MARK GETTY • Net Worth $500 Million • House • Yacht Talitha • Private Jet

Name:Mark Harris Getty
Net Worth:$500 million
Source of Wealth:Getty Oil / Getty Images
Born:July 9, 1960
Wife:Caterina Nahberg
Children:Julius Getty, Alexander Getty, Joseph Getty, 1 more daughter
Residence:Rome, Italy / Buckinghamshire, UK
Private Jet:Boeing BBJ (N310AG)

Who is Mark Getty?

Mark Getty was born in July 1960. His father is Sir John Paul Getty, his mother is Gail Harris. He is married to Caterina Nahberg. He has four children, three sons from a previous marriage and a daughter with Caterina.

He is the heir to the Getty Oil fortune and founder of Getty Images. He is the owner of the yacht Talitha.

Getty Oil Corporation.

The company was founded in 1942 by his grandfather Jean Paul Getty Sr. Jean’s father George Getty was already active in the oil business. George started the Minnehoma Oil Company in 1904. In 1913, George lent his son Jean-Paul (then aged 21) money to invest in oil wells. Two years later Jean-Paul had made his first million and the following year George and Jean-Paul incorporated Getty Oil.

The company we now know as Getty Oil was founded in 1942. In 1949 Jean-Paul Getty negotiated a series of lucrative oil leases with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In the 1980s Getty Oil was sold to Texaco for US$ 8 billion.

In later years (parts of) the company changed ownership several times. For a few years, it was owned by Russian Lukoil. In 2011 Getty Petroleum went bankrupt. The current Getty Oil is owned by an Austrian company named Westerhoudt AG.

Getty Images

Mark Harris Getty founded Getty Images in 1995. The company is a supplier of stock images, editorial photography, video, and music for businesses and consumers with an archive of over 200 million assets. In 1997 Getty Images merged with the US company Photo Disc.

In 1998 Getty Investments LLC paid US$ 28 million for Getty Images. Getty Investments is owned by several Trusts, including the Gordon P. Getty Family Trust, and the ‘October 1993 Trust’ established by Mark H. Getty.

How Much is Mark Getty Net Worth?

In 2003 it was reported that Mark inherited the bulk of his father’s fortune. It was estimated at more than GBP 200 million at that time. Given the success of Mark’s company Getty Images, we now estimate his net worth at US$ 500 million.


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Yacht Talitha Owner

Mark Getty

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Getty Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Talitha. She was built in 1930 by Krupp Germania for Russell Alger, Chairman of the Packard Car Company. She was bought by Paul Getty in 1988 and was refitted in 1999 to a design of Jon Bannenberg.