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Alijan Ibragimov: his Net Worth, his House, his 7X Jet and his I Dynasty Yacht

MY I Dynasty | Specifications

Boat Name:

I Dynasty

Yacht Length:

100 m (331 ft)


22 in 11 cabins


30 in 15 cabins


Peters Werft


The A Group




17 knots




4,437 ton



I Dynasty Yacht Price:

US$ 200 million

I Dynasty Yacht For Sale:

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Alijan Ibragimov


Alijan Ibragimov



Alijan Ibragimov Net Worth:

US$ 2.3 billion


Eurasian Natural Resources Company


June 5, 1954


Mukadaskhan Ibragimova


Shukhrat Ibragimov, Dostan Ibragimov, Furkhat Ibragimov, Davron Ibragimov


Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

Private Jet:

Dassault Falcon 7X (OO-IDY)

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Ibragimov also owned a 59 meter Benetti yacht. His business partners each own a large yacht. He lives with his family in Belgium.

Who is Alijan Ibragimov?Alijan Ibragimov

He is a billionaire based in Kazakhstan. He is co-founder of ENRC. He was born in June 1954. He is married to Mukadaskhan Ibragimova. They have 4 children. SuperYachtFan was informed that Kazakhstan billionaire is the owner of the yacht I Dynasty.


Mr Machkevitch, Mr Ibragimov and Mr Chodiev are founding shareholders of ENRC. ENRC is active in mining, processing, energy, logistical and marketing operations.

ENRC operates in Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Brazil and Africa. ENRC currently employs over 70,000 people, of which 65,000 are located in Kazakhstan. ENRC was stock listed in London.

In November 2013 Bragimov, Machkevitch and Chodiev founded the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) and acquired ENRC for USD 1.7 billion. ENRC was consequently de listed.

Ibragimov’s business partner Patokh Chodiev is rumored to be the owner of the yacht Plan B.

International Mining Resources

They have also collaborated on certain other business ventures. They each hold 33.3 per cent. in Summerside Investments S.à r.l., a Luxembourg company which owns (i) International Mineral Resources B.V., a mining investment company and (ii) certain other entities engaged in the exploration and production of natural gas and oil in Kazakhstan.

In addition, they each hold 33.3 per cent. in each of Eurasian Industrial Company, Eurasian Production Company and Eurasian Financial Company, Kazakhstan holding companies which own a diverse set of subsidiaries in Kazakhstan.

59 meter Benetti Yacht

Ibragimov’s new 101 meter yacht was built at Kusch yachts. He also owns the 59 meter Benetti I Dynasty which was sold and is now named Iman.

How Much is Alijan Ibragimov Net worth?

He has a net worth of US$ 2.3 billion (June 2019).  

Does He Own a Private Jet?

He also owns a Dassault Falcon 7X private jet. With registration OO-IDY. The Dassault Falcon 7X has a US$ 50 million price tag. The aircraft can accommodate 14 passengers.

Where is Ibragimov’s House?

Ibragimov lives in a large mansion in Belgium. He also owns a house in Switzerland. Although local media report that this house has been deserted many years ago.

The Ibragimov family also has a residence in London. Alijan’s son Dostan Ibragimov resides in Belgium, next to his father’s mansion.

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M/Y I Dynasty Yacht

I Dynasty is  a 101 meter motor yacht, built at Kusch Yachts in Germany. She was delivered to her owner in July 2015.

Yacht Interior

She is built under project management of Vega Yachts. And is designed by The A Group. While Studio Massari is responsible for her interior.

The yacht accommodates 22 guests, catered by a total of 33 of staff and crew.


The superyacht is powered by a Rolls Royce diesel electric propulsion package. This packages powers a pair of electric Rolls Royce Azipull propulsion units.

Her top speed is 17 knots. Her cruise speed is 14 knots.  She has a range of more than 6,500 nm. Her Dynamic Positioning Systems allows her to remain at a single position. Without the need for anchors.

Indoor Swimming Pool

The yacht has a 10 by 3 meter indoor swimming pool, which doubles as a tender dock.

The 2nd Largest Yacht built by Kusch

I Dynasty is the 2nd largest yacht delivered by Kusch. She is a replacement for the same named 59 meter Benetti. Which also has an interior designed by Massari. She was sold and is now named Iman.

Is She Available for Yacht Charter?

The boat is not available for yacht charter. And the yacht is not listed for sale.

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superyacht I Dynasty


I Dynasty yacht

The yacht is built by Kusch Yacht (Photo by Michael Janke -

I Dynasty yacht

The Amazing 101 meter yacht was built at Kusch Yachts.

Alijan Ibragimov yacht

He owns the US$ 200 million yacht I Dynasty.

I Dynasty Interior

The dining room seats 12

motor yacht I Dynasty

I Dynasty is one of the largest and most expensive yachts. Photo by HHScheuller.

Follow the location of the yacht live

Ibragimov private jet OO-IDYI Dynasty yacht interior

The Amazing interior of the I Dynasty yacht.

His private jet, a Dassault Falcon. (OO-IDY).

Private Jet

Alijan Ibragimov House

Alijan Ibragimov House

Inside the yacht

The interior of the luxury yacht is designed by Studio Massari. The yacht can accommodate 22 guests and a crew of 33.

inside Alijan Ibragimov yacht

The Studio Massari designed interior of the yacht

I Dynasty yacht interior

He lives in this large mansion in Belgium.