) who renamed the yacht Usher. Saylor also owns the yacht Harle.

Utopia III  - motor yacht -  45.72m (150ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC -  1999

JR and Loren Ridinger  -  net worth USD 300 million  -  USA

Market America  -

JR and Loren Ridinger are the owners of the luxury yacht Utopia III. JR and Loren are the founders of the Internet marketing company Market America. Founded in 1992, Market America has generated cumulated sales of $ 3.8 billion.

A total amount of $ 2.2 billion in profit and commissions was realized. The company has 500 employees and is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. In 2010 Market America acquired, a shopping comparison site. JR and Loren Ridinger have an estimated net worth of $ 300 million. Follow JR Ridingers blog here.

Utopia DV  - motor yacht -  71.6m (234.91ft)  -  Feadship  -  2004

Bill Miller  -  net worth  USD 100 million  -  USA

Legg Mason Capital  -

Bill Miller is the owner of the luxury yacht Utopia. Bill Miller is the chairman and chief investment officer of Legg Mason Capital Management Inc.

Va Bene  - motor yacht -  47.8m (156.82ft)  -  Euroship Cees Cornelissen  -  1992

Eric Clapton  -  net worth USD 150 million  - USA

Music  -

Eric Clapton is the owner of the yacht Va Bene. Eric Clapton is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Eric Clapton is considered to be one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time.

Clapton sold more than 50 million records. Clapton’s music catalogue and his touring income earned him USD 150 million. Eric Clapton’s yacht Va Bene was previously owned by Bernie Ecclestone.

Valerie  - motor yacht -  85.1m (279.2ft)  -  Lurssen  -  2011

Yuriy Kosiuk  -  net worth USD 1.5 billion  -  Ukraine

MHP  -  

Yuriy Kosiuk is rumored to be the owner of the Lurssen yacht Valerie

Valoria - motor yacht - 31,50 m (103,35 ft) - Maiora - 1990

Amancio Ortega  -  net worth USD 58 billion  - Spain

Inditex -

Spanish billionaire Amancio Ortega is the owner of the motor yacht Valoria.

Vanish  - motor yacht -  66 m (217 ft)  -  Feadship -  2016

Larry van Tuyl  -  net worth > USD 3.5 billion  -  USA

Van Tuyl car dealership  -

Larry van Tuyl is the owner of the yacht Vanish.

Vantage  - motor yacht -  45.7m (149.93ft)  -  Palmer Johnson Yachts  -  2010

John Pollock - net worth > USD 100 million - UK

Elliott Management -

John Pollock is the owner of the yacht Vantage, he purchased the yacht for approx. USD 21 million. Pollock is equity partner at the hedge fund Elliott Management Corporation.

Elliott was founded in 1977 and is one of the oldest hedge funds under continuous management. Elliott manages more than US$23 billion of capital for large institutional investors and wealthy individuals. Vantage is available for charter. John Pollock also owns a Bombardier business jet with registration N109QS.

Calvin Klein was the owner of the yacht Vantage. Calvin Klein founded Calvin Klein Limited in 1968. He designed coats and dresses. In 1971 Klein had added sportswear, classic blazers and lingerie to his women's collection. In 1977 revenues reached USD 30 million. In 1981, Fortune estimated Klein's annual income at USD 8.5 million a year.

In 2002 Calvin Klein sold his company for USD 400 million in cash and USD 300 million in license fees to shirt maker Phillips Van Heusen Corp.

Vajoliroja  - motor yacht -  47.55m (156ft)  -  Proteksan Turquoise Yachts  -  2001

Johnny Depp  - net worth > USD 350 million  - USA

Acting  -

Johnny Depp used to own the luxury yacht Vajoliroja. Johnny Depp is an American actor and film producer. He is very successful with films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland and Charly and the Chocolate factory.

His films have grossed more than US$ 3 billion in the USA and around US$ 8 billion world wide. He has been nominated for and won several awards. In 2004, Depp formed his production company Infinitum Nihil. Depp is estimated to have earned US$ 350 million, of which $300 million for his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.  

