STEN WARBORN • Net Worth $400 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Iduna Group

Name:Sten Warborn
Net Worth:$400 million
Source of Wealth:Iduna
Born:August 20, 1942
Wife:Katja Warborn
Residence:Varberg, Sweden
Private Jet:Pls send a message if you have info.
Yacht:Lady Britt

Who is Sten Warborn?

Sten Warborn, born in August 1942, stands as a remarkable figure in the world of jewelry and luxury. As the CEO and owner of the dominant Swedish jeweler group, Iduna, he has left an indelible mark on the industry. Besides his business accomplishments, Warborn is known for his exquisite taste in luxury, evidenced by his ownership of the yacht Lady Britt. Warborn’s life is a compelling testament to the heights that passion, hard work, and a keen sense of business can achieve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sten Warborn, born in 1942, is the CEO and owner of the Iduna Group, a leading force in the Swedish jewelry market.
  • The Iduna Group, which operates more than 200 stores in Sweden and Finland, achieves annual sales of over EUR 200 million.
  • Birger Svensson, Warborn’s grandfather, is the founder of Monark, a pioneering Swedish bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer.
  • Warborn’s ownership of the luxurious Lady Britt yacht underscores his penchant for high-end living.
  • With an estimated net worth of US$ 400 million, Warborn ranks among the richest individuals in Sweden.

The Iduna Group: Shaping the Jewelry Market

Warborn’s most notable business venture, the Iduna Group, is recognized as the market leader in jewelry in Sweden. Operating under renowned names such as Guldfynd, Albrekts Guld, Hallbergs Guld, and Imemy, the group boasts over 200 stores spread across Sweden and Finland, providing employment to approximately 1600 individuals.

Under Warborn’s leadership, the Iduna Group has achieved outstanding financial success, boasting annual sales exceeding EUR 200 million. It stands as a testament to Warborn’s business acumen and his ability to tap into the pulse of the jewelry market.

The Legacy of Monark

The roots of Warborn’s entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to his grandfather, Birger Svensson. Svensson is the visionary founder of Monark, a pioneering Swedish bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer that came into being in 1908.

Svensson’s leadership turned Monark into Europe’s largest manufacturer of bicycles at one point, contributing significantly to the region’s mobility. Although now under the ownership of Salvatori Grimaldi’s Grimaldi Industri, Monark continues to produce bikes and scooters, carrying forward Svensson’s legacy.

Sten Warborn’s Net Worth

Warborn’s journey, marked by business triumphs and luxury lifestyle choices, has placed him among Sweden‘s wealthiest individuals. His net worth is estimated at a staggering US$ 400 million, reflecting his outstanding success in the jewelry industry and beyond.

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Yacht Lady Britt Owner

Sten Warborn

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Sten Warborn House

Warborn Yacht Lady Britt

He is the owner of the Feadship motor yacht Lady Britt. Warborn named his yacht after his wife Britt.

The Lady Britt yacht, a 2011 model, is a custom-built superyacht by Feadship, known for their exceptional quality.

Equipped with two MTU engines, she sails at a cruising speed of 13 knots and can reach a maximum speed of 16 knots.

The interior design by Redman Whiteley Dixon and exterior by De Voogt Naval Architects accentuates her grandeur.