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All You Need to Know About Giorgio Armani, his Net Worth, His House, Private Jet and Main Yacht

Yacht Specifications

Yacht Name:


Yacht Length:

65 m (213 ft)


14 in 7 cabins


14 in 8 cabins




Codecasa Design Team / Armani




17 knots




1,147 ton




US$ 60 million

Yacht For Sale:

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Yacht Charter:

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Who is the Owner of the Yacht Main?


Giorgio Armani



Net Worth:

US$  10 billion


Armani Design


July 11, 1934


Sergio Galeotti (died in 1985)




Milan, Italy

Private Jet:

Please send message if you have info.

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Main is one of the largest yachts built by Codecasa. The yacht is designed by Armani himself.

Who is Giorgio Armani?Giorgio Armani

He is a famous fashion designer from Italy. He was born in July 1934. His first jobs were window dresser and menswear salesman. But he started designing for the Nino Cerutti company in 1965.

His name was established in Hollywood because of the movie American Gigolo. The Italian designer's clothes are featured prominently in the main character’s wardrobe.

Emporio Armani

He started the the company in 1979.  Giorgio Armani SPA now has 300 stores across 37 countries. And realizes a turnover of US$D 1.6 billion. He owns shares in Luxottica worth US$ 800 million.

Armani Hotels

He licensed his name for several hotels. Including the Hotel Armani Milan. The designer and Emaar Properties signed an agreement in 2004 for Emaar Hotels. To build and operate at least seven luxury hotels. And three vacation resorts under the Armani brand name.

One of these hotels is located in Dubai. The bottom 39 floors of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It houses an 160 room Armani Hotel.

Giorgio Armani Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of US$ 9.8 billion.

Armani House

He owns several houses all around the world. His most famous are his mansion in Antiqua. And a beautiful home in St. Tropez France. He also resides in Milan.

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Main Yacht

Motor yacht Main was built by Codecasa. For the Italian billionaire fashion designer Armani. She is powered by 2 Caterpillar engines. Which bring her a max speed of 17 knots. Main has a range of 6,000 miles at 14 knots.

Yacht Main Interior

Armani designed the yacht himself. Main is 65 meter (213ft). She is one of the largest yachts built in Italy. She can easily be recognized by her dark hull color.

 She can accommodate 14 guests in 6 cabins. And has a crew of 14. She was delivered to her owner in 2008.

Yacht Mariu

Mariu is 49 meters (161ft) and built out of steel with aluminum superstructure. Mariu sleeps 12 guests and 11 crew members.

Mariu was named after his mother Maria. She was sold in 2010 and again in 2011. The yacht is now owned by Cypriot shipping tycoon Andreas Hadjiyiann. He is founder of Cyprus Maritime.

Is She Available for Yacht Charter?

The boat is available for yacht charter. And the yacht is not listed for sale.

Our yacht owners database has more info about yachts, the value of yachts, yacht owners, their source of wealth and net worth.

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giorgio armani yacht

10 Facts about Giorgio Armani you probably didn’t know

  1. He was born in 1934 and founded his company in 1975.
  2. He started a job as window dresser and later sold menswear in a shop.
  3. At the age of 30 he started designing. (For Nino Cerutti).
  4. He started producing fashion for the USA in 1979.
  5. He designed the costumes for the movie American Gigolo in 1980.
  6. That movie established him in Hollywood and the rest of the USA.
  7. He now owns more than 300 stores.
  8. His net worth is US$ 7.5 billion.
  9. His 65 meter yacht was built in Italy at Codecasa.
  10. He designed his yacht himself.

Andreas Hadjiyiannis

Andreas Hadjiyiannis is a Greek Cypriotic shipping tycoon.

Cyprus Sea Lines

He founded Cyprus Maritime Ltd, also known as Cyprus Sea Lines. The company is based in Athens. Cyprus Maritime operates 15 bulkers, including four capesizes. And seven multipurpose (MPP) vessels. All the company's ships are on time charters.


In 2011 Hadjiyiannis donated GBP 500,000 to the London School of Economics. To form the Andreas Hadjiyiannis Research Fellowship on Contemporary Cyprus.


Do you know more about mr Andreas Hadjiyiannis or his companies? Please do sent us a message.

Follow the location of the yacht live.

Follow the position of the Mariu yacht live.

Armani House

Motor yacht Mariu owned by Andreas HadjiyiannisMariu in Cannes

Superyacht Mariu in Cannes.

billionaire Giorgio Armani's yacht

The yacht’s owner has an estimated net worth of US$ 7.4 billion.

Giorgio Armani yacht

The yacht is now owned by Andreas Hadjiyiannis, founder of Cyprus Maritime Ltd

Armani Design

The interior of the yacht was designed by the owner himself.

His previous yacht Mariu.

Codecasa Main built for fashion billionaire Armani

The yacht was designed by Armani himself.

Previous yacht:


Next yacht:

Martha Ann

yacht main interiorarmani interior
Giorgio Armani houseArmani residence Italy

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