ANDREY SKOCH • Net Worth $7 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Metallo Invest

Name:Andrey Skoch
Net Worth:$ 7 billion
Source of Wealth:USM Holdings /MetalloInvest
Born:January 30, 1966
Wife:Yelena Likhach
Children:Nikita , Sofya, Aleksandra, Yuliya, Barbara Skoch, Dasha, 4 more
Residence:Sochi, Russia
Private Jet:Airbus A319 (P4-MGU)
YachtMadame Gu

Who is Andrey Skoch?

Andrey Skoch is one of the richest Russian billionaires. He was born in January 1960. He is married to Yelena Likhach. He has 10 children, including Barbara Likhach. Skoch is the owner of the yacht Madame Gu.

 His father, Vladimir Skoch, is the beneficiary of the trust that is a 30% shareholder of USM Holdings. USM is a holding company with different assets including Metalloinvest.

Metalloinvest is one of the largest iron ore and hot-briquetted iron producers in the world and Megafon, a large telecom operator in Russia. The other shareholders of USM Holdings are Alisher Usmanov (60 percent) and Farhad Moshiri (10 percent).

Metallo Invest

After studying in Moscow, Andrei Skoch started working at the MontazhSpetsBank. Later Skoch joined Alisher Usmanov’s metallurgical business, with Skoch being responsible for Lebedinsky Mining.

When Usmanov merged his Arkhangelsk Mining business with Lebedinsky Mining and Oskal Metal Works, the Metalloinvest group was formed. In 2012 Metalloinvest realized net sales of USD 8,2 billion, with 62,000 employees.

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Andrey Skoch

Andrei Skoch Net Worth

In 1999 he became a Russian parliamentary deputy. Skoch is known as ‘the richest man in the Duma’. His net worth is estimated at $7 billion.


Andrei Vladimirovitsj Skoch is an active philanthropist. In 2013 he was named one of the Top 10 Donors, by After donating more than US$ 117 million in three years. Skoch sponsored a literary competition for young authors called Debut.

And he built a memorial to fallen Russian soldiers in Port Arthur, China. Formerly known as Lushun, the site of the bloodiest battles of the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905.


Skoch is divorced with 10 children, including 4 quadruplets born in 1994. He lives in Moscow. His wife Elena Likhach-Skoch was announced pregnant with his 10th child early 2016.

Andrey Skoch House

We believe his main residence is in Sochi, Russia. But the family owns residences in London and on the Cote D’Azur. The family also often resides in Monaco, onboard Madame Gu. Skoch has a custom-built ‘Disney’s Frozen’ themed swimming pool for his kids at his residence in Sochi.