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C2  - motor yacht -   78.43m (257.3ft)  -  Abeking & Rasmussen   -  2008 - Ron Owen Perelman  -  net worth USD 14 billion  -  USA

Cakewalk  - motor yacht -   55.3m (181ft)  -  Benetti  -  2003 - Charles P Gallagher  -  net worth > USD 400 million  -  USA

Calex  - motor yacht -  49.7m (163 ft)  -  Westport Yachts  -  2013 - David W. Wilson  -  net worth > 100 million  -  USA

Calixe  - motor yacht -   58.8m (192.98ft)  -  Feadship  -  1986 - Wendy McCaw  -  net worth USD 500 million  -  USA

Calliope (now named Ninkasi)  - motor yacht -   42.3m (139 ft)  -  Holland Jachtbouw  -  2010 - Angus C. Littlejohn Jr. -  Net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Candyscape II (now Sealyon) - motor yacht -   61.8m (202.76ft)  -  Viareggio SuperYachts  -  2009  Christian and Nick Candy  -  net worth > USD 200 million  -  UK

Capri - motor yacht -  58.55m (192 ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts  -  2003 - John Caudwell  -  net worth: USD 2.6 billion  -  UK

Carinthia VII  - motor yacht -   97.2m (318.9ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts  -  2002 - Heidi Horten  -  net worth USD 3,2 billion  -  Austria

Carl Linné  (ex: Christoffels Lighthouse) - sailing yacht -   32.3m (106 ft)  -  Holland Jachtbouw  -  2003

Harald Örneberg  - net worth > USD 50 million  -   Sweden

ORN Capital  -  The Forest Company  -

Harald Örneberg is the owner of the sailing yacht Carl Linné. Orneberg founded Orn Capital, a hedge fund management company. Orn Capital managed funds in excess of US$ 650 million.

In 2006 Orneberg sold Orn Capital to Morley Fund Management. Morley is the UK-based asset management business of the British insurance company Aviva plc. In 2007 Harald Örneberg founded The Forest Company and Timber Capital.

The Forest Company invests in trees, timberland and timber related assets. The Forest Company focuses on forest plantations in areas with high biological growth rates, such as Brazil and Colombia. The company has raised USD 355 million in equity capital and as assets of USD 375 million. Örneberg’s sailing yacht Carl Linné was built at Holland Jachtbouw as Christoffel’s Lighthouse. Carl Linne is currently for sale.

Carlotta  - sailing yacht -  37 (121 ft)  -  Perini Navi  -  1992

Massimo Moratti   -  net worth US$ 1.5 billion  -  Italy

Saras Group  -

Italian billionaire Massimo Moratti is the owner of the sailing yacht Carlotta. Massimo Moratti is the CEO of the Saras Group. The Saras Group, founded by his father Angelo Moratti, is a leading independent oil refinery and trading group, active in Europe.

Saras refines, sells and distributes oil products such as diesel, gasoline, heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and aviation fuel.  In 2013 Russian state owned petroleum company Rosneft took a 21% share in Saras, of which 14% acquired from the Moratti Brothers, who each received EUR 90 million or USD 120 million for their shares.

Massimo and his brother Gian Marco Moratti (Chairman at the company) still own 25.01% of the Saras shares each. In 2013 Saras realized a revenue of US$ 15 billion and a net loss of USD 370 million. Massimo Moratti owned all the shares of the Italian soccer club Inter Milan, but in 2013 sold 70% of the shares to International Sports Capital, for USD 340  million.

Massimo still owns 30% of the shares in Inter Milan and remains Honorary Chairman. Forbes estimates the net worth of Massimo Moratti at US$ 1.5 billion. Sailing yacht Carlotta was delivered by Perini Navi in 1992.  She is built out of steel and powered by a single Volvo engine.

Caryali  - motor yacht - 39.1m (128 ft)  Alloy Yachts  -  2012

Robert (Bob) and Lynne Grossman  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Southern Container Corporation (sold in 2008)

Bob and Lynne Grossman are the owners of the Alloy expedition yacht Caryali. Bob Grossman is the son of Louis Grossman, who founded the Southern Container Corporation.

The Southern Container Corporation was sold in 2008 to RockTenn for USD 1 billion. It is not clear whether Bob still owned shares in the company at that moment, so SuperYachtFan estimates Grossman’s net worth at USD 100 million.

Bob is the brother of Steven Grossman, owner of the Huisman motor yacht Arcadia. Bob Grossman is still connected to a company named Southern Kraft Corporation, based in Plantation, Florida. The company was (or still is) also active in the paper industry.

The Grossman family is now active in real estate development, through several companies all with names related to Caryali. The family owns DMH Press, which publishes the children’s storybooks The Dolly Adventures.

The books are actually written by Alison Grossman, daughter of Bob and Lynne. Bob and Lynne Grossman have owned several yachts all named Caryali. Their yachts are named after their children Cary and Alison. Before their current Alloy Yacht, they owned a Nordhavn 86, also named Caryali.

Casino Royale  - motor yacht -   49.68m (162.99ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards Ltd.   -  2008

David McDonald  -  net worth USD 375 million  -  USA

Pelco  -

David McDonald is the owner of the yacht Casino Royale. David McDonald was CEO of Pelco. Pelco is worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems, with 2 ,200 employees worldwide. In 2007 Pelco was acquired by Schneider Electric for USD 1.5 billion.

At that moment 50% of the shares of Pelco was owned by Gerald and William Lyles, while the other 50% was owned by Freedom Acquisitions, Incorporated, which was partially owned by David McDonald.

It is estimated that David McDonald received around 25% of the USD 1.5 billion, or USD 375 million. In the same year David McDonald founded McDonald Aviation, LLC. McDonald Aviation owns a Gulfstream 550 with registration N560DM, which is available for charter.

David McDonald acquired the yacht Casino Royale from legendary yachtsman John Staluppi. John Staluppi currently owns two yachts and has third in order, all three are named Skyfall.

Cedar Sea II  - motor yacht -   65.15m (213.8ft)  -  Feadship   -  1986

Mouawad family  -  net worth USD 2,5 billion  - Lebanon

Jewelry  -

The Mouawad family are the owners of superyacht Cedar Sea II. Mouawad is a privately held International jewelry company that designs, manufacturers, and sells exclusive jewelry.

During the last 40 years the company has transformed from a family business into a global empire. Mouawad is known for its exclusive collections, haute joaillerie, objects of art, and luxury watches. Mouawad is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland but they have offices worldwide.

Cedar Sea - Range RoverMouawad was founded in 1891 in Beirut, Lebanon by David Mouawad and is currently led by 4th generation. Cedar Sea used to have an customized Range Rover as a tender.

C’est La Vie  - motor yacht -   31m (102ft) - Kaiserwerft - 2003

Franck Muller - net worth > USD 100 million  –  Switzerland

Franck Muller Geneve -

Franck Muller is the owner of the motor yacht C’est La Vie. Franck Muller is the founder of the Geneva based watch making company Franck Muller.

After graduating from the Watch making School of Geneve, Franck Muller started repairing exclusive watches. In 1991 he started his own watch making company, focusing on tourbillions watches.

His famous clientele include rapper 50Cent and actress Demi Moore. Annual sales of the Frank Muller Group is estimated at USD 350 million a year.

Franck Muller’s yacht C’est La Vie was built in 2003 at the German Kaiserwerft. In 2012 Franck Muller ordered a larger 45 meter yacht at Kaiserwerft for Eur 21 million. The yacht order was later canceled, which started a legal dispute.

C’est La Vie  - motor yacht -   27.4m (90 ft)  -  ACY  -  2012

Gary Chouest  -  net worth > USD 1 billion  -  USA

Edison Chouest Offshore  -

Gary Chouest, who purchased Westport Yachts early June 2014, is the owner of several sport fishing yachts. He and his family own the ACY 90 ft C’est La Vie, the ACY 80 ft Patriot, the ACY 65 ft Freedom and the Monterey 58 Chach.

The large number of ACY yachts isn’t surprising as Chouest actually owns the shipyard CY, or American Custom Yachts. Gary Chouest is a wealthy man, his net worth is estimated at a least US$ 1 billion.

