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The Superyacht Owners Register, yacht names: M to P

M5  - sailing yacht - 75.2m (246.78ft)  -  Vosper Thornycroft   -  2004

Rodney Lewis  -  net worth US$ 2.7 billion  -  USA

Lewis Energy Group -

Built as Mirabella V for : Joseph V. Vittoria  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Travel Services International; Puradyn  -

Rodney Lewis is the owner of the yacht M5. M5 was built as Mirabella V for Joseph Vittoria

Madame Gu  - motor yacht -  99m (325ft)  -  Feadship  -  2013

Andrei Skoch  -  net worth USD 8 billion  -  Russia

Metallo Invest  -

Madame Gu is owned by Russian billionaire Andrei Skoch.

Madame Kate - motor yacht - 60m (197ft) - Amels - 2015

Alexandre Grendene Bartelle - net worth USD 2.4 billion  -  Brazil

Grendene -

Alexandre Grendene Bartelle is the owner of the yacht Madame Kate

Madsummer  - motor yacht - 55.5m (182ft)  -  Feadship   -  2005

Jeffrey Soffer  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  USA

Turnberry Associates  -

Jeffrey Soffer is the owner of the yacht Madsummer. Jeffrey Soffer is Chairman and CEO of Turnberry Associates. Turnberry Associates is one of Florida’s largest real estate developers, having developed more than US$ 7 billion in commercial property worldwide.

A well-known project is Aventura, one of the most affluent municipalities in Florida. The company, now owned by Jeffrey and his sister Jacky Soffer, was founded 50 years ago by their father Donald Soffer. He bought a piece of undeveloped swamp, near the Intercoastal Waterway in North Dade County.

This transaction lay the basis for what would become one of the US most successful real estate developers. Jeffrey Soffer has owned several yachts all named Madsummer.

One of his largest yachts was a 78 meter (258ft) built in Germany at Lurssen and delivered in 2008. Unfortunately during that time Turnberry Associates ran into some financial troubles with their Fontainbleau project.

Soffer swapped his 78 meter yacht with the smaller (45 meter) Feadship yacht of Mexican billionaire Emilio Fernando Azcarraga Jean, receiving some cash with the transaction. Soffer’s Madsummer was renamed TV, while the 45 meter yacht TV was renamed Madsummer.

Soffer owned the 45 meter Feadship for a few years. Luckily, Turnberry Associates ‘s financial situation improved again and Soffer stepped up to a larger 55 meter yacht in 2014. He purchased the yacht, originally built as Twizzle, in May 2014. Jeffrey Soffer was married to supermodel Elle Mcpherson.

Magna Grecia  -  motor yacht - 58.5m (192ft)  - Elsflether Werft  -  1986

Rene Benko  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  Austria

Signa Holding -

Austrian billionaire Rene Benko is the owner of the yacht Magna Grecia. Rene Benko is the founder of Signa Holding, Austria’s largest privately owned real estate developer.

Benko dropped out of school at the age of 17 and became active in real estate development.  At the age of 21 he co-founded Immofina, which later was renamed Signa.  

Signa became one the most succesfull real estate development companies in Austria.  The group has a real estate portfolio of USD 7.5 billion. Signa is also active in retail, it owns the German department store group Karstadt.

Benko holds 50% of the shares, the other 50% percent is owned by Greek shipping tycoon George Economou (owner of the sailing yacht Barracuda Valetta). The net worth of Rene Benko is estimated at EUR 850 million, or USD 1 billion.

Maghreb V - motor yacht - 43.8m (144ft)  - Burger Boat Company - 2006

Bradley Hubler - net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Hubler Automotive Group -

Bradley Hubler was the owner of the yacht Maghreb V. (Mahgreb is sold and now named Mim). Hubler is owner of the Hubler Automotive Group, which was founded by his father Frank Hubler in 1961.

50 years later, The Hubler Automotive Group is the largest group of car dealerships in the Indianapolis area, with 10 locations and 600 employees. The group sells several car brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, Ford and Mazda.

Mahgreb was sold as Hubler reportedly is building a larger yacht. Do you know more about this yacht? Please do send us a message.


Maidelle  -motor yacht -  62m (203.42ft)  -  Icon Yachts BV   - 2012

Alexander Shnaider  -  net worth USD 1.3 billion  -  

Midland Group  -

Alex Shnaider is the owner of the yacht Maidelle. Shnaider is co-founder of the Midland Group, active in real estate, steel manu facturing, shipping and trading.

Alex Shnaider started trading electronics and textiles while he was still living with his parents.  At the age of 25 he started a steel trading firm and acquired the Ukraine steel maker Zaporizhstal for USD 70 million three years later together with his partner Eduard Shifrin.

Zaporizhstal is one of Ukraine’s largest steel makers, producing cold-rolled sheets. In 2003 Midland acquired the shares of Red October Steel Works (JSC Volgograd Steel Works) in Volgograd. In 2007 the shares in Red October Steelworks where sold to the Russian steel company RusSpetStal, receiving a significant share in RusSpetStal in return.

Other investments include a large shareholder ship in the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto, partnering with Donald Trump in a USD 500 million investment. In 2010 Forbes estimated the net worth of Alex Shnaider at USD 1,3 billion.

Before owning his current yacht Maidelle (built by Dutch yacht builder Icon Yachts as project Midlandia), Shnaider owned a 50 meter Benetti yacht with the name Midlandia.

Main  -motor yacht -   65m (213.25ft)  -  Codecasa S.p.A.   -  2008

Giorgio Armani  -  net worth USD 8.5 billion  -  Italy

Fashion  -

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani is the owner of the yacht Main. Before Main he owned the yacht Mariu.

Majestic  - motor yacht -   61.2m (200.79ft)  -  Feadship  -  2007

Bruce Sherman  -  net worth USD 300 million  -  USA

Private Capital Management  -

 Bruce Sherman is the owner of the luxury yacht Majestic.

Maltese Falcon  - sailing yacht -   88m (288.71ft)  - Perini Navi  -  2006

Elena Ambrosiadou  - net worth USD 400 million  - Greece


Marae - sailing yacht - 32.97m (108 ft) - Alloy Yachts - 2004

Mark M. Shores - net worth ? - USA

Mark and Mary Shores are the owners of the sailing yacht Marae. Mark and Mary reside in Dallas. He is an executive at ExxonMobil.

Marama  - motor yacht -  37.6m (123.49ft)  -  Delta Marine   -  2008

Peter Kevin Jaffé  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Behr Paint Corporation  -

Peter Kevin Jaffé and his wife Terese own the Delta super yacht Marama. Jaffe also owns or used to own the yacht Amante, he owns a Bombardier Challenger private jet (registration N604KJ) and he owns real estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

But any links to a company (other than an empty Marine Charter Enterprises Ltd) or source of wealth is unknown. So, if you have any inf ormation, please send an email to [email protected] .

Update 2014: We received the information that Mr. Peter Kevin Jaffé was co-owner and co-chairman at the Behr Paint Corporation. Behr was founded in 1947 by Otto Behr and grew to the leading paint company in the US. Behr was and still is the best selling consumer paint brand in the USA and Canada.

Peter Kevin Jaffe started his career in a marketing position in the supermarket industry. In 1970 Jaffe was introduced to Otto Behr and started working for his company. In 1978 Behr started selling their products through The Home Depot and in 1988 Behr introduced custom  color matching and formulation, first in the industry.

Peter Kevin Jaffe became vice-president, co-chairman and shareholder at Behr Corporation. In 1999 when Behr realized US$ 350 million in annual sales with 1,000 employees, the company merged with Masco Corporation.

According to the Masco 1999 annual accounts, Masco exchanged 104 million shares (worth US$ 3.2 billion) for two big companies, one of which was Behr. So the value of Behr at that moment was probably around US$ 1 billion. Assuming that Peter Kevin Jaffé owned at least 10% of the shares in Behr, his net worth is estimated at US$ 100 million.

Maraya  - motor yacht - 54.2m (177.82ft)  -  CRN Spa   - 2007

Sean “Diddy” Combs  -  net worth USD 550 million  -  USA

Bad Boys Records  -

Sean John Combs is rumored to be the owner of the yacht Maraya. Combs. also known as Puff Daddy, Diddy, and P. Diddy, is an American rapper, and record producer.  

Combs founded Bad Boys Records in 1993. An early success was the signing of rapper The Notorious B.I.G.  Combs has won three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards, and is the producer of MTV's Making the Band.

His business ventures include the clothing lines Sean John and "Sean by Sean Combs" – for which he earned a Council of Fashion Designers of America award – a movie production company, and two restaurants called Justin's, named after his son.

The restaurants have been closed in 2007 and 2012. Combs is brand ambassador of the vodka brand Ciroc and receives a 50% profit stake. In 2012 Forbes estimated Combs' net worth at USD 550 million, making him the richest figure in hip hop.

