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About Superyachts and Superyacht Owners!

Welcome to the impressive world of Superyachts and the richest yacht owners.

On this site you will find information about the largest superyachts in the world and the wealthy people who own these yachts. This site is constantly updated with the latest information about super yachts and the billionaires who own these yachts.  

If you have any information or update about a super yacht or it’s owner, please send us an e-mail.

See the USD 1.5 billion superyacht here!

Latest updates and news

Superyacht Faith is owned by Lawrence Stroll

Superyacht Sapphire, owned by Filaret Galchev

Superyacht Lionheart, owned by Philip Green

Superyacht Valerie, rumored to be owned by Yuriy Kosiuk

Paul Allen’s yacht Tatoosh is near Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Superyacht Samar, owned by Kutayba Alghanim

Superyacht Mariu, built for Giorgio Armani

Superyacht Skat, owned by Charles Simonyi

Luxury yacht Nafisa, owned by Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel

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Superyacht insurance, superyacht accidents

Superyacht Radiant, owned by Abdullah al Futtaim

Superyacht Lady Britt, owned by Sten Warborn

Superyacht Lady M, built for a Swedish billionare

Superyacht Venus, built for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

Superyacht Archimedes, owned by James Simons

Luxury yacht Sarafsa, owned by Prince Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud

Sea Force One, owned by Raffaele Costa

Sailing yacht Vertigo, owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch

Superyacht Lammouche, owned by Ayman Asfari

Superyacht Mayan Queen, owned by Alberto Bailleres

Superyacht Quattroelle, owned by Michael Lee-Chin

Superyacht Kismet, owned by billionaire Shahid Khan

Superyacht Hampshire, owned by Jim Ratcliffe

Superyacht Paloma, owned by Vincent Bolloré

Superyacht Sea Owl, owned by Robert Mercer

Superyacht Event, owned by a Russian billionaire

Superyacht KS Norge, owned by the King of Norway

Superyacht Atlantis II, built for Stavros Niarchos

Superyacht Lady Beatrice, owned by the Barclay Brothers

Superyacht Majestic, owned by Bruce Sherman

Superyacht Satori, owned by Eric Benson

Superyacht Katara, one of the largest yachts in the world

Explorer yacht Akula, owned by Jonathan Faiman

Luxury yacht Lady Ann Magee, owned by Michael Smurfit

Superyacht Madame Gu, not owned by billionaire Andrei Skoch

Luxury yacht White Rose of Drachs, owned by UK real estate developer Michael Evans.

Superyacht Galaxy, owned by shopping mall developer John Gandal

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Superyacht Azzam is probably built for Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates. Superyachtfan comes to this conclusion as several highly regarded ‘superyacht’ sites mention HE Mubarak Bin Saad Al Ahbabi as being related to the Azzam yacht project. HE Mubarak Bin Saad Al Ahbabi is the Chairman of the UAE President's Private Department. Also Team Azzam is the official Abu Dhabi Volvo Ocean Racing Team, again linking Azzam to Abu Dhabi. Azzam means ‘determination’ in Arabic. So Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is probably the owner of luxury yacht Azzam. Can you confirm (or deny) this information? Please send us an e-mail.

Superyacht Sirona owned by Micky Arison and built for US car dealer Ray Catena

Superyacht Tueq owned by Prince Salman bin Abdul Azziz al Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Superyacht Sunrays owned by Essar Group co-founder Ravi Ruia

Duane Hagadone, owner of the luxury yacht Lady Lola.

Nancy Meuller owner of the yacht Andiamo (she sold the yacht in 2013)

and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, owner of the yacht Topaz.

The World’s richest superyacht owners, Larry Ellison is the world’s richest yacht owner