The source of wealth is the company Edison Chouest Offshore, or ECO. ECO was founded by Edison Chouest, the father of Gary Chouest. Edison Chouest started as a shrimp fisherman.

In 1960 he bought a small utility vessel to support a petroleum rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Later he started to refurbish old vessels and  nowadays Edison Chouest Offshore owns more than 200 offshore service vessels, five shipbuilding facilities (North American Shipbuilding, LaShip, Gulf Ship, Tampa Ship and Navship), and two super yacht builders: ACY and since 2014 Westport Yachts.

Further the group owns several ship terminals, dry dock facilities and other ship service related companies. Chouest also co-owns the Norway based offshore service company Island Offshore. The latest addition to Gary Chouest’s expanding company portfolio is the Washington based super yacht builder Westport Yachts.

He purchased the Westport shares from John Orin Edson, founder of Bayliner Marine Corporation and owner of the Westport yacht Evviva. According to a Westport Yachts press release, Gary Chouest owns a Westport Yacht.

SuperYachtFan found out that Gary Chouest is the owner of the Westport 164 My Girl. The yacht was delivered in 2007 and is the 3rd yacht in the 164 series.

Chanticleer  - motor yacht -   33.5m (109.91ft)  -  Burger Boat Company   -  1973

Marty Sutter  -  net worth < USD 100 million  -  USA

health care investments  -

Marty Sutter is the owner of the yacht Chanticleer. Sutter founded a number of successful healthcare companies.

Marty Sutter is founder and managing director of Essex Woodlands. Established in 1985, Essex Woodlands is one of the oldest healthcare equity and venture capital firms in the world.

They have $2.5 billion under management. Investments include ATS Medical, BioForm Medical, Lifecell and several others.

Charisma  - motor yacht -   39.62m (129.99ft)  -  Hatteras Yachts  -  1995

Scott McQueen  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  USA

Bluewater Radio Broadcasting  -

Scott McQueen is the owner of the yacht Charisma. Scott McQueen is the founder of Bluewater Broadcasting.

Bluewater Broadcasting owns and operates seven radio stations in the Montgomery Alabama area. Stations include WQKS HD3 Yo! 107.1 (classic hip hop/R&B) and WACV – News Talk 93.1.

Chayka  - motor yacht -   53.7m (176.18ft)  -  Proteksan Turquoise Yachts  -  2009

Russian Presidential yacht -  Russia

The yacht Chayka is known as the Russian Presidential yacht. The yacht was acquired by the Russian government in 2011.  She was originally built for an Italian businessman who named her Leo Fun.

When acquired by  Russia, she was first known as Sirius, but soon renamed in to Chayka, which means Seagull in Russian. In 2011 it was reported that she was purchased on behalf of Dmitry Medvedev, then Russia’s president, now Russia’s Prime Minister.

Chayka’s home port is Sochi, host city of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. It is expected that Vladimir Putin and or Dmitry Medvedev will use the yacht Chayka as basis for their visits to the Olympic Games.

Che  - motor yacht -   35.0 m (114 ft)  -  Sunreef Yachts  -  2011

Eric E Verbeeck  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  Belgium

real estate  -

Eric Verbeeck is the owner of the sailing yacht Che.  Verbeek owns Interbuild, a Belgium real estate developer.

The company was founded in 1980 by Erick Verbeeck, and was one of the largest Belgium real estate companies. The company was sold to the Dutch BAM group in 1998.

Chevy Toy  - motor yacht -   47.85m (156.99ft)  -  Trinity Yachts, LLC   -  2004

Gene Reed  -  net worth USD 100 million  -  USA

Gene Reed Enterprises  -

Gene Reed used to be the owner of the yacht Chevy Toy. Reed sold the yacht Chevy Toy in 2011, she is now named Cocktails.  

Gene Reed founded the Gene Reed Enterprises, an automotive group based in Charleston, South Carolina. Reed was mainly active as Chevrolet and Toyota dealership. In 2011 Reed sold his Toyota dealerships to Hendrick Automotive Group for around USD 70 million.

Reed still owns Daytona Toyota in Florida, and owns Reed-Lallier Chevrolet in Fayetteville, N.C. Reed had acquired and sold dealerships before: In 1997 he sold his several Chevrolet dealerships, including three in the Charleston area, to United Auto Group Inc. for USD 17 million in cash and USD 13 million in stock.

Chopi Chopi  - motor yacht -   80 (262 ft)  -  CRN Spa  -  2013

Taha Mikati  -  net worth USD 3.5 billion  -  Lebanon

M1 Group / Investcom  -

Taha Mikati or his brother Najib Makati is the owner of the yacht Chopi Chopi.

Christina O  - motor yacht -   99.15m (325.3ft)  -  Canadian Vickers  -  1943

Ivor Fitzpatrick  -  net worth not known  -  Ireland

Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company  -

The yacht Christina O was built for the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, who named his yacht after his daughter Christina Onassis.

When Onassis died in 1975, the yacht was acquired and later restored by John Paul Papanicolaou, a friend of the Onassis family. Papinicolaou was president of Titan Brokerage Corporation of Piraeus, Greece.  

Papinicolaou was also responsible for the conversion of Galeb, the former Yugoslavian presidential yacht. John-Paul Papanicolaou died in 2010.  

Luxury yacht Christina O is now co-owned by Ivor Fitzpatrick, an Iris lawyer. Ivor Fitzpatrick & Company is one of Ireland's best-known and most respected law firms.

Claire - motor yacht  -  45.7m (150ft) -  Trinity Yachts

Merle Wood - net worth > USD 50 million

Merle Wood & Associates -

Merle Wood is the owner of the yacht Claire. Merle Wood is the founder and owner of Merle Wood & Associates, one of the most successful yacht brokerage companies.

The company has concluded sales with a cumulative value exceeding USD 26 billion. The yacht Claire was built as Seahawk. Wood previously owned a smaller yacht, a 115ft Broward yacht also named Claire.

Wood named the yachts after his wife Claire. Wood also owns or owned a 75ft Hatteras yacht named Victory. Claire is available for charter.

Clan VI - sailing yacht - 39m (128ft) - 1983

Clan VIII - sailing yacht - 45m (148ft) - Perini Navi - 2011

Bertram R.C. Rickmers - net worth > USD 500 million - Germany

Rickmers Group -

Bertram Rickmers is the owner of the sailing yachts Clan VI and Clan VIII. Bertram Rickmers is owner and chairman of the Rickmers Group, based in Hamburg Germany and active in shipping and ship management.

Through its Rickmers Linie the group offers breakbulk, heavy lift and cargo liner services. With 12 vessels Rickmers Linie offers the "Round-The-World Pearl String Service".

With vessels following a fixed itinerary serving 16 ports around the globe on an eastbound route with departures every 14 days. Rickmers Maritime assets manages vessels which are owned by it or by third parties.

Rickmers fleet of more than 125 vessels include container vessels, multi-purpose vessels and bulk and car carriers. In 2014 the Rickmers Group realized sales of EUR 545 million and an operational cash flow of more than EUR 200 million, with 2,300 employees.  

Bertram Rickmers owns 100% of the shares, giving him a net worth of more than USD 500 million. Rickmers’ sailing yacht Clan VIII was built by Perini Navi and delivered in 2011.

She is designed by Ron Holland Design and offers accommodation for 8 guests. His smaller and older yacht Clan VI is available for charter.

Cocktails  - motor yacht -   47.85m (156.99ft)  -  Trinity Yachts   -  2004

Tom Murphy -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Coastal Construction  -

Tom Murphy is the owner of the yacht Cocktails. Murphy is the founder of Coastal Construction.

Coastal is one of the largest construction firms in Florida. The company builds hotels, resorts, office buildings, condominiums and homes. Clients include Donald Trump (Trump Hollywood) and Opray Winfrey, Coastal built a house for her.

Part of the Coastal group is Coastal Environmental Services, which specializes in disaster relief and environmental cleanup. Tom Murphy is an active philanthropist, his Coastal Cares supports local and regional charities including the Boys & Girls Club and Education Fund/Teach-A-Thon.

His yacht Cocktails was built as Chevy Toy for Gene Reed.

