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The inception of SuperYachtFan traces back to its creator, known affectionately as Peter ‘YachtFan’, who began his journey as a Yacht Spotter.
His passion for capturing the elegance of yachts with his camera started in 1997. Eventually, he took to sharing these images on various photo-sharing platforms, garnering a following that shared his enthusiasm for these luxurious vessels.

Yacht Owners Database

2009 marked a pivotal year as SuperYachtFan launched in its modern guise, swiftly pivoting its attention from simply ‘yacht imagery’ to the ‘yacht owners’ domain, birthing the Super Yacht Owners Directory. This repository boasts details of over 1,450 yacht proprietors.
It was a resounding hit, tapping into a global fascination with the opulent lives of the multimillion-dollar yacht proprietors.


SuperYachtFan has burgeoned into one of the leading ‘superyacht authorities’ thanks to a significant daily readership and its progressive growth trajectory.


Esteemed global media entities, including Forbes, Newsweek, Bloomberg, National Geographic, and The Guardian reference the site’s data.

Accolades include:

“, your go-to source for rich people on the water”

“an industry expert with, a website that keeps a register of luxury yachts and celebrities”

“Forbes сообщил автор крупнейшего сайта о суперяхтах и их владельцах SuperYacht Fan”


“according to the expert owner of”

Retired SuperYacht Broker:

“You are the longstanding Superyacht Oracle”

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