Vajoliroja was named after his family: "VA", for his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, "JO", for himself, "LIRO", for his 10-year-old daughter Lily Rose and "JA", for his 8-year-old son, Jack. Depp purchased the yacht Vajoliroja in 2007 and sold her again in 2013. She is now named Amphitrite. Her new owners are believed to be based in the UK. The yacht Amphirite is available for charter.

Vava  - motor yacht -  47.3m (155.18ft)  -  Feadship   -  1996

Vava II  -  96m (315ft)  -  Devonport  - 2012

Ernesto Bertarelli  -  net worth USD 10.6 billion  -  UK

Serono  -

Yachts VaVa and VaVa II are owned by UK billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli.

Velsheda  - sailing yacht -   39.4m (129.27ft)  -  Camper & Nicholsons Shipyard   -  1933

Ronald de Waal  -  net worth  USD 500 million  - The Netherlands

Retail: WE Fashion  -

Ronald de Waal is the owner of the sailing yacht Velsheda. De Waal owns WE Fashion, a Dutch fashion retail chain.

WE fashion was founded in 1917 by the grandfather of Ronald de Waal. The company started with fashion wholesale but focused to retail in the 1960’s. The company now has 3.000 employees and 250 stores in the Netherlands, Germany, France and some other European countries.

Ronald de Waal purchased J-class yacht Velsheda in 2010. Velsheda was built in 1933 for William Lawrence Stephenson by Camper and Nicholsons. Ronald de Waal also owns the support vessel Bystander.

Veni Vidi Vici  -  motor yacht - 39.65m (130.09ft)  -  Overmarine SRL   -  2006

Vincent Tchenquiz  -  net worth > USD 500 million  -  UK

Rotch Property

Vincent Tchenquiz is the owner of the yacht Veni Vidi Vici. Tchenquiz is co-owner of the Rotch Property Group, which he founded with his brother. They also own the Consensus Business Group. His brother Robert Tchenquiz owns the yacht My Little Violet.

Venus  - motor yacht -  78m (256ft)  -  Feadship   -  2013

Laurene Powell Jobs  +  net worth USD 7 billion  - USA

Apple  -

Superyacht Venus was built for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and is now owned by Laurene Powell Jobs.

VF-15  - motor yacht -  48,7m (160ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards Ltd.   -  2009

Jack Taylor  -  net worth USD 11 billion  -  USA

Enterprise Rent a Car  -

Super yacht VF-15 was owned by Enterprise Rent A Car founder Jack Taylor. During World War II Jack Taylor was a naval aviator with Navy Fighter Squadron VF 15.

After the war, and after a job as sales manager in a Cadillac dealership, Jack Taylor started a car leasing business named the Executive Leasing Company. In 1969 he changed the name in Enterprise (named after the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier upon which he had served in World War II.

The company grew rapidly and after the acquisition of National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car, Enterprise Rent a Car was 21st on the 2008 Forbes list of "Largest Private Companies in America”. Enterprise is now the largest rental car company in the United States, with USD 18 billion in revenues and 68,000 employees.

Jack Taylor now has a net worth of USD 11 billion. In 2012 Jack Taylor sold his yacht VF15, she is now renamed Match Point.

Vertigo  - sailing yacht -  67.2m (220ft)  -  Alloy Yachts   -  2011

Rupert Murdoch  -  net worth USD 13.4 billion  -  USA

News Corporation  -

Sailing yacht Vertigo is owned by publishing billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

Vibrant Curiosity  - motor yacht - 85.47m (280.4ft)  -  Oceanco   -  2009

Reinhold's Würth  -  net worth USD 7.6 billion  - Germany

Würth -

Reinhold Wurth is the owner of the yacht Vibrant Curiosity. He owns The Wurth Group. The Wurth Group is an international wholesaler of power tools, fasteners, screw, fittings and other construction materials.

The Wurth Group was founded by Reinholds' father Adolf Wurth in 1945. The Worth Group is now world market leader in fastening materials. The group consists of more than 400 companies in 80 countries, with 64,000 employees.  Reinhold Würth is an art collector, owning more than 15,000 works of  mostly Classical Modernity art.

