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You  Will Learn all You Need to Know About Bill Gates House, his Awesome Car Collection, Yacht, Private Jet and his Amazing Net Worth



1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, Washington, USA


Xanadu 2.0

Size (land area):

224,334 sq ft (20.841 sq meter)

Size (house):

48.160 sq ft (4.474 sq meter)






James Curtler Architects, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Construction finished:


Cost prize:

US$ 66,500,000


US$ 127,500,000

Annual Property Tax:

US$ 1,100,000


23 Cars


Private Tunnel


20 person cinema, 60 ft swimming pool, trampoline room, 475 ft waterfront, staff accomodations, library, chef's kitchen

Owner of the House

Yacht Owner:

Bill Gates



Net Worth:

US$  100 billion




October 28, 1955


Melinda Gates


Jennifer Katharine Gates, Phoebe Adele Gates, Rory John Gates

Private Jet:

Bombardier BD-700 (N887WM)

Bombardier BD-700 (N194WM)

Our Super Yacht Owners Database: more than 960 Yachts and Yacht Owners.

It took seven years and US$ 66.5 million to build his home.

Bill Gates House

Many people ask the question: Where does Bill Gates live? And how much money does he have? He lives with his wife Melinda in a large house in Seattle Washington. The address is 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina. His house is an earth sheltered home. It is built on a hill in King County Medina. It is overlooking Lake Washington.

According to the county’s 2018 tax records the house has a value of USD 127.5 million. The annual tax bill (property tax) for the house is US$ 1.1 million.

The house is legally owned by a company named Watermark Estate Management Services LLC. This company holds more personal assets of Gates. Tour Gates home with photos and video’s.

William Henry Gates III House facts:

1.   Construction started: 1988.

2.   Construction Finished: 1994.

3.   Construction costs: US$ 66.5 million (source: tax records).

4.   Value (2018) : US$ 127.484.000 million (source: tax records).

5. Architects: James Curtler Architects + Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

6.   Architectural style: Pacific lodge.

7.   Land area: 224,334 sq ft (20.841 sq meter).

8.   Above ground living area (AGLA): 48.160 sq ft (4.474 sq meter).

9.   Bedrooms: 7.

10. Bathrooms/toilets: 24.

11. Garage for 23 cars.

12. The house has a 20 person cinema.

13. Entrance to the house is through a private tunnel.

14. There is a 60 ft swimming pool, with underwater sound system.

15. The gym has a Trampoline-room.

16. The house has full home automation.

17. There is 475 ft of Lake Washington waterfront.

18. The house has excellent views of Lake Washington.

19. The house has excellent views of the Seattle skyline.

20. The library houses the Codex Leicester manuscript by Leonardo DaVinci

Xanadu 2.0

The house is referred to as Xanadu 2.0. Xanadu is the fictional estate of Charles Foster Kane. He is the title character of the film Citizen Kane (1941). The estate derives its name from the ancient city of Xanadu. Xanadu is known for its splendor.


The house was designed by James Cutler Architects and Bohlin Cywinksi Jackson. In a Pacific Lodge style.

Packed with Technology

The house is known for its technology. The house features home automation with a central computer. The computer is adjusting lighting, temperature and music when a guest enters a room.  

With a net worth of US$ 99 billion he can easily afford such house.

A Pool With an Underwater Sound System

The 48,000-square-foot (4.400 m2) house features 7 bedrooms, 24 baths and a 20 person home cinema. And a 60-foot (18 m) swimming pool with an Under water Sound System and a glass wall. The pool’s locker room has 4 showers and 2 baths.

Exceptional Property

The house is graded as an Exceptional Property. Lake Washington is a large freshwater lake near the city of Seattle. It is the second largest natural lake in the state of Washington.

According to BusinessInsider the house has computer screens throughout the house. The screens are displaying art or photos. The reception hall can accommodate up to 200 guests.

The house’ tax bill:

Bill Gates Tax Bill

A Garage for 23 Cars!

The house’s garages can accommodate 23 cars. You can find some (interior) photos and engineering details of the 1,900 square-foot guest house here. And you find more information about the whole property here.

