Who is the Mysterious Owner of the Yacht Lady Gulya? Alisher Usmanov or Andrey Skoch?

Name:Alisher Usmanov
Net Worth:$16 billion
Source of Wealth:Metallo Invest
Born:September 9, 1953
Wife:Irina Viner-Usmanova
Children:Anton Viner
Residence:Beechwood House, Highgate, London, UK
Private Jet:Airbus A340 (M-IABU), Dassault Falcon 7X (LX-USM)
Yacht:Lady Gulya

Yacht Lady Gulya Owner

We received several messages that her original owner is related to the Ukrainian logistics company TIS.

We also received a more specific message, that her owner was Alexey Fedorychev. And not to our surprise he is (or was) the majority shareholder of this company name TIS. And we found online articles stating that he is building a large yacht.  (And that he chartered large yachts in the past).

We were also told that her owner defaulted on the purchase contract. And that the yacht was subsequently repossessed by Lurssen. She was later listed for sale, asking EUR 275,000,000. In 2020 she was reported sold and was sent to Lurssen in Germany for a refit.

Alisher Usmanov

The yacht’s owner is (probably) Alisher Usmanov, although we did link the yacht to Andrey Skoch.

Immediately after she was sold, we received messages that Tis was bought by Usmanov. He reportedly needed a temporary replacement for his yacht Dilbar, as Dilbar was going to have a big (8 months) refit.

This scenario is still possible (in December 2020). But then we expect Dilbar to move to Germany soon.

See our full profile about Alisher Usmanov here.


We are a bit in doubt, however, since the new hull color of Lady Gulya is not similar to Dilbar’s color. And her superstructure is not fully painted, as with Dilbar.

Also, we expected Ona, as a new name and not Lady Gulya.

Andrey Skoch

There has been another Lady Gulya in the past. That was Andrei Skoch‘s yacht GU, which was renamed Lady Gulya when his new yacht Madame Gu was delivered. However, we were told, that Skoch sold the yacht before she was named Lady Gulya.

The German newspaper Bild, did mention Skoch as the owner of Lady Gulya.

We are still a bit in doubt, but probably the yacht is either owned by Usmanov or Andrey Skoch. They are business partners through investment vehicle USM Holdings.

Who is Alexei Fedorychev?

He is the founder of Fedcominvest, a commodities and export business. And he is a sponsor of AS Monaco FC. He resides in Monaco.

He is the former owner of the Russian football clubs FC Dynamo Moscow and FC Rostov. He is the original owner of the yacht TIS.

After starting his career as a professional footballer for Moscow club FC Dynamo, Mr. Fedoricsev began trading in car parts during the fall of the Soviet Union. He quickly became a specialist in the business of logistics, concentrating on transporting and trading in grain and chemicals including ammonia, phosphates, and sulfur. His company, Fedcominvest, is now a global leader in the field.


Fedcominvest Europe SARL, is a world-leading export business, specializing in the trading of grain, sulfur, and fertilizers.

Founded in 2009 in the Principality of Monaco, the company has expertise in the storage, shipping, and distribution of a variety of commodities. Fedcominvest has a significant presence in Western Europe and is a market leader in the supply of grain from the deep-water ports of the Odessa region to countries in the MENA region.

In 2016 Fedcominvest shipped over 5 million tonnes of grain to countries around the world including, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

The company was or still is the owner of the Terminals TIS Group — Ukraine’s largest dry cargo port, based in Odessa.

Fedorychev Net Worth

In 2011 his net worth was estimated at US$ 700 million. We estimate his current net worth at US$ 1 billion

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