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Jim Ratcliffe home

Jim Ratcliffe House

Sherpa yacht

Previous yacht:


Next yacht:

Harbour Island

Follow the location of the yacht live.

Ratcliffe Solent House

Ratcliffe’s house in Hampshire.

His Solent Home.

Private Jet

G-MUSIC  Jim Ratcliffe jet G550

Ratcliffe’s Gulfstream G550 private jet (M-USIC) with Ineos logo.

Ratcliffe houseSt Jean Cap Ferrat

His residence on the Cote D’Azur in St Jean Cap Ferrat.

M-ISTY Ratcliffe G280 (Ineos)

His Gulfstream G280 M-ISTY.

M-INTY Ratcliffe G280 (Ineos)

And the other Gulfstream G280 M-INTY.

Yacht Hampshire

The Feadship yacht Hampshire was built as Vanish. She is owned by Andrew Currie. He also owns Hampshire I (ex Barbara Jean)

yacht Hampshire (ex Vanish)

Yacht Hampshire I (ex Barbara Jean)

Barbara Jean was built for Jack Hutchings, founder of Hutchings Automotive Products, Inc. He named the yacht after his wife Barbara.

yacht Hampshire I (ex Barbara Jean)

Yacht New Hampshire

The yacht New Hampshire is owned by Ineos CFO John Reece. She is listed for sale and we think Reece is buying a new yacht.

New Hampshire was built as Rasselas for Kenneth Rainin, founder of Rainin Instrument Co., which produced laboratory instruments.

(Photo by Raphael Belly)

yacht New Hampshire

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Jim Ratcliffe: Net Worth, House, Jet and Hampshire II Yacht

Hampshire Yacht

Ratcliffe Boat:

Hampshire II

Yacht Length:

78.5 m (258 ft)


14 in 7 cabins


23 in 11 cabins




RWD Design



Maximum Speed:

16 knots


MTU 16V4000


1,887 ton



Hampshire Yacht Price:

US$ 150 million

Hampshire Yacht For Sale:

Contact a Sales Broker

Hampshire Yacht Charter:

Contact a Charter Broker

Jim Ratcliffe



Jim Ratcliffe Net Worth:

US$ 11 billion


Ineos Owner


October 18, 1952

Ratcliffe Wife:

Alicia Ratcliffe


3 (sons  Samuel James and George Arthur and 1 daughter)


St Jean Cap Ferrat, France

Private Jet:

Gulfstream G550 (M-USIC)

Gulfstream G280 (M-ISTY)

Gulfstream G280 (M-INTY)

Dassault Falcon 2000EX (M-CHEM)

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Ratcliffe also owns the 74 meter Feadship Sherpa. His business partners Andrew Currie and John Reece own the yachts Hampshire, Hampshire I and New Hampshire.

Who is Jim RatcliffeJim Ratcliffe?

He is the founder and CEO of Ineos. Ineos is one of the largest petrochemical companies in the world. Ratcliffe  was born on October 18, 1952. He is married to Alicia. He has 3 children, 2 sons, and a daughter. He started working at Esso as a chemicals engineer.

What is Ineos?

In 1998 he formed Ineos. Jim Ratcliffe acquired unwanted operations from companies as BP and Imperial Chemical Industries. ICI is now part of Akzo Nobel. He used high yield debt to finance the deals.

Ratcliffe's biggest acquisition was the GBP 5 billion purchase of BP's Innovene petrochemical operation. Which was giving him refineries in Scotland, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, and Canada.

The INEOS Group is active with fracking and shale gas in the UK.

Ineos Revenue

Nowadays Ineos has 15,000 employees. And realizes sales of US$ 40 billion with 60 manufacturing sites in 13 countries. In 2010 Ratcliffe moved Ineos to Switzerland, saving £100m a year in tax.

How Much is Jim Ratcliffe Worth?

His net worth is US$ 13.2 billion. He is considered to be the richest man in the UK. In 2018 he was number 1 on the UK rich list.

He resides with his wife Alicia Ratcliffe in Switzerland. But recently announced to move to tax-free Monaco. He is said to avoid up to US$ 5 billion in taxes by moving.

Ratcliffe has made trips to both the North and South poles. And in 2015 he went on a month-long motorbike trip in South Africa.

What does He Donate to Philanthropy?

He is the founder of Go Run for Fun. It is a charity inspiring children in the UK to be more active through running events. The GO Run For Fun program has a very simple aim. To get as many kids between the age of 5 and 10 running as possible.

Where does Ratcliffe Live?

Ratcliffe resides in Switzerland and owns a house in Chelsea. He also has a New Forest beach house situated on the Solent. Which he has applied to demolish and to replace with a contemporary £4 million carbon-neutral mansion. The mansion can be raised on hydraulic stilts to protect it from potential rising sea levels.

The house would only be visible from boats on the Solent.