Constellation  - motor yacht -   80m (262.47ft)  -  Oceanco  -  1999

Ruling family of Qatar   - Qatar

The yacht Constellation is owned by the ruling family of Qatar. Constellation has an identical sister ship, named Stargate, which is owned by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamid bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

Constellation was built as Stargate I in 1999. Luxury yacht Constellation has a shadow vessel named Al Shoua.

Como  - motor yacht -   46.2m (151.6ft)  -  Feadship   -  2014

Neville Crichton  - net worth > USD 200 million  -  New Zealand

Car dealership / Balverona / Ateco  -

New Zealand based automotive entrepreneur Neville Crichton is the owner of the yacht Como

Copasetic  - motor yacht -   43m (141ft)  =  Hike Metal Works  -  2006

Steven Sablotsky  -  net worth > US$ 100 million  -  USA

Noven Pharmaceuticals -

Steven Sablotsky is the owner of the yacht Copasetic. Sablotsky is the founder of Noven Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company active in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and sale of prescription pharmaceutical products.

Steven Sablotsky founded Noven in 1987 and brought it to the stock market a year later. He kept approx. 25% of the shares.  The company grew rapidly, realizing a revenue of US$ 108 million in 2008, with a net profit of USD 21 million.

In 2009 the Japanese pharma company Hisamitsu acquired Novem for USD 430 million, netting Sablotsky more than USD 100 million. His expedition yacht Copasetic was built by Hike Metal Works and delivered in 2006. The yacht is currently (2014) for sale.

Coral Island  - motor yacht -   72.5m (237.99ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts   -  1994

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh  -

investments (Zeem Trading Company)  -

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh is the owner of the yacht Coral  Island.

Cracker Bay  - motor yacht -   44.9m (147.31ft)  -  Hakvoort Shipyard  - 2002

Gary Morse  -  net worth USD 2.5 billion  -  USA

The Villages

Gary Morse is the owner of the yacht Cracker Bay. Cracker Bay was built as Campbell Bay by Hakvoort Shipyard. Gary More is the owner of The Villages Ltd.  The Villages is an age-restricted retirement community located Florida, United States.

The Villages consistently ranks as a very high growth area. A 2008 Census Bureau report ranked The Villages the No. 1 fastest growing micropolitan area in the United States.

The Villages was founded by the father of Gary Morse. His father began selling land tracts via mail order in the 1960s. Unfortunately a Federal law in 1968 banned mail order sales of real estate.

Stuck with considerable portions of Florida land, in the early 1970s Gary Morse father began development of a mobile home park, Orange Blossom Gardens, in the northwestern corner of Lake County. By the early 1980s, though, the community had sold only 400 units.

Morse noted that the successful retirement communities offered considerable numbers of well-maintained amenities to the residents and were also surrounded by diverse amounts of nearby commercial development. Thus, Morse began to significantly upgrade the development, which worked out well.

Gary Morse built and sold more than 44,000 homes since 1983. He’s created 39 golf courses and developed 4.5 million square feet of commercial space, including two hotels, 60 restaurants and two movie theaters. In 2011, the Holding Company of the Villages Ltd. generated at least USD 550 million in revenue, according to filings.

Based on the value of his various businesses and real estate -- plus the almost USD 1 billion in estimated profits the company has earned over 29 years -- Morse and his family are worth more than USD 2.5 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Criss C  - motor yacht -   34.14m (112.0ft)  -  Christensen Shipyards Ltd.  -  1993

former owner: Eric Wittouck  -  net worth > USD 1 billion  -  Belgium

Weight Watchers  -

The Wittouck family was owner of the Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, Belgium’s largest sugar producer. In 1989 the Tiense Suikerraffinadery was sold to the German company Südzucker for approx. EUR 950 million.

Since then Erik Wittouck founded Artal, a private investment vehicle based in Luxembourg. Thought Artal his investments include Eurobake, Europe's largest baking company, Pizza Hut Finance, operating more than 100 restaurants and Neuhaus, a chocolate manufacturer.

Prior investments include Weight Watchers, which was purchased from Heinz for USD 735 million in 1999 and which was floated on the NYSE stock market in 2001 with a USD 400 million profit.

In 2007 Artal received another USD 540 million for shares Artal still owned in Weight Watchers. And in 2010 and 2011 Artal sold another 12 million shares for more than USD 1 billion.

Crystal  -  motor yacht -  36.9m (121ft)  -  Royal Denship / Moonen  -  2011

Martin Brooks  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  UK

Brooks Leisure

Martin Brook is the owner of the Moonen yacht Crystal. Martin Brook is the founder of Brooks Leisure, the UK’s fourth largest operator of nightclubs and bars.

Brooks father founded Brooks Cash and Carry a wholesaler, which was sold in 1990. Martin Brook then founded Brook Leisure. The last few years many clubs have been sold and the group changed it focus to real estate development.

Brook’s yacht Crystal was originally built at Royal Denship but when that company went bankrupt, the yacht was finished at Moonen.

Darnice III  - motor yacht -   60m (196.85ft)  -  Benetti SpA   -  1986

Hussein Nuaman Soufraki  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  Lebanon

HSN Group  -

Hussein Nuaman Soufraki is the founder and Chairman of HNS Group. HNS Group is a international contractor and real estate developer.

Founded in 1961 the group specializes in commercial construction and civil engineering works for infrastructure and public works projects. HNS Group’s international investments include the Finsbury Tower in London and the Sun City Mall & Hotel in Cairo.

Hussein Nuaman Soufraki was born in Libya ad holds the Canadian citizenship, he resides in Monaco and London. Soufraki is the owner of the Benetti built yacht Darnice III.

DB9 - motor yacht  -  52 m (171 ft)  -  Palmer Johnson  -  2010  Sergei Pugachev - net worth US$ 2 billion - Russia/France

SS Delphine  - motor yacht -   78.55m (257.7ft)  -  Great Lakes Engineering Works   -  1921

Jacques Bruynooghe  -  net worth > EUR 1 00 million  -  Belgium

Top finition  -  topfinition

Jacques Bruynooghe is  the owner of the yacht SS Delphine. He is the founder of Jacques Bruynooghe Garments S.A.R.L.. His company produces denim jeans for brands like Levi’s.

The company is based in Tunesia, where it employs 5.000 workers. In 1997 Jacques Bruynooghe purchased SS Delphine – originally built for US car maker Horace Dodge in 1921- and restored her to her former glory.

She was re-christened in 2003 by HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

Deniki  - motor yacht -   52.3m (171.59ft)  -  Amels Holland B.V.  -  2007

Marcel Boekhoorn  - net worth USD 1.5 billion  -  the Netherlands

Telfort  -

Marcel Boekhoorn is a Dutch entrepreneur. He started his career as a CPA (auditor) but soon focused on private equity. His first major investment was the Dutch bakery retail chain Bakker Bart.

His biggest success was the Dutch mobile phone operator Telfort which he acquired for EUR 300 million, and sold 9 months later to KPN for EUR 1.2 billion. His current investments include Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the McGregor Fashion Group and Spyker Cars.

Boekhoorn named his investment company BoWoLaRi, short for Boekhoorn Wordt Lachend Rijk, which translates as Boekhoorn becomes rich while smiling. Boekhoorn is owner of the Dutch zoo Ouwehands Dierenpark.

His net worth is estimated at USD 1,5 billion. Marcel Boekhoorn named his yacht Deniki after his three daughters Denise, Nicole and Kim.

Destination Fox Harb'r Too  - motor yacht -   49.1m (160.99ft)  -  Trinity Yachts  -  2008

Ronald Vaughan "Ron" Joyce  -  net worth > USD 1 billion  -  USA

Wendy's International  -

Ron Joyce is the owner of the yacht Destination Fox Harb’r Too. Ronald VaughanJoyce, is a Canadian billionaire. He co-founded the Tim Hortons doughnut chain as Tim Horton's partner.

Joyce began to franchise the company throughout the late 1970's until the 1990s. Later Joyce would merge his company with Wendys. Joyce became the largest single shareholder of Wendys.

Ron Joyce eventually sold his stock but continued to be active in his holding company, Jetport Inc, which has significant real estate, aviation, and commercial interests. In 2000, Joyce opened Fox Harb'r Golf Resort & Spa, a five star resort.

