Phoebe Adele Gates

Name:Phoebe Adele Gates
Net Worth:$ 10 million
Born:September 14, 2002
Father:Bill Gates
Mother: Melinda Gates
Siblings:Jennifer Katharine Gates, Rory John Gates
Residence:Medina Mansion Xanadu 2.0
Education: Lakeside School (private education)

Bill Gates House

His $ 131,000,000 mansion named Xanadu 2.0

Bill Gates Cars

He owns a collection of Porsche cars

Private Jet

He owns 2 Gulfstream G650 private jets and a collection of other aircraft


He is building a new yacht, but it is not the reported ‘Project Aqua’

Net Worth

His Net Worth is more than $ 107 billion.

Bill Gates House

Bill Gates House

Bill Gates House