SULTAN BIN KHALIFA AL NAHYAN • Net Worth $30 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • United Arab Emirates • Royal Family

Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan

Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan

Name:Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan
Net Worth:$ 30 billion
Source of Wealth:Royal Family of Abu Dhabi / UAE
Wife:Sheikha Shaikha bint Saif bin Mohammed Al Nahyan
Children:Sheikha Shamma Bint Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa, Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan,
Residence:Al Bateen Palace, Abu Dhabi
Private Jet:Embraer Lineage 1000 (A6-HHS)
YachtMoonlight II

Who is Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan?

With an illustrious lineage and significant roles in both political and business spheres, Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan has become an influential figure not just in the UAE, but globally. But who is this key figure, and what impact has he had on the United Arab Emirates?

Key Takeaways:

  • Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan is the eldest son of the UAE’s president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
  • Born in 1965, Sheikh Sultan has at least four children with his wife, Sheikha Shaika.
  • Apart from royal duties, Sheikh Sultan serves as an advisor to his father and sits on the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi.
  • He founded SBK Holding, a mega conglomerate in the UAE with diverse interests, including energy, steel, and real estate.
  • The Al Nahyan family is one of the UAE’s six ruling families, based in Abu Dhabi.
  • Sheikh Sultan’s personal net worth stands at an estimated US$ 30 billion.
  • The Al Nahyan family’s combined wealth is a jaw-dropping US$ 150 billion.
  • Sheikh Sultan is a key figure in both political and business spheres in the Middle East.
  • He is the owner of the Moonlight II Yacht.

The Royal Lineage

Born in 1965, Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa is the eldest son of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. His father, Sheikh Khalifa, holds the prestigious positions of President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, ensuring the Al Nahyan name resonates with power and honor. Sheikh Sultan’s personal life reflects the same grace, with his marriage to Sheikha Shaika and their resultant offspring, with the couple being blessed with at least four children.

Roles and Responsibilities

Apart from the inherent prestige and responsibilities that come with being a member of the royal family, Sheikh Sultan has been entrusted with several crucial roles within the administration. He serves as an advisor to his father, the President of the UAE. Moreover, he’s an integral part of the governance structure, being a board member of the influential Executive Council of Abu Dhabi.

SBK Holding: A Business Empire

Sheikh Sultan’s prowess isn’t limited to politics alone. He is the visionary founder behind SBK Holding, a colossal business conglomerate based in the UAE that employs over 10,000 individuals. The company’s vast interests span multiple sectors including real estate, energy, steel, and publishing. Key companies under the SBK Holding umbrella are Al Maha Petroleum, which commands a vast network of 160 gas stations in Oman, and Hamriyah Steel, a noteworthy partnership with Alisher Usmanov’s Metalloinvest. Furthermore, the opulent Fairmont Hotel in Dubai is one of the many jewels in SBK’s crown.

The Al Nahyan Legacy

The Al Nahyan Family holds a prominent position as one of the six ruling families of the United Arab Emirates, with their base in the rich emirate of Abu Dhabi. The most notable figure in the family is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, thanks to his dual roles as the President of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

Financial Stature of Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan

When it comes to wealth, Sheikh Sultan’s net worth is nothing short of remarkable, being estimated at a staggering US$ 30 billion. The combined financial might of the Al Nahyan family easily crosses the US$ 150 billion mark, emphasizing their immense influence not just in the UAE, but globally.

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Sheikh Sultan

Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan

Al Nahyan Family Yachts

The al Nahyan Family owns many of the world’s largest yachts. Including Azzam, the world’s longest yacht which is owned by Sheikh Khalifa. Topaz is owned by Sheikh Mansour.

He is a brother of Sheikh Khalifa. And Yas is owned by Sheikh Hamdan. Hamdan is another brother of Sheikh Khalifa.

Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa al Nahyan yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Moonlight II.

The Moonlight II yacht was initially named Alysia and built for Andreas Liveras.

Shares lineage with Queen Miri, previously owned by Sheldon Adelson.

Constructed in Neorion, Greece, with a launch price exceeding US$ 100 million.

Underwent a significant refit in 2012, both externally and internally.

Powered by twin Caterpillar marine engines, boasting a top speed of 17 knots.

Interior design led by Lally Poulias, can host up to 36 guests.