Diamonds are forever - motor yacht -   60.96m (200 ft)  -  Benetti SpA  -  2011

John Staluppi  - net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Atlantic Auto Group  -

John Staluppi was the owner of the yacht Diamonds are forever. Staluppi started with a gas station and made it a big success. He was selling cars in his twenties and became one of the first Honda dealers in the US.

Within 10 years he owned 20 dealerships. Later he added Hyundai dealerships. His New York Autogiant now represents 10 brands including Audi, Cadillac and Volkswagen. Together with John Rosatti he is owner of Millennium Super Yachts.

D’Natalin IV  -  motor yacht -  50m (164 ft) - Christensen  - 2014

D'Natalin  - 46.12m (151.3ft)  -  Delta Marine   -  1996

Dennis Jones  -  net worth USD 500 million  -  USA

Jones Pharma  -

Dennis M. Jones (together with his wife Judith Jones) is founder of Jones Pharma. Jones Pharma is a specialty pharmaceuticals manufacturer. In 2000 the company was acquired by King Pharmaceuticals. The market value of the company on its closing trade was $3.6 billion.

After the sale of their company, Dennis and his wife founded The Dennis M Jones Family Foundation, providing to underprivileged students. The foundation was funded with 1,000,000 shares of King and converted into cash through the public sale of the shares at $52 per share.

They purchased their yacht D’Natalin in 2000. She was built in 1996 by Delta Marina as Sally An. In 2014 Dennis Jones had his new 164 ft yacht D’Natalin IV delivered by US yacht builder Christensen. Their previous yacht was put for sale.

Domani  - motor yacht -   44.2m (145.01ft)  -  Benetti SpA   - 2004

Carlos Ancira Elizondo - net worth > 50 million  - Mexico

Carlos Ancira Elizondo is the owner of the yacht Domani.  Elizondo is founder of Grupo Chartwell de Mexico S de RL de CV, Grupo Chartwell is active in the hotel business in Mexico.

Hotels owned or operated by Chartwel are Hilton Mexico City International Airport, the Quinta Real hotel chain and NH Hotels. Chartwell is also active in the development of shopping malls and residential condominiums in Mexico  

He co-owns Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe, active in the hotel business in Mexico. The company’s operating portfolio includes 13 hotels of which 6 are own, 4 are owned by third parties and 3 are in development stage for a total of 3,292 current rooms plus 443 rooms under development.

The hotels are operated under the Krystal brand. Carlos Ancira Elizondo ‘s yacht Domani is available for charter

Dorothea III - motor yacht - 45m ( 148 ft) - Cheoy Lee - 2007

Steven Green - net worth USD 500 million - USA

Greenstreet Partners -

The luxury yacht Dorothea III is owned by Steven Green. Steven Green is an investor and founder of the private investment company Greenstreet Partners.

He was Chairman and CEO of Samsonite Corporation from 1988 to 1996 and US Ambassador to Singapore from November 1997 to March 2001. Green is an active philanthropist, though his Green Family Foundation.  

Donations include US$ 20 million to the  Florida International University, forming the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs. The net worth of Steven Green is estimated at US$ 500 million. His yacht is named after his wife Dorothea.

Dorothea III was built as Marco Polo and was purchased by Green in 2011.

E&E  - motor yacht -   42.09m (138.1ft)  -  Cizgi Yat   -  2011

Murat Vargi  -  net worth > USD 1 billion  -  Turkey

Investments (MV Holding)  -

Murat Vargi is the owner of the yacht E&E. Vargi is founder of Turkcell, Turkey's largest cell phone operator. His investment company MV Holding owns 2.5% of Turkcell, and has other investments in telecom, energy and tourism.

He also owns a stake in KVK, the largest mobile service and telephone distribution network in Turkey. He was owner of Enta Tekstil, a manufacturer of upholstery fabric. Murat Vargi is one of the richest Turks.

Ebony Shine - motor yacht - 74.75m  (248ft) - Feadship - 2009

Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue  - family’s net worth > USD 600 million

Vice President of Equatorial Guinea

Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue is the owner of the yacht Ebony Shine.

Elfje - sailing yacht - 51.8m (170ft) - Royal Huisman - 2015

Wendy Schmidt - net worth USD 10.4 billion

Married to Eric Schmidt - Chairman of Google -

Wendy Schmidt is the owner of the sailing yacht Elfje. The yacht Elfje was built at Royal Huisman in the Netherlands.

Elfje is an eco friendly yacht, designed to have a minimum impact on the environment. Schmidt is married to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Wendy Schmidt also owns a 80 ft Swan sailing yacht named Selene, which she received as a birthday gift. Selene is available for charter. Wendy and her husband Eric are also rumored to be the owners of the motor yacht Oasis.

El Jefe  - motor yacht -   35.0m (114.99ft)  -  Derecktor Shipyards  -  1989

Jeff Boyd  -  net worth < USD 50 million  -  USA

Marina development: CMMC / IGY  -

Jeff Boyd is founder and managing director of Caribbean Marine Management and Consulting N.V. in St. Maarten.

He has developed several marinas on St. Maarten including Port de Plaisance, Isle de Sol, Orient Express (Cupecoy Yacht Club and Villas) and Dock Maarten.

Marine Management and Consulting was acquired by Island Global Yachting (IGY), one of the world’s premier owners, developers and managers of luxury marinas and yachting lifestyle destinations.  Mr. Boyd owns and operates the yacht El Jefe.

Emelina  - motor yacht -  51m (167.32ft)  -  Codecasa S.p.A.   -  2008

Franklin Haney  -  net worth > USD 200 million  - USA

Franklyn L Haney Company -

Franklin Haney is the owner of the yacht Emelina. Franklyn Haney is a real estate developer who founded the Franklyn L Haney Company LLC in 1976.

Haney has a portfolio of more than $10 billion and 15 million square feet of space. The company is mainly active in the Washington area and some southern states.

Developments include 1 million square feet of office space in the Portals Office Complex, which currently houses the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and a multi-billion dollar investment in the Dulles Greenway Toll Road in suburban Virginia.

The company's initial projects were located in Tennessee, and included the Internal Revenue Service building in Memphis. In the 1980s, FLH diversified into food and beverage investments, including the purchase of a Coca-Cola bottling company and a Miller beer distributorship.

He resides in the 50 room USD 20 million Villa Venezio in Manalapan (near Palm Beach), Florida which he purchased from Veronica Hearst, the widow of media scion Randolph Hearst. The Codasa built yacht Emelina is named after his wife Emeline.

Engelberg  - motor yacht -   54.8m (180ft)  -  2013

Dmitry ­Yakubovskiy  -  net worth USD 750 million  -  Switzerland (Russia)

Engelberg Industrial Group (EIG)  -

Dmitty Yakubovskiy is the former owner of the Amels yacht Engelberg. Yakubovskiy and his brother Stav Jacobi founded the Engelberg Industrial Group (EIG), based in Engelberg, Switzerland.

EIG invests in several industrial related companies, such as Thermission and Machinery and Industrial Group. According to an interview with a Swiss magazine, Dmitry ­Yakubovskiy earned his wealth with Moscow real estate. He sold his real estate investments to the Sistema Group.  

There are also some ties with Russia’s largest oil producing company Bashneft, as Stav Jacobi sits on the board of Bashneft Trading, registered in Switserland. Sistema is controlling shareholder in Bashneft.

Jacobi is President of Volero Zurich, a Swiss volleyball club active in the Women's CEV Champions League. Dmitry ­Yakubovskiy ‘s net worth is estimated at SFR 600 million or US$ 750 million, by Bilanz Magazin.

EOS  - sailing yacht -   92.9m (304.86ft)  -  Lürssen Yachts  -  2006

Barry Diller  -  net worth USD 2.3 billion  -  USA

IAC  -

Equanimity  - motor yacht -   91.5m (300ft)  -  Oceanco Yachts  -  2014

Jho Low - family's net worth US$ 1.8 billion  -  Malaysia

Jynwel Capital Limited -

Jynwel Capital CEO Jho Low is the owner of the yacht Equanimity. (Although his London based lawyers claim he is not)

Erica XII  - sailing yacht -   52.5m (172.24ft)  -  Vitters Shipyard   -  2009

Bertil Hult  -  net worth USD 4 billion  - Sweden

EF Education  -

Espresso III - motor yacht -  42.98m (141.01ft)  - Trinity Yachts, LLC -  2004

Francis Tedesco  -  net worth > USD 50 million  -  USA

Academy Bus  -

Francis Tedesco is the owner of the yacht Espresso III. Frank Tedesco is the founder of Academy Bus.

