Bill Gates’ $131 Million Xanadu 2.0 Mansion: Luxury Meets Cutting-Edge Technology in Medina, WA

Address:1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, Washington, USA
Name:Xanadu 2.0
Size (land area):224,334 sq ft (20.841 sq meter)
Size (house):48.160 sq ft (4.474 sq meter)
Architect:James Cutler Architects, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Construction finished:1994
Cost prize:$ 66,500,000
Value:$ 130,885,000
Annual Property Tax (2021):$ 1,154,618
Garage:23 Cars
Entrance:Private Tunnel
Features:20 person cinema, 60 ft swimming pool, trampoline room, 475 ft waterfront, staff accommodations, library, chef’s kitchen
Owner:Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ Xanadu 2.0: A $131 Million Technological Masterpiece

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s richest men with a net worth of $104 billion, resides in an extraordinary mansion known as Xanadu 2.0. Located in the exclusive community of Medina, Washington, near Seattle, this state-of-the-art abode is valued at an astounding $131 million.

Constructed over seven years at a cost of $66.5 million, the Gates’ residence spans over 66,000 square feet and showcases a plethora of luxurious amenities and cutting-edge technology. Xanadu 2.0 stands as one of the most expensive and technologically advanced homes globally.

The mansion features a wide range of opulent amenities, including a swimming pool with an underwater music system, a 2,500 square-foot gym, a 1,000 square-foot dining room, a well-stocked library, and a valuable collection of rare artifacts.

In addition to these lavish amenities, Xanadu 2.0 boasts an array of high-tech features that elevate it to new heights of modern living. Among these innovations are a sensor system that detects occupants’ locations to adjust lighting and temperature accordingly, a home automation system controlling appliances and climate, and a private server room to manage the property’s technological infrastructure.

Furthermore, Xanadu 2.0 demonstrates a commitment to sustainable living through its energy-efficient design and eco-friendly systems. The property utilizes a geothermal heating and cooling system, a heat recovery ventilation system, and a rainwater collection system for irrigation purposes.

In summary, Bill Gates’ Xanadu 2.0 is a stunning representation of modern luxury and advanced technology, with a staggering price tag of $131 million. This exceptional residence exemplifies Gates’ status as one of the wealthiest individuals globally and showcases his passion for innovation and sustainable living.

Some Amazing Facts, a house tour!

Many people ask the question: Where does Bill Gates live? And how much money does he have? He lives in a large house in Seattle Washington. The address is 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina. Bill Gates mansion is an earth-sheltered home. The location is on a hill in King County Medina. It is overlooking Lake Washington.

According to the county’s 2021 tax records, the house has a value of  $131 million. The annual tax bill (property tax) for the house is $1.155 million (tax year 2021).

The house is legally owned by a company named Watermark Estate Management Services LLC. This company holds more personal assets of Gates. Tour Gates home with pictures and videos.

1. Construction started: 1988.

2. Construction Finished: 1994.

3. Construction costs: US$ 66.5 million (source: tax records)..

4. The Value (2021) : US$ 130.880.000 million (source: tax records).

5. Architects: James Cutler Architects + Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

6. Architectural style: Pacific lodge.

7. Land area: 224,334 sq ft (20.841 sq meter).

8. Above-ground living area (AGLA): 48.160 sq ft (4.474 sq meter).

9. There are 7 Bedrooms

10. There are 24 bathrooms/toilets

11. The house has a garage for 23 cars.

12. The house has a 20-person cinema.

13. The entrance to the house is through a private tunnel.

14. There is a 60 ft swimming pool, with an underwater sound system

15. The gym has a Trampoline-room.

16. The house has full home automation.

17. There is 475 ft of Lake Washington waterfront.

18. The house has excellent views of Lake Washington and the Seattle Skyline.

19. The library houses the Codex Leicester manuscript by Leonardo DaVinci

Xanadu 2.0: Bill Gates’ Tech-Infused Mansion

Xanadu 2.0 is the name given to Bill Gates’ extravagant home, inspired by the fictional estate of Charles Foster Kane from the 1941 film Citizen Kane. The name Xanadu is derived from the ancient city, known for its splendor and opulence.

Architectural Design

The Pacific Lodge-style mansion was designed by renowned firms James Cutler Architects and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Renowned for its advanced technology, Xanadu 2.0 features a central computer that controls home automation, adjusting lighting, temperature, and music when a guest enters a room. With a net worth of $131 billion, Gates can easily afford such a technologically sophisticated home.

Luxurious Pool

The 48,000-square-foot mansion boasts 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a 20-person home cinema, and a 60-foot swimming pool with an underwater sound system and a glass wall. The pool’s locker room features 4 showers and 2 baths.

Exceptional Lake Washington Property

Xanadu 2.0 is recognized as an Exceptional Property, its location is near Lake Washington, the second-largest natural lake in the state of Washington, close to the city of Seattle. According to BusinessInsider, the mansion has computer screens throughout, displaying art or photos, and its reception hall can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Annual Tax Bill

The annual property tax bill for Xanadu 2.0 amounts to over $1.1 million per year, reflecting the luxurious nature of Gates’ residence.

The house’ annual tax bill:

Bill Gates House Tax specification

Bill Gates House Tax specification

Expansive Garage and Notable Features

Xanadu 2.0’s spacious garages can house up to 23 cars. Interior photos and engineering details of the 1,900 square-foot guest house can be found here, and more information about the entire property is available here.

Impressive Library and Codex Leicester

The mansion’s extensive library houses the valuable Codex Leicester, a manuscript penned by Leonardo Da Vinci, valued at over $30 million. The library’s ceiling also features an inscription of a quote from The Great Gatsby: “He had come a long way to this blue lawn. And his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.”

Private Tunnel Access

Guests arrive at Xanadu 2.0 through a private tunnel built in 2006 under Highway 106, providing easy access to the property. The $2 million tunnel was financed by Watermark Estate Services.

Florida Equestrian Residence

In 2013, Gates purchased an $8.7 million equestrian estate in Wellington, Florida, featuring a showjumping area and a 20-stall barn. The Gates family uses this property when their daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gates, trains for her successful showjumping career. Gates also owns the Evergates Stables.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is Bill Gates’s most expensive house?

His Xanadu 2.0 home is valued at $131 million.

How many rooms does Bill Gates house have?

The house has seven bedrooms.

How much is Gates annual property tax?

The annual tax bill is $1.2 million.

Does the house have a trampoline room?

Yes, Bill Gates confirmed in an interview that the house’s gym does include a trampoline.

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Private Jet

He owns 2 Gulfstream G650 private jets and a collection of other aircraft.

Net Worth

His Net Worth is more than $104 billion. Although it may be split in half, following his divorce from Melinda Gates.

Phoebe Adele Gates

Bill’s Daughter Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest child of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. Phoebe was born in 2002, and not much is publicly known about her as her parents have kept her life private. Bill and Melinda Gates have made a conscious effort to keep their children out of the public eye, and have stated that they want their children to have as normal a childhood as possible.


He is building a new yacht in the Netherlands, around 118 meters long. But it is not the reported ‘Project Aqua’. He also owns a yacht support vessel, named Wayfinder.