NIDAL KARAMEH • Net Worth $500 million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Mikano International

Name:Nidal Karameh
Net Worth:US$ 0,5 billion
Source of Wealth:Mikano International
Born:June 20, 1965
Private Jet:Please send a message if you have info
Yacht:Grand Ocean

Nidal Karameh: A Nigerian Business Magnate Transforming Industries

Nidal Karameh, a notable figure in the business world, was born on June 20, 1965. His most prominent role to date is being the founder of the dynamic enterprise Mikano International.

Key Takeaways

  • Nidal Karameh, born on June 20, 1965, is the founder of Mikano International, a Nigerian company involved in several sectors including energy, real estate, car distribution, and construction.
  • Mikano is the exclusive importer of Geely Cars, which sells vehicles under several well-known brands such as Volvo and Lotus.
  • The company also supplies power generators and is the official distributor for Hyundai Construction Equipment in Nigeria.
  • Karameh’s successful business ventures result in an estimated net worth of $500 million.

Mikano International: A Powerhouse of Diverse Services

Mikano International is a multifaceted Nigerian corporation. Since its inception, it has successfully ventured into a variety of sectors, including energy, real estate, automobile distribution, and construction, gaining a significant market position in each.

Exclusive Geely Cars Importer in Nigeria

Mikano is the proud and exclusive importer of Geely Cars in Nigeria. Geely, a leading automaker, sells more than 1.5 million vehicles annually under prestigious brands such as Geely Auto, Lotus, Proton, and the renowned Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo.

Reliable Power Generator Provider

Furthermore, Mikano provides state-of-the-art power generators. Whether your requirement is for diesel or natural gas generators, Mikano’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of solutions to meet varied power generation needs.

Official Distributor of Hyundai Construction Equipment

The company also holds the title of official distributor for Hyundai Construction Equipment. From forklifts to excavators, Mikano guarantees access to top-tier construction machinery and equipment.

Developer of the Karameh City Project

Adding to its portfolio of diverse ventures, Mikano is also the developer of the Karameh City Project, an industrial complex replete with state-of-the-art warehouses.

Assessing Nidal Karameh’s Net Worth

Based on his multitude of successful ventures, Karameh’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $500 million.


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Yacht Grand Ocean Owner

Mofid Nidal Karameh

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Nidal Karameh House

Nidal Karameh Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Grand Ocean. Update: we were told that he sold the yacht in early 2021. Do you know who owns her now? Please do send us a message.

The Grand Ocean Yacht, valued at $60 million, was built by Blohm and Voss Yachts in 1990.

Originally named Golden Odyssey, it was commissioned by Saudi Prince Khaled bin Sultan al Saud.

The yacht accommodates up to 12 guests and houses a crew of 25.