Diddy’s yacht Maraya was built by CRN in 2008.

UPDATE: Sean John Combs probably just chartered Maraya, and he is not the owner. Do you know who owns super yacht Maraya? Please do sent us an email.

Mariya - motor yacht - 32.9m (107.11ft) - Sunseeker  -  2009

Aliko Dangote  -  net worth USD 14.7 billion  -  Nigeria

Dangote Group -

Aliko Dangote, known as Africa’s richest man, is the owner of the yacht Mariya. Mariya, named after Dangote’s mother, is a Sunseeker Predator 108. Dangote is the founder of the Dangote Group.

The Dangote Group is a diversified conglomerate, but mostly known for it’s activities in cement and sugar. Dangote Sugar owns Africa’s largest refinery (and the 2nd largest in the word), with a capacity of 1.44 million tons of sugar annually.

Dangote Sugar realizes sales of more than USD 500 million with a net profit of USD 50 million (2013). Dangote Cement is Nigeria’s largest cement producer and the largest company traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Dangote Cement realizes annual sales of USD 2 billion and a net profit of USD 1 billion (2013).

Other significant Dangote activities are pasta factories (spaghetti, macaroni), DANGOTE EQUITY ENERGY RESOURCES (oil field investments), steel production, salt production, textile and real estate. Dangote has an estimated net worth of US$ 14.7 billion.

His yacht Mariya is a Sunseeker Predator 108, with a base price of US$ 10 million. The yacht was built as ‘Seadoo for Dad’ for a Bombardier executive, based in Florida.

Marjorie Morningstar  - motor yacht -  52m (170.6ft)  -  Amels Holland B.V.   -  2004

Ward family  -  net worth > USD 200 million  -  Canada

Ward Air  -

The Ward family is the owner of the luxury yacht Marjorie Morningstar. Max Ward (1921) is the founder of Wardair Airlines.

Wardairlines was the third largest airline in Canada. Wardair was founded in 1953 with just one small plane, carrying passengers and freight. In the 1960’s Wardair started overseas charters with destination in Europe and Mexico.

Wardair was known for its friendly staff, high quality meals and affordable prices. Wardair had 20 planes - including 5 Boeing 747's- and 4,500 employees, when WardAir was sold in 1989 to Canadian Air for USD 200 million.

The family’s yacht Marjorie Morningstar is named after Max’ wife Marjorie Ward.

Maridome  - motor yacht -  54m (177.17ft)   -  Brooke Marine Ltd. -  1989

Solomon Lew  - net worth USD 1.1 billion -  Australia

Retail and investments  -

Solomon Lew is an Australian billionaire, he is the owner of the yacht Maridome.

Marie  - motor yacht -  54.6m (179.27ft)  -  Vitters Shipyard  - 2010

Ed Bosarge  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  USA

Finance, energy  -

Ed Bosarge is the owner of the sailing yacht Marie. Bosarge owns a group of companies which include Xtreme Holdings (scrap and metal recycling) Petrodome Energy LLC and Quantlab Financial LLP.

Quantlab, founded in 1998, is active in quantitative investment management. Petrodome is active in oil and gas exploration. His yacht Marie was named after his wife Marie Bosarge.

Ed Bosarge and his sail yacht Marie were featured on the 2013 Discovery Channel TV series Super yachts.

Mariu  - motor yacht -  49.9m (163.71ft)  -  Codecasa S.p.A.   -  2003

Andreas Hadjiyiannis -  net worth > US$ 100 million – Greece

Shipping: Cyprus Maritime - Cyprus Sea Lines

Andreas Hadjiyiannis  is the owner of the yacht Mariu. Mariu was built for fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

Martha Ann  - motor yacht -  70.2m (230.31ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts   -  2008

Warren E Halle  - net worth > USD 200 million  -  USA

Real estate  -

Warren E Halle is founder of 'The Halle Companies'. The company is active in real estate development.

Masquerade of Sole (now named A2) - motor yacht  - 42.3m (139ft)  - 1983

Previous owner: Michael Rockall  -  net worth: ?  -  UK

Whittlebury Hall Limited -

Michael Rockall was the owner of the yacht Masquerade of Sole, until 2008 when the yacht was sold by the bank. Michael Rockall was the owner of Whittlebury Hall, a luxury hotel and training center near the Silverstone F1 circuit.

The hotel was a financial success, especially during the British F1 championship season. Unfortunately, following the financial crisis the company went into administration in 2011.

Mr. Rockall became subject of a tax audit, relating to the private use of the yacht, which was owned by his company. Masquerade of Sole was the first Limitless, owned by USA billionaire Leslie Wexner.

Match Point  - motor yacht -  48.8m (160ft) -  Christensen Shipyards Ltd. - 2009

Tom Golisano  - net worth USD 1.9 billion  - USA

Paychex  -

Tom  Golisano is the owner of the yacht Match Point. Golisano founded Paychex, a provider of payroll and human resource outsourcing. Founded in 1971 with a budget of USD 3,000, Paychex now realizes annual sales of more than $ 2 billion with 12,000 employees and more than 100 office locations. In 2013 the net income of Paychex amounted $ 569 million.

Golisano owns around 38 million shares (10 % of the company) worth around USD 1.7 billion. His net worth is estimated at $ 1.9 billion. Tom Golisano is an active philanthropist, donating more than $ 200 million to charity. His Thomas Golisano Foundation, provides support for those with developmental disabilities and their families.

In 2012 Golisano donated $ 20 million  to the Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida in Fort Myers. Goliano has been dating famous tennis star Monica Seles since 2009. This probably explains the name of his yacht Match Point.

The yacht is for sale, as Mr. Golisano purchased the yacht Laurel from the Berwind family.

Maverick II  -  motor yacht -  37.5m (123.03ft)   -  Nishii Shipyards   -  1988

Johnny Warrillow  -  net worth < USD 50 million  - USA

consulting / investments  -

Johnny Warrillow is the owner of the yacht Maverick II. Warrillow  is a serial entrepreneur and successful book writer. He started (en sold) four companies, including Warrillow & Co - a consulting and research firm.

He is known for writing the books Built to sell and Drilling for Gold.  In 2009 Warrillow sold Warrillow & Co to The Corporate Executive Board Company.

Maximus II  - motor yacht -  33m (108.27ft)   -  Horizon Yachts  -  2005

Clive Palmer  -  net worth USD 900 million  -  Australia

Queensland Nickel  -

Clive Palmer is the owner of superyacht Maximus. Clive Palmer is known for his plans to develop Titanic II, a replica of the Olympic-class RMS Titanic. Launch date is expected in 2016.

Titanic II is being designed to be as similar in internal and external appearance to the Titanic as possible, but with modern safety regulations and engineering. Clive Palmer is the owner of Queensland Nickel, a nickel and cobalt refinery with 1000 employees.

Palmer also owns Mineralogy, a company that secured access to 160 billion tonnes of iron ore reserves in remote Western Australia. Mineralogy was paid USD 415 million by the Chinese infrastructure company CITIC Pacific to for the rights to mine a small portion of the ore.

Mineralogy could collect USD 100 million a year in royalties when all ore is mined. Forbes estimates the net worth of Clive Palmer at USD 900 million.

Mayan Queen  - motor yacht -  92m (301.84ft)  - Blohm & Voss  - 2008

Alberto Bailleres  -  net worth USD 18 billion  -  Mexico

Grupo Bal  -

Alberto Bailleres is the owner of the luxury yacht Mayan Queen

Melek  - sailing yacht -  56m (183.73ft)  -  Perini Navi   -  2010

Turgay Ciner  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  Turkey

Ciner Group  -

Turgay Ciner is owner of the Ciner Group. The Ciner Group is one of Turkish biggest companies, with activities in mining, energy, media , textile and real estate. Ciner’s sailing  yacht Melek has it’s own website.

Meteor  - sailing yacht -  51.59m (169.3ft)   -  Royal Huisman Shipyard BV   -  2007

John Risley  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  Canada

Clearwater Fine Foods  -

John Risley is the owner of the yacht Meteor.

Mia Elise - motor yacht - 49.9m (164ft) - Trinity Yachts - 2010

Terry Taylor - net worth > US$ 200 million - USA

Automotive Management Services, Inc - car dealer ships

Florida based car dealer Terry Taylor is the owner of the yacht Mia Elise.

Milisa VI  -  motor yacht  - 35m (115ft)  -  Horizon Yachts  -  2006

Ralf Hermann Karl Klingler  - net worth > USD 100 million  - Switzerland

VTAG Holding  -

Ralf Hermann Karl Klingler is the owner of the motor yacht Milisa VI. Ralf Klingler is the son of Swiss textile magnate Walter Klingler, founder of Klingler Textil AG. Although his family owns a large company, Walter Klingler is really a self made man.

