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See the Biggest Yachts in the World

You Need to Know about the world’s largest yachts. Azzam is the longest, Dilbar is the biggest, Eclipse is reportedly the most expensive.

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Luxury yachts

Photo of the Day

Faith yacht

Amazing photo by Dougie Lindsay of the yacht Faith. She is owned by Lawrence Stroll. He is the father of F1 driver Lance Stroll.

Jeff Bezos yacht

The yacht Flying Fox is getting a lot of media attention at the moment. Media in Italy and Turkey claim that she is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. We think the info is not correct.  Bezos is the richest man in the world. He has a net worth of more than US$ 150 million. As far as we know, he does not own a yacht. More here!

Steve Jobs yacht

The yacht Venus was built by Feadship for Apple founder Steve Jobs. Unfortunately he died before the yacht was delivered. The yacht is now owned by his widow Laurene Powell Jobs. More here!

October 29, 2019 - William Wrigley is the owner of the yacht Unbridled.

Unbridled yacht - William WrigleyHis great grand father founded the famous Wrigley Chewing gum company. It was sold to Mars for US$ 23 billion. More here (tags: #unbridled, #wrigley, #trinity )

October 16, 2019 - Piero Ferrari is the owner of the yacht Race.

Race yacht - Piero FerrariPiero is the son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari. He still owns 10 percent of the company. He is also shareholder at Ferretti Yachts. His yacht was built at Riva, a Ferretti brand. More here (tags: #raceyacht, #pieroferrar, #riva,  #yachtowner )

October 12, 2019 - Mike Lazaridis is the owner of the yacht Artefact

Artefact yacht ownerLazaridis is the co-founder of Blackberry, known for it’s smart phones. Is is now active as investor and philanthropist. His Artefact yacht has an amazing design.

More here (tags: #yachtnews, #artefact, #mikelazaridis, #yachtowner)

September 8, 2019 - Mexican billionaire María Asunción Aramburuzabala is the owner of the yacht Halo.Halo Yacht

María Asunción Aramburuzabala sold her family’s Grupo Modelo to Anheuser Busch for US$ 20 billion. Grupo Modelo is known for the Corona beer. More here (tags: #mexico, #halo, #billionaire #yachtnews)

September 3, 2019 - The yacht Amadea is listed for sale.

Amadea yacht - for saleShe was built at Lurssen to a design of Espen Oeino. Amadea is listed for sale at Imperial Yachts, and will be displayed at the Monaco Boat Show. A sales price has not been disclosed, but we estimate her value at US$ 300 million.  (tags: #yachtforsale, #amadea, #imperial #superyacht)

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Learn All You Need to Know About Yachts and Yachting

Yacht Industry Statistics and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is  a Super Yacht (or superyacht):

A large and - usually - privately-owned luxury yacht. She is professionally crewed and extremely expensive. A few are owned by state organizations. There are few shipyards capable of building such a complex vessel.

What does a (Super) Yacht cost?

A mega yacht generally cost more than US$ 10 million. Although the most expensive super yacht launches can stretch to several hundred million dollars. A yacht built in Northern Europe costs around US$ 65,000 per ton.

What is the most expensive yacht?

Is is probably Dilbar, the world’s largest yacht. Her costprice is near US$ 800 million. Some call Eclipse ‘the US$ 1.5 billion yacht’, but she has cost less than that amount.

How rich is a yacht owner?

Most large yachts are owned by extremely wealthy individuals. For example someone who purchases a US$ 10 million yacht, will probably have to have a net worth of more than US$ 20 million. As he will not want to spend all his money on a boat.

The larger yachts (longer than 80 meters or 260 feet) are invariably owned by billionaires. Most billionaires also own or charter a private jet.

What are the running costs of a large yacht?

The yearly running costs (including crew, maintenance, interest on yacht loans, insurance and fuel) roughly account for 10% of the build price. So US$10 million a year on a US$100 million vessel. It seems smarter to charter a yacht…. Or you have to win big at a casino.

What is the biggest yacht?

The biggest yacht in terms of volume is Dilbar. She is owned by Alisher Usmanov. The longest yacht in the world is Azzam (180 meters/590ft). She is built for the Emir of Abu Dhabi.

