All You Need to Know About Shahid Khan, his Net Worth, his House, Private Jet and his Kismet Yacht


Kismet Yacht

Yacht Name:


Yacht Length:

95 m (312 ft)


12 in 6 cabins


28 in 14 cabins


Lurssen Yachts


Espen Oeino



Maximum Speed:

17 knots






2,928 ton


US$ 200 million

Yacht For Sale:

Price Available on Application

Yacht Charter:

EUR 1,200.000 per week, Y.CO

Shahid Khan



Khan Net Worth:

US$ 7 billion




July 18, 1950


Ann Carlson Khan


Tony Khan, Shanna Khan


Naples, Florida, USA

Private Jet:

Bombardier Global 6000 (N612FG)

Tony Khan Net Worth:

US$ 100 million

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Khan started washing dishes for $1.20 per hour and became a billionaire. He owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fullham FC. Check our amazing Kismet Photo Gallery at the bottom of this page.

10 Facts about Shad Khan you probably didn’t know

  1. He is the richest Pakistani.
  2. His first job was washing dishes for US$ 1.20 per hour.
  3. He became rich making car bumpers for Toyota.
  4. He bought his former employer Flex-N-Gate.
  5. Flex-N-Gate manufactures 84% of all metal bumper systems for trucks and SUV’s in North America.
  6. He purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars for US$ 750 million.
  7. He owns the soccer club Fulham FC.
  8. He owns 4 private jets and a very large yacht.
  9. His net worth is more than US$ 7 billion.
  10. In 2011 he donated US$10 million to the University of Illinois.

Shahid KhanShad Khan

He is the owner of automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate Corporation. He is also owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) and the English Premier League team Fulham FC.  He was born in July 1950. He is married to Ann. They have 2 children.

His First Job was Washing Dishes

Khan was born in Pakistan and moved to the US when he was 16. His first job was washing dishes for $ 1.20 per hour. At the age of 28 he started Bumper Works. He was making car bumpers for pickup trucks.

When the company grew he bought his former employer Flex-N-Gate. He later merged the companies.

lex-N-Gate is a leading manufacturer and supplier of stamped metal and welded components. And also assemblies and plastic parts for the automotive industry.

Supplier of Toyota Bumpers

In 1989 he was the sole supplier of bumpers for Toyota in the United States. In 2011 Flex-N-Gate had 12,000 employees and 48 production plants. In 2018 the company realized annual sales of US 7.5 billion dollar.

The company produces front-end modules (FEMs). FEMS are multi-piece assemblies that integrate a large number of components. Examples are lighting, radiators and cooling fans, bumpers, hood latches and electronics and wiring.

The company is also a headlamp supplier since 1956 and a signal lighting supplier since 1965. Flex-N-Gate manufactures 84% of all metal bumper systems for trucks and SUV’s in North America.

What did he Pay for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

In 2012 he purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars with his son Tony Khan. They paid an estimated USD 750 million. The team is now valued at US$ 1.5 billion. The Jacksonville Jaguars are an National Football League (NFL) team. They are based in Jacksonville, Florida.  

In 2013 he acquired the London based soccer club Fulham Football Club. He paid USD 200 million. The seller was Mohamed al–Fayed. He is owner of the yacht Sokar.

Shad Khan is one of the World’s Richest Sports Team owners. In 2018 he planned to purchased the Wembley Stadium in London. He later withdrew his plans.

Does Khan own Private Jets?

Khan has 4 private jets. They are all registered to his company Flex-n-gate. He owns a 2011 Learjet with registration N511FG. He owns another Learjet (2016) with registration N716GF.

He owns a third Learjet N816FG (2016: Learjet 45).  And he owns a 2013 Bombardier Global 6000 with registration N612FG.

The Bombardier Global 6000 is considered to be Khan’s personal aircraft. The jet has a list price of US$ 55 million. The Bombardier can accommodate 14 passengers.

The cost price of a Lear Jet 45 is US$ 10 million.

He actually owns a majority share in the jet management company Flightstar.

What is Shahid Khan Net Worth?

Khan has an estimated net worth of US$ 7 billion (April 2019). Khan’s wife is Ann Carlson Kahn. They have 2 children: Tony Khan and Shanna Khan.

Who is Ann Carlson Kahn?Ann Carlson Khan

She was born in 1950. She attended  attending the University of Illinois. She met Shad at a college bar and they married in 1977. Ann Khan is active with the family’s philanthropic activities. She is President of the Khan Foundation.

How Much is Tony Khan Worth?

His son Tony Khan (1982) is co-owner and Senior Vice President of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is also founder of the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) professional wrestling promotion team.

And Tony is also Vice Chairman and Director of Football Operations of Fulham F.C.

We estimate his net worth at US$ 100 million.  We are ignoring his father’s net worth in this amount.

Shahid and his wife Ann Carlson Khan

Where do Shahid and Ann Carlson Khan Live?

The Khan family owns a large house in Champaign, Illinois. And they also own a large US$ 8 million penthouse in Park Tower. It is one of the largest buildings in Chicago.

But their formal living address is a large penthouse in Naples, Florida. Which he bought in 2014 for US$ 11.5 million. See some photos hereunder. The tower offers its residents spectacular views over the Gulf of Mexico.

Amenities include pool/spa and three parking spaces per unit. Initial unit prices ranged from US $5.9 million to $12.75 million. The building contains two units per typical floor. The building contains one unit per penthouse floor, providing 360 degree views.

How Much Does He Donate to Philanthropy?

Khan is an active philanthropist, through the Jaguars Foundation. The foundation supports disadvantaged youth. By solving problems and creating opportunities. The aim is to enrich the quality of life for the youth and their families.

