Feadship Yachts

Legal Name:First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders
Founder:De Vries, Van Lent, De Voogt
Founded in:1949
HeadquartersHaarlem, the Netherlands
CEO:Peter Lürssen
Parent Company:Jan Bart Verkuyl (Van Lent) – Henk de Vries (De Vries)
Employees:> 400
Turnover:> $ 200 million
Subsidiaries:De Voogt Naval Architects, Royal Van Lent Shipyard, Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw

Yachts Under Construction:

704 – 55 meter Somnium – Dutch owner

705 – 72m – Podium

706 – 49.5 meter – 2020 – high speed – the new Totally Nuts

707 – 77 meter – 2020 – the new Boardwalk for Fertitta

1009 – 95 meter – 2021

1010 – 118 meter – 2021 – Russian billionaire who had 3 Oceanco yachts.

816 – 88 meter – 2021 – Chinese owner

817 – 94 m  (308ft) – for a US-based billionaire owner.

819 – 71.5 meter  – 2021 – replacement for Vanish

820 – undisclosed data

821 – undisclosed

Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyard

The shipyard is a world leader in the custom superyacht industry. Feadship is an award-winning association between De Vries Shipyards and Royal Van Lent Shipyard and stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders.

Many of the world’s most impressive luxury yachts have been built by Feadship. The company has three yacht-building facilities in The Netherlands. One in Aalsmeer, Makkum, and one in Kaag. And one yacht design and engineering center in Haarlem named De Voogt Naval Architects.


Formed as a group in 1949, the luxury brand has roots that can be traced back to a further century. The generations of craftsmen who launched iconic boats. Under the leadership of the De Vries and Van Lent families in the 1800s and first half of the 1900s is an integral part of the story.

Many of their descendants have continued to create Feadships well into the 21st century. The roots of the Van Lent yard go back to 1849. And the first De Vries yard opened its doors in 1906.

Feadship Fleet

The yard has built a fleet of more than 250 vessels, most of them motor yachts.

Between 1967 and 1986 they built three yachts – all named The Highlander – for Malcolm Forbes.

In 1983 they built the 60 meter New  Horizon L for Dutch millionaire Bram Van Leeuwen. For long New Horizon L was known as one of the most expensive yachts ever built.

With most of the interior fittings in gold and bathtubs made of Lapiz Lazuli. The yacht was Bram van Leeuwen’s full-time residence. Hereunder you will find a video of Bram van Leeuwen showing his yacht (in Belgium language).

The company built 8 yachts – all named Gallant Lady – for the US automotive entrepreneur Jim Moran.

In 2004 the 86 meter Ecstasea was built for Roman Abramovich. Ecstasea is powered by four MTU engines. With a combined power of 12,444 hp. And a General Electric LM2500 gas turbine, which produces 30,843 hp. The total combined horsepower of 43,287 hp produces a top speed of 35 knots.

In 2012 Feadship delivered the yacht Venus to the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs. He died not long before delivery of his Philippe Starck designed yacht.

And in 2015 Feadship crossed the 100-meter mark with the 101-meter yacht Symphony. Which was built for Bernard Arnault. Arnault is actually the owner of the Van Lent yard, through his LVMH Group.

New Builds

Royal Van Lent

Hull 814 – 93 m (305 ft) – delivered in 2019 (The new Lady S)

Hull 815 – 73.6m (242 ft) – delivered in 2018 – named Sherpa

Hull 816 – 88.38m (290 ft) –  ZEN – Asian owner

Hull 817 – 94 m  (308ft) – named VIVA – for a US-based billionaire owner.

Hull 818 – 75m (246 ft) – PI

Hull 819 – Vanish

Hull 820 – undisclosed data

Hull 821 – undisclosed

Koninklijke De Vries

Hull 700 – 87m – delivered in 2018 – named Lonian

Hull 701 – 51m – delivered in 2018 – named Promise.

Hull 703 – 75m – delivery in 2020 – named Arrow UK hedge fund manager

Hull 704 – 55 meter – Somnium – Dutch Owner

Hull 705 – 72m – launched early 2019, delivery 2020.

Hull 706 – 49.5 meter – 2020 – Totally Nuts

Hull 707 – 77 meter – 2020 (the new Boardwalk for Tilman Fertitta)

Hull 1007 – 110m – Anna delivered in 2018

Hull 1008 – 99.5m – Moonrise

Hull 1009 – 95m – undisclosed delivery date – Young US billionaire

Hull 1010 – 118 meter – 2021 – Russian billionaire who had 3 Oceanco’s

Contact Details

Leidsevaart 574  

2014 HT Haarlem  

The Netherlands

TELEPHONE +31 23 524 7000

EMAIL info@feadship.nl



Feadship has more than 1,800 employees. More info here:


Feadship Resources







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The Largest Feadship Yachts
NameLength (meters)VolumeYearOwner
Anna1104.6932018Dmitry Rybolovlev
Symphony1023.0002015Bernard Arnault
Moonrise1003.5002020Owner of Mogambo
Madame Gu992.9912013Andrey Skoch
Faith972.9912017Lawrence Stroll
Lady S932.9992019Dan Snyder
Royal Romance922.9332015Viktor Medvedchuk
Aquarius922.8562016Steve Wynn
Musashi882.4632011Larry Ellison
Fountainhead882.4632011Edward Lampert
Lonian872.6912019Lorenzo Fertitta
Ecstasea862.1072004Alshair Fiyaz

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Jeff Bezos - richest yacht owner - sailing yacht Y721