What is the biggest sailing yacht?

The largest sailing yacht is ‘Sailing Yacht A’. She is built for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko

What is the craziest yacht ever built?

One of the most modern (styled) luxury yachts is called simply A . She was built for the Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. He also owns the amazing Sailing Yacht A. Another crazy styled boat is YAS, a 140-meter yacht. Which Sheikh Hamdan of the United Arab Emirates converted out of a warship.

Who owns the most yachts?

The Royal Families of the United Arab Emirates (Al Nahyan, Al Maktoum) and Saudi Arabia (Bin Saud) own dozens of large motor yachts.

What is the most famous, well known yacht?

The most famous of them all is probably Kingdom 5 KR owned by Prince Al Waleed bin Talal. He is a cousin of the King of Saudi Arabia. It was featured in the James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again”. The yacht was once owned by US President Donald Trump.


Who buys a large yacht?

Mega yachts are often purchased by UHNWI or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

What is a UHNWI?

A UHNWI is someone with net assets over US$ 30 million. Although some experts calculate with an amount of US$ 50 million.

It is estimated that the world population of UHNWI is around 200,000 individuals. Around 5% of these UHNWI, or 10,000 individuals, own or frequently use a yacht.

The mean net worth of a yacht owner is estimated at US$ 680 million. A figure no doubt influenced by the relative high number of billionaire Russians. The average age of a buyer of  superyachts for sale is estimated around 65 years.

Many yacht owners have a house in Fort Lauderdale. The area is also a nice yachting destination.

What means: "not for sale to us residents while in us waters"?

It is related to an old (1908) US tax law. It is preventing sales of foreign-flagged yachts to U.S. citizens when the boats are in U.S. waters. The law requires the selling owner of a foreign-flagged yacht to pay an import fee before they are offered for sale to U.S. residents while in U.S. Waters. Mostly these are foreign flagged yachts, cruising in US water on a cruising permit. The (selling) owner has to pay  an 1.5 % import tax on the value of his yacht, even before he knows what the actual selling price will be. By clearly stating that the yacht is not available for US residents, the owner does not have to pay this tax.

Superyacht Lady Moura and Little Saf

Yacht Price

Based on the data of several hundred projects sold or listed for sale, we created this rough indication of prices (in US$). The price is related to the length. There is an obvious exponential influence of the yacht’s length to the yachts price. Which can easily be explained by the fact that longer yachts have more decks. And they are wider and thus have more volume.

Length (50 m - 164 ft)

US$ 35 million

Length (60 m - 197 ft)

US$ 40 million

Length (70 m - 230 ft)

US$ 80 million

Length (80 m - 262 ft)

US$ 120 million

Length (90 m - 295 ft)

US$ 140 million

Length (100 m - 328 ft)

US$ 160 million

Length (150 m - 492 ft)

US$ 300 million

Length (170 m - 558 ft)

US$ 450 million


yacht prices

superyacht Rising Sun

Yachting Definitions


Displacement or displacement tonnage is the weight of water that a ship displaces when it is floating, which in turn is the weight of a ship (and its contents).

Gross Tonnage:

Gross tonnage (often abbreviated as GT, G.T. or gt) is a unit less index related to a ship's overall internal volume

Length over all (LOA):

The maximum length of a vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline. This length is important while docking the ship

Waterline length (LWL):

The length of a ship or boat at the level where it sits in the water. The LWL will be shorter than the length of the boat overall (LOA) as most boats have bows and stern and stern protrusions that make the LOA greater than the LWL


Its width at the widest point as measured at the ship's nominal waterline. Beam may also be used to define the maximum width of a ship's hull, or maximum width plus superstructure overhangs.

Draft / Draught:

The vertical distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel), with the thickness of the hull included. Draft determines the minimum depth of water a ship or boat can safely navigate.


The distance a motor yacht can sail without refueling.


A sailing boat with a single mast and a fore-and-aft rig. A sloop has only one head-sail.


A sailing craft with two masts. The distinguishing characteristic of a ketch is that the forward of the two masts (the "mainmast") is larger than the after mast. The mizzen mast is stepped forward of the rudder post.


