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Name:Kees Vermaat
Net Worth:$300 Million
Source of Wealth:Vermaat Group
Country:The Netherlands
Private Jet:Pls Send message if you have info!

Who is Kees Vermaat?

Kees Vermaat stands as a prominent name in the Dutch catering industry. Born in 1946, Kees embarked on a journey that would see him establish and develop the Vermaat Group, marking its name as one of the premier catering companies not only in the Netherlands but also on the European stage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kees Vermaat, born in 1946, is the mastermind behind Vermaat Group, a leading name in Dutch catering.
  • Starting as a deli shop in 1978, Vermaat Group now boasts about 450 locations in the Netherlands.
  • The company proudly caters to esteemed institutions like the Dutch Rijksmuseum and businesses such as Rabobank and KLM.
  • LA PLACE restaurant chain, with its 40 locations, is a part of the Vermaat Group’s expansive portfolio.
  • Significant acquisitions include a 2015 sale to the Swiss investment company Partners Group for about $400 million and a 2019 sale for $750 million.
  • Kees Vermaat’s net worth is a testament to his dedication and success, standing at an estimated $300 million.
  • He is the owner of the Rossinavi yacht N2H.

The Rise of Vermaat Group

Kees Vermaat’s remarkable journey began in 1978 when he opened the doors to a modest deli shop. From those humble beginnings, the company evolved, understanding the needs of its clientele, and soon became a beacon of tailor-made hospitality.
Today, the Vermaat Group stands tall as one of the largest catering companies in the Netherlands. Boasting approximately 450 locations across the country, it employs more than 4,000 individuals, making it one of the biggest hospitality employers in the region. Some of its most prestigious catering clientele include iconic institutions and businesses such as the Dutch Rijksmuseum, Rabobank, and the global airline, KLM.

One cannot speak of Vermaat’s success without mentioning the acquisition of the LA PLACE restaurant chain. With over 40 locations to its name, LA PLACE further solidified Vermaat Group’s foothold in the catering sector.

But like all thriving enterprises, Vermaat Group caught the attention of international investors. In 2015, the company was acquired by the Swiss investment company, Partners Group, in a deal valued at roughly $400 million. Its growth trajectory didn’t stop there. By 2019, the company changed hands once more, this time fetching a whopping $750 million.

Net Worth of Kees Vermaat

All of Kees Vermaat’s endeavors and achievements in the world of hospitality have culminated in an impressive personal net worth of an estimated $300 million.


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Kees Vermaat House

Kees Vermaat Yacht

He is the owner of the RossiNavi yacht N2H. It was built for Polish entrepreneur Robert Oskard.

The N2H yacht was masterfully built by Rossi Navi in 2017.

The yacht showcases designs by the acclaimed Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi.

Powered by high-performance Caterpillar engines.

The N2H boasts impressive speeds and long-distance cruising capabilities.

In 2023, the yacht was listed for sale asking $25 million.