Abeking & Rasmussen – a German SuperYacht Builder

Abeking Rasmussen
Abeking & Rasmussen
Legal Name:Abeking & Rasmussen Schiffs und Yachtwerft AG
Founder:Georg Abeking and Henry Rasmussen
Founded in:1907
HeadquartersLemweder, Germany
CEO:Hans Schaedla
Parent Company:n/a
Employees:> 400
Turnover:> $ 100 million

Yachts Under Construction:

We believe they have these projects under construction.

Project 6507 – 118 meter – 5,005 tons – Delivery 2022

Project 6508 –  70 meter – Delivery 2022

Project 6509 –  undisclosed data

Projet 6510 – 120 meter – Delivery 2024

Abeking Rasmussen

A&R is a luxury yacht builder, specialized in large custom motor yachts built from steel. In the past, the company has been building sailing yachts, marine vessels, and swath vessels.


Abeking and Rasmussen was founded in 1907 by Georg Abeking and Henry Rasmussen. The company started building naval vessels such torpedo boats, minesweepers and submarine destroyers.

Later the company started building speed boats and sailing yachts. Abeking built a series of 6  sailing yachts for the Krupp family, all named Germania. The Krupp family are the founders of the industrial group now known as Thyssen Krupp. Their latest yacht (Germania VI built in 1963) is still owned by the Krupp Foundation.

In the 1950s productions of yachts was started. More than 50 motor yachts have been built. (And more than 6,500 vessels).

The German yacht builder A&R has earned many rewards, such as the “THE WORLD SUPERYACHT AWARD”. And the Boat International Design & Innovation Award and the ShowBoats Design Award.

Hans M. Schaedla

Hans Schaedla is the owner and CEO of the company. He is the great grandson of A&R founder Henry Rasmussen. Schaedla is the founder of the Hans M Schaeda Stiftung. The foundation intends to promote yacht and shipbuilding research, engineering and education.

Abeking & Rasmussen Production Facilities

Abeking has production facilities to build yachts up to 125 meters.  The company has 5 covered sheds and has more than 400 employees.

A&R has also great refit facilities and can build cruise ships and cruise ship tenders.

Notable Yachts

Notable yachts built by Abeking are the 98 meter Aviva (owned by Joe Lewis) and the 82 meter Secret owned by Nancy Walton Laurie. And the 72 meters Cloudbreak, owned by Alexander Svetakov.

Abeking Order Portfolio

We are aware of a few yachts currently under construction at A&R.

Project 6507 – 118 meter – Delivery 2022
Project 6508 –  70 meter – Delivery 2022

Project 6509 – undisclosed

Project 6510 – 120 meter

Abeking & Rasmussen Contact Details

Abeking & Rasmussen Schiffs und Yachtwerft AG
An der Faehe 2
Lemwerder, 27809

Phone: +49 (0)421 67 33 0
[email protected]

A&R Yachts Resources


The Largest Oceanco Yachts
NameLength (meters)VolumeYearOwner
Aviva984.9662017Joe Lewis
C2862.1502008Ronald Perelman
Secret822.2402013Nancy Walton
Romea822.3122015Alexander Nesis
Grace812.3062014John Reece
Titan802.1012010Alexander Ambramov
Excellence802.1152019Herb Chambers


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