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The World’s Richest SuperYacht Owners And Their Amazing Luxury Yachts

Author: Peter Yachtfan



Net Worth

($ Billion)




Bernard Arnault

US$ 110


101 m


Amancio Ortega

US$ 80


67 m


Larry Ellison

US$ 65


88 m


Carlos Slim Helu

US$ 65


52 m


Larry Page

US$ 60


59 m


Sergey Brin

US$ 60


73 m


Sheldon Adelson

US$ 40

Queen Miri

92 m


Xu Jiayin

US$ 35


62 m


Leonardo del Vecchio

US$ 25


62 m


Vagit Alekperov

US$ 25

Galactica Plus

70 m


Laurene Powell Jobs

US$ 24


78 m


Vladimir Potanin

US$ 24

Barbara, Nirvana

89 m


James Simons

US$ 22


68 m


Alexei Mordashov

US$ 21

Lady M

65 m


Vladimir Lisin

US$ 21


40 m


Paul Allen (1950-2018)

US$ 20


126 m


Prince Al Waleed bin Talal

US$ 19

Kingdom 5KR

86 m


Len Blavatnik

US$ 19

Odesa II

74 m


Ray Dalio

US$ 19


56 m


Carl Icahn

US$ 17


54 m


Prakash Hinduja

US$ 16

Param Jamuna

49 m


Hasso Plattner

US$ 16


45 m


Eric & Wendy Schmidt

US$ 16

Gladiator, Elfje

45 m


Andrey Melnichenko

US$ 15

Sailing Yacht A

143 m


Alisher Usmanov

US$ 13


157 m


Jim Ratcliffe

US$ 13

Hampshire II, Sherpa

79 m


Reinhold Wurth

US$ 13

Vibrant Curiosity

85 m


Roman Abramovich

US$ 12


162 m


Lakshmi Mittal

US$ 12


88 m


Viktor Vekselberg

US$ 12


85 m


Charles Butt

US$ 11


42 m


Mikhail Prokhorov

US$ 11


95 m


Graeme Hart

US$ 10


116 m


Viktor Rashnikov

US$ 9

Ocean Victory

140 m


Ron Perelman

US$ 8


78 m


Micky Arison

US$ 8


61 m


Ann Walton Kroenke

US$ 8

Aquila, Jubilee

85 m


David Reuben

US$ 8


74 m


Alberto Bailleres

US$ 7

Mayan Queen

93 m


María Asunción Aramburuzabala

US$ 5


58 m

Our Super Yacht Owners Database: more than 1,080 Yachts and Yacht Owners.

All yacht owners are ‘rich’, but some are richer than others.

For example, when a wealthy person is able to purchase a US$ 10 million yacht. His net worth is probably between US$ 50 million and US$ 100 million. Similar, when you are able to purchase a US$ 50 million yacht. Your net worth will probably be a few hundred million dollar.

Only the world’s billionaires are able to purchase yachts larger than 80 met.  Which will cost more than US$ 100 million. Some billionaires, like Paul Allen, even owns more than one superyacht.

We have excluded Heads of States, Kings, Emirs and other Royalty. As actually the Al Nahyan Family, Rulers or Abu Dhabi, are the world’s richest yacht owners. They also own the most yachts: Abu Al Abyad, Azzam, Dhafir, Maryah, Moonlight II, Rabdan, Topaz, Yas, and probably a few more we have not yet discovered.)

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#2 Amancio OrtegaAmancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega is the owner of the yacht Drizzle. Ortega is the founder of Inditex. Inditex is the world’s largest fashion retailing. The company is known for the ZARA brand

Net worth: US$ 77 billion

yacht Drizzle

#3 Larry EllisonLarry Ellison

Larry Ellison, owner of the yacht Musashi. Larry Ellison is the founder of US software maker Oracle. Larry Ellison is the 5th richest person in the world. Ellison has owned several yachts.

Net worth: US$ 67 billion

yacht Musashi

#1 Bernard ArnaultBernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault, owner of the yachts Symphony and Amadeus. Mr Bernard Arnault is chairman and CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A.. Mr Arnault is #13 on the Forbes rich list.

Net worth: US$ 111 billion

yacht symphony

#5 Larry PageLarry Page

Larry Page, owner of the yacht Senses. Larry Page is the co-founder of Google. Larry Page is the 19th wealthiest person in the world.

Net worth: US$ 62 billion

yacht senses

Sergey Brin#6 Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is the owner of the yacht Dragonfly. Brin is cofounder of Google and the 20th richest person in the world. Sergey Brin is acting as Director of Special Projects at Google.