He founded Verwaltungs- und Treuhand AG (VTAG) in 1990, to invest in Swiss real estate. VTAG became the largest real estate investor in east Switzerland. Klingler also owns several restaurants such as Hotel Restaurant Rossli in Flawil, Restaurant Neubad in St Gallen and Restaurant Toggenburg in Gossau.  

In 2010 Klingler co-invested with Swiss investor Tito Tettamanti to acquire the Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung. Further Klingler invested in USD 1.2 million in the Swiss football club FC St Gallen, to save the club from bankruptcy.

Klinglers yacht Milisa VI was built by Horizon Yachts, than under the brand name Elegance 115, marketed by Drettmann Yachts.

Mimi - motor yacht - 39.6m (139ft) - Burger Boat Company

Stanley S. Hubbard - net worth USD 2 billion - USA

Hubbard Broadcasting -

Stanley S Hubbart, Chairman of Hubbard Broadcasting is the owner of the yacht Mimi.

Mine Games  -  motor yacht - 49.9m (163.9ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC   -  2007

Chris Cline  -  net worth USD 1,5 billion  -  USA

Coal Industry / Foresight Reserves  -

Chris Cline is the owner of the yacht Mine Games.

Mirgab - motor yacht - 48.7m (160 ft) - Hakvoort - 2010

Mohammed Alshaya - net worth USD 6.5 billion - Kuwait

Alshaya -

Mohammed Alshaya is the owner of the yacht Mirgab V. The Alshaya family are the founders of the Alshaya Group, based in Kuwait. The Alshaya Group is active in retail and real estate.

They also own hotels such as the Sheraton in Kuwait and restaurants. The retail business has more than 44,000 employees and more than 2,800 stores. In 2015 Alshaya Co. has been named Best Multi-Brand Franchise Operator in the Middle East and North Africa by the Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association.

Alshaya’s Chairman Mohammed Alshaya is an active philanthropist, donating to good causes such as Dubai Cares. The net worth of Mohammed Alshaya is estimated ad USD 6.5 billion. His yacht Mirgab was built in the Netherlands at Hakvoort to a design of Diana Yacht Design.

Alshaya previously owned a 44 meter Burger, which was sold  and now named Mim.

Mi Sueno  - motor yacht -  57.91m (189.99ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC   -  2010

Michael Moreno  - net worth > $ 500 million  -  USA

Moreno Group  -

Michael Moreno is the owner of the superyacht Mi Sueno. Mi Sueno was built by Trinity and delivered to her owner in 2010. Moreno is the founder of the Moreno Group which is active in the oil and gas business and in real estate.

The Moreno Group comprised of five subsidiaries: Dynamic Industries; Arc Equipment Rental; Dii LLC; Southern Steel and Supply; and Dynamic Marine Services. Moreno provides infrastructure fabrication, equipment rentals and maintenance services to the energy industry.  

In 2007 Riverstone/Carlyle purchased half of Moreno Group Holdings for an estimated USD 500 million. Moreno is  also  co-founder of Dynamic Offshore Resources, which was sold in 2008 to Riverstone/Carlyle  for USD 1.3 billion. Mr. Moreno founded Pure Water Solutions LLC and Dynamic Cranes LLC.

Further, Moreno invests in real estate through Moreno Properties Inc, and he is active in horse breeding and horse racing with his Southern Equine Stables. Moreno owned a successful horse with the name Mi Sueno, so he probably named his yacht after her.

Michael Moreno has an estimated net worth of more than $ 500 million.

Misunderstood  -  motor yacht -  49.9m (163,7ft)  - Overmarine SRL    -  2012

David Stern  -  net worth USD 100 million  -  USA

David J Stern Law Office

Super yacht Misunderstood is owned by attorney David Stern. David Stern started as a lawyer for mortgage lenders, but he opened his own firm in 1994 in Plantation, Florida.

Stern’s firm grew rapidly when mortgage giant Fannie Mae named Stern to its exclusive attorney network. That meant Fannie directed banks to use Stern when foreclosing in Florida. Revenues grew rapidly from USD 41 million in 2006 to USD 260 million in 2009. Stern’s law firm handled sometimes more than 100,000 foreclosure cases.

In 2010 DJSP Enterprises, a publicly traded company, acquired the back-office operations of the Stern law firm. Mr. Stern earned around USD 140 million with this transaction, including USD 50 million cash.

Stern shut down his practice in 2011 after an investigation by the Florida attorney general’s office into whether his law firm falsified documents to speed up foreclosures.

Mogambo - motor yacht - 73m (241ft)  -  Nobiskrug - 2012

Bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim  family - net worth > USD 1 billion - Saudi Arabia.

SuperYachtFan was informed that the yacht Mogambo is owned by either Khalid bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim or Abdul-Aziz bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim. The family has close ties tot the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Their sister was a wife of the late King Fahd. Their brother Waleed bin Ibrahim al Ibrahim owns the yacht Shahnaz, which was given to the Saudi Royal family by the late Greek s hipping tycoon John Latsis.

Monaco Wolf - motor yacht - 49.8m (163ft) - Heesen Yachts - 2014

Christian Candy - net worth USD 1.1 billion - Monaco

CPC Group -

Christian Candy is the owner of the yacht Monaco Wolf.

Moneikos  -  motor yacht - 62m (203.41ft)   -  Codecasa S.p.A.   -  2006

Leonardo Del Vecchio  -  net worth USD 11 billion  -  Italy

Luxottica Group  -

Montkaj  - motor yacht -  78.03m (256ft)  -   Amels Holland B.V.   -  1995

Prince Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdul Azziz  -  Saudi Royal Family

Muhammad bin Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud is Governor of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Moonraker -  motor yacht - 49.9m (164ft)  -  Overmarine  -  2014

Moonraker  - motor yacht -  36.6m (120.08ft)   -  Norship   -  1992

Mark Silver  -  net worth > USD 500 million  -  Canada.

Direct Energy  -

Canadian millionaire Mark Silver is the owner of the Mangusta yacht Moonraker. Mark Silver is an entrepreneur, active in the energy business. He founded Direct Energy and Universal Energy, both active in the natural gas retail marketing. Silver cofounded Direct Energy in 1986.

The company grew to become America’s largest retail energy provider. In Direct Energy was acquired by Centrica PLC in 2000 for USD 912 million. Universal Energy, a gas and electricity retailer active in Canada and the USA, was founded in 2002 and was acquired by Just Energy in 2009 for USD 250 million.

At that moment Universal Energy had 430,000 customers. Mark Silver founded Optus Capital Corporation as investment vehicle for his profits.  Optus Capital’s investments include real estate and companies such as Totally Green, a pioneer in organic food processing systems and compostable packaging alternatives.

The net worth of Mark Silver is estimated at more than USD 500 million. Before owning the current Mangusta 165 Moonraker, Mark Silver was the owner of the Norship yacht Moonraker.

Moonraker was built in 1992 as one of the fastest yachts in the world, capable of reaching a top speed of 33 knots. Rumors that Indian millionaire Gautam Hari Singhania is the owner of super yacht Moonraker are not true. Singhania is an Indian businessman.

He is the Chairman & Managing Director of the Raymond Group. He became director in 1990 and chairman in 2000. He restructured the group and sold Raymond's non-core businesses (synthetics, steel and cement).

The group now focuses on fabrics, apparel brands, prophylactics (KamaSutra condoms) and men's toiletries. The Raymond Group is now one of India's largest branded fabric and fashion retailers. The Group owns apparel brands like Raymond, Raymond Premium Apparel, Manzoni, Park Avenue, ColorPlus, Parx & Notting Hill.

All the brands are retailed through ‘The Raymond Shop’ (TRS) - One of the largest network of over 550 retail shops spread across India and overseas, in over 200 cities.

Morning Glory  - sailing yacht -  48.17m (158ft)  -  Perini Navi  -  1993

Silvio Berlusconi  -  net worth USD 8.5 billion  -  Italy

Fininvest  -

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the owner of the sailing yacht Morning Glory. Berlusconi is most known for serving three times, a total of nine years,  as Prime Minister of Italy.

He is actually one of the richest Italians, with a net worth of USD 8.5 billion. His assets include a 41% stake in Mediaset, Italy’s largest commercial media company with a USD 4.6 billion revenue in 2013.  

Berlusconi is Deputy Chairman of Mediaset and received a EUR 1,9 million (US$ 2.6 million) total compensation in 2013. Through his family holding Fininvest, Berlusconi also owns large stakes in Medusa Film Spa (active in the cinema sector), Mediobanca (an Italian investment bank), Arnoldo Mondadori (Italy’s biggest publishing company) and the soccer club AC Milan.

Berlusconi purchased his sailing yacht Morning Glory from Rupert Murdoch, who had a new yacht delivered named Rosehearty. Berlusconi’s previous yacht Principessa Vai Via was sold to his business partner Ennio Doris. Ennio Doris is founder of Mediolanum, in which Fininvest holds a stake.

