EDDIE LAMPERT • Net Worth $2 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • ESL Investments

Name:Eddie Lampert
Net Worth:$2 billion
Source of Wealth:ESL Investments, Sears, Autonation
Born:July 19, 1962
Wife:Kinga Lampert
Residence:Miami, Florida, USA
Private Jet:Bombardier Global 5000 (N116QS)

Eddie Lampert: The Visionary Investor Behind ESL Investments

Eddie Lampert is a renowned figure in the world of finance and investments. As the founder and sole owner of ESL Investments, a prominent hedge fund, he has established himself as a visionary investor with a keen eye for opportunities. Lampert’s career trajectory and wealth accumulation showcase his astute decision-making and strategic investment approaches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eddie Lampert is the founder and sole owner of ESL Investments.
  • With a net worth of $2 billion, he has achieved remarkable success as an investor.
  • Lampert is known for his strategic investment approaches and ownership in various companies.
  • He is the proud owner of the Fountainhead yacht, showcasing his passion for luxury living.
  • Eddie Lampert and his wife, Kinga Lampert, actively engage in philanthropic endeavors.
  • ESL Investments manages assets in one master fund, ESL Partners, valued at approximately $2.8 billion.
  • Lampert’s journey from humble beginnings to financial success exemplifies his determination and vision.
  • The Fountainhead yacht represents his pursuit of relaxation and pleasure amidst his busy professional life.

Early Life and Education

Eddie Lampert was born in July 1962 and grew up in a modest background. His father, a partner in a law firm, passed away when Eddie was young. To support his family, Lampert took on various jobs after school and during weekends. He pursued higher education at Yale University, where he received financial aid and graduated in 1984.

ESL Investments and Success Story

In 1988, at the young age of 26, Lampert founded ESL Investments, which serves as the manager for various investment funds. ESL Investments specializes in equity and debt instruments, as well as securities and options. With his mentor Richard Rainwater guiding him, Lampert quickly gained recognition for his investment strategies.

Investment Ventures and Ownership

Throughout his career, Lampert has made notable investments in various companies. He holds stakes in Sears Holding, a renowned retail company, as well as Autonation, the largest retailer of new cars in the United States. Lampert’s ownership also extends to Land’s End, a fashion brand, and Autozone, a leading auto parts retailer. Additionally, he has investments in Seritage Growth Properties, a real estate investment trust.

In 2018 he stepped down as CEO of Sears Holdings following the company’s bankruptcy. He remained Chairman of the Board. He offered to buy the company out of bankruptcy, including 500 Sears stores. In 2005 Warren Buffett predicted that the Sears CEO would have an impossible task bringing back the retailer to profit. Besides his stock, Lampert holds about US$ 381 million in unsecured notes issued to Sears. He is also an investor in real estate.

Owner of the Fountainhead Yacht

Beyond his business ventures, Eddie Lampert indulges in the luxury yachting lifestyle as the owner of the Fountainhead yacht. This magnificent motor yacht, built by Feadship, showcases his refined taste and appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship. The Fountainhead is a symbol of his success and his desire for ultimate relaxation and pleasure.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Eddie Lampert and his wife, Kinga Lampert, are committed philanthropists. Through The Lampert Foundation, they actively support causes related to health and education. Their philanthropic efforts aim to make a positive impact on society and create opportunities for individuals to thrive.

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Yacht Fountainhead Owner

Eddie Lampert is the Chairman of hedge fund ESL Investments. His net worth is $ 1 billion. He is owner of the yacht Fountainhead.

Kinga Lampert

Kinga Lampert

Eddie Lampert Yacht

yacht Fountainhead - 88m - Feadship - Eddie Lampert

Kinga Lampert

Kinga was born in 1974. She married Eddie in 2001. They have 3 children. She co-chairs the board of directors of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She also supported the Miami County Day School. Kinga Lampert has her own Instagram account.

11 Facts about the Edward Lampert you probably didn’t know

  1. His father was a partner in a law firm, who died young.
  2. After his father’s death, he supported his mother by working after school.
  3. He received financial aid for college and graduated from Yale University.
  4. He learned investing through his grandmother, reviewing stocks in media.
  5. He started ESL Investments at the age of 26.
  6. His investments include Sears, Kmart, Autonation, Land’s End.
  7. His net worth is now $2 billion
  8. He owns a US$ 40 million house in Miami, Florida.
  9. His yacht Fountainhead is a sister ship of Larry Ellison’s Musashi.
  10. The yacht is often referred to as Marc Cuban’s yacht. But Cuban does not own a yacht.
  11. Lampert has his own blog.






Lampert Yacht Fountainhead

He is the owner of the Feadship yacht Fountainhead.  The yacht is often referred to as Marc Cuban’s yacht, but Cuban doesn’t own a yacht.

The Fountainhead yacht is a 288ft motor yacht built by Feadship.

Designed by Sinot Yacht Design, its interior exudes elegance and sophistication.

The owner of the yacht Fountainhead is billionaire Eddie Lampert.

With a top speed of 21 knots and a range of 6,000nm, it offers exceptional performance.