RICARDO SALINAS PLIEGO • Net Worth $12 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Grupo Salinas

Name:Ricardo Salinas Pliego
Net Worth:$12 billion
Source of Wealth:Grupo Salinas
Born:October 4, 1955
Wife:María Laura Medina
Children:Ninfa, Mariano, Cristobal, Benjamin, Ricardo Emilio, Hugo
Residence:Mexico City, Mexico
Private Jet:Gulfstream G-V (XA-AZT)

Who is Ricardo Salinas Pliego?

As the embodiment of Mexican entrepreneurial success, Ricardo Salinas Pliego stands among the world’s elite billionaires. Born in October 1955, Salinas Pliego’s journey in life and business is marked by tenacity, astute management, and strategic innovation. Living with his wife Maria Laura Medina in a grand residence in Mexico City, Salinas Pliego is a proud father of six children, who are progressively making their mark in the family’s multifaceted business empire. The couple’s daughter, Ninfa Salinas Sasa, has even served as a Senator in Mexico.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ricardo Salinas Pliego is a Mexican billionaire, best known for owning Grupo Salinas and Grupo Elektra.
  • His business empire spans various sectors, including retail, media, telecommunications, and finance.
  • Under his leadership, Grupo Elektra shifted its focus to provide essential consumer goods to Mexico’s lower middle-income consumers.
  • TV Azteca, owned by Salinas Pliego, is one of the largest producers of Spanish-language TV content globally.
  • As a philanthropist, Salinas Pliego has established foundations focused on improving the social wellbeing of Hispanic communities.
  • Forbes estimates Salinas Pliego’s net worth to be around $12 billion.

The Emergence of Grupo Salinas and Grupo Elektra

Salinas Pliego’s vast wealth springs from his ownership of some of the largest corporations in Mexico, controlled primarily through two holding companies: Grupo Salinas and Grupo Elektra. His impressive portfolio includes powerhouses such as TV Azteca, Elektra, Grupo Lusacell, Unefon, and Banco Azteca.

Salinas Pliego’s business empire traces its roots to the early 20th century with the establishment of Salinas & Rocha, a family-owned furniture manufacturing company founded by his great-grandfather, Benjamin Salinas, in 1906.

Grupo Elektra: A Revolution in Mexican Commerce

Fast forward to 1950, Salinas Pliego’s grandfather launched Grupo Elektra, which would evolve to become a crucial component of the family’s business interests. Upon becoming CEO in 1987, Ricardo Salinas Pliego drastically redirected Elektra’s focus onto basic consumer products, such as appliances, electronics, and furniture. More importantly, he pioneered a new consumer market amongst Mexico’s lower middle-income segment by offering credit sales and a wide range of financial products and services.

The Success of TV Azteca and Grupo Lusacell

Besides Elektra, Salinas Pliego’s impact can be felt significantly in the media and telecommunications sectors. TV Azteca, under his stewardship, has grown to become one of the world’s two largest producers of Spanish-language television programming. Furthermore, his ownership of Grupo Lusacell, Mexico’s third-largest wireless telecommunications company, and Unefon, another telecoms player, demonstrate his significant influence in Mexico’s digital landscape.

The Philanthropic Spirit of Mr. Salinas Pliego

Apart from his business endeavors, Salinas Pliego is highly recognized for his philanthropy. He established Fundación Azteca and Fundación Azteca America to enhance the social wellbeing of Hispanic communities.
His philanthropic initiatives, especially the annual “Juguetón” or “Toy Marathon,” have brought smiles to millions of children, with over 13 million toys distributed to date.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s Estimated Net Worth

With such an extensive portfolio of successful businesses, it’s no surprise that Salinas Pliego’s wealth is substantial. As per Forbes, his estimated net worth stands at a staggering $12 billion, marking him as one of the wealthiest individuals in Mexico and the world.


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Yacht Azteca Owner

Ricardo Salinas Pliego

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