Net worth: US$ 61 billion

yacht dragonfly

#7 Sheldon AdelsonSheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson is owner of the yacht Queen Miri. Adelson is the founder of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. His yacht Queen Miri is named after his wife Miriam.

Net worth: US$ 40 billion

Sheldon Adelson yacht

#16 Paul Allen (1950-2018)Paul Allen

Paul Allen, was owner of the yachts Octopus, Tatoosh and Meduse. Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft. Paul Allen was the 51th richest man in the world. He died in October 2018, due to complication related to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  

Net worth: US$ 20.6 billion

yacht octopus

#9 Leonardo del VecchioLeonardo del Vecchio

Leonardo del Vecchio, owner of the yacht Moneikos. Leonardo Del Vecchio is the founder of Luxottica. It is the world’s largest eyewear company. Del Vecchio is the 49th richest man in the world.

Net worth: US$ 25 billion

yacht moneikos

#13 James SimonsJames Simon

James Simons, owner of the yacht Archimedes. James Simons is the founder of the investment company Renaissance Technologies. James Simons is the 82nd richest man in the world.

Net worth: US$ 22 billion

yacht Archimedes

#17 Prince Al Waleed bin TalalAl Waleed bin Talal

Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, owner of the Benetti yacht Kingdom 5 KR. Prince Al Waleed is the founder of the Kingdom Holding Company. Al Waleed is the 26th richest person in the world.

Net worth: US$ 19 billion

yacht Kingdom 5 KR

#38 David ReubenDavid Reuben

David and Simon Reuben own the yacht Siren. Actually they built and sold several superyachts. Including Triple Seven, Sapphire, Graffiti and Mogambo.

Net worth: US$ 8 billion

yacht siren

#20 Carl IcahnCarl Icahn

Carl Icahn, owner of the yacht Starfire. Carl Icahn is an investor and founder of Icahn Enterprises. Carl Icahn is number 26 on the rich list.

Net worth: US$ 17.5 billion

yacht starfire

#25 Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov, owner of the yacht Dilbar. Alsiher Usmanov is the majority shareholder in Metalloinvest.  Mr Usmanov is the 34th wealthiest person in the world.

Net worth: US$ 13 billion

yacht dilbar

#29 Lakshmi MittalLakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal, owner of the yacht Amevi. Mr. Mittal is the shareholder in ArcelorMittal. It is the world’s largest steel maker. Lakshmi Mittal  is #41 on the list with richest people in the world.

Net worth: US$ 12 billion

yacht amevia

#12 Vladimir PotaninVladimir Potanin

Vladimir Potanin, owner of the Oceanco yachts Anastasia, Barbara and Nirvana. Vladimir Potanin is th e founder of Interros, with shares in Norilsk Nickel. Potanin is the 58th wealthiest man in the world.

Net worth: US$ 24 billion

yacht Anastasia

#24 Andrey MelnichenkoAndrey Melnichenko

Andrey Melnichenko, owner of two yachts: the  motor yacht A and sailing yacht A. Melnichenko is is a Russian industrialist with businesses in the fields of fertilizers and coal.

Net worth: US$15 billion

yacht a

#35 Ron PerelmanRon Perelman

Ron Owen Perelman, owner of the yacht C2. Perelman is a US investor, owner of Revlon and several other companies. Ron Perelman is the 79th richest man in the world.

Net worth: US$ 8 billion

yacht c2

#30 Viktor VekselbergViktor Vekselberg

Viktor Vekselberg is the owner of the yacht Tango. With a net worth of US$ 10.6 billion, Vekselberg is Russia’s 4th richest man. His investments include Rusal and TNK-BP

Net worth: US$ 12 billion

yacht tango

#39 Alberto BailleresAlberto Bailleres

Alberto Bailleres, owner of the yacht Mayan Queen. Bailleres is the owner of the Mexican holding company Grupo Bal. Alberto Bailleres is the 32nd richest person in the world.

Net worth: US$ 7 billion

yacht mayan queen

#32 Mikhail Prokhorov Mikhail Prokhorov

Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the yachts Solemar and Palladium. Mikhail Prokhorov is co-founder of Norilsk Nickel. Prokhorov is #69 on the list of richest people in the world.

Net worth: US$ 11 billion

yacht palladium

#8 Xu JiayinXu Jiayin

Xu Jiayin is the  owner of the yacht Event.

He is Chairman of the Evergrande Group. The Evergrande Group is a real estate developer based in Hong Kong.

Net worth: US$ 34 billion

Event yacht
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