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All You Need to Know About Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al Sheikh his Net Worth, his Save Our Seas Foundation and his Coral Island Yacht

Yacht Specifications

Yacht Name:

Coral Island (Coral Ocean)

Yacht Length:

73 m (238 ft)


12 in 6 cabins


19 in 9 cabins


Lurssen Yachts


Bannenberg & Rowell Design



Maximum Speed:

17 knots




1,379 ton




US$ 40 million

Yacht For Sale:

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Yacht Charter:

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Who is the Owner of the Yacht Corald Island?

Yacht Owner:

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh


Saudi Arabia

Net Worth:

US$ 1 billion


Zeem Trading








Saudi Arabia

Private Jet:

Pls send a message if  you have info.

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Coral Island was sold (we were told to Lurssen CEO Peter Lurssen) and was named Coral Ocean. We were also told that Lurssen’s project Sassi will be the new Coral Island. She was destroyed in a fire, but the 145 meter yacht will be rebuild.

Coral Ocean Yacht

Coral Ocean (ex Coral Island) is a 72 meter yacht built by Lurssen.


Bannenberg & Rowell Design

Her design is done by Bannenberg & Rowell Design. She underwent a refit in 2009, with interior works done by Metrica.

On the web the yacht is sometimes linked to a ‘Al Sheik Modhassan’, but Al Sheik Modhassan seems to be non existing.  The yacht is owned by Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Al - Sheikh.

Buste De Femme

In 1999 a Picasso painting (“Buste de Femme”, a painting of Dora Maar) worth US$ 30 million was stolen from the yacht Coral Island. Early 2019 the painting was found at the home of a Dutch real estate developer, who acted in good faith and was not aware of the theft.

He returned the painting to her owner. Buste De Femme was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1938. Source:

Buste de Femme - Dora Maar - Picasso - 1938

2016 Refit at Lurssen

The yacht was built as Coral Island, and kept that name for more than 20 years. In 2016 she went to Lurssen for an extensive refit.

Since then she was renamed Coral Ocean and was made available for charter through Burgess. We think her owner is building a new yacht, probably at Lurssen.

Do you know more about this project? Please do send us a message

Is She Available for Yacht Charter?

The boat is available for yacht charter. And the yacht is not listed for sale.

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Peter Lurssen

Update: We became aware of some (unconfirmed) rumors that Peter Lurssen (owner of the yacht builder Lurssen) is the new owner of Coral Ocean.

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Who is Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh?

Not much is known about Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh. He is rumored to be born in 1956. And he is said to be the original owner of the yacht Pelorus. He owns Zeem Trading and the Shgair Stud Farm.

Zeem Trading

He is owner of the Zeem Trading Company, a group of international companies. Through his European Hotels and Resorts Limited he is owner of the Plantation Club Resort at the Seychelles

Shgair Stud Farm

Some equestrian websites do mention him as owner of several Arabian horses.  Sheikh Adbul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh is active in horse breeding through his Shgair Stud Farm.

Save Our Seas Foundation

The Sheikh is the founder of the Save Our Seas Foundation, which funds and supports research, conservation and education projects worldwide, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife and their habitats.

The foundation has started over 200 projects in over 50 countries across the globe. Each project strives for deeper understanding and more innovative solutions in marine research, conservation and education

Yacht Pelorus

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh is considered to be the original owner of superyacht Pelorus. Roman Abramovich purchased the yacht Pelorus from him.


super yacht Coral Island
Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh yacht

Superyacht Coral Island in Antibes

shgair stud farm

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, Plantation Club Resort

luxury yacht Coral Island

Luxury yacht Coral Island

Coral Island

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, is active in Arabian horse breeding

Follow the location of the yacht Coral Ocean live

Lurssen Coral Islandzeem tradingAl Sheik ModhassanPicasso painting (Dora Maar)yacht coral island

Previous yacht:

Lady May

Coral Island interiorcoral ocean interiorthe poolpool deck

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Coral Island  yachtyacht Coral Island

Lurssen Project Sassi

We were told she is the new Coral Island. She was destroyed in a fire, but will be rebuild.

A part of the hull of Project Sassi during construction. It was later destroyed in a fire. (Photo above by DrDuu)

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