LORETTA ANN ROGERS • Net Worth $8 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Rogers Communications

Name:Loretta Ann Rogers
Net Worth:US$ 8 billion
Source of Wealth:Rogers Communications
Born:April 13, 1939
Wife:Edward S. Rogers Jr.  (Died 2008)
Children:Lisa, Edward, Melinda, and Martha
Private Jet:Bombardier
Yacht:Loretta Anne

Loretta Ann Rogers: A Pillar of Canadian Communications and Philanthropy

Loretta Rogers, a noteworthy Canadian billionaire, is widely known as the widow of Ted Rogers, the founder of the giant telecom enterprise, Rogers Communication. Born on April 13, 1939, she married Ted Rogers in 1963 and they were blessed with a child named Edward S. Rogers III.

Key Takeaways

  • Loretta Anne Rogers, a Canadian billionaire, is the widow of Ted Rogers, the founder of Rogers Communication. They have one child, Edward S. Rogers III.
  • Rogers Communication, a leading Canadian communications and media company, was founded by Ted Rogers in the 1960s and is now one of Canada’s largest media companies, owning the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club.
  • Loretta Anne Rogers and the Rogers family are known for their philanthropic activities, notably the Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund and the significant contributions to the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research.
  • Loretta Anne Rogers has an estimated net worth of $8 billion. The Rogers family owns 27% of the equity of Rogers Communications and controls 91% of the voting power through the Rogers Control Trust.
  • She is the owner of the Loretta Anne Yacht.

Embarking on the Communications Journey: Rogers Communication

Rogers Communication, a leading Canadian communications and media company, stands as a testament to the vision and perseverance of Ted Rogers. Being pioneers in the Internet, cable television, and wireless phone communication sectors, they have significantly influenced the telecom landscape of Canada.
The journey of Rogers Communication began in the 1960s, when Ted Rogers, still a student, purchased a local radio station in Toronto. His entrepreneurial spirit soon ventured into cable television, and within a few years, Rogers Communication had grown into one of the largest media conglomerates in Canada. Currently, the company boasts an annual sales figure of around US$ 14 billion and employs over 25,000 personnel.

Aside from their telecom exploits, the Rogers family also owns the prestigious Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club. Edward S. Rogers III, the son of Loretta Ann Rogers, serves as the chairman of Rogers Communication, perpetuating the legacy of his father.

Philanthropic Endeavours of the Rogers Family

In addition to their telecom dominance, Loretta Anne and the Rogers family have etched their names in the hearts of many through their active philanthropy. The Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund, initiated by them, provides invaluable support to youths commencing their first year of post-secondary education.
The Rogers family’s philanthropic efforts have led to substantial donations to numerous charitable organizations across Canada. In 2017 alone, Rogers Communication donated $64 million. In 2014, they made a landmark donation of $130 million to establish the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research following Ted Rogers’s demise due to heart failure.

The Net Worth of Loretta Anne Rogers

Loretta Anne Rogers has an estimated net worth of a staggering $8 billion. The Rogers family holds 27% of the equity of Rogers Communications, and through their Rogers Control Trust, they exert a commanding 91% voting power.



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Yacht Owner

Loretta Anne Rogers

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Loretta Ann Rogers Yacht

She is the owner of the Alloy motor yacht Loretta Anne.

The Loretta Anne yacht is a luxurious vessel built by Alloy in 2012, designed by Dubois.

Powered by Caterpillar engines, the yacht has a max speed of 14 knots and a cruising speed of 11 knots, with a range exceeding 3000 nm.

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