ROGER SAMUELSSON • Net Worth $1 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Scandinavian Health LTD

Name:Roger Ivar Samuelsson
Net Worth:$1 billion
Source of Wealth:Scandinavian Health Ltd
Born:December 10, 1963
Country:Sweden, Taiwan
Wife:Mrs. Samuelsson
Residence:Taipei, Taiwan
Private Jet:Pls send message if you have info
Helicopter:SE-JGZ Eurocopter AS350

Who is Roger Samuelsson?

Roger Samuelsson, born on December 10, 1963, is not only a successful businessman but also a notable figure in the world of motorsport. As the founder of Scandinavian Health Ltd (SHL), he has made significant contributions to the medical equipment industry. Residing in Taiwan, Samuelsson balances his professional accomplishments with a fulfilling personal life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roger Samuelsson, born in 1963, is the founder of SHL Group, a pioneer in medical technology.
  • Under his leadership, SHL has grown significantly, employing over 3,000 people and expanding its global presence.
  • Samuelsson’s business portfolio is diverse, including companies in various sectors like hospitality and aviation.
  • His estimated net worth of $1 billion is indicative of his success as an entrepreneur.
  • Samuelsson is also known for his involvement in motorsports, particularly with his Race4Health team.
  • His life exemplifies a unique blend of entrepreneurial success and personal passion for motorsports.
  • He is the owner of the Octopus Yacht.

Scandinavian Health Ltd (SHL)

In 1989, Samuelsson, along with his partner Martin Jelf, established the SHL Group. This company is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing medical devices, notably auto-injectors. By 2016, SHL had grown to employ over 3,000 people, reflecting its significant impact in the healthcare sector. SHL operates across six production centers located in Taiwan, China, and Europe, and includes subsidiaries like SHL Medical, SHL Technologies, and SHL Pertinax. Its parent company is based in the British Virgin Islands. SHL’s reputation as a leading developer and manufacturer of drug delivery systems underscores its commitment to advancing healthcare technology.

Diverse Business Ventures

Samuelsson’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond healthcare. He owns various companies, including Snowlodge Sweden AB and a range of entities spanning hospitality, aviation, and debt collection services. This diverse portfolio showcases his versatile business acumen.

Roger Samuelsson’s Net Worth

Regarded as a billionaire by Swedish media, Samuelsson’s wealth became a topic of discussion during a tax dispute where he was taxed for an income of approximately $125 million over four years. His capability to purchase a $300 million superyacht further indicates his net worth to be around $1 billion.


Aside from his business endeavors, Samuelsson is passionate about motorsport. He competed as an STCC driver for his Race4Health team and participated in the 2019 East Africa Safari Rally. Race4Health was conceptualized by Samuelsson to leverage motorsport as a platform for positive global changes. It connects motorsports with charity.


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Roger Samuelsson