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 Sailing Yacht A

Author: Peter Yachtfan, update: 2020-05-24

Boat Name:

Sail Yacht A

Yacht Length:

143 m (468 ft)


20 in 10 cabins


42 in 20 cabins



SY A Designer:

Philippe Starck




21 knots


MTU 20V4000


12,558 ton



Sailing Yacht A Cost/Value:

US$ 600 million

Yacht For Sale:

SY A for Sale

Yacht For Charter:

SY A for Charter

Motor Yacht A

Boat Name:


Yacht Length:

119 m (390 ft)


14 in 7 cabins


54 in 27 cabins


Blohm and Voss


Philippe Starck




23 knots


MAN Diesel


5,500 ton



MY A Cost/Value:

US$ 250 million

Andrey Melnichenko



Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth:

US$ 13 billion




March 8, 1972


Aleksandra Melnichenko


Tara Melnichenko, Adrian Melnichenko


Harewood Estate, Ascot, Berkshire, UK

Private Jet:

Boeing 737 (MY-BBJ)


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He is one of the richest men in Russia. Motor Yacht A was listed for sale a few years ago. But was later withdrawn from the market.


The Sailing Yacht was built as project 787 ‘White Pearl’. She has been delivered by Nobiskrug to her owner in 2017. She is the world’s largest sailing yacht. Who is her owner? Andrey Melnichenko.

She is very large - 143 meters or 469 ft with a beam of 25 meters or 82 ft. She has 8 decks. She features a 1 ft thick glass underwater observation area located in the keel.

Sailing Yacht A Cost Price

The yacht’s value is widely reported in the media to be over EUR 400 million or US$ 500 million. We think that her price was around US$ 600 million. We calculated this amount based on her very large displacement of 12,558 tons. A value of US$ 600 million would be US$ 48,000 per ton. Which is actually a relatively low amount. Nowadays a high-quality yacht, built in Northern Europe, will cost you around US$ 65,000 per ton. (Which would make SY A’s value around US$ 800,000,000).

Designer of the Yacht

The Sailing Yacht is designed by Philippe Starck. Some of her design features are similar to the motor yacht A. Her composite masts are the largest in the world. She is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric package with controllable pitch propellers.

the Sailing Yacht’s Interior

Not much is known about the interior of the sailing yacht. There are no interior photos but the interior is also by the design of Philippe Stark.

She is rumored to have an underwater observation pod. She accommodates 20 guests and a crew of 54.

Features of SY A

A has some remarkable features: her three masts tower up to 328 feet (100 meters) above the water level. With a crow’s nest at 60 meters. There are 24 shell doors in the hull. Her decks are connected by several elevators. And the sailing yacht will carry a submarine.

Her total sail area will be more than 40.000 sq.ft, or more than 3,700m2. A will reach a top speed of 21 knots. With a cruise speed at 16 knots.

Delivery in 2017

She was delivered to the owner in early May 2017. Delivery was in Monaco by the project team led by Dirk Kloosterman. It was after having completed her final sea trials in the Navantia shipyard in Cartagena. And after final tests and inspections in Gibraltar. See an amazing video of the yacht leaving Germany hereunder.

Arrest in Gibraltar

Gibraltar media report that the yacht was arrested in Gibraltar. This was following a claim of EUR 15.3 million by Nobiskrug. Nobiskrug is reported to have filed a claim for breach of contract. As the final payment of EUR 9.8 million was not paid.

There seemed also a dispute about other invoices, totaling EUR 5,4 million. The yacht was heading for Spain for further works to be carried out.

Update: SuperYachtFan was informed that there was a brief technical incident in Gibraltar over disputed costs in arbitration. Not outstanding payments or unpaid invoices between the company owner of the yacht and the shipyard.

Andrey MelnichenkoAndrey Melnichenko

He is is a Russian industrialist with businesses in the fields of fertilizers and coal. He was born in 1972. He is married to Aleksandra and has  2 children.

While being a student at Moscow State University, he started currency exchange activities. He is now one of the richest Russians, with a net worth of US$ 14 billion.

Eurochem Company

He acquired the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) and the chemical company Eurochem. SUEK is Russia's largest coal producer with a market share of 31%.

Eurochem is Russia’s largest fertilizer producer. In 2012 Eurochem acquired the Belgium activities of BASF. Andrey Melnichenko was also one of the founders of TMK. TMK is a pipe and metallurgic company.  

In 1993 Melnichenko cofounded MDM Bank. It turned into one of Russia’s largest private banks. But he has sold his shares many years ago and is not involved in banking anymore.

Aleksandra MelnichenkoAleksandra Melnichenko

Andrey is married to Serbian model Aleksandra Nikolic. Aleksandra Nikolic started as a fashion model. And later became a member of the Serbian pop group Models.

Alexandra met Andrey in 2003 and they wedded in 2005. Both Christina Aquilera and Whitney Houston performed at their wedding.

They have 2 children: Tara Melnichenko and Adrian Melnichenko.

Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at US$ 13.4 billion.

Boeing BBJ Private Jet

Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko own a large Boeing Business jet with registration MY-BBJ. It refers to My Boeing Business Jet. The jet is based on a Boeing 737 and has a list price starting at US$ 80 million. Melnichenko’s Boeing was delivered in December 2009.

Melnichenko Residence

Melnichenko owns many houses. A villa in Cap D’Antibes named Villa Altair and a US$ 12 million penthouse in New York. And the US$ 40 million Harewood Estate in the UK. The house is legally owned by a company named Sablon Holdings LTD on Guernsey.

