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You Need to Know about the world’s largest yachts. Azzam is the longest, Dilbar is the biggest, Eclipse is reportedly the most expensive.

Biggest Yachts

Oceanco Yachts

Oceanco is a leading Super Yacht Builder. Based in the Netherlands, they have built some of the world’s most amazing superyachts. Including Alfa Nero, Black Pearl, Dar and Jubilee.

Oceanco Yachts

Oceanco is considered to be one of the most exclusive superyacht builders in the world. They have built some masterpieces as Jubilee, Black Pearl and Barbara.

Oceanco logoOceanco delivers top Dutch quality products with efficient production facilities. The company works together with designers. Such as Terence Disdale, Nuvolari-Lenard, Espen Øino, Sam Sorgiovanni, Igor Lobanov, Tim Heywood and Andrew Winch.


The company was founded in 1987 by Richard Hein and some private investors. They were based in South Africa. The company started building hulls and superstructures in Durban. The hulls were transported to the Netherlands. Where the yachts were finished.

One of the first large yachts built by Oceanco is Al Mirqab. The yacht was until recently known as Indian Empress. She is now named NEOM. Other large yachts from the first years are the sister-ships Constellation and Stargate. They were built as identical yachts in an order for the Royal Family of Qatar.

Constellation was built for Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the former Emir of Qatar. While Stargate was built for his half-brother Shei kh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani.

In 2002 the yacht builder was bought by Greek shipping tycoon Theodore Angelopoulos. He was also the original owner of the yacht Alfa Nero.

Under guidance of Angelopoulos, the company started focusing on 80 meter + yachts. Built in a semi-custom series.  Examples are Amevi, Alfa Nero, Vibrant Curiousity and Seven Seas.

In 2010 Mohammed al Barwani bought the luxury yacht builder. He is a billionaire based in Oman and active in the oil and gas industry.

Al Barwani als owns the Turkish yacht builder Turquoise. Under management of Al Barwani the focus went more to custom build projects. With examples as Barbara, Infinity and recently Jubilee and Bravo Eugenia.

Oceanco has around 200 employees. She is one of the leaders in the world of luxury yachting. In 2018 the company formed a strategic partnership with BMT to form Lateral Naval Architects.

The custom yacht builder has been nominated many times for the World Superyacht Awards.

Mohammed Al Barwani

Mohamed bin Ali bin Mohamed Al Barwani is an Omani billionaire businessman. He is founder of MB Holding. The company is active in oil and gas exploration and production, oilfield services, engine ering and mining.  

His net worth was once estimated at US$ 1.2 billion.

Notable Yachts

Notable custom superyachts built by Oceanco are Jubilee (one of the biggest yachts built in the Netherlands), Indian Empress, Dar and the sailing yacht Black Pearl. The company has many projects in the top 200 largest yachts.

Current Order Portfolio

We think they have seven projects under construction (including Bravo Eugenia). Most projects start on speculation as ‘investment projects’.

They recently sold two new projects: one in the 2nd half of 2017 and one early 2018. Not much is known about these projects.

We are aware of the following projects:

Y716 - 90 meter - delivery in 2019 - Project Yasmin

Y718 - 109 meter - delivery in 2019 - Project Bravo Eugenia

Y719  - 117 meter  delivery in 2020 - Project Acquaintance

Y720 - 109 meter - delivery in 2021 - The new Seven Seas. (We think the 75-metre Damen YS 7512 wil be her support vessel).

Y721 - 125 meter - delivery in 2021

Y722 - n/a

Y723 - n/a

Contact Details


Marineweg 1 & 5

2952 BX Alblasserdam

The Netherlands

T: +31 78 699 5399

F: +31 78 699 5398

[email protected]


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The 10 Biggest Yachts built by Oceanco Yachts.

1. Jubilee - 110 meter (361 ft) - 2018

Owner: Unknown, but we were told her owner is

Stan Kroenke

Jubilee was built for Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad, former Emir of Qatar.

yacht Jubilee

2. Bravo Eugenia - 109 meter (358 ft) - 2019

Owner: Jerry Jones

Bravo Eugenio was delivered early 2019. She is the longest yacht built by the company.

yacht Bravo Eugenia

3. Black Pearl - 106 meter (348 ft) - 2018

Owner: Oleg Burlakov

Black Pearl is the largest sailing yacht built by Oceanco.

yacht Black Pearl

4. Neom - 95 meter (312 ft) - 2000

Owner: Until recently: Vijjay Mallya

Neom was for long known as Indian Empress. She was sold in an auction and named Neom. Her owner is probably from Saudi Arabia.

yacht Neom

5. Equanimity - 91.5 meter (297 ft) - 2014

Owner: Jho Low

The US government filed criminal charges against Jho Low in a in a money laundering investigation. The yacht was seized and will be auctioned.

yacht Equanimity

6. Dar - 90 meter (296 ft) - 2018

Owner: Ziyad Manasir

Dar is designed by Luiz DeBasto Design, while Nuvolari Lenard are responsible for her interior.

yacht Dar

7. Infinity - 89 meter (293 ft) - 2015

Owner: Eric Smidt

Eric Smidt also owns a 69 meter support vessel named Intrepid.  Infinity is designed by Espen Oeino.

yacht infinity

8. Nirvana - 88 meter (290 ft) - 2012

Owner: Vladimir Potanin

Potanin also owns Barbara, and sold Anastasia in 2018.

9. Barbara - 88 meter (290 ft) - 2017

Owner: Vladimir Potanin

Barbara is the latest yacht built for Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin. Barbara is designed by Sam Sorgiovanni. She is named after Potanin’s youngest daughter Barbara.

yacht Barbara

10. Seven Seas - 86 meter (282ft) - 2010

Owner: Steven Spielberg

We were told Steven Spielberg is building a larger yacht at Oceanco. It’s probably the 109 meter Y720.

yacht Seven Seas

Alfa Nero

yacht Nirvana

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Inside the biggest Oceanco Yachts.

Not all Oceanco Yacht Owners have release interior photos. But we found the following.

Inside Jubilee

She was built for the late Emir of Qatar and has an Arabic themed interior.

inside yacht jubileeinside oceanco yachtjubilee yacht interiorOceanco interiorinside jubilee

Inside the yacht DAR

Dar is owned by Ziad al Manaseer who sold his Stroygazconsulting for

US$ 10 billion.

inside dar yachtyacht Dar interiorbar areainside oceanco dar

Inside the yacht Equanimity

She was built for Jho Low

inside yacht equanimityoceanco equanimity interiorequanimityInside Oceanco Equanimity

Inside the yacht Nirvana

She was built for Vladimir Potanin. He sold her but still owns Barbara.

inside yacht nirvanaoceanco nirvana interiorvip cabinInside Oceanco Nirvana