Similar to a ketch but the mizzen mast is stepped aft of the rudder post.


The vertical member of a stern frame on which the rudder is hung.

Naval architect

An engineering discipline of vessel engineering. It is incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. It is applied to the engineering design process, shipbuilding, maintenance, and operation of marine vessels.


A frequently used type error of the word yacht.

Yacht Broker

A specialist who serves yacht builders or boat sellers. He can also server buyers with yachts for sale. He acts as a representative for the sale or purchase of a yacht or boat. Yacht brokers are paid an agreed commission.

Yacht Tender

A support vessel which is used for service and entertainment. They provide transport for yacht owners and crew.


The volume or weight used by the submerged (part of the) hull which would otherwise be occupied by water.

Displacement hull:

A round-bottomed hull. “Plowing through the water

Semi-displacement hull:

A cross between a planning and displacement hull, generating an amount of lift while moving.  The yacht’s weight will still be supported by buoyancy.

Planing hull:

The hull is designed to rise up and glide on top of the water when enough power is supplied. These hulls operate like displacement hulls when at rest or at slow speeds but climb towards the surface of the water as they move faster.

yacht Phoenix


1 Meter

3,28084 foot

1 Foot

0.3048 foot

1 Knot

1.852 km)per hour / 1.151 mph

1 Nautical Mile (NM)

1,852 meters (about 6,076 feet)

1 Ton (US)

907.185 kilo

1 Ton (Metric)

1000 kilo

Yachting: Nice to Know.

Eclipse is thought to be the most expensive yacht. She is rumored to have cost more than a billion US dollars.

The actual build price of the yacht will probably have been considerably less. We guess around US$ 500 million.

Nowadays the largest yachts are owned by Arabs or Russians.

The second largest is Eclipse (172 metres/564ft) owned by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Abramovich currently has two yachts: Eclipse and Sussurro. Although Sussurro is rumored to be owned by his ex-wife. She was part of a divorce settlement.

Until 2014 Abramovich also owned the expedition yacht Luna, but he sold her to Azerbaijani billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov. The third largest yacht is Dubai, owned by the Ruler of Dubai.

The largest mega yachts are not necessarily the world's longest. One of the largest boats measured by interior volume is Al Salamah. Built for Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia, it was put up for sale in 2012. This was after Prince Sultan died. Her asking price was EUR 250 million (US$350 million).

Famous Yacht Owners

The most famous UHNWI owners include Roman Abramovich, Larry Ellison and Google’s Larry Page.

US President Donald Trump has been owner of Trump Princess. The world’s richest man Bill Gates does not own a yacht. He owns an extremely large house though, watch Bill Gates’ house here.

The Yacht Industry

It is expected that the amount spent on luxury yachts worldwide is increasing 25% the coming 5 years. There is a trend towards expedition vessels. In stead of (fast) displacement yachts.

But also new built yachts seem to grow bigger over the years. The yacht industry is doing well. And there are many yachts for sale. And the yacht charter brokers have a busy time.

13 Crazy Facts About Luxury Yachts

1. The World’s Largest Super Yacht (measured by length).

Azzam, 180 meter (590 ft) owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He is the Emir of Abu Dhabi (Azzam is the  longest).

SuperYacht Azzam


2. The World’s biggest yacht (measured by volume).

The new Dilbar. Dilbar is built by Lurssen.

Superyacht Dilbar -the biggest yacht


3. The World’s Largest Sailing Yacht.

Sailing Yacht A, built for Russian billionaire Andrey  Melnichenko

4. The World’s Most Expensive Yacht.

Probably Eclipse, With an estimated price ofUS$ 500  million. She is owned by Roman Abramovich. Or maybe the new Dilbar is the most expensive.

SuperYacht Eclipse


5. The World’s Most Voluminous Yacht.

It was Al Salamah, with a displacement of 12.250  tons. She was built for Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia. But now his position is taken over by the new Dilbar

6.  The Luxury Yacht with the Most Crew Members. This is probably Al Salamah. She has 94 crew  and 40 personal staff, in a total of 60 crew cabins.

