ARKADY ROTENBERG – Net Worth $3 Billion – Owner of the Yacht Rahil

Name:Arkady Rotenberg
Net Worth:$ 3 billion
Source of Wealth:Stroygazmontazh
Born:December 15, 1951
Spouse:Natalya Rotenberg (ex wife)
Children:Igor Rotenberg, Pavel Rotenberg, Arkady jr.
Residence:Upper Ribsden, Surrey, UK
Private Jet:Bombardier Global 6000 (M-MAVP)

Who is Arkady Rotenberg?

He is the founder of Stroygazmontazh. And he is a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was born in December 1951. He was married to Natalya. He has 3 children (Igor, Pavel, and Arkady).


Stroygazmontazh is also known as the SGM Group. It is a Russian construction company active in the oil and gas industry.

The group offers engineering, logistics, construction, and repair works. For gas and oil pipelines and for railways. Stroygazmontazh receives many contracts from the Russian government.

The company built a US$ 2 billion highway near Sochi. For the 2014 winter Olympic Games. SGM has more than 16,000 employees.

A close friend of Putin

Rotenberg is considered to be a close friend of Vladimir Putin. They were already friends at the age of 12. They are also former judo sparring partners.

Allegedly this close relation is the basis for the many government contracts of SGM.

Arkady Rotenberg Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at US$ 3.billion.

10 Facts about Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg you probably didn’t know

  1. He is a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  2. They were friends at the age of 12 and Judo partners.
  3. His SGM Group is a Russian construction company.
  4. The company receives many government contracts for the Russian state.
  5. He built a US$ 2 billion highway near Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games.
  6. His net worth is now US$ 3 billion.
  7. His yacht was named Nataly after his wife Natalia.
  8. But after a divorce the yacht’s name was changed into Rahil.
  9. He also owns a US$ 60 million Bombardier Global 6000 private jet.
  10. He owns a large mansion named Upper Ribsden in the UK.

Yacht Rahil Owner

Arkady Rotenberg

Arkady Rotenberg House