Musashi  -  motor yacht -  87.8m (287.99ft)  -  Feadship   -  2011

Larry Ellison  -  net worth USD 33 billion  - USA

Oracle  -

Larry Ellison is the owner of the yacht Musashi. Larry Ellison has owned several super yachts: the 58 meter Lurssen yacht Ronin, the 75 meter Blohm and Voss yacht Katana, the 183 meter Lurssen yacht Rising Sun and now the 88 meter Feadship yacht Musashi.

My Colors  -  motor yacht - 39.6m (130ft)  -  Westport Yachts   -  2005

Lawrence Herbert  -  net worth > USD 200 million  -  USA

Pantone Colors  -

Lawrence Herbert  is known as the King of Color. He is the founder of Pantone Color Systems, the world’s premier color standards company.  

Pantone is known for the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a standardized colors reproduction system, used in printing and the manufacture of paint, plastics and fabrics. Lawrence Herbert started working in a printing company in the 1956.

He systemized and simplified the companies pigments and colors. In 1962 he purchased the company’s assets and founded Pantone. In 1963 he created the Pantone Matching System which became the world’s standard in color definition. In 2007 Lawrence Herbert sold Pantone for USD 180 million in cash to X-Rite, the global leader in color technology. X-Rite was listed on the NASDAQ, but was purchased by Danaher Corporation in 2012 for USD 495 million.

Danaher is a science and technology leader that designs, manufactures, and markets innovative products and services to professional, medical, industrial, and commercial customers. Danaher is stock listed on the NYSE. Lawrence

Herbert named his yacht My Colors. Super yacht My Colors was delivered by Westport as Infinity in 2005. My Colors was sold in 2013

My Lady Arraya  - motor yacht -  39.9m (130.91ft)  -  Oceanfast   -  1990

Philippe Chettou

Alpha Superyachts  -

Mr Philippe Chettou was managing director of Alcatel Thailand. He is now owner of Aquamarine Divers Ltd and Alpha Superyachts. Chettou is the owner of super yachts Lady Arraya and Phillkade

Mylin IV  - motor yacht -   61m (200.13ft)  -  Feadship   - 1992

Micky Arison  -  net worth USD 5 billion  -  USA

Carnival Corporation  -

The yacht Mylin is owned by Carnival Cruise Lines billionaire Micky Arison.

Mylo  - motor yacht -  36.6m (120.08ft)  -  Benetti SpA   -  2007

Miro Mikati, son of Najib Mikati  -  net worth USD 2.8 billion  - Lebanon

Investcom / M1 group  -

Miro Mikati is the owner of the yacht Mylo. Miro Mikati is the son of the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati. In 1982 Najib Mikati co-founded the telecommunications company Investcom with his brother Taha.

At the end of 2005 Investcom had 4.9 million customers in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The company was based in Beirut and used the Areeba brand name for mobile operations in several countries in Africa.

Investcom also provided international carrier services through Med Net, a subsidiary based in Monaco, and fixed telephony services in the UK and telecom engineering and consulting services. In 2005 Taha and Najib sold stocks with a value of USD 740 million at an IPO at the London stock exchange.

In 2006 South Africa-based MTN Group acquired Investcom for USD 5.5 billion.  With the proceeds from the sale, they established the investment company M1 Group in 2007. M1 Group has investments in real estate, jet leasing, Swiss airline Baboo (sold to Darwin Airline) , the Lebanese bank Audi Sal and apparel company Façonnable.

Najib Mikati withdraw from  his position in the group when he became prime minister of Lebanon. Forbes estimates the net worth of Najib Mikati at USD 3 billion.

My Little Violet  - motor yacht -  45.6m (149.61ft)  -  Abeking & Rasmussen   - 2005 - Robert Tchenguiz  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  UK

Real estate (Rotch Property Group)  -

Robert Tchenquiz is the owner of the yacht My Little Violet. Robert Tchenquiz is a British entrepreneur born in Tehran. In 1998 he and his brother Vincent founded the Rotch Property Group. In 2010 Rotch Property Group owned real estate worth GBP 100 million.

Robert and his brother also own R20 and Consensus Business Group. On March 10th, 2011, Vincent Tchenguiz was arrested by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as part of a wider investigation into the collapse of Icelandic bank, Kaupthing.

However, he was released the same day without charge. Subsequently, on March 16th, 2011 the High Court in London ruled that Vincent Tchenguiz could sue Icelandic bank, Kaupthing for damages of £1 billion ($1.6 billion).

In September 2011, Kaupthing reached an out of court settlement with the Tchenguiz Family Trust in their pursuit of damages against the Icelandic bank. All details of the settlement remain confidential.

On 22nd December 2011, the SFO and the Treasury Solicitors Department (TSoI) admitted factual errors in the information used to obtain the warrants against Vincent Tchenguiz; stated that the warrants should be quashed; and that material seized under the warrants would be returned that day. Furthermore, the SFO offered to pay reasonable legal costs.

Tchenquiz is about to launch a GBP 100 million lawsuit. Vincent Tchenquiz is the owner of the 130-foot Mangusta motor yacht Veni Vidi Vici. Robert’s yacht My Little Violet was built at Abeking and Rasmussen. The yacht My Little Violet can often be found in St. Tropez.

She is available for charter and has her own website. Around 2005 the net worth of the Tchenquiz brothers was estimated at GBP 1 billion.

My Petra  -  motor yacht -  44m (144.36ft)   -  Heesen Yachts   -  2009

Frans Heesen  -  net worth EUR 175 million  -  the Netherlands

Yacht building  -

See Lady Petra above.

Mystere  -  sailing yacht  - 43.2m (141ft)  -  Vitters Shipyard  -  2006

Jurgen Pierburg  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  Switzerland

Pierburg  - sold  to Rheinmetall -

Swiss billionaire Jurgen Pierburg is the owner of the sailing yacht Mystere. Pierburg is the grandson of Pierburg founder Bernard Pierburg. Pierburg was producer of carburetors.

The carburetor was originally used on the Solex bike, but in the 1960s all German car manufactures used Pierburg carburetors. In 1986 Pierburg was sold by Jurgen Pierburg to the German Rheinmetall Group. Pierburg is often referred to as billionaire.

He is a philanthropist and art collector. In 2010 he sold a Matisse sculpture for USD 48.8 million. He was an official guest on the Royal Wedding of of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The yacht Mystere was built at Vitters. She was sold in 2015.

Mystique  -  motor yacht -  49.5m (162.4ft)   - Oceanfast  -  1989

Herb Galen (1915-2007)  -  net worth USD 200 million  -  USA

Ellen Tracy Sports ware  -

Herb Galen was the owner of the yacht Mystique. Galen (1915-2007) was the founder of Ellen Tracy sportswear. Ellen Tracy Sport ware  was an upscale manufacturer of Women's Business clothes with annual sales of $200 million.

Galen sold Ellen Tracy Sport ware for USD 170 million to Liz Claiborne in 2002. Mr. Galen started Ellen Tracy in 1949 selling blouses. As women began entering the work force in greater numbers, the company introduced a line of more stylish clothing for the workplace that sold in hundreds of department stores nationwide.

Nafisa  - motor yacht -   49.3m (161.58ft)    -  Fr. Schweers Shipyard   -  1986

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel  - net worth USD 5.1 billion  - Saudi Arabia

ALJ Group  -

Mohamed Abdul Latif Jameel’s is the owner  of the yacht Nafisa. See more here

Nahlin  -  motor yacht -  91.44m (300ft)  - John Brown and Co  -  1930

James Dyson  -  net worth USD 6 billion -  UK

Dyson vacuum cleaners

Sir James Dyson is the owner of the yacht Nahlin.

Nassima  - motor yacht -   49.0m (160.7ft)   -  Acico Yachts  -  2012

Abdul Azziz Al-Ayoub  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  Dubai

Acico Industries  -

Abdul Aziz Al-Ayoub is the owner of the yacht Nassima. Al-Ayoub is the chairman of Acico Industries. ACICO is the largest manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) in the Middle East. ACICO is licensed by Hebel International, a German company, to manufacture its aerated concrete - a unique, hi-tech material that has proven immensely popular in the region.

Acico has multiple business activities such as ACICO Cement, ACICO Construction, ACICO Real Estate Hotels, ACICO Real Estate. The yacht Nassima is named after the Nassima Tower, which was developed by Acico. Nassima Tower is an office and residential building of 45 floors in Dubai. Part of the

Acico Group is Acico Yachts, which built Al-Ayoub’s yacht Nassima. In 2015 Acico Yachts acquired Jachtwerf Jongert, famous for building sailing yachts.

Nataly  - motor yacht -  65.00m (213.5ft)   -  Benetti SpA   - 2011

built for Graham de Zille  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  UK

Carrefour Health club  -

The yacht Nataly was built as Amnesia for Graham de Zille. De Zille is the son of Brian de Zille. Brian de Zille established the Sweater Shop retail chain in 1973, and sold it for GBP150 million in 1995. In the mid 90’s the company had 78 shops, several factories and 1,600 employees.

