IGOR MAKAROV • Net Worth $2 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Itera

Name:Igor Makarov
Net Worth:$ 2 billion
Source of Wealth:Areti Group
Born:April 5, 1962
Children:2 (son Igor)
Residence:Florida, USA
Private Jet:Embrear ERJ-135 (P4-IVM), Boeing 737 BBJ (P4-MAK)
YachtAmatasia (ex yacht)

The world of billionaires often unfurls tales of incredible journeys, and that of Igor Makarov is no exception. Born in April 1962, this Russian billionaire has made a name for himself as the owner of the prominent gas producer Itera, among his many ventures.

Key Takeaways

  • Igor Makarov is a renowned Russian billionaire, famous as the owner of Itera, a major gas producer.
  • Makarov owned three yachts named Areti, Areti I, and Areti II until 2015.
  • He has successfully led Itera International, expanding its influence across various sectors and continents.
  • Itera entered a joint venture with Rosneft in 2012, after which Makarov sold all his shares in Itera to Rosneft for US$2.9 billion and founded the Areti Group.
  • Makarov is a passionate sports enthusiast, founding the Russian professional cycling team Katyusha and serving as the President of the Russian Cycling Federation.
  • Forbes estimates his net worth to be around US$ 2.2 billion.

Life of Igor Makarov: A Snapshot

Married with two children, Makarov’s life presents an intricate tapestry of success and strategy. Until 2015, he held the ownership of three distinct yachts named Areti, Areti I, and Areti II. Interestingly, the name “Areti” is a clever reversal of Makarov’s company’s name, Itera.

Itera International: A Powerhouse of Natural Gas

Itera International, one of the largest independent producers and traders of natural gas, operates extensively in the CIS and the Baltic states. Makarov, as the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Itera International, has significantly expanded the company’s footprint into energy, gas processing, and construction projects.

Itera’s sphere of influence isn’t confined to the eastern hemisphere alone; it extends to Europe, Asia, and the USA. The company also engages in the real estate and insurance sectors, reflecting Makarov’s diverse business interests.

Starting its natural gas production in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region in Western Siberia (Russia) since 1998, Itera has invested over $1 billion into the gas industry. Notably, Itera was the first private company to operationalize gas fields in the Far North of Russia, setting a precedent for other private entities.

Changes at Itera and the Birth of Areti Group

In 2012, Itera entered into a joint venture with Rosneft, a significant oil company controlled by the Russian state. The following year saw a crucial shift as Makarov sold all his shares in Itera to Rosneft for a staggering US$2.9 billion. In the aftermath of this colossal deal, Makarov founded the Areti Group.

Katyusha: Fostering Professional Cycling

Beyond his business pursuits, Makarov is also a passionate advocate of sports. He is the founder of Katyusha, a Russian professional cycling team that participates in the World Tour. In addition to this, he holds the position of President of the Russian Cycling Federation, underscoring his commitment to promoting cycling in Russia.

Igor Makarov’s Net Worth

Having established a diversified portfolio of businesses and investments, it’s no surprise that Makarov has amassed a substantial fortune. His net worth is estimated by Forbes to be around US$ 2.2 billion, placing him amongst the wealthiest individuals globally.

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Igor Makarov

Igor Makarov


areti I

MY Areti Yacht

Makarov ordered the two identical yachts Areti I and Areti II (built by Burger Yachts) so he can base one in the Mediterranean and one in America due to his business interests in each location.

He sold Areti II to Doug Lebda, founder and CEO of The Lending Tree. He named her T Zero) but still owns Areti I. For a few years he also owned the Trinity yacht Areti  (a 60 meter delivered in 2012).

Makarov sold the 60-meter Areti in 2015 and she is now named Mia Elise and owned by Florida based car dealer Terry Taylor.

We believe he still owns the yacht Areti I.

Lurssen Yacht Amatasia

In the summer of 2017 Makarov’s new 85-meter yacht Areti was delivered by Lurssen.

Igor Makarov House

He lives with his wife and 2 children in Florida. He also owns a house in Moscow and in France.

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Makarov yacht Areti

He was the owner of the yacht Areti, which he sold. She was then named Amatasia. In 2023 she was sold again and is now named GIGIA.

The yacht Amatasia was originally commissioned by billionaire Igor Makarov and built at Lurssen as Areti in 2017.

Makarov had two yachts, Areti I and Areti II, based in the Mediterranean and America, respectively.

Later, Areti II was sold to Doug Lebda, who renamed her T Zero.

The 85-meter yacht Areti was delivered by Lurssen in the summer of 2017.

Amatasia can accommodate 18 guests and has a crew of at least 24.