María Asunción Aramburuzabala • Net Worth $5 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Grupo Modelo

María Asunción Aramburuzabala

María Asunción Aramburuzabala

Name:María Asunción Aramburuzabala
Net Worth:$ 5 billion
Source of Wealth:Grupo Modelo / Tresalia Capital
Born:May 2, 1963
Wife:Tony Garza (divorced)
Residence:Mexico City, Mexico
Private Jet:Bombardier Challenger 350 (XA-BUA)

María Asunción Aramburuzabala: A Success Story Worth Telling

Born in May 1963, María Asunción Aramburuzabala, the renowned Mexican billionaire, is a prominent figure in the world of business. Her path to success initiated from a family-owned beer brewing company, Grupo Modelo, which she later sold to Anheuser Busch, a global leader in the brewing sector. Presently, María graces the board of Anheuser Busch, contributing her vast experience and expertise.

Despite her business commitments, María found time to invest in luxury, becoming the proud owner of the Feadship yacht HALO. However, she eventually sold the superyacht to real estate magnate, Barry Sternlicht.

Key Takeaways

  • María Asunción Aramburuzabala, born in May 1963, is a Mexican billionaire who built her wealth through the family beer brewing company, Grupo Modelo, which was later sold to Anheuser Busch.
  • María’s business acumen led her to diversify her investments into different sectors through Tresalia, her family’s investment company.
  • She was once the owner of the luxurious Feadship yacht HALO, which she later sold to Barry Sternlicht.
  • With a net worth estimated by Forbes to be over $5 billion, María holds the title of the richest woman in Mexico.
  • María believes in giving back to society and is actively involved in philanthropic activities through Fundacion Grupo Modelo, focusing on responsible alcohol consumption, environmental care, and community service.

The Origin and Evolution of Grupo Modelo

María is the granddaughter of Félix Aramburuzabala Lazcano-Iturburu, an immigrant from Spanish Basque who co-founded the Mexican brewery Grupo Modelo in 1925. The company rose to international fame for brewing one of the most popular beers worldwide, the Corona brand.

The unexpected demise of María’s father, Pablo Aramburuzabala, who served as vice president of Grupo Modelo, led to María and her sister inheriting the family business. This event marked the birth of Tresalia Capital, a venture aiming to diversify the family investments. The successful merger of Grupo Modelo with Anheuser Busch in 2013 valued the company at a staggering $20 billion.

Today, Grupo Modelo’s distribution in the USA is handled by Constellation Brands, a company owned by Robert Sands, another aficionado of luxury yachts.

Expanding Horizons with Tresalia Holding

Tresalia, under María’s guidance, broadened its portfolio, investing in sectors such as construction and telecommunications. Their real estate development company, Abilia, has made significant strides in Mexico. Moreover, Tresalia also holds a minority share in the popular US fashion label Tory Bursch and a 20% stake in Grupo Televisa, a multinational media conglomerate.

María Asunción Aramburuzabala’s Impressive Net Worth

With her numerous successful ventures and businesses, María Asunción Aramburuzabala’s net worth is estimated by Forbes to be over $5 billion, a testament to her skill and dedication, making her the wealthiest woman in Mexico.

Philanthropy: A Vital Part of María’s Life

Besides her entrepreneurial pursuits, María is actively involved in philanthropic activities through the Fundacion Grupo Modelo. The foundation primarily focuses on three pillars: responsible alcohol consumption, environmental care, and community service, reflecting María’s commitment to making a positive impact on society.


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María Asunción Aramburuzabala

María Asunción Aramburuzabala

María Asunción Aramburuzabala House

She is the owner of a Gulfstream G550 private jet, with registration XA-BUA.

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