Recently de Zille launched a new brand: 019 Sweater Shop, which has now 3 shops. Graham de Zille is a former formula 3 racing driver. Mr. Graham de Zille has already ordered 4 superyachts at the famous Italian yacht builder Benetti. All his yachts were named Amnesia.

His latest yacht Amnesia IV was sold while still under construction. This yacht is now named Nataly. Graham’s nephew Ben is also racing driver through his De Zille Butler Racing team. De Zille is owner of the UK Carrefour Health Clubs Group. Read this interview with Graham de Zille at

Natita  - motor yacht -  66m (216.54ft)  -  Oceanco   -  2005

William Kallop  -  net worth USD 900 million  -  USA

Gas and oil exploration

William Kallop was the owner of the yacht Natita. Read more about William Kallop at superyachtfan’s yacht Natita page

Necker Belle  -  sailing yacht - 32m (104.99ft)   -  CMN Yacht Division   -  2003

Richard Branson  -  net worth USD 4.2 billion  -  UK

Virgin Group  -

Sir Richard Branson was the owner of the sailing yacht Necker Belle . Branson is an English entrepreneur, known as the founder and chairman of the Virgin Group.

The Virgin Group Ltd. is a multinational conglomerate. Its core business areas are travel, entertainment and lifestyle and it consists of more than 400 companies worldwide. His most known brand names are Virgin Records (sold to EMI Music) , Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Mobile.

The brand name "Virgin" arose when Branson and a partner were starting their first business in the 1970’s, a record shop. They considered themselves virgins in business. Each of the companies operating under the Virgin brand is a separate entity, with Branson holding different percentages of shares.

Occasionally, he simply licenses the brand to a company that has purchased a division from him, such as Virgin Mobile USA, Virgin Mobile Australia, Virgin Radio and Virgin Music. Forbes estimates the net worth of Branson at USD 4.2 billion.

Branson’s yacht Necker Belle is a 105-foot (32 m) private charter catamaran, offered through Virgin Limited Edition and based at Branson’s resort Necker Island. The yacht Necker Belle was built as Lady Barbaretta.

Nero  - motor yacht -  90.1m (295.6ft)   -  Corsair Yachts   -  2007

Neil Taylor  -  net worth USD 200 million  -  UK

Game Group   -

Neil Taylor is the owner of the yacht Nero. Neil Taylor is one of the founders of Game. Founded in 1990 by Peter Wickins and Neil Taylor, Game was created to exploit the growing market for entertainment software and hardware. Initial growth was funded by the Taylor family and venture capital investors.

The company retails entertainment software for games consoles and personal computers, appealing to a young clientele. Mr Taylor and his family made GBP 30 million when the company floated at GBP 2 a share in 1998. In 1999 Game was sold to Electronics Boutique Limited (now called EB Games) for GBP 99 million.

The deal valued the 21.5 per cent stake held in Game by chairman Neil Taylor at GBP 21.3 million. At the time of the takeover Game had 86 stores. In 2002, Electronics Boutique stores in the UK and Ireland were re branded as Game, and the company name was changed to The Game Group.

In 2007 Neil Taylor had his yacht Nero built in China by Corsair Yachts. The yacht Nero was sold in 2014 and is now owned by Denis ‘O Brien.

Netanya 8  - motor yacht -   58m (190.29ft)  -   CMN Yacht Division  -  2007

Daniel Abraham  - net worth USD 1.8 billion  -  USA

Slim Fast  -

Daniel Abraham is the owner of the yacht Netanya 8. Daniel Abraham is the founder of Slim Fast, a brand of shakes, bars, snacks, packaged meals and other dietary supplement foods.

Slim-Fast was started in 1977 as a brand name of the Thompson Medical Company which was founded by Abraham in the 1940s. In 1987, Abraham took the brand private and 13 years later sold Slim Fast to Unilever for USD 2.3  billion.

Mr. Abraham is an active philanthropist to a variety of causes, including improving health care and nutrition and encouraging Middle East peace. His donation to the Mayo Clinic created the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. Abraham is founder of the Center for Middle East Peace in Washington, D.C.

Daniel Abraham’s yacht Netanya 8 was named after the Israeli city of Netanya, where Abraham lived for a couple of years.

Nina J  -  motor yacht -  42.2m (138.45ft)   -  Baglietto S.p.A. (Cantieri Navali)   -  2005

Thomas Flohr  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  Germany

Comdisco / VistaJet  -

Thomas Flohr is the owner of the yacht Nina J. Thomas Flohr is the founder and Chairman of Vista Jet. When Thomas Flohr founded VistaJet in 2004 he was determined to redefine private aviation.

He wanted to start a revolution in the skies that would offer clients unrivalled choice, luxury, a simple business model and, of course, safety. He succeeded. Vista Jet is now the world’s fastest growing private aviation company. Their fleet of Bombardier aircraft are based across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and West Africa.

VistaJet currently owns 4 types of jets,  Global 6000, Challenger 850, a Challenger 605 and Lear jet 60XR. In November 2012 VistaJet placed orders for 56 Bombardier jet and options for 86 more, this is the single largest transaction placed with any aircraft manufacturer in the history of business aviation. Read the Bombardier press release here.

Thomas Flohr used to run the European activities of the US based computer leasing firm Comdisco. In the mid-1990's, Comdisco’s founder died and Flohr clashed with his son over strategy. The tension led to Flohr's resignation in 2000.

Flohr vested his 1.5 percent stake in the company, which had a total market value of about USD 2 billion at the time. A year after his departure, Comdisco filed for Chapter 11.  In 2000 Flohr filed a lawsuit in against Comdisco, charging, among other things, that they "prohibited (him) from performing any of the responsibilities of his positions."

The suit, pending in federal District Court, seeks USD 7.75 million in compensatory damages and USD 25 million in punitive damages. However when Comdisco filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the lawsuit was placed on stay.

In 2002 Flohr acquired the Comdisco Switzerland SA from Comdisco Global Holding, partially paying with settlement of funds still owned by Comdisco to Mr Flohr. A link to the relevant documents.

Comdisco is now called Comprendium Finance.  Here you can find an nice article about Thomas Flohr on the Wall Street Journal site.  Thomas Flohr named his yacht after his daughter Nina.

Nirvana  - sailing yacht -   53.48m (175ft)   -  Vitters Shipyard   -  2007

Isak Andic  -  net worth USD 4.8  billion  -  Spain

Mango -

Isak Andic is the owner of the sailing yacht Nirvana. Andic is the founder and owner of the Mango clothing retailer. Born in Turkey, he moved to Spain at an early age.

Andic started working in the clothing industry in the early 70’s: selling clothing to relatives. Together with his brother, Isak Andy opened his first Mango store in 1984. They purchased clothing in Asia, to sell in Spain.

In 1993 Mango had 100 stores in Spain and in 1998 Mango was one of Spanish largest textile exporters.  The Mango group now has more than 2.000 stores in 100 countries and has more than 11,000 employees.

Isak Andic Ermay is also the largest shareholder in Banco de Sabadell.  Forbes estimates the net worth of Isak Andy at USD 4.8 billion.

Nirvana  - motor yacht -  88.5m (290ft)  -  Oceanco   -  2012

Vladimir Potanin  -  net worth USD 14.3 billion  -  Russia

Interros  -

Vladimir Olegovich Potanin is the owner of the yacht Nirvana. Potanin is a Russian businessman and oligarch. He acquired his wealth notably through the loans-for-shares program in Russia. Potanin's Interros owns 30% of Russian Nickel giant Norilsk Nickel.

Potanin also controls Russia's largest media group, ProfMedia, owner of magazines, radio stations, movie theaters; Profmedia also broadcasts Russian versions of MTV and VH1. Potanin’s  wealth is estimated at USD 14,3 billion. Potanin is also the owner of the Oceanco yacht Anastasia, named after his daughter.

Nomad  -  motor yacht -  69.49m (228ft)  -  Oceanfast   - 2003

Wayne Huizenga  -  net worth USD 2.3 billion  -  USA

Waste Management, Blockbuster, AutoNation  -

The yacht Nomad was build as Aussie Rules for Australian golf personality Greg Norman. Aussie Rules was acquired in 2004 by Wayne Huizenga and renamed Floridian. Harry Wayne Huizenga is an American entrepreneur and billionaire.  

He is the founder of Waste Management, which he founded in 1968 with a single garbage truck. The company grew quickly with Huizenga aggressively acquiring garbage hauling companies. In 1972 Wayne Huizenga had acquired 133 companies.

