RAY DALIO • Net Worth $17 billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Bridgewater Associates

Name:Ray Dalio
Net Worth:$ 17 billion
Source of Wealth:Bridgewater Associates
Born:August 8, 1949
Spouse:Barbara Dalio
Children:Paul, Devon, Matt, and Mark Dalio
Residence:Greenwich, CT, USA
Private Jet:Cessna 680 (N385QS) (Netjets)

Who is Ray Dalio?

He founded the investment management fund Bridgewater Associates. He was born in August 1949. He is married to Barbara Dalio, they have 4 children. (Paul, Devon,  Matt, and Mark Dalio).

His son Devon Dalio died in a car crash in December 2020.

Bridgewater Associates is an investment management company. That manages around US$150 billion in global investments. For a wide array of mainly institutional clients.

The company has around 1,400 employees. And is referred to as the biggest investment fund in the world.  

Raymond Dalio is the owner of the yachts Alucia, support vessel Umbra and OceanXplorer.

Daily Observations

Bridgewater is famous for its Daily Observations. It is a research publication. Which is considered at the ‘must read’ daily analyses by thousands of investors and policymakers around the world.

Ray Dalio Net Worth

The success of Bridgewater made Dalio one of the richest people in the world. With a net worth of more than US$ 17 billion.


Dalio is an active philanthropist, he donated more than $ 850 million to good causes. His Dalio Foundation has more than USD 500 million in assets. And is giving away around US$ 30 million a year.

Ray and his wife Barbara Dalio have committed to The Giving Pledge. Dedicating the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

OceanXplorer owner

Ray Dalio

Umbra yacht

Alucia yacht

OceanXplorer Yacht ( ex: Alucia 2)

Dalio’s new 85 meter explorer yacht OceanXplorer (Alucia 2) is a converted research vessel. She features state-of-the-art onboard dry and wet marine research labs. With cutting-edge media equipment and a top-of-the-line production and media center. And manned and autonomous deep-sea submersibles and helicopters and drones.

She will feature a production studio. Which was developed in consultation with filmmaker and ocean explorer James Cameron.

MY Umbra Yacht

Umbra is a so-called ‘fast support vessel’. It is built by Amels in the Netherlands under the Sea Axe brand.

Her four MTU 12V4000 engines give her a total power of 7,080 bhp. And an 21 knots top speed. She can accommodate a total of 26 guests. Of which 15 crew and 11 scientists.








Ray Dalio House

Yacht OceanXplorer

He is the owner of the yacht OceanXplorer.