In 2011 he donated US$10 million to the University of Illinois. In 2011 he was named a Lincoln Laureate by the Lincoln Academy of Illinois. It was for his philanthropic work.

What Car Does Khan Drive?

We saw some footage at TMZ Sports of him in a chauffeur driver Lincoln Continental.

Khan AcademyWhat is the Khan Academy?

He is not related to Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2008 by Salman Khan with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students.

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Kismet Yacht

The luxury yacht Kismet was built for Shahid and his wife Ann Carlson Khan. His first was built by Lurssen yachts and delivered in 2007.

In 2014 the first superyacht was replaced by the 94 meter (308ft) same named yacht. This mega yacht was also built at Lurssen.

How Many Guests and Crew are on Board?

Her exterior design is from Espen Oeino International. Her interior design is done by Reymond Langton Design. The yacht can accommodate 12 quests in 6 cabins. She has crew accommodations for 28. Her interior blends the Art Deco style with a Persian décor. The owner has his private deck.

How Much Was She Sold for?

In 2008 the first luxury yacht won the ‘super yacht of the year award’. In 2013 Kismet was sold by Moran Yacht & Ship. She is now named Global. The Global yacht owner is German millionaire Lars Windhorst. Kismet’s asking price was US$ 115 million.

How Fast is the yacht?

The yacht is built of steel with an aluminum superstructure. She is powered by 2 Caterpillar diesel engines. Her max speed is 17 knots. Her cruise speed is 12 knots. She has a range of more than 4,500 nm.

Her features include an open fire place and an oval shaped swimming pool. There is also a Jacuzzi on the sun deck. The yacht has a large spa and an elevator.

What is the Cost Price of the Yacht?

The yacht has a two deck video wall, made up of 42 individual 140-centimeter monitors. The wall can show how moving artwork, news, films and games. Kismet won the 2015 World Superyacht Award. Her value is estimated at US$ 200 million.

Is the Boat Available for Yacht Charter?

The yacht is available for charter through Moran. Her charter rate is EUR 1,200,000 (approx. US$ 1.6 million) per week. (Photos by

In November 2014 Kismet was visiting London. In May 2015 she was in Barcelona. See the current location of the yacht hereunder.

Beyonce was on the Yacht

In July 2018 Beyonce, Jay-Z and their three children were relaxing on the yacht in Italy.

The Yacht was listed For Sale

In September 2018 the Kismet yacht was listed for sale at Moran Yachts.

What will be his new Yacht?

Around that same time, Moran revealed a new 116 meter project.

The yacht is to be built at Lurssen yachts and is named Testarossa. We think this is the new yacht for Khan. We think so based on the timing and the color scheme of the new project.

Update: It seems that Testarossa is the new yacht for Michael Lee Chin, the Canadian / Jamaican billionaire. He was also the commissioning owner of the Lurssen Quattroelle. (During the yacht’s launch, Testarossa had a Canadian flag on her bow).

Lurssen Project Gaja

Update 2: We found that the 125 meter Project Gaja is the new Kismet. She will be delivered in 2023.

What About Project Testarossa?

The text of a press release by Moran Yachts. “Moran Yacht & Ship is delighted to announce the sale of another new build. The 380' (116m) Lurssen Project TESTAROSSA.

This exciting and cutting-edge project is being built for a repeat client. She is currently under construction at the Lurssen shipyard in Germany. This 116 meter vessel will have an internal volume of 5,000 GT.

Nuvolari Lenard will provide the creative and eye-catching design. For both the interior and exterior of the yacht.

Moran Yacht & Ship negotiated the build contract and compiled the technical specification. Moran will oversee her complete construction. We look forward to a delivery in 2022.

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Kismet Yacht
Shahid Khan yacht Kismet

The yacht (2014) is now listed for sale.

Luxury Yacht Kismet

The yacht was built at Lurssen Yachts and was delivered to her owner in 2014.

Shahid Khan is the founder of Flex-n-gate

The owner of the yacht is founder of car parts manufacturer Flex-n-Gate.

Shahid Khan's yacht

His previous yacht is designed by Espen Oeino.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner's yacht

He is owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the London based Fullham FC.

yacht Kismet II

The current yacht. She is available for charter through Moran.

Inside the yacht, her amazing interior.

Kismet interior

The interior of the yacht is designed by Reymond Langton Design.

Kismet interior
Kismet interiorKismet interior

The interior cost a fortune to built.

Kismet interiorShahid Khan interiorKistmet is avaible for charter

The yacht Global in the bay of Cannes. A tender is moving guests to shore.

Shad Khan Private Jet.

Shad Khan House.

The Khan’s family home in Champaign Illinois. It is relative modest for a billionaire. He also owns a US$ 15,000,000 penthouse in Florida.

Shahid Khan Naples

And his formal living address in a penthouse in Naples, Florida. Many other billionaires live here. Including Bruce Sherma, owner of the yacht Majestic.

Khan Naples home interior

Interior photo of his US$ 15 million penthouse in Naples, Florida

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His private jet is a Bombardier Global 6000. The jet has a list price of US$ 50 million.

Kismet at night

Photo by Ron Raffety.

Lurssen’s Project Testarossa the new Kismet?

Update: it seems that Testarossa is the new yacht for Michael Lee Chin (he ordered the Lurssen Quattroelle)

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Kismet 2019yacht kismet

Photo by

Next yacht:


Previous yacht:

Kingdom 5 KR

Shahid Khan houseShahid Khan jet N612FGproject Testarossa - Lurssen - Moran Yacht

Kismet Photo Gallery

Photos by Raphael Belly

Media: Interested in using these photos? Please contact Raphael directly


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project Gaja - Lurssen - new yacht for Khan

The 125 meter Lurssen Project Gaja will be the new Kismet.


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