Reinhold Würth’s yacht Vibrant Curiousity, was delivered by Oceanco in 2008.

Victoria Del Mar II  - motor yacht -  50m (164.04ft)  -  Delta Marine   -  2006

John R Miller  - net worth USD 400 million  - USA

National Beef Packaging Company -

John R Miller is the owner of the yacht Victoria del Mar, which he acquired from the estate of David Copley. Read more about John Miller here.

Victoria M - motor yacht - 32.5m (106ft) - Timmerman Yachts - 2008

Ziyad Manasir's - net worth US$ 1.34 billion - Russia

Stroygazconsulting -

Russian billionaire Ziyad Manasir is rumored to be the owner of the yacht Victoria M. Ziyad Manasir is the owner of the Stroygazconsulting Group of Companies.

Stroygazconsulting is active in the construction of oil, gas and condensate fields, compressor stations, trunk pipelines, motor roads, bridges, railroads, and metro lines. Clients include Gazprom, Transneft, Lukoil  and Nord Stream. Ziad Manasir was born on in Amman, Jordan (and his yacht Victoria M is actually registered in Jordan).

Manasir moved to the USSR in the late 80’s, and founded his first company in 1992. Nowadays Stroygazconsulting is the largest construction company in Russia, with more than 60,000 employees. With a net worth of US$ 1.3 billion, Ziyad Manasir is one of the richest Russians.

His yacht Victoria M was built as the Moscow based Timmerman Yachts, which was founded by Roman Trotsenko. Manasir now ons the yacht Dar.

Vila Velebita  - motor yacht -  36.6m (120.08ft)  -  Benetti SpA   -  2008

Pavo Zubak  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  Croatia

Auto Zubak  -

Pavo Zubak is the owner of the yacht Vila Velebita. Zubak is the founder of Auto Zubak. Auto Zubak is the importer of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat in Croatia. Auto Zubak also has dealerships in all larger Croatian cities.

Zubak also owned PZ Auto, a Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche dealership, but Zubak recently sold his shares in PZ Auto. Pavo Zubak is one of the richest Croatians with an estimated net worth of USD 100 million.

Viriella - sailing yacht -  36m (118ft)  -  Maxi Dolphin  -  2001

Vittorio Moretti  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  Italy

Moretti S.p.a.  -

Vittorio Moretti is the owner of the sailing yacht Viriella. Moretti is the founder of Moretti SPA, an Italy based group active in construction and real estate development.

Moretti is specialized in prefabricated concrete solutions. Through the holding company Terra Moretti, the group invests in other activities such as yacht builder Maxi Dolphin, wine makers Contadi Castaldi, L’Albereta and Petra Wine.

Sailing yacht Viriella was built at Moretti’s own yard Maxi Dolhpin. The yacht is designed by German Frers.

Virginian  - motor yacht - 62.23m (204.17ft)  -  Feadship  - 1991

Anthony Bamford  - net worth USD 4.2 billion  - UK

JCB  -

Baron Anthony Paul Bamford is the chairman of JCB Limited. He is the owner of the yacht Virginian

Visione  - sailing yacht - 44.84m (147.11ft)  -  Baltic Yachts Ltd  -  2002

Hasso Platner  -  net worth USD 7,2 billion  -  Germany

software: SAP  -

Hasso Plattner is the owner of the yacht Visione.

Vive la Vie  -  motor yacht - 60.35m (198ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts  -  2008

Willy Michel  -  net worth USD 700 million  -  Switzerland

Medical devices: Ypsomed  -

Willy Michel is the owner of the yacht Vive la Vie. He is a Swiss entrepreneur and known for developing insulin pumps for the treatment of diabetes.

Vivere  -  motor yacht - 35.46m (116.3ft)  - Azimut Yachts  -  2007

Philip Rinaldi –  net worth  > USD 350 million  -  USA

Investments: Phoenix Capital  -  Coffeyville Resources

Philip Rinaldi owns the 35 meter yacht Vivere. Rinaldi is chairman of Phoenix Capital, an US investment bank. Rinaldi is the founder of Coffeyville Resources.