He took the company public  in 1971 and in 1983 Waste Management was the largest waste disposal company in the US. Wayne Huizenga retired from Waste Management in 1984 and purchased the Blockbuster Video chain, then just a few stores,  for USD 18 million. As with Waste Management, Huizenga grew Blockbuster rapidly buying every franchise available and opening new stores every 24 hours. In 1993 Viacom acquired Blockbuster for USD 8 billion.

Then in 1996 Huizenga founded AutoNation, a car retail company. Autonation is now the largest US car retailer with 215 dealerships in the USA and  20,000 employees.  

Huizenga sold the yacgt Floridian in 2010, she is now owned by George J. Prokopiou, a Greek billionaire ship owner, founder of Dynacom Tankers, Sea Traders and Dynagas. -

Norge  - motor yacht -   80.25m (263.3ft)  -  Camper & Nicholsons Shipyard     -1937

King of Norway  -  Norway royal  family

The Royal Yacht Norge was the Norwegian people's gift to King Haakon VII in 1947. The yacht is owned by the King but maintained and manned by the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Northern Star  - motor yacht -   75.4m (247.38ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts  -   2009

John Risley  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  Canada

Clearwater Fine Foods  -

John Risley owns two superyachts: Meteor and Northern Star. See more about Risley at the yacht Meteor above.

Norwegian Queen  -  motor yacht -  49.98m (163.9ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC   -  2008

Christine Lynn  -   net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Lynn Insurance Group  -

Christine E. Lynn is the owner of the yacht Norwegian Queen. Christine Lynn is president and chief executive officer of Lynn Insurance Group.

The Lynn Insurance Group finds it roots in the Lumberman’s Underwriting Alliance. Dating back to 1905 when twenty-three independent lumbermen organized and became charter members of Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance.

Their interests were reciprocal with no thought of individual gain; their single purpose was to provide insurance protection for all at the lowest possible cost. In 1921 the Lumberman’s Underwriting Alliance was acquired by JJ Lynn (not yet 30). Eager to apply the principles of reciprocal insurance to another high-risk category, J.J. Lynn entered the automobile industry when he instituted Universal Underwriters in 1922 to serve the insurance needs of car dealerships.

This company greatly prospered over the years and was eventually sold to Zurich in the 1980s for a respectable profit. When JJ Lynn died in 1954 his nephew Gene took over leadership. The Lumberman’s Underwriting Alliance grew rapidly under Gene Lynn.

In 1978 the LIG Insurance Agency, Inc. was formed to seek a financially sound insurance market for the forest products industry’s other insurance requirements. In 1980 Gene married Christine, she was introduced into the business in 1981 as Vice President of Administration.

In 1998 at the retirement of Gene, she became Chairman and CEO. Gene Lynn died in 1999. Christine Lynn was born in Norway, explaining the yachts name: Norwegian Queen.

Nourah of Riyad - motor yacht - 70 meter (230 ft) - Yachtley - 2008 - Prince Turki bin Mohamed bin Abdulaziz al Saud - Saudi Arabia

Nova Spirit  - motor yacht -   45.72m (150ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC   -  1999

Jim Pattison  -  net worth  USD 5.8 billion  -  Canada

Jim Pattison Group  -

The yacht Nova Spirit is owned by Jim Pattison.

Oasis  - motor yacht -   59.4m (194.88ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts   -  2006

Eric Schmidt  -  net worth USD 8.9 billion  -  USA

Google  -

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is the owner of the yacht Oasis.

Ocean Paradise  -  motor yacht -  55m (180ft)  -  2013

Adrian Lee Chye Cheng -  net worth US$ 250 million -  Singapore

Ezra Holdings  -

Adrian Lee Chye Cheng is the owner of the Benetti yacht Ocean Paradise. Adrian Lee Chye Cheng is the son of Lee Kian Soo, who founded the oil and gas exploration group Ezra Holdings.

In 2013 Ezra realized sales of US$ 1.2 billion million with a net profit of US$ 64 million. Lee Kian Soo stepped down as chairman of Ezra in 2012.  Adrian Lee’s brother Lee Chye Tek Lionel is Managing Director and CEO of Ezra. He holds approximate. 23% of the shares, worth around USS 250 million.

Adrian Lee Chye Cheng is managing director of Jit Sun Investments (which holds shares in Ezra), Select Group, Interlink Petroleum and Loyz Energy. Select Group is a food service provider in Singapore, the group owns restaurant chains, catering companies and cafeterias.

Interlink Petroleum is active in oil and gas exploration in India. Loyz Energy invests in oil and gas exploration around the world.

The net worth of Adrian Lee Chye Cheng is estimated at US$ 250 million, the same net worth as his brother Lionel. Superyacht Ocean Paradise is available for charter.

Ocean Victory  - motor yacht -  140m (459 ft)  - 2014 - Viktor Rashnikov  -  net worth US$  2.8 billion  -  Russia

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works  -

Russian billionaire Viktor Rashnikov is the owner of the yacht Ocean Victory.

Octopus  -  motor yacht -  126.2m (414.0ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts   -  2003

Paul Allen  -  net worth USD 15.8 billion  -  USA

Microsoft  -

See superyachtfan’s Octopus page. The yacht is owned by the late Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen.

Odessa  - motor yacht -  48.77m (160.01ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards Ltd.   -  2009

Lukas Lundin  -  net worth > USD 500 million  -  Canada

Lundin Mining  -

Lukas Lundin has put his yacht Odessa for sale, as he is taking delivery of his new Feadship Savannah.

Odessa II - motor yacht - 73.8m (242ft) - Nobiskrug - 2013

Len Blavatnik - net worth USD 20 billion  -  USA

Access Industries -

Billionaire Len Blavatnik is the owner of the yacht Odessa II.

Okto - motor yacht - 66.4m (217.8ft)  -  ISA Yachts  -  2014

Theodore Angelopoulos  -  net worth > USD 1 billion  - Greece

Metrostar Management -

Greek shipping tycoon Theodore Angelopoulos is the owner of the yacht Okto. He previously owned several other yachts such as Alfa Nero, Alfa Four and Alfa Sea.

Olympia  - motor yacht -   57m (187.01ft)  -  Feadship   -  2002

Vladimir Putin  -  Russia

The luxury yacht Olympia is said to be Vladimir Putin’s yacht, although the yacht Chayka is also linked to him. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia.

According to official state documents Vladimir Putin’s net worth is USD 150.000, although several sources mention that Putin is at least a billionaire, due to stakes in large Russian companies.

Superyacht Olympia was built as Netanya VII in 2002 by De Vries for Slim Fast founder Daniel Abraham.

O'Mega  - motor yacht -   82.5m (270.67ft)  -  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.   -  1987

Paris Dragnis  -  net worth > USD 150 million  - Greece

Goldenport  -

Paris Dragnis is the owner of the yacht O’Mega, He actually owns several other yachts

One More Toy  - motor yacht -   47.2m (154.99ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards  -  2001

Gary L. Markel  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Insurance  -

Gary Markel is the owner of the yacht One More Toy. Markel is president of Clearwater, Florida-based Gary Markel Companies, which focuses on the insurance and real estate industries.

Markel also is a limited partner in the area's Major League Baseball franchise, the Tampa Bay Rays. Gary Markel´s grandfather is the founder of Markel Corporation an insurance holding company. Markel Corporation was founded by Samuel Markel in the 1920’s.

The company started insuring motor freight carriers. In a few years time became the largest insurer of trucks and buses in the country. The company later expanded beyond truck and bus companies, led by the third generation of Markels; Anthony (Vice Chairman), Steve, and Gary.

In 1980, the company founded Essex Insurance Company ,a property insurance company. Markel Corporation’s principal business markets and underwrites specialty insurance products.

Markel Corporation also owns interests in various industrial and service businesses that operate outside of the specialty insurance marketplace.In 2011 Markel Corporation realized premium volumes of USD 2 billion, with a net profit of USD 140 million.

Total shareholders’ equity is USD 3 billion. Gary Markel is also owner of ProQuip USA. ProQuip, founded in 1981 is synonymous with ultra-lightweight and supremely soft waterproof- breathable golf clothing. ProQuip USA is the company’s North American distributor.

Gary Markel is owner of the Preferred Restaurant Group, a Taco John’s franchisee. In 2011 Gary Markel created Operation Cruise with purpose to allow wounded Special Operation Force veterans the ability to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience aboard Markel´s yacht One More Toy.

Oneness - motor yacht -   45 m (150 ft -  Palmer Johnson -  2009 - Victor Pinchuk -  Net worth > USD  1.3 billion  -  Ukraine

Outta Touch  -motor yacht -   32m (105ft)  -  Intermarine Savannah  -  2002

Steven Mariano  -  net worth USD 200 million  -  USA

Patriot National Insurance Group  -

Steven Mariano is the owner of the yacht Outta Touch. Steven Mariano is the founder of Strategic Outsourcing, a staffing company which he founded in the 1990’s and sold in 2000 for $ 55 million to the Union Planters Bank.