Academy Bus is the largest privately owned motor coach operator in North America, operating more than 650 motor coaches with 1,500 employees. The company, based in New Jersey is active with commuters, casino tours, cruise ship transfers and tours.

Tedesco bought his yacht Espresso from United Capital Markets founder John Devaney. Her previous name was Positive Carry.

Esense  - sailing yacht -   43.7m (143.3ft) -  Wally Yachts  - 2006

Isabella Seragnoli  -   net worth > USD 300 million  -  Italy

Coesia Groep  -

Isabella Serganoli is the owner of the sailing yacht Esense. Isabelle Serganoli is the President and shareholder of the Coesia Group.

The Coesia Group is an Italian based industrial group active in a range of industries, including tobacco, electronics, healthcare and consumer goods. Group companies include Acmavolpak (packaging machineries), Cima (produces gear transmissions for the Formula 1 race series, Flexlink (production logistics solutions), GD (machinery for cigarette production), R.A. Jones (packaging machinery for  food and consumer goods) and several other companies.

In 2013 Coesia realized sales of EUR 1.4 billion with 6,000 employees. Isabella Seragnoli is one of the richest Italians, with a net worth of more than US$ 300 million. Isabella Seragnoli is an active philanthropist, donating millions through her Fondazione Isabella Seragnoli.

Seragnoli’s sailing yacht Esense was built by Wally Yachts in 2002. Esense is a high performance yacht designed by Luca Bassani. Bill Trip is responsible for the naval architecture. Isabella Seagnoli also owns the Perini Navi sailing yacht Is a Rose.

Ethereal  - sailing yacht -   58.04m (190.4ft)  -  Royal Huisman Shipyard BV  -  2009 - Bill Joy  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Sun Microsystems  -

Bill Joy is the owner of the yacht Ethereal. Joy is an American computer scientist. Bill Joy co-founded Sun Microsystems in 1982 and served as chief scientist until 2003.

In 1999 Joy co-founded a venture capital firm, HighBAR Ventures. In January 2005 he was named a partner in venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a world-leading venture capital firm.

KPCB specializes in investments in incubation and early stage companies. More than 150 of the firm’s portfolio companies have gone public, and many other KPCB ventures have achieved success through mergers and acquisitions.

It’s investments included Google, Amazon and Netscape. Ethereal, built by Royal Huisman, is one of the most energy efficient superyachts in the world, using a hybrid electro-mechanical propulsion system.

Evviva - motor yacht -  49.7m (163ft)  -  Westport Yachts  -  2007

John Orin Edson  -  net worth US$ 1 billion  -  USA

Bayliner Marine Corporation -

John Orin Edson is the owner of the yacht Evviva. John Orin Edson founded the Bayliner Marine Corporation in 1957, when he started selling outboard engines and boating accessories.

The company’s first name was actually Advanced Outboard Marine, the brand name Bayliner was acquired later for US$ 100. Orin was very innovative, he introduced the Total Value Package, offering a boat, a motor and a trailer together.

In 1966 he started making fiberglass boats. Nowadays Bayliner is the world’s largest producer of recreational boats. In 1986, when Bayliner sold 43,000 boats a year, Orin Edson sold Bayliner to Brunswick Corporation for US$ 385 million in cash and US$ 50 million in stock.

Until June 2014 Orin Edson was majority shareholder in Westport Yachts (who built Orin Edson’s own yacht Evviva). He sold his shares to Gary Chouest, President at Edison Chouest Offshore. Chouest is the owner of the yacht C’Est La Vie, see above.

Excellence V  - motor yacht -   60.9m (200ft)  -  Abeking & Rasmussen  -  2011

Herb Chambers  -  net worth USD 1.8 billion  - USA

Car dealer  -

More here

Exuma  - motor yacht -   49.5m (162.4ft)  - Perini Navi   - 2010

Eric Wittouck  -  net worth USD 100 million  -  Belgium

Weight Watchers  -

Eric Wittouck is the owner of the yacht Exuma. The Wittouck family was owner of the Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, Belgium’s largest sugar producer. In 1989 the Tiense Suikerraffinadery was sold to the German company Südzucker for approx. EUR 950 million.

Since then Erik Wittouck founded Artal, a private investment vehicle based in Luxembourg. Thought Artal his invesments include Eurobake, Europe's largest baking company, Pizza Hut Finance, operating more than 100 restaurants and Neuhaus, a chocolate manufacturer.

Prior investments include Weight Watchers, which was purchased from Heinz for USD 735 million in 1999 and which was floted on the NYSE stock market in 2001 with a USD 400 million profit. In 2007 Artal received another USD 540 million for shares Artal still owned in Weight Watchers.

And in 2010 and 2011 Artal sold another 12 million shares for more than USD 1 billion.

Finish Line  - motor yacht -   36.6m (120 ft)  -  Trinity Yachts  -  2013

Brian France  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  USA

Nascar  -

Brian France is the owner of super yacht Finish Line. Brian France is the CEO and Chairman of Nascar.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (or NASCAR) sanctions and governs multiple auto racing sports events. Nascar was founded by France’s grandfather Bill France sr and is still fully owned by the France family.

Nascar realizes annual sales of more than $ 3 billion, it’s races are broadcast in more than 150 countries. Brian France also owns the licensing rights of Britney Spears, Jenny McCarthy, Sheryl Crow and Halle Berry, through his licensing company Brand Sense Partners.

In 2005 Brian France had an estimated net worth of more than $ 550 million. But as his father Bill France died in 2007, he probably inherited a multiple of that.  Brian France is considered to be a billionaire. Before owning the current Trinity, France owned the 84ft Lazarra, also named Finish Line.

Firefly  - sailing yacht -   35m (115ft)  -  Claasen Shipyards -  2011

Eric Bijlsma  -  net worth USD 100 million  -  the Netherlands

Scotch & Soda  -

The sailing yacht Firefly is owned by Eric Bijlsma. Eric Bijlsma was shareholder in the Dutch fashion brand Scotch & Soda.

Bijlsma had acquired Scotch and Soda in 2000, together with Joep Krouwels and Patrick Munster. Scotch & Soda founder Laurens Hompens remained a 20% shareholder.

Scotch and Soda was sold to Sun Capital in 2011 for an approx. USD 400 million. Sail yacht Firefly is an F-Class yacht built by Claasen Shipyards in 2011. F-class yachts are designed to combine the best of two worlds: classic J-class lines combined with modern high performance technology.

Eric Bijlsma also owns the Tansu yacht Bartender. Bartender functions as chase-boat for Firefly.

Force Blue  - motor yacht - 63.22m (207.4ft)  -  Royal Denship A/S   -  2002

Flavio Briatore  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  Italy

Benetton franchise/ Formula one  -

Luxury yacht Force Blue is owned by Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore.

Forever One - motor yacht - 54m (179ft)  - ISA Yachts  - 2014

Bruce Grossman - net worth USD 1.5 billion - Mexico

Arca Continental -

Bruce Grossman is the owner of the yacht Forever One.

Fortrus  - motor yacht -   34m (111.55ft)  -  Inace Yachts   -  2008

Paul McDonald  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  Australia

Construction materials  -

Paul McDonald is the owner of the yacht Fortrus. McDonald was the owner of Sunshine Coast Quarries. Sunshine Coast Quarries operated several open pit mines extracting building materials in Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

McDonald sold Sunshine Coast Quarries for approx. USD 80 million to Boral Limited. Boral Limited is Australia’s largest  building and construction materials supplier with operations in Australia, the USA and Asia.

McDonalds is also owner of Fortrus Pastoral (a droughtmaster -Australian cattle- seed stock breeder) and Fortrus Sports. Paul McDonald purchased his yacht Fortrus in 2011, the yacht was built as Catalonian Spirit in 2008.

Fountainhead  - motor yacht -   87.8m (287.96ft)  -  Feadship   -  2011

Edward Lampert  -  net worth USD 2.9billion  -  USA

ESL Investments  -

Freya - sailing yacht  -  27.7m (90.9ft) - Nautor’s Swan -  2012

Donald Macpherson - net worth > US$ 50 million  -  USA

Macpherson Energy Company -

Donald Macpherson is the owner of the sailing yacht Freya. Macpherson is president and CEO of the Macpherson Energy Corporation, active in oil  and gas production, green power and geothermal energy.