Rinaldi had acquired the Coffeyville assets from the liquidation of Farmland, together with financial partner Pegasus Capital, a private equity firm with which Mr. Rinaldi was then affiliated. Coffeyville Resources is a petroleum refiner and producer nitrogen fertilizer products.

The company generated more than $ 1.7 billion in sales before being sold in 2005 to Goldman Sachs Capital Partners for around USD 750 million.

VvS1  - motor yacht -  34.2m (112ft)  -  Alloy Yachts  -  2007

Michael Hill  -  net worth > USD 200 million  -  New Zealand.

The yacht VvS1 is owned by New Zealand jeweller Michael Hill. Hill founded the global jewellery retailer Michael Hill Jeweller in 1979. The group now owns 240 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.  

Michael Hill realizes annual sales of more than US$ 400 million with 2,000 employees. Hill also owns The Hill s golf course in Arrowtown, New Zealand. Michael Hill has an estimated net worth of around USD 200 million.

Wabi Sabi  - motor yacht -  49.7m (163ft)  -  Westport Yachts -  2011

Arthur Kubert  - net worth > USD 100 million  - USA

AlixPartners  -

Superyacht Wabi-Sabi is owned by Arthur Kubert. Arthur Kubert is CFO at Lakeview Capital Management. Kubert was managing director and partner at Alix Partners, a consulting firm specialized in turnaround services for financially distressed companies.

Alix Partners was sold to CVC Capital for $ 1 billion in 2012. Alix Partners was founded by Jay Allix in 1981 and became a very successful consulting firm with more than 1,000 employees. It is actually possible that Mr Jay Alix is the owner of Wabi-Sabi, although the ownership trail leads to Mr. Kubert.

Both Kubert and Alix are involved in Lakeview Capital, and it seems that Mr Alix actually has the resources to own a yacht. Superyachtfan is not sure… Wabi Sabi was delivered by Westport Yachts in 2011.

Wedge Too  - motor yacht -  65m (213.25ft)  -  Feadship   -  2002

Issam M. Fares  -  net worth USD 2,4 billion  - Lebanon

The Wedge Group  -

Superyachtfan has a webpage about Issam Fares and his yacht Wedge Too .

Wheels  - motor yacht -  49.68m (162.9ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC  -  2009

Rick Hendrick  -  net worth USD 200 million  -  USA

Hendrick Automotive Group  -

Rick Hendrick is the owner of the yacht Wheels.

White Cloud  - motor yacht -  67.3m (220.8ft)  -  Feadship  -  1983

Craig McCaw  -  net worth USD 1.65 billion  - USA

McCaw Cellular  -

Superyacht White Cloud was owned by McCaw Cellular billionaire Graig McCaw. He sold the yacht in 2014, she is now named

White Pigeon  - motor yacht -  34.95m (114.6ft)  -  Benetti SpA   -  2004

Built as Constance for Alan Dabbiere  -  net worth > USD 200 million  -  USA

Manhattan Associates (supply chain)

Mr. Dabbiere is founder of Manhattan Associates, a supply chain execution software company, which is stock listed on the NASDAQ. Dabbiere is currently president of the investment firm Pegasys Inc, which owned 45% of the shares in Manhattan Associates.

White Rose Of Drachs  - motor yacht -  65m (213.25ft)  -  Peters Schiffbau GmbH   -  2004

Michael Evans  -  net worth > USD 600 million  - UK

Evans Property Group  -

Superyacht White Rose of Drachs is owned by UK real estate developer Michael Evans. Evans is owner of the Evans Property Group.

Windrose of Amsterdam  - sailing yacht -  46.32m (151.97ft)  -  Holland Jachtbouw   -  2001

Roger Lips  -  net worth EUR 0 million  - The Netherlands

bankrupt (ex: real estate)  -  Lips Capital Group

Windrose of Amsterdam was built for real estate developer Chris Gongriep, owner of G&S Vastgoed. Chris Gongriep is actually the founder of the the yacht builder Holland Jachtbouw.