At that time Strategic Outsourcing realized sales of $ 500 million, pay rolling more than 40,000 employees. In 2003 Steven Mariano founded Patriot National Insurance Group, Inc., an insurance holding company which owns the Guarantee Insurance Company and Patriot Underwriters, specializing in workers’ compensation insurance.

Mariano also founded Contego Services Group, a provider of insurance and risk management services. . In 2011 Mariano sold Patriot Risk Management, a spin-off of his insurance businesses, for $ 105 million. And in 2013 he sold another spin-off: TriGen Insurance Solutions.

Mariano is active in charity and economic development, he donated $1.5 million to the University of Miami School of Law. Steven Mariano has an estimated net worth of more than $ 200 million. Superyacht Outta Touch is available  for charter.

P2  - sailing yacht -   38m (124.67ft)   -  Perini Navi   -  2008

Gerhard Andlinger  -  net worth > USD 600 million  -  USA

Investments (Andlinger & Company)  -

Gerhard R. Andlinger is the owner of the yacht P2. Andlinger is founder of the private investment firm Andlinger & Company. Gerhard Andlinger started his career at McKinsey and later became executive at ITT corporation.

In 1976 he founded Andlinger & Company, Inc. and has been involved in over 100 corporate acquisition transactions since then. His current portfolio includes Cyber Alert, Primus and Spoolex.

One of his biggest successes was the acquisition of Netoptix, which he sold to Corning Inc for more than USD 600 million. In 2008 Andlinger made an USD 100 million gift to Princeton University to accelerate research on effective and sustainable solutions to problems of energy and the environment.

Andlingers Perini Navi yacht P2 is actively participating in regatta’s. Before owning P2, Andlinger was owner of the yacht Perseus now called Silencio.

Pacha III  -  motor yacht -  36.25m (118.9ft)  -  Camper & Nicholsons Shipyard    - 1936

Princess Caroline of Monaco  -  H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover  -

Princess Caroline of Monaco is the owner of the yacht Pacha III.

Pacific - motor yacht - 85m (280ft)  -  Lurssen Yachts  - 2010

Leonid Mikhelson - net worth US$ 14.8 billion  -  Russia

Novatek -

Russian billionaire Leonid Mikhelson is the owner of the yacht Pacific

Palladium  - motor yacht -  96m (314.96ft)   - Blohm & Voss GmbH   -  2010

Milhail Prokhorov  - net worth   USD 13 billion  -  Russia

Onexim Group  -

Milhail Prokhorov is the 7th richest man in Russia. He owns two yachts: Solemar and Palladium.

Paloma  -  60.25m (197.6ft)  -  Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Ind.   -  1965

Vincent Bolloré  -  net worth USD 4 billion  -  France

Groupe Bolloré  -

Superyacht Paloma is owned by French industrialist Vincent Bolloré

Paraffin  - motor yacht -   60.1m (197.18ft)  -  Feadship  - 2002

Built for: Mike Kittredge   - net worth > USD 500 million  -  USA

sold: Yankee Candle Company   -

The yacht Parrafin was built for Mike Kittredge. Kittredge is the founder of the Yankee Candle Company. The Yankee Candle Company is one of the largest manufacturers of scented candles.

The Yankee Candle Company was founded in 1969 when Kittredge created his first scented candle for his mother. With help from some friend, the company was created.

The company grew rapidly and in 1998 Kittredge sold the company for USD 500 million to Forstman Little, a NY private equity company. In 2011 the company realized almost USD 800 million in sales with a USD 33 million net profit.

Kittredge’s yacht Parrafin was sold in 2011 by Fraser. She is currently available for charter.

Param Jamuna - motor yacht - 49 meter (159 ft) - Rossinavi - 2013 - Prakash Hinduja - net worth USD 15 billion - India

Paramour  - motor yacht -   42.6m (140ft)  -  CMN Yachts  -  2002 - Michael O’Keeffe  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  Australia

Parsifal III  -  sailing yacht -  53.8m (176.51ft)   - Perini Navi   -  2005

Kim Vibe-Petersen  -  net worth > USD 200 million  - Denmark

Scanomat coffee machines  -

Kim Vibe Peterson is the owner of the yacht Parsifal. Peterson is founder of Scanomat. Scanomat launched the world's first fully automatic Cappuccino machine.

Nowadays Scanomat manufactures, develops, and markets some of the world’s best professional coffee brewers. With the innovative Topbrewer you can operate your coffee machine with an Iphone app. Scanomat was founded in the 1960’s, operating from a garage.

Now Scanomat’s machines make over 500 million cups of coffee each year. The company realizes sales over USD 50 million with 200 employees. Kim Vibe Peterson and his wife Nina have owned 3 sail yachts, all named Parsifal.

Their current yacht Parsifal III was built by Perini Navi in 2005.

Party Girl  - motor yacht -   44.5m (146ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards Ltd.   -  2007

Charles West  -  net worth > USD 200 million  -  USA

Pet Supermarket  -

Charles West is the owner of the yacht Party Girl . Charles West founded Pet Supermarket in 1973. Pet Supermarket sells more than 8,000 pet care products, including food, toys, medicine, and clothing.

The company started as Pet Circus in South Florida. Pet Supermarket now has 1,400 employees and 135 stores and realizes annual sales of more than $ 250 million. Charles West has an estimated net worth of more than $ 200 million. The  yacht has her own website.

Patriot  - motor yacht -   29,5m (95,11ft)  -  Bloemsma & Van Breemen  -  2003  Mark Grosvenor  - net worth > USD 150 million  -  USA

Grosvenor Industries  -

Mark Grosvenor was the owner of the yacht Patrior. Grosvenor is Chief Executive Officer of Grosvenor Industries, established in San Diego about 30 years ago.  Grosvenor Industries has built several hotels and has become involved with several other US companies.

In 1984, Mark Grosvenor founded Medallion Foods, Inc. in Newport, Arkansas, a snack food manufacturing company, supplying companies including Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.  Medallion Foods was sold to Ralcorp Holdings in 2005 for USD 100 million.

In 1989, Grosvenor formed GHG Hospitality, Inc., which owns and operates more than ten hospitality projects including hotels and marinas across the United States.  Grosvenor Industries also owns and operates Grosvenor Square Shopping Center.

Mark Grosvenor has sold his yacht Patriot,

she is now called C1.

motor yacht Naia, built as yacht Pegaso

Pegaso (now named Naia)  - motor yacht -  73.6m (241ft)  -  Freire Shipyard  -  2011 - Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga  -net worth USD 1 billion  -  Mexico

Grupo Pegaso  -

Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga is the owner of the yacht Pegaso. Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga is the owner of Grupo Pegaso. Grupo Pegaso owns interests in several companies such as Neology, PanAmSat de México and Bagan.

Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga is the owner of several soccer teams in Mexico (Atlante FC) and the adviser of the FIFA President. In 2000 Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga sold his 25% share in Grupo Televisa, which is led by his cousin Emilio Azcarraga Jean, owner of the luxury yacht TV.

In 2014 the yacht Pegaso was sold, she is now named Naia.

Pegasus V  - motor yacht -   76.91m (252.33ft)  -  Royal Denship A/S   -  2003

Ron Tutor  -  net worth USD 800 million  -  USA

Tutor- Saliba construction  -

Pegasus V was owned by Ron Tutor, until he sold the yacht in June 2014

Pelorus  - motor yacht -  115m (377.3ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts   - 2003 - David Geffen  -  net worth USD 4.6 billion  -  USA

Geffen Records  -

More about David Geffen and Pelorus. Pelorus was sold and is now owned by Samuel Tak Lee

Perfect Persuasion  - motor yacht -   45.72m (150ft)  -  Oceanfast   -  1997

built as Perfect Prescription for

Michael Ashkin  -  net worth > USD 200 million  -  USA

The Darby Group  -

Superyacht Perfect Persuasion was built as Perfect Prescription for Michael Ashkin. Michael Ashkin is the chairman of the Darby Group. The Darby Group is a distributor of dental and veterinary supplies.

The Darby Group was founded by Joseph Ashkin - the father of Michael - in the 1940’s. The company became the US’ largest maker of low-priced versions of drugs whose patents have expired.

In 1993 - when the group realized USD 575 million in sales - the generic drug business was sold for USD 275 million to Marion Merrel Dow. The remaining activities  - dental and animal health - stayed with the Ashkin family. The Darby Group now consists of Prima Dental (dental equipment), Butler Schein Animal Health (veterinary products) and Darby Dental Supply.

 Darby Dental Supply is the US largest distributor of dental merchandise.

Perle Bleue  - motor yacht -   38m (125ft)  -  Hakvoort  -  2007

Stanley Bey  -  net worth  > US$ 100 million  -  USA

Russell-Stanley Corporation  -

Stanley Bey is the owner of the yacht Perle Bleue. Perle Bleue was delivered by Hakvoort in 2008, and was a replacement for Stanley Bey’s previous yacht Campbell Bay – also built by Hakvoort.