Codex Leicester

The house’ library is very large. It houses the Codex Leicester. It is a Manuscript written by Leonardo DaVinci. The Codex has a value of more than US$ 30 million. The library has a Great Gatsby quote inscribed on the ceiling.  "He had come a long way to this blue lawn. And his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it."

A Private Tunnel

Guests arrive through a private tunnel. The tunnel was built in 2006 under Highway 106. To give easy access to the house. The US$ 2 million tunnel was paid for by Watermark Estate Services.

His Residence in Florida

In 2013 Gates acquired a US$ 8.7 million Wellington, Florida mansion. The house has extensive equestrian facilities. Such as a show jumping area and a 20 stall barn.

The Gates family uses the house when their daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates is training. For her successful show jumping career. Gates also owns the Evergates Stables.

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Who is Bill Gates?Bill Gates

He is the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft. He is the largest individual shareholder in Microsoft. He owns 6% of the common stock. He stepped down as Microsoft’s CEO in 2000. Then he started working fulltime at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975 together with Paul Allen. Gates and Paul Allen became the world’s richest persons. Paul Allen died in 2018 due to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Microsoft became the world’s largest software maker.

Bill Gates Net Worth

People often ask: how much is Gates worth and how much money does  he have? He is often referred to as the richest man in the world. He  has an estimated net worth of USD 98 billion. (April 2019).

Now and than he loses the position of the worlds richest man to Jeff Bezos. This is following fluctuations in either Microsoft or share prices.


His Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the world. The aims of the foundation are to enhance healthcare. And to reduce extreme poverty. And to expand educational opportunities and to expand access to information technology.

Gates has funded his foundation with more than USD 2 billion. In 2006 Warren Buffet donated USD 1.5 billion to the Gates foundation. The assets of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation exceed USD 30 billion. Yearly donations are worth more than USD 1.5 billion.

The Giving Pledge

The Bill and Melinda Gates together with billionaire Warren Buffet started The Giving Pledge. It is a philanthropic initiative aiming to get the worlds billionaires to pledge their fortunes early in their lives. So that they can have more control of how it’s spent.

In the few years since it was launched, the giving pledge has recruited more than 100 billionaires. Including the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Intel Chairman Gordon Moore and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Other Investments

More than half of his assets are outsite his holding of Microsoft shares. He holds these other investments through his Cascade Investment LLC. This company owns shares in Berkshire Hathaway, Cocal Cola and Femsa. And also Carpetright, Four Seasons Hotels and Waste Management. And many other invesments.

Bill Gates Age

He was born on October 28, 1955, so his age is 63 years. Bill and Melinda have three children: Jennifer Katharine, Rory and Phoebe Gates.

Melinda Gates

Bill’s wife Melinda is a former Microsoft executive. They met in 1987 at a fair trade in New York. They married in 1994. They have 3 children: Jennifer Katharine Gates (1996), Phoebe Adele Gates (2002), and Rory John Gates (1999).  In 1996 she left Microsoft to focus on starting and raising her family.

Melinda is now heading the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The couple has donated more than US$ 25 billion to the foundation.

Melinda is also a writer of books. This is what Bill wrote about her latest book: “@melindafrenchgates’s new book is out today. Melinda writes that one of the most important things she has learned in her work is that you must “let your heart break; it’s the price of being present to someone who is suffering.” Your heart will break more than once when you read this book. But more often, you will be enlightened and inspired. I know I certainly was! #MomentofLift

Jennifer Katharine Gates

Jennifer Katharine Gates is Gates’ oldest daughter. She was born in 1996. She is an established equestrian. She attended Seattle’s private Lakeside High School and later Stanford University. Her father bought her an equestrian property in Wellington Florida.

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Bill Gates Yacht.

Does he own a yacht? No, he does not own any superyacht. He is however often linked to large yachts around the world. Media is naming them ‘the yacht of Gates’.

His Friends Own Yachts

He does have a lot of relatives, friends and business partners who do own large yachts. Therefore he is often spotted at large super yachts around the world.

For example his 1994 honeymoon was on Paul Allen’s yacht Charade. In 2012 he was spotted in Belize on Dennis Washington’s motor yacht Attessa.

Holiday on one of the World’s largest Yachts

In 2014 he was having a holiday with his family on board the yacht Serene. Serene is one of the largest yachts in the world.