In 2010 Gongriep sold the yacht Windrose of Amsterdam to Roger Lips. Roger Lips was a successful real estate developer with his Lips Capital Group. In 2013 Lips was declared bankrupt. His yacht is currently for sale.

Winning Drive  - motor yacht -  39.62m (129.99ft)  -  Westport Yachts  -  2007

Stephen Bisciotti  -  net worth USD 2.1 billion  -  USA

Aerotek  -

Stephen or Steve J. Bisciotti is the owner of the yacht Winning Drive.

WinWin - sailing yacht - 33m (108ft) - Baltic Yachts

Kim Schindelhauer  -  net worth USD 100 million  - Germany

Aixtron AG -

Kim Schindelhauer is the owner of the sailing yacht WinWin. Schindelhauer is co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Aixtron SE.

Aixtron specialises in manufacturing metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) equipment, for clients in the semiconductor industry. In 2014 Aixtron realized sales  of EUR 194 million with 789 employees.

Kim Schindelhauer previously owned a 29 meter sailing yacht named Scorpione dei Mari.

Xerxseas II - motor yacht - 27m (88ft)  -  Pershing -

Rodin Younessi - net worth > USD 10 million - USA

Younessi Racing  -

Rodin Younessi is the owner of the yacht Xerxseas II. Younessi is an American racing driver and owner of Younessi Racing.

Younessi participated in the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans. Younessi also owns some of the most succesfull Harley Davidson dealerships in Florida: SpaceCoast Harley, Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson and Seminole Harley-Davidson.  

His Pershing 88 Xerxseas II can reach a top speed of 40 knots.

Xnoi  - sailing yacht -   30.65m (100ft) -  Perini Navi  -  2012

Giovanni Tamburi  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  Italy

Tamburi Investment Partners  -

Giovanni Tamburi is the owner of the sailing yacht Xnoi. Xnoi (pronounced as Per Noi or For US) was built by the famous Italian yacht builder Perini Navi and delivered to her owner Giovanni Tamburi in 2012.

Tamburi is the founder of Tamburi Investment Partners, an Italian stock listed investment firm. Tamburi Investment Partners (or TIP) invests with minority positions in medium sized companies. Investments include Amplifon (a leading hearing aid specialist), Bolzoni (lift trucks attachments) and Moncler (the famous winter clothing brand).

Giovanni Tamburi owns approx. 9,4 million shares worth around US$ 35 million (June 2014). The net worth of Giovanni Tamburi is estimated at US$ 50 million.

Y3K  - sailing yacht -  30.5m (100.07ft)  -  Wally Yachts   -  2009

Claus-Peter Offen  -  net worth USD 800 million  - Germany

Offenship, shipping, Hamburg  -

Claus-Peter Offen is the founder of Rederei Claus-Peter Offen (also known as Offenship). The company was founded in 1971 and is currently one of the World’s largest  suppliers of modern container ship tonnage. The company charters 91 vessels to leading shipping lines.

Offen Tankers operates eight tankers and has another 8 under construction in South Korea. Offen Bulkers operates four bunker vessels. In total the Offen group has 4,500 employees.

Claus-Peter Offen is an active sailor, having owned several sailing yachts. His current yacht Y3K  is built by Wally Yachts.

Yalla  - motor yacht -  73m (240ft)  - CRN Yachts  -  2014

Naquib Sawiris  -  net worth US$ 2.8 billion  -  Egypt

Orascom Group  -

Naquib Sawiris is the owner of the yacht Yalla. Read more here.

Yas - motor yacht - 141m (463ft) - Abu Dhabi Mar - 2013

Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan

United Arab Emirates

The yacht Yas is owned by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed al Nahyan, son of the founder of the United Arab Emirates

Yersin  - motor yacht  -  76.6m (251ft)  -  Piriou  - 2105

Francois Fiat - net worth USD 300 million - France

Franprix -

Francois Fiat is the owner of the yacht Yersin.

Yogi  - motor yacht -  60.2m (197.51ft)  -  Proteksan Turquoise Yachts  -  2011

Stephane Courbit  -  net worth USD 500 million  - France

Entertainment Endemol / My MajorCompany  -

Stéphane Courbit was the owner of superyacht Yogi, which sank in 2012. Courbit started his career as a television producer.  In the middle of 90's, he co-launched a company  called Arthur Stéphane Productions (ASP) which was acquired by Endemol in 2007.

