Unraveling the Luxury of Go Yacht: The Crown Jewel of Turquoise Yachts

Length:77 m (253 ft)
Guests:18 in 9 cabins
Crew:19 in 11 cabins
Builder:Turquoise Yachts
Designer:H2 Yacht Design
Interior Designer:H2 Yacht Design
Speed:17 knots
Volume:1,952 tons
Price:US$ 90 million
Annual Running Cost:US$ 5 -10 million
Owner:Hans Peter Wild
Captain:Pls send info!

Motor Yacht Go

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Yacht Owners Database JAN 2024


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SuperYacht GO Interior Photos

  • Yacht Go Interior
  • Yacht Go Interior
  • Yacht Go Interior
  • Yacht Go Interior
  • Yacht Go Interior

Inside the yacht Go

Her amazing interior is designed by H2 Yacht Design.

H2 Yacht Design

H2 Yacht Design is a British yacht design firm founded by London-based naval architects and yacht designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett and his team. The company designs and engineers luxury yachts for some of the world’s most prestigious shipyards and yacht builders. H2 Yacht Design is known for its modern and innovative yacht designs that incorporate the latest technologies and materials. They have a portfolio of work that includes motor yachts, sailing yachts, and superyachts. Notable projects include the 125-meter Maryah, the Lurssen Al Lusail, and the Kleven Andromeda.