Stanley Bey is the founder of the Russell-Stanley Corporation. Russell-Stanley was a leading manufacturer and marketer of plastic and steel industrial containers in North America.  Russell-Stanley was founded in 1950 as a steel drum manufacturer.

From 1950 through the 1980s the Company experienced steady growth and expanded by acquisition into plastic drum manufacturing. The company manufactured the containers in 13 plants throughout the United States and Canada.

In 1989 Russell-Stanley Holdings was sold by Stanley Bey to Vestar Capital Partners. 16 years later the company went bankrupt and its assets were acquired by the German drum manufacturer Mauser Group. Superyacht Perle Bleue is available for charter

Perseus 3 - sailing yacht - 60m (197ft) - Perini Navi - 2015

Mark Byrne - net worth > USD 200 million - Bermuda/ Switzerland.

Haverford Insurance -

Mark Byrne is the owner of the yacht Perseus 3. Byrne is the founder of Haverford Insurance and St. Bernard Insurance, active in the car insurance business in Switzerland.

Mark Byrne previously founded and owned the Bermuda based insurance group Flagstone, which was sold in 2012 for USD 623 million. Mark Byrne also founded the Bermuda based West End Capital Management. Mark comes from a family active in insurance: his grandfather owned a small insurance agency, while his father John Byrne founded the White Mountains Insurance Group.

Byrne resides in Bermuda and also has a house in Bagnes, Switzerland. As the names says.. Perseus 3 is the 3rd sailing yacht for Byrne named Perseus.

His current yacht was built by Perini Navi in Italy, while he previously owned a 30 meter and 50 meter (163ft) also built by Perini.

Petara  - motor yacht -   58.2m (190.94ft)  -  Proteksan Turquoise Yachts   -  2005

Bernie Ecclestone  -  net worth USD 4 billion  -UK

Formula One Group  -

Bernie Ecclestone is the owner of the yacht Petara. Ecclestone is the President of Formula One Management. .

Phoenix 2  -  motor yacht -  87.2m (286.09ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts   -  2010

Jan Kulczyk  -  net worth USD 2.7 billion  -  Poland

Kulczyk Investments SA  -

Jan Kulczyk was the richest person in Poland until his death in 2015. His luxury yacht Phoenix was built by Lurssen in 2010.

Pitina  -  motor yacht -  31.45m (103.18ft)  -  Astondoa S.A. (Astilleros)   -  2004

Florentino Pérez  -  net worth USD 1.3 billion  -  Spain

ACS Group  -

Florentino Perez is the owner of the yacht Pitina. Flores is the ceo of the ACS Group. The ACS Group  or (Grupo ACS) is Spanish largest construction group. The group is active in construction, infrastructure and industrial services.

In 2011 ACS acquired Hochtief, German’s largest construction company. Florentino Perez owns 17% of the ACS Group. Florez founded Construcciones Padros in 1983, through several mergers and acquisitions, this company became Spanish largest construction company, making Perez one of the richest people from Spain.

Perez has an estimated net worth of USD 1.3 billion. Florentino Perez is best known for being the President of the Real Madrid Football Club. His yacht Pitina was built in Spain at the Astondoa ship yard.

Plan B  - motor yacht -  73.1m (240ft)  -  Abu Dhabi Mar  -  2012

Ted Waitt  -  net worth USD 900 million  -  USA

Gateway  -

Ted Waitt is the owner of the yacht Plan B. Waitt is the founder of US based PC maker Gateway. The yacht Plan B was rumored to be owned by Brad Pitt.

Polar Bear  - motor yacht -  31.09m (102ft)  -  Citadel Yachts  -  2011

Larry Jodsaas  - net worth USD 50 million  -  USA

Polarfab  -

Larry Jodsaas is the owner of the yacht Polar Bear. In 1990 Larry Jodsaas and partner Gregory Peterson acquired the micro-circuit division of Control Data Corporation for the purchase price of USD 1.

They built the company, named VTC to a revenue of USD 177 million with a 65% market share of the world’s pre-amplifier micro-chip industry. In 1994 Jodsaas sold shares in his company for USD 30 million. In 2000 he sold his remaining shares in the company for USD 35 million.  

Upon the sale of VTC, Jodsaas started PolarFab, the only privately held semi-conductor foundry in the U.S. PolarFab manufactured circuits on silicon wafers. In 2004 Jodsaas sold his stake in PolarFab to Sanken for approx. USD 4 million.

In June 2014 his yacht Polar Bear was destroyed in a fire while being dry docked for maintenance.

Polaris - motor yacht - 48.29m (158 ft) - Rossi Navi - 2014

Vagif Mamishev - net worth > US$ 300 million - Russia

Autoarmatura -

Vagif Mamishev is the owner of the yacht Polaris. Mamishev is the owner of Autoarmatura, a supplier to the Russian car industry, based in St Petersburg.

Mamishev is also Chairman of the Association of the Azerbaijan National Cultural Autonomy of St. Petersburg.

Polaris was built at RossiNavi and was delivered in 2014. In 2018 she was listed for sale and renamed Polaris I. This probably means Mamishev is building a new yacht.

Polly -  motor yacht - 41m (134.51ft) - Alloy Yachts - 2006

Neville Crichton - net worth > USD 200 million - New Zealand

Car dealership / Balverona / Ateco -

Superyacht Polly was built as Como for Neville Crichton

Predator  - motor yacht -   72.8m (238.85ft)  -  Feadship   -  2008

Iksander Makhmudov  -  net worth USD 8 billion  -  Russia

UGMK Holding  -

Luxury yacht Predator is owned by Iksander Makhmudov, one of the richest persons in Russia. He also owns the yacht Elsea.

Prima Donna (now Aghassi) - motor yacht -  44.2m (145.01ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards Ltd.   -  2002

Gary Primm  -  net worth USD 400 million  -  USA

Primadonna Resorts  -

Gary Primm was the owner of the yacht Primadonna. Primm sold Primadonna, she is now called Aghassi. Gary Primm is a casino developer and former chairman, chief executive of Primm Valley Resorts.

In the mid-1970s, Gary Primm developed the Primadonna Casino in Primm, Nevada. Primm, Nevada is named after Gary Primm's father Ernest Primm who had bought the 400 acres (160 ha) at the state border for only USD 12,000 in 1951. Primm Valley Resorts (formerly known as Primadonna Resorts) owns three hotel/casinos in Primm, Nevada.

Whiskey Pete's was the first of their hotels. The Primadonna Resort was the second hotel built, and it was later renamed to the Primm Valley Resort. These two hotels are connected by a single car monorail across the I-15. Buffalo Bill's was the third hotel built.

Buffalo Bill's and Primm Valley Resort are connected by a larger train. The Las Vegas Outlet Mall was added as a part of the Primadonna Resort in 1998. In 1999, MGM Grand Inc. acquired Primadonna Resorts in an USD 400 million transaction.

The transaction included Primadonna`s assets in Primm, 50% ownership of New York - New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and two world class golf courses. The yacht Primadonna is now named Aghassy.

Prince Abdulaziz   -  motor yacht -   147m (482.28ft)  -  Helsingor Vaerft  -  1984

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia  -  Saudi Royal Family

Superyacht Prince Abdul Aziz was built for the King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. The yacht is now owned by the current King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah has an estimated net worth of $ 18 billion.  

The yacht still is one of the largest yachts in the world. She has an opulent interior- which was refitted in 2005 -, including an indoor swimming pool.

Princess Mariana  -  motor yacht -  76.91m (252.3ft)  -  Royal Denship A/S   -  2003

Carlos Peralta Quintero  - net worth USD 1.3 billion  -  Mexico

Lusacell sold to Vodafone  -

Princess Mariana is built for Carlos Peralto Quintero who owned the Mexican cell phone company Lusacell. Lucasell was sold to Vodafone.

Quintero sold his yacht to Ronald Tutor, owner of the Tutor-Perini corporation, one of the largest building and civil contractors in California, USA, The yacht is now named Pegasus V.

Principessa Vai Via  - sailing yacht -   40m (131ft) -  Perini Navi  -  1991

Ennio Doris  -  net worth USD 2.3 billion  -  Italy

Mediolanum  -

Italian billionaire Ennio Doris is the owner of the sailing yacht Principessa Vai Via, which he purchased from Silvio Berlusconi. Ennio Doris founded Mediolanum, active in financial services such as investment banking, insurance and mutual funds.  

Doris owns 40% of the shares, while his co-investor Berlusconi owns 36% through his holding company Fininvest. In 2013 the Mediolanum Group realized a revenue of USD 2 billion and a net income of US$ 450 million.  

Ennio Doris’ yacht Principessa Vai Via participated in the 2011 Perini Navi Cup. The yacht accommodates 10 guests with a crew of 6. She is available for charter.

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