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Work on A Yacht

Looking for a job on a yacht? Or are you searching for an experienced crew member?

SuperYachtFan will help you.


We offer a platform where candidates leave a short profile, with relevant data such as experience and education.

Recruiters, owners, or yacht captains can mail us, requesting the candidate’s contact details.

We do not act as agents. And at least for the moment, we do not charge a fee.



Send your CV (preferably as a PDF file) to [email protected]  We will post a resume online.


Yacht Manager, Captain:

Mail us at [email protected].  Mention the resume number #. We will send you the candidate’s full CV.


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Crew Candidate Resumes:

(Looking for crew? Mail and mention the resume number (for example Test Resume#2022-11-01)

 1 SY Deckhand Number #2022-11-01

Deckhand – female – 25-30 yo – 2 years experience on >160 ft SY (STCW-95 Basic Safety; Marine Medical (ENG 1))

2 No longer available

Bosun – male – 30-35 yo – 6 years experience on 40-60 meter MY

3 Laundry Steward Number #2022-11-03

Laundry – male – 20-30 yo – 124  meter MY + cruise

4  Electrical Engineer #2022-11-04

Post Graduate Electrical Engineering – male – 30s – marine environment (no yachting)

5 Captain #2022-12-01

Captain – male – 20-30 yo – 25-35m MY – Yacht Master 500Gt – CMAS Dive Master – ENG/TR/RU speaking

6 Chef #2022-12-02

Experience Sr chef – male – >40 yo – ‘Michelin Star experience’-  no yachting experience.

7 2nd Engineer #2022-12-03

Very experienced – male  >35yp – > 100-meter motor yacht – all relevant training and certificates – ENG/ Arabic

8 Inventory/ Store Keeper #2022-12-04

Cruiseliners – male – >35yp – all relevant certificates – IN/ENG

(Pls Give us a few weeks to fill our database ;-) )

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FAQ Frequently Asked Yacht Crew Questions!


How much do yacht crew earn?

This is depending on experience, education, and the size of the yacht.
Also, the route and location of the vessel have an impact on salaries.
We created this small table, to give a rough estimate!
All amounts in US dollars per month.
Crew Salaries 2022 <40m (132ft) <60m (197ft) <80m (262ft) <100m (328ft)
Captain 5,000-8,000 9,000-12,000 12,000-20,000 15,000-25,000
First Officer 4,000-5,000 5,000-8,000 6,000-10,000 7,000-12,500
Bosun 3,000-4,000 3,500-4,500 3,500-4,500 4,000-5,000
Deckhand 3,000-3,500 4,000 4,000 4,000-4,000
Engineer 5,000-6,000 5,000-7,000 7,000-10,000 7,000-10,000
Chef 4,000-6,000 6,000-80,000 7,000-8,000 7,000-8,000
Chief Stewardess 4,000-5,000 5,000-6,000 7,000-8,000 7,000-8,000
Stewardess 2,500-3,500 3,000-4,000 3,000-5,000 3,000-6,000


Do yachties pay taxes?

In general: no, there is often an exemption for tax. But this is depending on the country you are normally based in, and also depending on the yacht’s location.

The best advice if you are starting as a crew: ask a tax consultant.


Do yacht crews pay for their onboard stay?

No crew does not have to pay any bills. They pay no rent, no meals and not even medical expenses. Often travel expenses are also compensated (when travelling to or from the yacht’s location)


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