7. The World’s Fastest Yacht

This is the World is not Enough built for serial yacht owner John Staluppi. She reaches 70 knots, powered by gas turbine marine engines producing 20.600 hp

8. The World’s Most Famous Mega Yacht

Probably Octopus, owned by Microsoft co- founder Paul Allen

9.  The World’s Ugliest Yacht.

Probably Yas, a converted navy frigate (re)built for Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. The yacht design is complex.

superyacht yas


10. The World’s Richest Yacht Owner.

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle with a net worth  of US$ 54 billion

11. The Man with the Most Yachts (in private use).

The late Paul Allen, with Octopus, Tatoosh and  Meduse. He sold Meduse in 2016. He died in 2018.

12. The Man who ordered the Most New Yachts in his life.

Probably the late Jim Moran,  who ordered 8 new Feadships

13. The World’s Largest Explorer Yacht

The 116 meter Ulysses, owned by Graeme Hart

14. Any input for this list?: please do send us a message

Message to other Media

Please mention and link to this page, when using this information. Thanks!

11.11 - Nick Candy

24 Karat - Jeff Gordon

A - Andrey Melnichenko

Ace - Samvel Karapetyan

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Alexandra - Khalaf al Habtoor

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Alice’s Restaurant - Donald Sussman

Al Lusail - Emir of Qatar

Al Mirqab - Al Thani Family of Qatar

Al Said - Sultan of Oman

Alpa - King Albert of Belgium

Al Salamah - Crown Prince of Bahrain

Altair - Diego Della Valle

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Arkley (now Caipirinha) - Andrei Komarov

Artefact - Mike Lazaridis

Aslec 4 - Cesare D’Amico

Athena - James Clark

Atlante - Remo Ruffini

Atlantic - Ed Kastelein

Atlantis II - Stavros Niarchos

Atmosphere - Georges Cohen

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Attessa IV  -  Dennis Washington

Aurora - Andrey Molchanov

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Coral Island - Sheikh Abdul Mohsen

Crazy Me - Rattan Chadha

Dar - Ziyad Manasir

Dilbar - Alisher Usmanov

Double Down - John Rosatti

Dragonfly - Sergey Brin

Dreamboat - Arthur Blank

Drizzle - Amancio Ortega

Dubai - Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai

Ebony Shine - Teodoro Obiang Mangue

Eclipse - Roman Abramovich

Ecstasea - Alshair Fiyaz

Elandess - Lloyd Dorfman

Elements - Fahad Al Athel

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Smeralda - Crown Prince of Dubai

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Force Blue - Flavio Briatore

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Graceful  -  President Putin

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Happy Days - David C. Copley

Harbour Island - Steve Hudson

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The Highlander - Roberto De Guardiola

Horizons III - John Tyson

Huntress - George Argyros

Ice - Suleiman Kerimov

Ice Bear - Walter Scott Jr

I Dynasty - Alijan Ibragimov

Ilona - Frank Lowy

Indian Empress  -  Vijay Mallya

Indigo Star -  Robert Geiss

Infinity - Eric Smidt

Intuition - Patrick E Malloy

Invictus - Rick Caruso

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Joy - Sameer Gehlaut

Jubilee - Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani

Just Js - Jay Schottenstein

Katara - Emir of Qatar

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Khalilah - Alexei Golubovich

Kibo - Alexander Mamut

Kingdom 5KR - Prince al Waleed bin Talal

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Kogo - Mansour Ojjeh

Kolaha - Al Juffali family

La Dea - Shlomo Dovrat

Lady A - Lord Alan Sugar

Lady Ann Magee - Michael Smurfit

Lady Beatrice - The Barclay Brothers

Lady Britt  - Sten Warborn

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Lady Lara - Alexander Machkevitch