According to a 2008 building permit the Harewood Estate employs 14 gardening staff, 4 housekeepers, 2 house managers, and 3 security guards. The Harewood Estate lies just to the south of Windsor Great Park. And approximately 1.5 miles to the east of Ascot.

It comprises some 14.8 hectares of associated formal gardens, parkland and forest/woodland. Still, it is not as expensive as Bill Gates’ house which has an estimated value of US$ 131 million.


Melnichenko is one of the main social investors and philanthropists of Russia. In 2016 he was given a special award for "good deeds" and charity works by President Putin of Russia. He donated millions to philanthropy.

Scroll down for interior photos and footage of his house and private jet!

Motor Yacht A

She is an astonishing luxury yacht built by Blohm and Voss. She is designed by Philippe Starck and Martin Francis. It was delivered to Melnichenko at a reported US$ 300 million cost price.

The Name A: to Appear first in the Registers

Some sources mention that the name A is derived from the initials of its owner Andrey and his wife Aleksandra. However, this seems to be just a coincidence.

The main reason for the name A is the fact that the yacht will appear first in shipping registers. (Source: owners representative).

Akzo Nobel sued over a Bad Paint Job

In 2013 Melnichenko’s company Hamilton Yachts Limited (which formally owns A) sued Dutch paint producer Akzo Nobel. It was for USD 100 million over a bad paint job. Read the court documents about the paint problem here.

Travel Destinations

In May 2014 the yacht A was spotted in Honolulu Hawai. And in February 2015 she visited Porto Rico. SuperYachtFan spotted her near Antibes, France in the summer of 2015.

In December 2015 the yacht A was at Palumbo Shipyard in Malta for a repaint. And in May 2016 she was near Monaco for the 2016 Formula 1 race. The photos of the Yacht A on this page are used with the permission of Tom Gulbrandsen.

MY A Listed for Sale

The yacht A is not available for charter. Some media reported that motor yacht A was put for sale. With an asking price of EUR 250 million or US$ 300 million.

However, we were later informed that Motor Yacht A is off the market and not available for sale anymore.

Wait! There is more!

Sailing yacht A interior

Andrey Melnichenko House

Melnichenko Private Jet

Follow the location of the Motor Yacht A live!

Sailing Yacht A under constructionYacht APhilippe Starck yachtMelnichenko's Harewood Estate in AscotMelnichenko Juans les PinsMelnichenko's Business Jet M-YBBJMelnichenko's private jet

Melnichenko’s amazing Harewood Estate. Melnichenko employs 14 gardening staff, 4 housekeepers, 2 house managers, and 3 security guards.

Melnichenko’s US$ 80 million private jet, a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) with registration M-YBBJ. The jet has a striking painting with the prominent A logo, similar to his yachts.

yacht A

Luxury yacht A in Norway.

close-upinterior sailing yacht AHarewood Estate Melnichenko UK mansionharewood ground plantender 4 SY A

Tender 4 - the workboat catamaran.

Inside the Yacht A, Her Amazing Interior

inside yacht Ayacht A interiorSailing Yacht A

Watch These Amazing Videos!

Melnichenko yachtsSY ANobiskrug SY AMelnickenko private jet video

Follow the location of the Sailing Yacht A live!

Sailing Yacht A locationMotor yacht A - locationSailing Yacht A - photosSailing Yacht A - photosSailing Yacht A - video
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We came aware of some technical and legal issues regarding SY A. It seems her designed draught was 8 meters.

Her actual weight was less than her designed weight, causing a draft of 7.5 meters instead of 8 meters. This affected the yacht’s handling. And a portion of the yacht's bulbous bow (which is intended to sit below the waterline) in fact showed above it. Which was considered unsightly.

It was tried to solve the issue by adding extra weight to the yacht. But a calculation mistake was made, and the yacht was still too light. We were told there is still litigation going on regarding settlement of the financial damage.

SY A Tenders
SY A has 4 amazing tenders, designed by Philippe Starck. They are built by Lloyd Stevenson Boatbuilders in New Zealand.

Tender 1 is a carbon fiber speedboat was designed for the exclusive use of the owner and his wife. It is a private escape boat without any crew to operate her. Her top speed is an impressive 53 knots.

Tender 2 is a luxury limousine tender for use all year round in both warm and cold climates. The vessel is intended for the transport of guests from the main vessel to shore. Or to other vessels keeping the passengers cocooned in a protected environment away from the elements.

The vessel is operated by 2 crew. She can seat 8 passengers inside the open tub. Her top speed is 35 knots.

Tender 3 is another luxury limousine tender. With panorama windows giving a clear view of the area. She is also operated by 2 crew and can accommodate 8 guests. We estimate her top speed at more than 30 knots.

tender SY A

Tender 4 is a luxury catamaran workboat. It is ferrying equipment, guest luggage, and garbage. And at times it is taking guests ashore in more remote locations that have no docks. Her top speed is 28 knots. The yacht Eclipse has a similar tender.

Yacht Charter

The boat is not available for yacht charter. And the yacht is not listed for sale.

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inside Melnichenko yacht ASailing Yacht a interior

Andrey Melnichenko: Net Worth, Sailing Yacht A, Motor Yacht A, House, Private Jet

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Inside Sailing Yacht ASailing yacht A interiorgym SY Ainside Sailing Yacht A