How Vasily Anisimov Built a Billion-Dollar Real Estate Empire with Coalco and Acquired Luxurious Assets

Name:Vasily Anisimov
Net Worth:$ 1.5 billion
Source of Wealth:Coalco
Born:September 19, 1951
Wife:Galina Anisimova – Divorced
Children:Anna Schafer, Galina Anisimova, Aleksandra Anisimova, Anzhelika Anisimova
Residence:Akulino, Moscow, Russia
Private Jet:Bombardier Global 6000 (LX-NAD)
Yacht:Saint Nicolas

Vasily Anisimov: The Russian Billionaire Behind Coalco

Vasily Anisimov is a Russian billionaire who founded Coalco, a leading real estate development company. Anisimov was born in September 1957 and is married to Galina Anisimova, with whom he has four children.

Metallo Invest

An early investor in Metallo Invest, Anisimov sold his shares in 2011 for US$2.5 billion to Andrey Kostin. (Kostin is the owner of the yacht Sea Rhapsody). He was a shareholder of Metalloinvest together with Alisher Usmanov (owner of the yacht DILBAR) and Andrey Skoch. (Skoch is owner of the yacht Madame Gu).  Metallo Invest is a Russian mining and metallurgy company specializing in the manufacture of steel.


Anisimov is the founder and chairman of Coalco, a real estate development company that is active in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate in Moscow and the greater Moscow region. Coalco owns more than 20,000 hectares of land in and near Moscow.

Yacht Ownership

Anisimov’s success in the real estate industry has enabled him to purchase luxury assets such as yachts. He was the previous owner of Saint Nicolas, a luxurious yacht built by Lurssen Yachts and designed by Espen Oeino. The yacht was named after his son, Nicolas Anisimov. However, Anisimov sold the yacht a few years ago and is currently building a larger yacht.

In conclusion, Vasily Anisimov is a Russian billionaire and real estate developer who founded Coalco. He was an early investor in Metallo Invest and sold his shares in 2011. Anisimov’s success in the real estate industry has enabled him to acquire luxurious assets such as yachts. While he may no longer be the owner of Saint Nicolas, his legacy lives on as he continues to build his empire.

Vasily Anisimov Net Worth

His net worth is $1.7 billion. His assets include a large yacht, a business jet, and a large real estate portfolio.


Anisimov is an active philanthropist through his Coalco company. He supports the sport. He is the President of the Russian Judo Federation. And he restored more than 30 Russian Orthodox churches.


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Yacht Saint Nicolas Owner

Vasily Anisimov

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Yacht Saint Nicholas

He is the owner of the yacht Saint Nicolas. He named the yacht after his son Nicolas. We believe Anisimov sold the yacht in 2018 because he is building a larger yacht. Do you know more? Please do send us a message.