Macpershon Energy was founded by Donald’s father in 1959, when he became an independent oil producer. The Macpherson Oil Company is currently the 8th largest on land oil producer of California.

Macpherson also produces electricity through their Mt. Poso Cogeneration Plant. Sailing yacht Freya is Nautor’s Swan’s 2,000th yacht. She accommodates 6 guests and a crew of 3. Freya is designed by German Frer. The yacht has her own website.

G Force  - motor yacht -   37.3m (122.38ft)  -  Heesen Yachts   -  2006

Gerald Ronson  -  net worth EUR 300 million  -  UK

Heron   -

Gerald Ronson is the owner of the yacht G Force. Gerald Maurice Ronson left school at the age of 15 and joined his father in the family furniture business, named Heron.

The company expanded into real estate development. Around 1965 Ronson brought the first self-service petrol stations to the UK. Through his company Snax 24 Gerald Ronson controls several hundreds petrol stations.

Around 1980 Heron was one of the largest private companies in the United Kingdom, with assets of over GBP 1.5 billion. Later the company almost collapsed with debts of more than GBP 2 billion.

The company was supported by Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Craig McCaw, and  Larry Ellison and survived. Before owning G Force, Ronson has owned several yachts named MY Gail, named after his wife Dame Gail Ronson.

More information on Gerald Ronson in the Estates Gazette Rich list.

Galactica  -  motor yacht -  49.71m (163.09ft)  -  Heesen Yachts  -  2007

Vagit Alekperov  -  net worth USD 14.8 billion  -  Russia

Lukoil  -

Vagit Alekperov is the owner of superyacht Galactica. He is actually also the owner of Heesen Yachts itself, which he purchased from Frans Heesen in 2008.

Vagit Alekperov is president and shareholder of the Russian oil company Lukoil. Lukoil is one of the largest oil companies in the world. Vagit Alekperov is one of the richest Russians, with an estimated net worth of USD 14,8 billion.

Galactica Star  - motor yacht -   65m (213ft)  -  Heesen Yachts  -  2013

Kola Aluko  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  Nigeria

Seven Energy  -

Kola Aluko is the owner of the yacht Galactica Star.  Aluko acquired the yacht in the summer of 2013. Akulo is a Nigerian energy tycoon. He is the founder of Fossil Resources, an oil trading company.

Aluko was CEO of Exoro Energy until it’s merger with Seven Energy, a leading independent oil exploration company. Aluko is now Deputy CEO and a large shareholder of Seven Energy and co-CEO of Atlantic Energy.

Aluko is also a member of the advisory board of Vistajet, a private jet charter company founded by Thomas Flohr. Thomas Flohr is also owner of a large yacht: he owns the yacht Nina J.

Galaxy  - motor yacht -   56m (183.73ft)  -  Benetti    -  2005

Hans Thomas Gross  -  net worth US$ 200 million  - Switzerland

Runningball  –

Runningball founder Hans Thomas Gross, purchased the yacht Galaxy in 2013 from Australian real estate developer John Gandel.

John Gandel  - net worth USD 3.5 billion  -  Australia

Chadstone Shopping Centre -

Gallant Lady  - motor yacht -   51.2m (168.01ft)  -  Feadship   - 2007

Moran family  -  net worth USD 2 billion  -  USA

Automotive  (JM Family Enterprises)  -

Jim Moran was an automotive billionaire, who ordered eight superyachts at Feadship, all named Gallant Lady. He was yacht builder De Vries’ best client.

Ganesha  - sailing yacht -    38.9m (127.62ft)  -  Fitzroy Yachts   -  2006

Dr. Peter Wacker  -  net worth USD 4 billion  - Germany

Chemicals Wacker Chemie AG  -

Peter Wacker is the owner of the sailing yacht Ganesha. Wacker is – together with his family – controlling shareholder of Wacker Chemie AG. The company, founded 1914, is operating more than 25 chemical production sites in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Wacker Chemie has more than 16.000 employees and annual sales of around USD 5 billion. In 2011 Peter Wacker was the 23rd richest German, with a net worth of over USD 4 billion.

Ghost I  - motor yacht -   26.4m (87ft)  -  Warren Yachts  -  2008

Ghost II  - motor yacht -  36.6 m (120ft)  -  Warren Yachts  -  2009

Anthony Bell  -  net worth $ 100 million  - Australia

Bell Partners  -

Anthony Bell is the owner of the superyachts Ghost I and Ghost II, both built by Warren Yachts. Anthony Bell is an Australian accountant, known as ‘the celebrity accountant’.

Clients of his Sydney based accounting firm Bell Partners include actors, sports stars and TV personalities. Anthony Bell is married to Australian television presenter Kelly Landry.

Anthony Bell was listed on the BRW Young Rich list (of the 100 richest Australians aged 40 or less). Bell has an estimated net worth of $ 100 million.

Giant I   - motor yacht -   73.5m (241.14ft)  -  IHC Verschure   -  1974

Rene J Herzog  -  net worth

racing, Alucraft

Rene Herzog was a race car driver in his teens and at age 18 competed in the Ferrari World Championship. In 1977 Rene founded Alucraft, a company that built 70’ aluminum yachts.

In the 1980s Rene built several megayachts, including 140’ Texas and 143’ Galaxy at Proteksan Shipyard in Turkey. Rene closed out the decade by buying the company that built their first boat—Chris-Craft—before selling it to Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC).

Gin Tonic  - motor yacht -   36.58m (120.01ft)  -  Hall Russel   -  1963

Giuseppe Cipriani   -  net worth < USD 50 million  -  USA

Restaurants Harry's bar  -

Giuseppe Cipriani is the son of Arrigo Cipriani, owner of the company Cipriani S.A. a corporation based in Luxembourg.

The company owns restaurants around the world including Harry's Bar in Venice and the Rainbow Room in New York City. Guiseppe’s grandfather founded Harry's Bar in Venice in 1931.

The group currently owns several restaurants in Venice, New York, London, Miami Beach and Hong Kong. Cipriani’s yacht Gin Tonic is named after the famous cocktail.

Gitana  - sailing yacht -   36m (118ft)  -  Perini Navi  -  1989

Kenneth P Weiss  -  net worth >  US$ 100 million  - USA

Kenneth Weiss is the owner of the sailing yacht Gitana. Weiss is the founder of Security Dynamics Corporation.

Givi - motor yacht - 60m (197ft) - CRN Yachts - 2006

Gabriele Volti - net worth USD 2 billion - Italy

Orlean Invest -

Italian billionaire Gabriele Volti is the owner of the yacht GIVI.

Gliss  - sailing yacht -   32m (104.99ft)  -  Royal Huisman Shipyard BV   -  2006

Built for Marco Vögele  -  net worth USD 450 million  -  Switzerland

Vogele Mode  -

Sailing yacht Gliss was built for Marco Vögele. He sold the yacht to take delivery of his new Vitters built sailing yacht Inoui.

Golden Eagle  - motor yacht -   42.75m (140.26ft)   -  Picchiotti   -  1990

Peter Munk  -  net worth USD 350 million  -  Canada

Barrick Gold -

Peter Munk is the owner of the yacht Golden Eagle. Peter Munk is the founder of the mining company Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold is the world’s largest gold-mining corporation.

Peter Munk was also founder of one of Canada’s largest real estate company Trizec Properties, which he sold to Brookfield Office Properties in 2006 for USD 1.4 billion.

Through his Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundations, Munk donated more than USD 100 million to charity. Following his donations, the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and Munk School of Global Affairs were established.

The net worth of Peter Munk is estimated at USD 350 million.

Golden Odyssey  - motor yacht -   80.2m (262.96ft)  -  Blohm & Voss GmbH   -  1990

Golden Shadow  - motor yacht -   66.75m (219ft)  -  Campbell Shipyards   -  1995

Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz  -  Saudi Arabia

Saudi Royal Family  -

Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is the owner of the yachts, Golden Odyssey, Golden Odyssey II and Golden Shadow

Gorgous Gal - motor yacht - 26.5m (86ft)  - Azimuth - 2008

Marc Anthony - net worth  > USD 20 million  -  USA

Marc Anthony Productions  -

US singer, producer and actor Marc Anthony is the owner of the yacht Gorgeous Gal.