Ratcliffe also owns a large mansion in St Jean Cap Ferrat, France. The residence has large gardens and a separate pool area. It was built in 1815 and overlooks the Golfe de Saint-Hospice. It is near Monaco.

Does he Own a Private Jet?

He owns 4 private jets. Which are all registered to his company Ineos. He owns a Gulfstream G550 (M-USIC) and two Gulfstream G280s (M-ISTY & M-INTY). And he owns a Dassault Falcon 2000EX (M-CHEM).

He also owns an Agusta Westland AW139 helicopter. The helicopter has registration M-AJOR. More UK business jet owners here.

His Ineos Aviation company employs 30 (!) pilots and flight crew. They only work for Ratcliffe and Ineos staff. According to the companies annual account, there are no services to third parties.

What About this Yacht Sherpa?

Ratcliffe is also the owner of the 74 meter Sherpa yacht. She was built at Feadship in 2018. Sherpa is an expedition style yacht. She is designed by RDW.

According to rumors he ordered the yacht for his two sons Sam and George. The Sherpa yacht can accommodate 13 guests and 25 crew.  Sherpa is powered by 2 MTU Engines.

Who owns the Yachts Hampshire, Hampshire I and New Hampshire?

These yachts are not owned by Ratcliffe but by his business partners Andrew Currie and John Reece.

Both are directors at Ineos: Andrew Currie is Director and John Reece is CFO. Both own a minority stake in Ineos. The net worth of each is US$ 4.4 billion. So more than enough to own a yacht of their own.

Andrew Currie owns the Feadship yacht Hampshire I (ex Barbara Jean) and the Feadship Hampshire. Hampshire was built as Vanish for Larry van Tuyl. Hampshire 1 (ex Barbara Jean) was first owned by Ratcliffe, but he sold the yacht to Currie.

John Reece owns the Feadship New Hampshire (ex Rasselas). She is listed for sale. So he is probably buying another yacht. Do you know more about a new yacht for John Reece? Please do send us a message.

Update: we were told that John Reece bought the Abeking and Rasmussen Kibo and named her Grace.

That is a break with tradition (no Feadship and no ‘Hampshire’). May be her name will be changed in to ‘New New Hampshire III’ later.  ;-)

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M/Y Hampshire II

The luxury yacht Hampshire II was built by Royal van Lent. She was delivered to her owner in 2012. The 78 meter Feadship was designed by Redman Whitely Dixon. Hampshire features a classic, mahogany-paneled interior. In 2018 her hull was painted Dark Blue.

The luxury yacht is powered by 2 MTU engines. The engines bring her a max speed of 16 knots.

A company controlled by Ratcliffe paid EUR 130.707.252 for the Feadship yacht. The original contract price was EUR 121 million. With E UR 10 million in design fees and costs. The company later sold the yacht to Ratcliffe for EUR 122.740.718.

What are the Yacht’s Features?

She has a beach club, and a helicopter de. The deck can be converted to a playing field for ball games. Guests can zip wire form the crow’s nest down to the sea.

The Hampshire II also boasts a plush bar on the upper deck. While a wine cellar below has an underwater sea viewing area.

She can accommodate 14 guests and a crew of 23.

Where does the Name Hampshire Refer to?

The yacht was named after Hampshire. It is the largest county in South East England. And the third largest shire county in the United Kingdom.

Hampshire's county town is Winchester. A historic city that was once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Wessex and of England.

He also owns the yacht Sherpa.

When Was She in Belfast?

In June 2016 she visited Belfast, the capital and larges t city of Northern Ireland.

Is she Available for Yacht Charter?

The boat is not available for yacht charter. And the yacht is not listed for sale.

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Hampshire II yacht (2018)yacht Hampshire IIHampshireJim Ratcliffe yachtHampshire yacht - sherpa will be her support vessel

The yacht was named after the Hampshire county in the UK.

The yacht was built at Royal van Lent. In 2018 her hull was painted dark. blue.

 Ratcliffe is the founder of Ineos, a large petrochemical company.

yacht Hampshire II

Since 2018 Hampshire II has a dark blue hull, similar to Ratcliffe’s new yacht Sherpa. Photo by Didier Didairbus.

Inside the Yacht

As far as we know there are no interior photos available of the yacht. But these are examples of Redman Whitely Dixon interiors.

Inside yacht Hampshire IIyacht hampshire II interiorinside Jim Ratcliffe yacht

Yacht Sherpa

yacht sherpa

photo by Dutch Yachting

(photo by Raphael Belly)

Jim Ratcliffe Richest man of the UK, founder of Ineos October 18, 1952/span> INEOS Group Alicia Ratcliffe Samuel James Ratcliffe George Arthur Ratcliffe US$ 13.2 billion
St Jean Cap Ferrat, France. Jim Ratcliffe House
Hampshire II Yacht Jim Ratcliffe Yacht
Sherpa Yacht Ratcliffe Expedition yacht
Gulfstream G550 private jet - M-USIC Ratcliffe Private Jet