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Lady M  - Alexei Mordashov

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Lammouche - Ayman Asfari

Laurel  - Tom Golisano

Lazy Z - Mortimer Zuckerman

Le Grand Bleu - Eugene Shvidler

Leight Star - Howard Leight

Lightning - Undisclosed Owner

Limitless - Leslie Wexner

Lionheart  -  Philip Greene

Lonian - Lorenzo Fertitta

Loretta Anne - Loretta Anne Rogers

Luna - Farkhad Akhmedov

M5- Rodney Lewis

Madame Gu - not Andrei Skoch

Madame Kate - Alexandre Grendene

Madsummer - Jeffrey Soffer

Majestic - Bruce Sherman

Main  -  Giorgio Armani

Maltese Falcon - Elena Ambrosiadou

Maridome - Solomon Lew

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Maryah - Al Nahyan Family

Maximus II - Clive Palmer

Mayan Queen - Alberto Bailleres

Melek - Turgay Ciner

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Mia Elise - Terry Taylor

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Mine Games - Chris Cline

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Moonlight II - Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan

Moon Sand - Charles Ho

Muchos Mas - Juan Carlos Mas

Musashi - Larry Ellison

My Girl - Gary Chouest

Mylin IV - Micky Arison

Nafisa  - Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel

Nahlin - Sir James Dyson

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Nero - Denis ‘O Brien

Ngoni - Tony Buckingham

Nirvana - Isak Andic

Norge - King Harald of Norway

Nourah of Riyad - Prince Turki al Saud

Nova Spirit - Jim Pattison

Ocean Dreamwalker - Michael Kadoorie

Ocean Victory - Victor Rashnikov

Octopus - Paul Allen - with interior photos!

Odessa - Len Blavatnik

Ostar - Carlos Slim Helu

Olivia O - Eyal Ofer

Pacific - Leonid Mikhelson

Paloma - Vincent Bollore

Param Jamuna IV - Prakash Hinduja

Paramour - Michael O’Keeffe

Party Girl - Charles West

Pegasus VIII - Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Pelorus - Samuel Tak Lee

Petara II - Bernie Ecclestone

Pilar Rossi - Nelson Piquet

Plan B - Patokh Chodiev

Planet Nine - Nat Rothschild

Phoenix 2 - Jan Kulczyk

Phryne - Urs Schwarzenbach

Predator - Iksander Makhmudov

Prince Abdulaziz - Prince Abdul Azziz

Privacy - Tiger Woods

Quantum Blue - Sergey Galitskiy

Quattroelle - Majid al Futtaim

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Queen Miri - Sheldon Adelson

