JOHN CAUDWELL • Net Worth $3 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Phones4You

Name:John Caudwell
Net Worth:$ 3 billion
Source of Wealth:Phones 4 U
Born:October 7, 1952
Wife:Kate Caudwell (ex-wife)
Children:5 (Rebekah, Rhiannon, son Rufus, 2 more)
Residence:Mayfair, London
Private Jet:Please send us a message if you have info.

Who is John Caudwell?

John Caudwell is a British entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for founding the UK mobile phone retailer Phones4U. Born in October 1952, he was married to Kate for 25 years, and they have five children, including Rebekah Caudwell, Rhiannon Caudwell, and Rufus Caudwell.


Caudwell and his brother Brian Caudwell founded Midlands Mobile Phones, which later became Phones4U, in 1987. The group expanded rapidly, with over 500 stores across the UK and sales exceeding $1 billion in 2000. In 2006, Phones4U was sold for GBP 1.5 billion to private equity investors.

Net Worth and Philanthropy

Forbes estimates Caudwell’s net worth at $3 billion, largely due to his success with Phones4U. However, he is also known for his philanthropy, particularly through the Caudwell Children foundation. foundation, which supports disabled children. He also founded the Caudwell Lyme Disease Charity after his ex-wife and children were diagnosed with Lyme disease, dedicating the charity to raising awareness about the disease and supporting those affected by it.

Business Ventures and Public Image

Caudwell has invested in various ventures, including real estate, and has spoken out about various issues, such as Brexit. He is an active presence in the media, with articles and interviews covering his life, career, and philanthropic efforts.


John Caudwell’s legacy is one of hard work, dedication, and compassion. His success in the business world and his philanthropic efforts in healthcare have made significant contributions to society. Caudwell’s legacy serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and philanthropists alike, showing the impact that one person can make in their lifetime.


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Yacht Titania Owner

John Caudwell

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John Caudwell House

Yacht Titania

He is the owner of the Lurssen yacht Titania. The yacht Titania was built at Lurssen in 2006.

Titania can accommodate 12 guests and has a crew of 21. Titania has an interior designed by Zuretti.

The superyacht has a value of $50 million.