ROGER SAMUELSSON • Net Worth $1 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Scandinavian Health LTD

Name:Roger Ivar Samuelsson
Net Worth:$1 billion
Source of Wealth:Scandinavian Health Ltd
Born:December 10, 1963
Country:Sweden, Taiwan
Wife:Mrs. Samuelsson
Residence:Taipei, Taiwan
Private Jet:Pls send message if you have info
Helicopter:SE-JGZ Eurocopter AS350

Who is Roger Samuelsson?

Roger Samuelsson is the founder of Scandinavian Health Ltd (SHL). He was born on December 10, 1963. He is married and lives in Taiwan.

Samuelsson also had a career in motorsport and was active as an STCC driver in 2013

Scandinavian Health Ltd

Roger Samuelsson and his partner Martin Jelf founded SHL Group in 1989. SHL develops and manufactures medical equipment, including so-called auto-injectors. In 2016, the company had more than 3,000 employees.

SHL has six production centers in Taiwan, China, and Europe. The group’s parent company is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Group companies include SHL Medical, SHL Technologies, and SHL Pertinax.

Scandinavian Health is active in the development and manufacturing of high-end drug delivery devices, industrial & consumer products, and hospital & home health care equipment.

It is a leading developer and manufacturer of drug delivery systems.

Other Companies

Other companies owned by Samuelsson include Snowlodge Sweden AB, Bydalens Wärdhus SHL Healthcare AB, Spökis AB, Jämtlands Helikopter AB, Jämtlands Flyg AB, Airnode AB, Kompetens Inkasso Sweden AB and Kronan Sweden AB.

Roger Samuelsson Net Worth

According to some Swedish media, he is a billionaire. There was a tax dispute reported in Swedish media, where the Swedish tax authorities taxed him for an income of roughly $125 million during the years 2013-2017. Given the fact that he is able to buy a $300 million superyacht, his net worth is probably $1 billion.


He was active as an STCC driver with his Race4Health team. In 2019 he competed in the East Africa Safari Rally.

Race4Health was started by Samuelsson with the idea that motorsport can and should be a powerful platform for making the world a better place.

It connects motorsports with charity.


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Roger Samuelsson

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