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Benetti Yachts

Benetti is one of the largest and oldest yacht building companies in the world. Based in Viareggio, Italy, they have built more than 350 motor yachts. The production capacity is now more than 100 yachts per year.

In 2019 their biggest super yacht yet will be delivered. The 108 meter EJI, for Australian billionaire James Packer. And later that year the 107 meter replacement for Samar (FB 272) will also be delivered to her owner.


The Italian company is a luxury yacht builder. For long specializing in semi-custom yachts, built of fibre glass. But the company also builds custom yachts from steel with aluminum superstructure. It is one of the most

BenettiNowadays the company builds a broad range of yachts. Including extremely luxury, high quality custom yachts. Such as the 90 meter Lionheart, the 69 meter Spectre and the 67 meter Seasense.


The Benetti shipyard was founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873. The company started building wooden fishing boats and trade ships. From 1910 Lorenzo’s sons Gino and Emilio started building luxury yachts. The name was changed to Fratelli Benetti.

In the 1960 the company built steel yachts ranging from 18 to 33 meter (110 ft). In 1979 they built the - at that time - largest  motor yacht in the world. The 83 meter steel hulled (272ft) Nabila. Built for arms dealer Adnan Khashoggy. In the 1990’s the yacht was known as Trump Princess. And later she was bought by Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal. Who named her Kingdom 5KR.

Paolo VitelliIn the 1980’s the yard had a difficult financial position. That was due to problems with the yacht Nabila. After which the company was purchased by Paolo Vitelli. Vitelli founded the yacht builder Azimut in 1969, while still being a student.

In 2015 Vitelly sold a minority share of the Azimut Benetti Group to Tamburi Investments partners. Bringing Giovanni Tamburi to the board.

The company now has 5 shipyards: 4 in Italy and 1 in Brazil. The company built more than 300 yachts per year. And has more than 1,000 employees. The company has its own yacht design department.

The group also owns Fraser Yachts. Fraser is a succesful yacht brokerage company. The company is also active in charter, yacht management and construction management. Fraser sells more than 50 yachts per years and has several Benetti yachts for sale.

Benetti Production Facilities

The group has two production facilities near its headquarter in Viareggio. Where they can build yachts up to 42 meters.

In Livorno they can build 12 yachts at the same time. With a length to more than 100 meters.

Notable Yachts

Notable yachts built by the famous shipyard are the 86 meter Nabila (know Kingdom 5KR). And the 90 meter Lionheart owned by Philip Green. And the 70 meter Reverie, built for Kjell Inge Rokke.

Current Order Portfolio

The company has dozens of yachts in their current portfolio. And more than 30 under construction, including a few very large mega yachts.

We are aware of the following projects under construction:

FB 272 - 107.6 meter - 2019 - ZoZa, we were told she replaces Samar.

FB 273 - 70 meter- 2019 - Project Alkhor.

FB 274 - 65.5 meter - 2021

FB 275 - 108 meter - 2019 - IJE built for James Packer

FB 276 - 63 meter - 2019 - known as Project Balance. German owner?

FB 277 - 107 meter - 2019 - (IMO 9761762) - named Lana

FB 278 - no details yet

Contact Details

Via Michele Coppino, 104

55049 – Viareggio (Lucca)

Tel +39 0584 3821

Fax +39 0584 396232

[email protected]



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The 10 Biggest Yachts built by Benetti Yachts.

1. EJI - 107 meter (351 ft) - 2019

Owner: James Packer

We were told that Project FB277 will be named EJI. But we think FB277 is built for a Russian owner.

FB 277 - yacht EJI - Benetti

2. Lionheart - 90 meter (295 ft) - 2016

Owner: Philip Green

Stefano Natucci is responsible for the yachts design.

Benetti Lionheart

3. Kingdom 5 KR - 86 meter (282 ft) - 1980

Owner: Prince Al Waleed bin Talal

Kingdom 5KR was built as Nabila for Adnan Kashoggi. For a short period the yacht was owned by Donald Trump who named her Trump Princess.

yacht kingdom 5 KR

4. Freedom - 70 meter (229 ft) - 1999

Owner: built for Kjell Inge Rokke

Freedom was built as Reverie for Kjell Inge Rokke. Her seven decks bring an enormous volume. She can accommodate 26 guests and a crew of 29.

yacht reverie - Freedom

5. Spectre - 69 meter (227 ft) - 2018

Owner: John Staluppi

US car dealer John Staluppi has owned many yachts, all with a James Bond theme and name.

yacht Spectre

6. Seasense - 67 meter (219 ft) - 2017

Owner: Charles Cohen

Cohen is the owner of Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation. The company now owns a large portfolio of office buildings throughout the USA.

Benetti Seasense

7. Ambrosia - 65 meter (213 ft) - 2006

Owner: Ambrous Young

Abrous Young has ordered 3 yachts at Benetti, all named Abrosia. He runs an aircraft brokerage firm representing European and US aircraft manufacturers in Asia.

yacht Ambrosia

8. Rahil - 65 meter (213 ft) - 2011

Owner: Arkady Rotenberg

The Yacht Rahil was built as Amnesia for Graham de Zille. A few month before delivery he received an offer he could not refuse. She was sold to Arkady Rotenberg. Who named her Nataly after his wife. After a few years  and a non-amical divorce, the yacht was renamed Rahil.

9. Seanna - 65 meter (213 ft) - 2011 (FB 254)

Owner: We are not sure who owns Seanna

Do you know who owns Seanna? Please do send us a message.

yacht seanna

10. Silver Angel - 64.5 meter (212 ft) - 2009

Owner: We are not sure who owns Silver Angel

Do you know who the owner of the yacht Silver Angel is? Please do send us a message.

yacht silver angel
Yacht Rahil

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Benetti yacht

The yacht Lionheart (photo by Raphael Belly).

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Inside the biggest Benetti Yachts.

Not all Benetti Yacht Owners have release interior photos. But we found the following.

Inside Kingdom 5KR

She was built as Nabila for Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi.

inside kingdom 5krinside benetti yachtKingdom 5KR interiorBenetti Kingdom 5KRinside Benetti yacht

Inside the yacht Freedom

She was built as Reverie for Kjell Inge Rokke.

inside freedom yachtyacht Freedom interiormain diningbath room

Inside the yacht Spectre

She was built for John Staluppi

inside yacht spectreyacht spectre interioroffice spectreInside Benetti SpectreSpectre