Anthony is a two-time Grammy and five-time Latin Grammy winner and is the top selling tropical salsa artist of all time. As actor he played in movies as Bringing Out the Dead and Man On Fire.

In 2009 Marc Anthony was guest judge in The X Factor. From 2004 until 2014 he was married to Jennifer Lopez. According to some sources his net worth is more than USD 20 million.

In 2014 Marc Anthony purchased the Azimuth 86 yacht Gorgeous Gal. She was for sale with an asking price of USD 2.3 million.

Grace  - motor yacht -   48.35m (158.6ft)  -  Scheepswerf Peter Sijperda   -  2003

Henk Koster  -  The Netherlands

Medical patents  -

Henk Koster is the owner of the yacht Grace. Koster is a Dutchman living in Monaco. Henk Koster is active in real estate and medical research.

He has an important medical patent registered to his name (Ventilatory system). Henk Koster was involved in the design of superyacht Grace, launched in 2003 at the Dutch yard Sijperda.

Grace E  - motor yacht -   49.9m (163.71ft)  -  Codecasa S.p.A.   -  2004

built as: Andale for Raymond Lutgert, now owned by Robert Stiller  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Real estate: Lutgert companies  -

The Lutgert Companies is acknowledged as Southwest Florida’s pre-eminent real estate development company. The company owns shopping centers and office buildings throughout Southwest Florida.

The Lutgert Companies has over 300 employees and 215 sales associates. The company was founded by Raymond Lutgert more than 40 years ago. Raymond Lutgert died in 2011 at the age of 90. Grace E is now owned by Robert Stiller.

Robert Stiller is the founder of Green Mountain Coffee.  Robert Stiller’s wealth started with his company E-Z Wider cigarette rolling paper, which he sold in 1981 for USD 3 million.

With the cash Stiller bought a coffee store in Vermont. The coffee store started supplying local restaurants. The company grew rapidly and went public in 1993.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc acquired several companies as Keurig Inc, and Quebec based Van Houtte. In 2011 Green Mountain Coffee made commercial deals with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

In 2011 the company realized net sales of USD 2,7 billion with a profit of USD 200 million. Approximately 200.000 hotels rooms feature a Keurig in-room brewing system.

Robert Stiller also owns Heritage Aviation and owns an 11% stake in Krispy Kreme. Robert Stiller purchased the yacht Andale in 2007 and rechristened her Grace E. Stiller’s net worth was estimated at USD 1.3 billion by Forbes.

Gran Finale  -  44.8m (146.98ft)  -   Delta Marine  -  2002

John Sobrato  -  net worth USD 3.9 billion  -  USA

Real estate  -

John Albert Sobrato is the owner of the yacht Gran Finale. Sobrato is the founder of the Sobrato Organisation, which includes the Sobrato Development Companies, a residential and commercial real estate developer in Silicon Valley.

In 1960 John Sobrato founded Midtown Realty, selling residential properties. He soon started developing commercial real estate in Santa Clara County before it became known as Silicon Valley.

In the following decades Sobrato develops large buildings for companies like Apple Computer, Motorola and BEA systems. Sobrato now owns more than 86 commercial properties in Silicon Valley and over 400 acres of land.

The company owns office buildings comprising 8 million square feet, and owns 30 apartment communities totaling 7,300 units along the West Coast.

John Sobrato´s yacht Gran Finale was awarded the 2003 Showboats International Award for Best Motor Yacht over 38 meters. In 2012 John Sobrato and his familiy member signed the Buffett-Gates Giving Pledge.

Hamilton II  - sailing yacht -   35.65m (116.9ft)   -  CNB - Construction Navale Bordeaux   -  2005

Charles Dunstone  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  UK

Carphone Warehouse  -

Charles Dunstone is the owner of the yacht Hamilton II. Dunstone is chairman and co-founder of mobile phone retailer The Carphone Warehouse and chairman of the TalkTalk Group.

The Carphone Warehouse (also known as The Phone House) is Europe's largest independent mobile phone retailer, with over 1,700 stores across Europe. Charles Dunstone started Carphone Warehouse with GB 6,000 savings in 1989.

Combined with his stake in Best Buy Europe and personal assets, his USD 1 billion wealth takes him to the top of the digital and online retail millionaires in 2011’s Sunday Times Rich List.

Hamilton II was built in 2005 by CNB Bordeaux. Philippe Briand was her naval architect.

Hampshire II   - motor yacht -   78.5m (258ft)  -  Feadship  -  2012

Jim Ratcliffe  - net worth USD 1.1 billion  - UK

Chemicals  -

The yacht Hampshire II was built for Ineos founder  Jim Ratcliffe.

Hana  -  motor yacht -  42.6m (139.76ft)  -  CRN Spa   -  2008

Hani Jabsheh  -  > USD 100 million  -  Saudi Arabia

Al Bawaba  -

Hani Jabsheh is the owner of the yacht Hana. Jabsheh is co-founder and CEO of Al, Inc. – the largest internet content provider in the Arab world and Middle East.

Since its inception Al Bawaba has been at the forefront of wholesale media aggregation and syndication through its Al Bawaba and Syndigate brands in the region.

Al Bawaba operates several of the top websites in the Middle East and the Arab world. Hani Jabsheh named his yacht Hana after his mother.

Hanuman  - sailing yacht -   42.1m (138.12ft)  -  Royal Huisman Shipyard BV  -  2009

Jim Clark  -  net worth USD 1 billion  -  USA


James H. Clark is the owner of the yacht Hanuman. Clark is an American entrepreneur and computer scientist. He founded several technology companies, including Silicon Graphics, Inc., Netscape Communications Corporation, myCFO and Healtheon.

With stakes in Apple as well as investments in Facebook and Twitter James Clarks net worth is estimated at USD 1 billion. He also owns the yacht Athena.

Happy Days now named Victoria del Mar - motor yacht -   50m (164.04ft)  -  Delta Marine   -  2006

David C. Copley  -  net worth USD 1.2 billion  -  USA

Copley Press

Motor yacht Victoria del Mar was built as Happy Days for David C. Copley.

Harbour Island  -  54.9m (180.12ft)  -  Newcastle Marine  -  2011

Steve Hudson  -  net worth > USD 100 million  -  USA

Real estate development  -

Superyacht Harbour Island was built for Steve Hudson.

Harle  -motor yacht -  44.6m (146.49ft)  -  Feadship   -  2007

Michael J. Saylor  -  net worth USD 300 million  -  USA

software: MicroStrategy  -

Michael Saylor is the owner of the yachts Harle and Usher

Harmony -  motor yacht  - 49.7m (163ft)  - Westport Yachts  -  2010

Otto ‘Buzz’ Divosta  -  net worth USD 200 million  -  USA

Burg & Divosta Home Development -

The yacht Harmony is built for US home developer Otto Divosta. Buzz Divosta is the founder of Burg & Divosta Home Development, active in the (partly prefabricated) construction of homes in Florida.

Divosta had built more than 40,000 homes in Florida, when he sold his company to the Pulte Group for USD 155 million (of which USD 109 million in cash).

Divosta is now president of Divosta Investments, based in Palm Beach. His motor yacht Harmony, built by Westport, was sold in 2014.

Helios 2  - motor yacht -   51.2m (167.98ft)  -  Palmer Johnson Yachts   -  2002

Dennis Mehiel - net worth USD 500 million - USA

US Corrugated -

Herculina (ex: Iroquois)  - motor yacht -  49.99m (164.01ft)  -  Feadship  -  1998 - Eric Heerema  -  net worth USD 150 million - the Netherlands.

Heerema Marine Contractors  -

Eric Heerema is the owner of the yacht Herculina. Eric Heerema was shareholder -together with his four brothers -  in the Dutch marine contractor Heerema Group.

The group was founded in 1948 by their father Pieter Schelte Heerema. The company started as a small construction company constructing and providing service to oil platforms in Venezuela.

The developed of a pre-stressed concrete pile was a technical innovation and lead to (financial) success. In the 1960’s Heerema started to operate crane vessels and changed it focus to North Sea oil and gas fields.