Quinta Essentia - Valentin Zavadnikov

Rabdan - Sheikh Mohammed - MBZ

Race - Piero Ferrari

Radiant - Abdullah al Futtaim

Rahil - Arkady Rotenberg

Rebecca - Charles Butt

Reef Chief - James Dicke

Revelry - Tom and Judy Love

REV Ocean - Kjell Inge Rokke

Rhino - Roy E Carroll

Rising Sun - David Geffen

Rochade - Rob and Richard Sands

ROCK.IT - Jimmy John Liautaud

Romea - Alexander Nesis

Royal Romance - Viktor Medvedchuk

Saint Nicolas - Vasily Anisimov

Saluzi - Victor Hwang

Samadhi - Daniel Loeb

Samar  -  Kutayba Alghanim

Sapphire  -  Filaret Galchev

Sarafsa - Prince Fahad bin Sultan al Saud

Satori - Eric Benson

Savannah - Lukas Lundin

Scout - James Berwind

Sea Bear II - Jack Niklaus

Sea Force One - Raffaele Costa

Seahawk - Jurgen Friedrich

Sealyon - Anthony Lyons

Sea Owl - Robert Mercer

SeaQuest - DeVos family

Seasense - Charles S Cohen

Secret - Nancy Walton

Senses - Larry Page

Serene -  Yuri Shefler

Seven - Ennio Doris

Seven Seas - Steven Spielberg

Shahnaz  - Waleed bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim

Siran - Bob Manoukian

Siren - David Reuben

Sirona - Micky Arison

Skat  - Charles Simonyi

Sky - Igor Kesaev

Skyfall - John Staluppi

Slipstream - Jack Cowin

Socrat - Vladimir Lisin

Solemar - Mikhail Prokhorov

Space - Laurence Graff

Stargate - Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani

Step One - Nicholas Woodman

Strangers In The Night - Sir Stelios

Suegno - Pier Silvio Berlusconi

Sunrays - Ravi Ruia

Sussurro - Roman Abramovich

Sybaris - Bill Duker

Sycara - Ray Catena

Talisman C - Pears Brothers

Tango - Viktor Vekselberg

Tatoosh - Paul Allen

Titan - Alexander Abramov

Topaz - Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan

Top Five - Terence Pegula

Tsumat - Alfredo Chedraui

Tueq - King Salman al Saud

Trump Princess - Donald Trump

Twizzle - Michael Bradfield

Ulysses - Graeme Hart

Ulysses - Johnny Ronan

Unbridled - William Wrigley

Unicorn - Frank Zweegers

Unfurled - Harry Macklowe

Utopia - Bill Miller

Utopia IV - JR Ridinger

Va Bene - Eric Clapton

Valerie  -  Yuriy Kosiuk

Vanish - Larry van Tuyl

Vava - Ernesto Bertarelli

Vector - Vitaly Mutko

Venus - Steve Jobs

Vertigo - Rupert Murdoch

Vibrant Curiosity - Reinhold Würth

Victoria Del Mar - John R Miller

Virginian - Anthony Bamford

Visione - Hasso Plattner

Vive La Vie - Willy Michel

Volpini 2 - Lindsay Fox

W - David Macneil

Wedge Too - Issam M. Fares

Wheels - Rick Hendrick

White Cloud - Craig McCaw

White Rabbit - Goh Cheng Liang

White Rose of Drachs - Michael Evans

Winning Drive - Steve Bisciotti

Yalla  - Naquib Sawiris

Yas - Hamdan bin Zayed al Nahyan

Yersin - Francois Fiat

Z- Konstyantin Zhevago

Zeus - John  Christodoulou

A2, Aurora, Amore Mio, Azteca, Belongers,  Buka, Callisto, Caryali, DB9, Dragonfly, Engelberg, Fountainhead, Lady Marina, Lady Victoria, Main, Ocean Victory, Rasselas, Reborn, Red Dragon, Ronin, Serena III, Seahorse, Skyfall, Suver, Sarastar

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Yacht Builders

Our overview of the World’s Best Builders: Lurssen Yachts, Feadship, Oceanco, Benetti Yachts, Delta Marine, Abeking and Ramussen, Trinity Yachts and many more.

Marine Engines

Al You need to know about marine diesel engines and yacht propulsion.

The Yacht Owners Register, yacht names: #1 to B

The Yacht Owners Register, yacht names: C to H

The Yacht Owners Register, yacht names: I to L

The Yacht Owners Register, yacht names: M to P

The Yacht Owners Register, yacht names: Q to S

The Yacht Owners Register, yacht names: T to Z

Fun: F1 drivers Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly doing the quiz ‘Superyacht or not?”. Is Flying Fox a yacht? Dreamboat?  Yes, it is Arthur Blank’s new yacht. Click on the image for the video to open in YouTube.

Bravo Eugenia Yacht

The yacht Bravo Eugenia was built at Oceanco for US billionaire Jerry Jones. He owns he Dallas Cowboys. He named his yacht after his wife Eugenia.  More here!

yacht Amadea

The yacht Amadea has been listed for sale. She was built at Lurssen to a design of Espen Oeino. Amadea is listed for sale at Imperial Yachts, and will be displayed at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show. A sales price has not been disclosed, but we estimate her value at more than US$ 300 million.

yacht Olivia

Nice photo by Raphael Belly of the yacht Olivia. She is owned by Monaco based billionaire Eyal Ofer. He will soon replace her with a 89 meter X-bow yacht named Olivia O. (The yacht is named after his daughter Olivia)


Amazing photo by Raphael Belly of the yacht Katara. She is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani. He is the former Emir of Qatar.

Artefact yacht

Amazing photo by Nils Junge of the yacht Artefact.

Amadea yacht

Amazing photo by Raphael Belly of the yacht Amadea. She was built by Lurssen to a design of Espen Oeino.

Unbridled and Madame Kate

Amazing photo by Raphael Belly of the yachts Unbridled and Madame Kate

Superyacht or Not? - Max Verstappenyacht Bold

Amazing photo by Raphael Belly of the yacht Bold and her Rupert Marine tender.

Bravo Eugenia yacht in London

Amazing photo by  Michelle Buchan of the yacht Bravo Eugenia in London.