More details about JEFF BEZOS’ 127-meter Sailing Yacht and her 75-meter Support Vessel

the Netherlands – May 8, 2021
by SuperYachtFan

Name:Oceanco Project Y721
Length:127m (417ft)
Guests:18 (est)
Crew:40 (est)
Speed:20 knots (est)
Volume:4,000 ton (est)
Price:$250 million (est)
Annual Running Cost:$25 million (est)
Owner:Jeff Bezos

International media report that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is building a large yacht in the Netherlands. It is known as Project Y721. And that he has also ordered a large (75 meter) support vessel.

SuperYachtFan brings you the details.

Sailing Yacht

Bezos’ superyacht is actually hull Y721, currently under construction at Oceanco. We can disclose that the yacht will have a similar styling as Barry Diller’s sailing yacht EOS (which has a length of ‘just’ 93 m (305 ft)).

The yacht will have a large swimming pool on the aft deck. We estimate that the yacht can accommodate 18 guests, which will be catered for by a crew of around 40. The yacht will be delivered in 2022.

Support Vessel

International media also report that Bezos ordered a large support vessel. This is actually the 75 meter (246ft) Hull YS7512, currently under construction at Damen Yachting.

The custom-built vessel will carry all toys and tenders of the main yacht. It has a helicopter hangar that can accommodate a large helicopter. The vessel can accommodate a total of 45 staff, crew and guests.

With a volume of 1,900 tons, it will be the largest vessel in the Damen Yacht Support range.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the founder of He is one of the richest men in the world, with a net worth of $190 billion. He was reported to be the owner of the yacht Flying Fox, which was denied by an Amazon representative. He does own a Gulfstream G650ER private jet.

Project Y721 • Oceanco • 2022 • Jeff Bezos Yacht

Bezos’ yacht will have a similar styling as the (smaller) sailing yacht EOS.

Jeff Bezos yacht – Damen Yacht Support YS7512
Jeff Bezos yacht – Damen Yacht Support YS7512
Jeff Bezos yacht – Damen Yacht Support YS7512

(Photo of the Y721 Hull by Gerrit van Katwijk, the rendering of the support vessel was released in a press package).

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