Stephane Courbit became CEO of Endemol France. Courbit is now investor through his LOV group. Financière Lov is involved in the digital and entertainment businesses with Banijay (television production, technical services and programming), Mangas Gaming (online gaming, now called Betclic Everest Group), Rentabiliweb (Internet and Internet advertising networks), My Major Company (a community website dedicated to the production of cultural content.

Financière Lov is also the lead shareholder in Direct Energie.

Z - motor yacht  - 65.5m (215ft)  -  Amels Yachts  - 2014

Konstyantin Zhevago  -  net worth USD 1.2 billion  -  Ukraine

Ferrexpo -

Ukrainian billionaire Konstyantin Zhevago is the owner of the yacht Z.

Zefira  - sailing yacht -   49.69m (163.0ft)  -  Fitzroy Yachts  -  2010

Salvatore Trifiro  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  Italy

Trifirò & Partners Law Firm  -

Salvatore Trifiro is the owner of the sailing yacht Zefira. Trifiro is the founder of the Italian law firm Trifirò & Partners. Trifiro & Partners is a large law firm based in Milan, with offices in Rome, Turin and Trento.

With 85 employees the firm advises major Italian and foreign companies. Salvatore Trifiro and his wife Paola are active sailors. They have owned several sailing yachts including the Jongert sailing yachts Happy Taurus and Anamcara, a Cantieri di Pisa, the Ed Dubois designed Kokomo (built for Lang Walker) and recently the Fitzroy Zefira.

Zeepaard  - motor yacht -  37.2m (121.98ft)  -  JFA Chantier Naval   -  2003

Sietse Koopmans  -  net worth > USD 150 million  - The Netherlands

ASEP (sold to National Oilwell Varco)  -

Sietse Koopmans is the owner of the motor yacht Zeepaard. Koopmans was the president of the ASEP group, which was founded by his father. ASEP started as Aggreko (Aggregates Koopmans) in 1962.

The company became a leading producer of oil well equipment.  In 2009 ASEP was acquired by National Oilwell Varco for approximate $ 200 million.

Zita  - motor yacht -  44.2m (145.01ft)  -  Benetti SpA   -  2006

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten  -  net worth USD 600 million  - Norway

Gjelsten Holding  -

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten is the owner of the yacht Zita. Bjørn Rune Gjelsten is founder and chairman of Gjelsten Holding and is the co-founder of the  Resource Group International, together with Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke.

RGI invested in fishing, cement and oil and gas. In the 1990’s RGI acquired the Norwegian Aker Group. Aker ASA is active in offshore fishing, construction and engineering.  Bjorn Gjelsten was chairman of Aker and Aker RGI from 1996 to 2000.  

Gjetsten now invests in real estate through Fabritius Gruppen and Profier Gruppen and is the owner of Kid Interior, Norway’s largest and most profitable home textile chain with 111 company-owned stores across Norway. Gjeltjens also owns the Sport 1 Gruppen, a 200 store sport chain. Gjelsten is active in powerboat racing.

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten is one of the richest people from Norway. A Norwegian rich list estimates his net worth at USD 600 million.

Zoom Zoom Zoom  - motor yacht -  49.0m (160.99ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC  -  2005

Built for: Jamie Coulter  - net worth > USD 150 million  - USA

Lone Star restaurant chain  -

Jamie B. Coulter was the owner of the yacht Zoom Zoom Zoom. Coulter is Chairman and CEO of Coulter Enterprises, Inc., a private investment firm. He was founder of Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, Inc.

In 2006 he sold the company for more than USD 100 million to private equity. Lone Star operated more than 200 restaurants. Jamie Coulter also owns the Fox and Hound Restaurant Group which was formerly known as the Total Entertainment Restaurant Corporation.

The Fox and Hound Restaurant Group owns and operates high energy entertainment restaurants under the Fox and Hound and Bailey's brand names.

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