Famous Superyachtowners, such as Jim Moran, Roman Abramovich, and others

Spotter photo’s of Feadship’s new 99 meter superyacht Madame Gu at

A - Andrey Melnichenko

Akula - Jonathan Faiman

Alwaeli - King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa

Amadeus - Bernard Arnault

Amevi - Lakshmi Mittal

Archimedes - James Simons

Athena - James Clark

Atlantis II - Stavros Niarchos

Aurora - Charles Wang

Azzam - Sheikh bin Zayed al Nahyan

Baton Rouge - Martin Bouygues

Battered Bull - Donald Flynn

Boardwalk - Tilman J. Fertitta

Cakewalk - Charles Gallagher

Capri - John Caudwell

Carinthia VII - Heidi Horten

Coral Island - Sheikh Abdul Mohsen

Dilbar - Alisher Usmanov

Eclipse - Roman Abramovich

Ecstasea - Sonja Zuckerman

Enigma - Aidan Barclay

Event -Russian yacht owner

Faith - Lawrence Stroll

Force Blue - Flavio Briatore

Galaxy - John Gandal

Hampshire II - Jim Ratcliffe

Happy Days - David C. Copley

Harbour Island - Steve Hudson

Ice - Suleiman Kerimov

JeMaSa - Richard Kayne

Katara - Emir of Qatar

Kingdom 5KR - Prince al Waleed bin Talal

Kismet - Shahid Khan

Lady Ann Magee - Michael Smurfit

Lady Beatrice - The Barclay Brothers

Lady Britt  - Sten Warborn

Lady Lola - Duane Hagadone

Lady M  - Swedish billionaire

Lady Moura- Dr. Nasser Al Rashid

Lady Sheridan - John Eddie Williams

Lammouche - Ayman Asfari

Limitless - Leslie Wexner

Lionheart  -  Philip Greene

Madame Gu - not Andrei Skoch

Majestic - Bruce Sherman

Mariu  -  Giorgio Armani

Martha Ann - Warren E Halle

Mayan Queen - Alberto Bailleres

Melek - Turgay Ciner

Mirabella V - Joseph Vittoria

Montkaj - Prince Mohammed al Saud

Musashi - Larry Ellison

Mylin IV - Micky Arison

Nafisa  - Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel

Natita - William Kallop

Norge - King Harald of Norway

Octopus - Paul Allen - with interior photos!

Pacific - East European billionaire

Paloma - Vincent Bollore

Pelorus - David Geffen

Plan B - Ted Waitt

Phoenix 2 - Jan Kulczyk

Predator - Iksander Makhmudov

Privacy - Tiger Woods

Quattroelle - Michael Lee-Chin

Radiant - Abdullah al Futtaim

Rising Sun - David Geffen

Samar  -  Kutayba Alghanim

Sapphire  -  Filaret Galchev

Sarafsa - Prince Fahad bin Sultan al Saud

Satori - Eric Benson

Sea Force One - Raffaele Costa

Sea Owl - Robert Mercer

Siran - Bob Manoukian

Sirona - Micky Arison

Skat  - Charles Simonyi

Solemar - Mikhail Prokhorov

Sunrays - Ravi Ruia

Sussurro - Roman Abramovich

Tatoosh - Paul Allen

Tueq - Prince Salman al Saud

Ulysses - Graeme Hart

Utopia - Bill Miller

Valerie  -  Yuriy Kosiuk

Vava - Ernesto Bertarelli

Venus - Steve Jobs

Vertigo - Rupert Murdoch

Vive La Vie - Willy Michel

Wedge Too - Issam M. Fares

White Cloud - Craig McCaw

White Rose of Drachs - Michael Evans


A superyacht (or mega yacht) is a large, privately (sometimes state) owned yacht, which is professionally crewed and generally extremely expensive. A superyacht (US spelling: Super Yacht) will probably cost more than US$ 10 million, although the most expensive yachts cost several hundred million dollars. Eclipse, owned by Roman Abramovich, is considered to be the most expensive yacht. It is rumored to have cost more than a billion US dollars. (The actual build price, will probably have been less, around US$ 500 million). Superyachts are mostly owned by extreme high net worth individuals. For example when you purchase a $ 10 million yacht, your net worth will probably be more than $ 20 million, as you will not spend ‘all your money’ on a yacht. The ‘larger’ superyachts (longer than 80 meters or 260ft) are always owned by billionaires. Such a yacht will cost around US$ 100 million or more, while the yearly running costs (including crew, maintenance, insurance, fuel) will roughly account to 10% of the build price, or US$ 10 million a year.

The History of superyachts

The history of superyachts started more or less at the beginning of the 20th century, although the real first known yacht was built in 1865: Mahroussah. She is 145 feet long and was built for the president of Egypt.

