ZIYAD AL MANASEER • Net Worth $10 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Manaseer Group

Name:Ziyad al Manseer
Net Worth:$ 10 billion
Source of Wealth:Manaseer Group
Born:December 12, 1965
Country:Russia / Jordan
Wife:Victoria Manasir
Children:Diana Manasir, Helen Manasir, Alex Manasir, Roman Manasir, Dana Manasir
Residence:Sardinia, Italy
Private Jet:Gulfstream G650 (9H-LZM)

Ziyad Al Manaseer: A Remarkable Journey to Success

Ziyad Al Manaseer, a billionaire born in Jordan and now a significant figure in Russia, exemplifies success with his extraordinary ventures. He is the proud founder of Stroygazconsulting and the Manaseer Group. Born in December 1965, he is married to Victoria Manasir and is a father to five children.

Key Takeaways

  • Ziyad Al Manaseer, born in Jordan, is a prominent Russian billionaire known for founding Stroygazconsulting and the Manaseer Group.
  • Stroygazconsulting, a leading Russian construction company, serves renowned clients like Gazprom, Lukoil, and the Government of Moscow, primarily in the oil and gas industry.
  • The Manaseer Group, operating in Jordan, has a diverse business portfolio with activities in energy, engineering, and construction, managing over US$ 2 billion in assets.
  • Manaseer’s net worth exceeds $10 billion, majorly due to the sale of his shares in Stroygazconsulting.
  • He actively participates in philanthropy through the Manaseer Foundation, aiming to support orphaned children to become independent and productive individuals.
  • He was the owner of the DAR yacht, that he sold in 2024 to Robert Friedland.

Stroygazconsulting: A Pillar in Russian Construction and Oil & Gas Industry

Stroygazconsulting is a prominent construction company rooted in Russia. It marks a significant presence in the oil and gas industry, building infrastructures like roads, bridges, and railroads. Stroygazconsulting is entrusted by prominent entities like Gazprom, Lukoil, the Russian Ministry of Transport, and the Government of Moscow.

According to Forbes Middle East, Manaseer initially moved to Russia as an exchange student at the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute. Starting as a trader of computers and cars, he expanded into trading commodities like yellow phosphorus, timber, and oil products, eventually building residences for Gazprom workers. This venture paved the way for Stroygazconsulting’s expansion into pipeline, road, and field facilities construction.

In 2014, Manasir sold his shares in Stroygasconsulting to Ruslan Baisarov, with the deal reportedly valuing at around $10 billion. This massive income significantly contributes to Manasir’s net worth.

The Manaseer Group: A Multifaceted Entity in Jordan

Operating in Jordan, the Manaseer Group is a holding company with a diverse portfolio, including energy, engineering, and construction sectors. Founded as a modest chemical and fertilizer distribution company, Manaseer Group has grown exponentially to employ 10,000 individuals and manage over US$ 2 billion in assets.

Various businesses come under its umbrella, including Manaseer Ready Mix, a concrete producer, Manaseer Iron and Steel, a company dedicated to recycling scrap metal, and Manaseer Oil and Gas, which runs modern fuel stations in Jordan.

Ziyad Manasir’s Net Worth

His impressive net worth is estimated to exceed $10 billion, primarily stemming from the sale of Stroygaz consulting.

Manaseer’s Philanthropy

Beyond his entrepreneurial exploits, Manaseer is well-known for his philanthropic efforts via the Manaseer Foundation. This foundation is committed to supporting orphaned children, enabling them to grow into healthy, independent, and productive members of their communities and the world at large.


Ziyad Al Manaseer’s journey, from a student in Russia to a billionaire and a philanthropist, is truly inspiring. His ventures, Stroygazconsulting and Manaseer Group, not only cemented his place as a formidable entrepreneur but also contributed significantly to the Russian and Jordanian economies.








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Ziyad al Manaseer

Ziyad al Manaseer

Manasir yacht DAR

He is the owner of the yacht Dar, which was built by Oceanco in 2018.

The DAR Yacht is a luxurious creation of Oceanco, designed by Luiz DeBasto and Nuvolari Lenard.

Capable of reaching 20 knots, the yacht offers accommodation for 12 guests with a dedicated crew of 31.

‘DAR’ signifies ‘house’ in Arabic and ‘gift’ in Russian, reflecting the yacht’s inviting and cherished nature.

UPDATE: Early 2024 he sold his yacht to Robert Friedland. Friedland had just sold his former yacht (LUBA B) recently to Abbas Hussain Sajwani, a Dubai based property developer. He named the yacht AHS.

Yacht Celestial Hope

Manasir was also the owner of the Heesen Yacht Celestial Hope. It was built in 2008. And was listed for sale at US$ 24 million. She was sold in November 2018. Celestial Hope was built for Russian billionaire Valentin Zavadnikov. He later built the Heesen Quinta Essentia (2011) and Admiral Yachts Quinta Essentia (2016).