Nowadays Heerema is a world leading marine contractor, operating some of the world’s largest crane vessels. When Pieter Schelte Heerema died in 1981, his 5 sons inherited the company.

In 1991 his son Pieter Heerema bought out his four brothers for a total sum of NLG 1 billion (approx USD 500 million in that time). Eric Heerema invested his share in a UK based wine estate named Nyetimber.

He also started collected classic cars. In 2012 he sold a rare 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO - which was built for Sterling Moss - for a record sum of USD 35 million to US billionaire Graig McCaw.

He had purchased the car in 2000 for USD 8.5 million. This transaction made the Ferrari the ‘world’s most expensive car’. Eric Heerema bought his yacht Herculina in 2013 from US investor John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox.

Hermitage  - motor yacht -   68.5m (225ft)  -  Lurssen Yachts  -  2011

Anatoly Sedykh  -  net worth USD 1.1 billion  -  Russia

United Metallurgical Company -

Superyacht Hermitage is rumored to be owned by Russian billionaire Anatoly Sedykh

Hetairos  - motor yacht -   42.84m (140.55ft)  -  Abeking & Rasmussen   -  1993 - Otto Happel  -  net worth USD 2.8 billion  - Germany

GEA  -

Otto Happel is the owner of the sailing yacht Hetairos. Happel inherited a company from his father and turned into a large conglomerate.  

In 1999 Happel sold GEA to the MG Group (Metallgesellschaft) for USD 1 billion and 20% of the shares in the new group. In 2006 he sold the remainder of his shares for USD 600 million.

The group is now called GEA Group.  Otto Happel owns an island in the Seychelles named Fregate Island.

High Energy - motor yacht - Sunseeker - 2014

Robert Braithwaite - net worth > USD 50 million - UK

Sunseeker -

Robert Braithwaite is the owner of the Sunseeker yacht High Energy. Braithwaite is founder and Life President of the yacht builder Sunseeker. Sunseeker is the UK largest builder of yachts.

Based in Poole on the south coast of England, Sunseeker has some 2000 employees and is represented on every continent by a network of distributors. In August 2013, Wanda Group acquired 91.81% of shares in Sunseeker International (Holdings) Limited.

Wanda Group is owned by billionaire Wang Jianlin, who was named China’s richest person by Forbes Magazine in 2013. High Energy is  92ft / 28.15 meter Sunseeker 88 motor yacht. She is available for charter

Highland Breeze -  sailing yacht  -  Swan  -  2002

Ben Kolff  -  net worth USD 225 million  - The Netherlands

McGregor Fashion Group  -

Dutch millionaire Ben Kolff is the owner of the sailing yacht Highland Breeze. Ben Kolff is the co-founder of the Dutch fashion label Bad Boys, which became a success in Western Europe.

In 1992 the company was sold and in 1993 Kolff and his partner founded the Emergo Fashion Group. The group was re branded the McGregor Fashion Group, when they acquired the rights for the McGregor brand in Europe. In 2000 the Gaastra brand was acquired, and nowadays the McGregor Fashion Group realizes annual sales of USD 350 million with 1,200 employees.

The Dutch magazine Quote estimates the net worth of Ben Kolff at EUR 165 million or approx. US$ 225 million. Ben Kolff’s yacht Highland Breeze was built by Swan in 2002 as Eratosthenes.

The yacht was acquired by Kolff in 2007. Highland Breeze actively participates in sailing regatta’s and is available for charter.

High Power III  - motor yacht -    70,0m (230ft)  -  Rossi Navi  -  2011

built for Mario Sbarro  -  net worth USD 200 million  -  USA

Sbarro pizza chain  -

Superyachtfan does not know who the current owner of superyacht High Power III is, but the yacht was built for Mario Sbarro.

Mario Sbarro was owner – together with his brothers – of the famous New York based Italian pizza chain Sbarro. The company was founded by the Sbarro family in 1959 at which time the family owned and operated several gourmet Italian delicatessens and provided catering for family and business events.

Under the "Sbarro" and "Sbarro The Italian Eatery" names, the Company developed one of the first quick service concepts that extended beyond offering one primary specialty item (e.g., pizza or hamburgers) and also developed an exhibition kitchen where customers could watch the preparation of many of the Company's fresh food products.

The Company's menu includes pizza, pasta and other hot and cold Italian entrees, salads, sandwiches, beverages and desserts, including the Company's "signature" cheesecake prepared in its original kitchen in Brooklyn, New York.

With the development of enclosed shopping centers in the 1970s, the Company opened its first mall restaurant. Since the Sbarro family opened their first Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, Sbarro has grown into the world’s premier owner, operator and franchisor of Italian quick service restaurants  and the largest mall-focused restaurant concept in the world — with over 5,000 employees and a global base of 1,045 restaurants in 42 countries.

Mario Sbarro was CEO from 1977 until 2006. In 1985 Sbarro went public, offering around 65% of the shares, the family held 35%. In 1999 the Sbarro family reacquired the shares.

In 2007 the Sbarro chain was sold to the private equity investor Mid Ocean for USD 450 million, at that moment Mario Sbarro held approximately 20% of the shares. The net worth of Mario Sbarro is estimated at USD 200 million.

Hokulani - motor yacht - 22m (74ft) - Sunseeker - 2002

Nikole Kidman - net worth USD 250 million - Australia

Nicole Kidman is (or at least was..) the owner of the yacht Hokulani. Kidman is an Australian actress and film producer.

Some of her famous film roles include performances in  Days of Thunder (1990), the romance Far and Away (1992),  Batman Forever (1995) and the erotic thriller Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Kidman has been a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF since 1994.

Nicole Kidman founded and owns the production company Blossom Films. Nicole Kidman’s net worth is estimated at US$ 250 million. Her yacht Hokulani is a 2002 Sunseeker Manhattan 74. The yacht is currently for sale.  

She is probably not the owner of the Palmer Johnson Hokulani which is much larger. Do you know who owns the Palmer Johnson Hokulani? Please do send us a message.

Honey  - motor yacht -  34.1m (112ft) Westport Yachts  -  2009

Michael Bozzuto  - net worth > USD 50 million  -  USA

Bozzuto’s  -

Michael A. Bozzuto is the owner of the Westport 112 yacht Honey. Michael Bozzuto is Chairman of Bozutto’s, a wholesale distributor of food and household products.

Bozutto’s was founded in 1945 by Michael’s father Adam Bozutto. Bozutto’s sells to retailers in New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The group realizes revenues of more than USD 1 billion with more than 10,000 employees.

The group also operates 8 supermarkets under the Adams Super Food brand. Michael Bozutto is Honorary Chairman of the Adam J Bozzuto Memorial Charity Classic , a fund raising event for charities.

The yacht Honey is hull number 7736 is Westport‘s successful 112 series, of which already more than 50 hulls have been built.

Hurricane Run  -  motor yacht -  53.5m (175.52ft)  - Feadship   -  2009

Michael Tabor  -  net worth USD 1.2 billion  -  UK

Betting, horses  -

Michael Tabor is the owner of the yacht Hurricane Run. Tabor was the owner of Arthur Prince, a successful chain of English betting shops. Tabor started with 2 shops. In 2003, when Tabor  had 114 shops and 600 employees, he sold them for USD 50 million to Bass plc.

The group is now named Coral. He used his wealth to enter the thoroughbred horse racing. Michael Tabor has owned several superyachts, all named after successful race horses: Thunder Gulch, High Chaparral and currently Hurricane Run.

Hye Seas II -  motor yacht -   35.46m (116.4ft)  -  Azimut Yachts   - 2007

Arthur Tay  net worth < USD 100 million  -  Singapore

Lifestyle products: SUTL group   -

Arthur Tay is the owner of the yacht Hye Seas. Tay is owner, Executive Chairman and CEO of SUTL Global Pte. Ltd., a family-owned lifestyle products and services enterprise, which has businesses across Asia and which owns the ONE15 Marina Club.

In 2009 Arthur Tay acquired a 23% stake in Achieva, an electronics firm. Achieva currently focuses on distributing computer peripherals and software such as hard disk drives to markets including Malaysia and Singapore. Arthur Tay purchased the Azimut yacht Hye Seas II in 2007.

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