It were mainly American billionaires who started building yachts for their personal pleasure. In 1921, Horace Dodge, owner of the American car builder Dodge, build a 80-meter yacht, which he named SS Delphine. In 1927 Mr. Russell Alger, the Chairman of the Packard Car Company, built a 80 meter yacht named Jezebel. In late 1930’s textile baroness Lady Yule build a 91 meter yacht named Nahlin. In 1937, Sir Thomas Sopwith (a wealthy aircraft manufacturer) built a 80-meter yacht named Philante. The yacht is now owned by the King of Norway and named Norge.

All these yachts are still sailing around the world.

After the Second World war, Greek billionaires started building yachts. The best known example is Aristotle Onassis. In 1954 he converts a 90 meter long warship into a private yacht, which he names Christina O after his daughter. He entertains several famous guests, including John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.
In the 1980s many large yachts were built, mostly by Greeks and Arab millionaires. An example is Atlantis II, which was built for the Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos.
In 1984 the King of Saudi Arabia built a yacht, which is still one of the largest yachts in the world: Prince Abdul Aziz. The yacht is still owned by the KSA Royal family and was recently refitted.

The largest yachts in the world
Nowadays, the largest yachts in the world are owned by Arabs or Russians. The biggest yacht in the world is Azzam (180 meter / 590ft), built for the Emir of Abu Dhabi. The 2nd largest yacht in the world is Eclipse (172 meter / 564ft), owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. He has currently three yachts: Eclipse, Luna and Sussurro. One of the largest yachts measured by volume is Al Salamah. The yacht was built for Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia, the brother of the King of Saudi Arabia. Prince Sultan deceased in 2012 and his yacht was put for sale with an asking price of EUR 250 million (USD 350 million).

One of the most modern yachts is the yacht A, built for the Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. Another modern yacht is YAS. An Arab owner converted a war ship into an 140 meter yacht. The most famous yacht is probably Kingdom 5 KR, owned by Prince Al Waleed bin Talal (a cousin of the King of Saudi Arabia). It was featured in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.

Maintenance and annual cost
Yachts are very expensive to maintain. A rough calculation of the annual cost amount to 10% of the built price of the yacht. This means tens of millions of dollars a year. The larger yachts have 30 to 100 crew and staff, which live fulltime on board. The staff includes not only a captain and an engineer, but also cooks, waitresses, cleaners , technicians , helicopter pilots (the yacht Octopus has two helicopters on board), sometimes a doctor, a hairdresser and security staff . A captain of such a large yacht often has a lot of experience and training and earns a lot of money: US$ 200k – 300k a year. The yacht, its crew, guests and their possessions, all need to be properly insured. Insuring a yacht, including third party liability, can also cost quite a lot of money. Third party liability insurance protects the yacht, and anyone using the yacht, against claims from other people for damage to their yacht or other property, or for personal injury, when the yacht owner is legally liable due to negligence. It does not cover for pure accidents if there is no negligence/legal liability.

Funny or Strange Yacht Names

There are several Super Yachts around which have strange, funny or smart names. Here are some examples.

Bah Humbug - 1991 -  Christensen  - Rumored to be the first word the owners’ grandchild said when he or she saw the yacht

Tits - 1996 - Feadship - Then owned by Prince Jefry Bolkiah of Brunei, her tenders were named Niple 1 and Niple 2

A - 2008  -  Blohm & Voss - A single letter name, the yacht is owned by Andrei Melnichenko

X - 1987  -  Feadship - The X stands for the Greek letter pronounced as Chi. She is owned by Harry Vavias

VvS1 - 2007  -  Alloy Yachts  -  Vvs1 is a  near flawless grade of diamonds. The owner is  Michael Hill, a New Zealand jeweler.

Chevy Toy - 2004  - Trinity, built for US  dealer Gene Reed

Mercedes  - 1996  -  Oceanfast built for US car dealer Ray Catena

The most common yacht names are definitely the names starting with Lady… Lady Britt, Lady Marina, Lady Moura, Lady Ann Magee, Lady Anne Magee, Lady Beatrice, Lady Duvera, Lady Lola, Lady Nag Nag, the list is endless.

Not for sale or charter while in US waters

You often read this in advertisements for yachts for sale or charter. It means that US duty (1.5% of the value) - payable at the yachts first formal US entry -  has never been paid. So it means that it is a non-US yacht which has never formally entered US waters, or it is a US built yacht, which has been exported and is currently foreign flagged.

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Superyacht Gallant Lady, built for Jim Moran

Superyacht Gallant Lady, built for Jim Moran