To charter a yacht the size of Serene, will probably cost more than USD 2 million per week.

This is Crazy:

Yachts often wrongly referred to as his yacht are: Octopus (owned by his business partner Paul Allen) and Skat (owned by his other business partner/ employee Charles Simonyi). And Attessa owned by US billionaire Dennis Washington.

Our Super Yacht Owners Database: more than 960 Yachts and Yacht Owners.

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Private Jet

He owns 4 private jets! Gates is the owner of two Bombardier BD-700 private jets. He owns the N887WM and the N194WM. Both jets have the same color scheme.

He also owns 2 Bombardier Challenger 350 private jets through a Net Jets program. These are the N754QS and the N769QS. These jets also have the same color scheme.

BD700 Global Express

The BD 700 Global Express is a class of ultra long range corporate jets. It competes against the Gulfstream V, Boeing 737 BBJ and Airbus A319CJ.

It is designed to fly long distances at high speed. The Global Express' range is such that it can fly nonstop between intercontinental destinations. Such as Sydney/Los Angeles, New York/Tokyo and Taipei/Chicago.

Top Speed

His jet can reach a speed of 935km/h (505kt) or Mach 0.88. The jet has a list price of USD 45 million.

N887WM and N194WM

His jets registration numbers are N887WM and N194WM. The WM probably stands for William and Melinda.

Through his membership of Netjets, he also partially owns a third and fourth Bombardier. The N769QS and the N754QS. Gates uses his private jets intensively. And mainly for his work for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Eurocopter EC 135

Gates also owns an Eurocopter EC 135 with registration N608WM. Which he uses to travel around Lake Washington.

Gates actually owns a floating heliport named Hale Manu. He uses it to land his heli. The helicopter has the same color scheme as the other planes.

Cessna 208 Seaplane

And finally Gates owns a Cessna 208 Amphibian Caravan sea plane with registration N459WM. Again in the same colors as the other aircraft.

Bill Gates Cars

He owns many cars. His Medina mansion has a garage for 23 cars... Enough room for his car collection. And with his wealth he can afford every car he desires.

He drives Porsche!

He is known to be a Porsche collector. In his possession are a Porsche 911, a 930 and a rare 959. Of the Porsche 959 only 337 were produced.

Manufactured between 1986 and 1993, the 959 was the world’s fastest production car at that time.

The Porsche 930  (or 911 Turbo) was produced between 1975 an d 1989. He bought the 930 at his early days at Microsoft.

And Mercedes, BMW and a Corvette

Gates has also been seen driving a Mercedes S Class and a BMW 7 series. And of course he is driven around in limousines often.

As far as we know he does not own any real exotic cars. Like a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. And besides his Porsches he does not seem to own other sports cars.Like Ferrari or Lamborghini. He is rumored to own a Chevrolet Corvette.

Car Collection

Do you have more information about his car collection? Please do send us a message.

Inside the house

Bill Gates house

The house in Medina, overlooking Lake Washington.

Bill Gates private jetHouse of Bill and Melinda Gates in MedinaHouse of Bill GatesBill and Melinda Gates' Florida house in Wellington

The ranch he bought in Florida. For his daughter Jennifer’s horse show jumping career.

Bill Gates yacht

Octopus was actually built for Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen.

Bill Gates jet interiorBill Gates carBill Gates porsche 959

His cars: a Porsche 911 Turbo (930) and a rare Porsche 959.

Bill Gates Home
Guest Area at Bill Gates house

The guest house at  Gates’ residence. (photo source:

Medina mansionbill gates house address

His jet is a Bombardier BD-700 with registration N887WM.

Bill Gates private jet N194WM

His other jet is also a Bombardier BD-700 with registration N194WM.

N609WM Bill Gates EurocopterGates floating heli deck - Hale ManuN459WM Bill Gates Sea Plane

The house cost US$ 66 million to build. But now has a value of US$ 127 million.

In 2006 a private tunnel was built under Highway 106. To give easy access to the house.

The house was designed by James Cutler Architects and Bohlin Cywinksi Jackson. Built in a Pacific Lodge style.

The Eurocopter EC 135 with registration N608WM. Which he uses to travel around Lake Washington.

On board his private jet with Warren Buffett.

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