Gilberto Benetton (1941-2018) • Benetton • Net Worth • Yacht • House

Name:Gilberto Benetton
Net Worth:$3 billion
Source of Wealth:Benetton
Born:June 19, 1941
Death:October 22, 2018
Wife:Maria Laura Pasquotti
Children:Sabrina Benetton, Barbara Benetton
Residence:Treviso, Italy
Private Jet:(I-BENN) Cessna 550B

Gilberto Benetton

Gilberto Benetton (1941-2018) was a prominent Italian businessman and one of the visionary co-founders of the Benetton Group, a global fashion brand renowned for its vibrant clothing and thought-provoking advertising campaigns. Born in Treviso, Italy, Gilberto, along with his siblings Luciano Benetton, Giuliana, and Carlo, founded the Benetton Group in 1965, marking the beginning of a new era in the fashion industry. He was married to Maria Laura Pasquotti, and has two daughters: Sabrina Benetton, and Barbara Benetton.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gilberto Benetton was a co-founder of the Benetton Group, a global fashion brand known for its colorful clothing and provocative advertising campaigns.
  • He played a crucial role in the expansion of the Benetton Group, transforming it from a small family business to a global fashion empire with stores in over 120 countries.
  • Gilberto was involved in various other business ventures, including the restaurant chain Autogrill and the highway catering business.
  • He was a shareholder in Atlantia, an Italian company that operates toll motorways and airports.
  • Gilberto was committed to promoting social and cultural diversity through the United Colors of Benetton brand.
  • His legacy lives on through the Benetton Group, which continues to be a major player in the global fashion industry.
  • In 2017, he purchased the Lurssen yacht OASIS from former Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

The Expansion of Benetton Group

Under Gilberto’s astute leadership and financial acumen, the Benetton Group rapidly expanded from a small family-owned business to a global fashion empire, boasting over 120 stores worldwide. Gilberto’s role was pivotal in the financial and organizational growth of the company, ensuring that the brand’s presence was felt in every corner of the globe.

Diversification of Business Interests

In addition to his significant contributions to the Benetton Group, Gilberto was also involved in various other business ventures. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to invest in the popular restaurant chain Autogrill and the lucrative highway catering business. Furthermore, Gilberto was a shareholder in Atlantia, an Italian conglomerate that operates toll motorways and airports, showcasing his diverse business portfolio.

Commitment to Social and Cultural Diversity

Despite facing controversy over some of the Benetton Group’s advertising campaigns, Gilberto remained steadfast in his commitment to the company’s vision and values. He played an instrumental role in the development of the United Colors of Benetton brand, which aimed to promote social and cultural diversity through its innovative advertising strategies.

Legacy and Impact on the Fashion Industry

Gilberto Benetton’s legacy is etched in the annals of the fashion industry. His ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities was unparalleled, and his contributions to the diversification of the Benetton Group’s business interests were monumental. The Benetton Group continues to be a major player in the global fashion industry, with its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity remaining at the forefront of its brand identity.

Net Worth

At the time of his death, his net worth was estimated at $3 billion.

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United Colors of Benetton

Gilberto Benetton House

He was born in Treviso, Italy. He lived there his whole life, and even died in his large house.

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