WALTER SCOTT Jr. (1931-2021) • Net Worth • Yacht • House • Private Jet

Name:Walter Scott Jr.
Net Worth:US$ 4.2 billion
Source of Wealth:Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Born:May 21, 1931
Death:September 25, 2021
Wife:Suzanne Scott
Private Jet:(N349K) Gulfstream G-IV
Yacht:Ice Bear

Who is Walter Scott Jr.?

Background and Career

Walter Scott Jr. was a highly respected businessman and philanthropist who had a significant impact on the energy sector. He was born in 1931 and passed away in September 2021 at the age of 90. He was married to Carolyn, who passed away from cancer in 1984, and they had four children together. He later married Suzanne, who had two children from a previous marriage. Scott was a lifelong friend of Warren Buffet, and he served as a shareholder and director of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

For many years, Scott was the CEO of Kiewit Corporation, which is one of the largest contractors in the world. He played an instrumental role in the growth of the company, and his leadership was critical to its success.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy

Berkshire Hathaway Energy is an investment company that focuses on sustainable energy. The company’s investments include MidAmerican Energy Company, which provides environmentally responsible energy to customers in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, and Nebraska. PacifiCorp, which is the largest grid owner/operator on the US West Coast, and BHE Renewables, which focuses on energy from wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric sources.

Net Worth

Scott’s net worth was estimated at $4.2 billion, and he owned 9% of Berkshire Hathaway Energy. He was a visionary entrepreneur who recognized the importance of investing in sustainable energy, and he was committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


Scott was also a passionate philanthropist, and he made significant contributions to education and youth development. The Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation, named after his late wife Suzanne, focuses on supporting the Omaha city community and promoting education and youth development. In 2016, Scott donated $53 million to Colorado State University School of Engineering to form the Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering.


In conclusion, Walter Scott Jr. was a visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist, and leader who had a significant impact on the energy sector. His commitment to sustainable energy and philanthropy has left a lasting legacy, and his contributions will continue to benefit future generations.

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Yacht Ice Bear Owner

Walter Scott Jr

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Walter Scott Jr. House

Scott lived in an amazing house, with beautiful gardens in Omaha. Update: we actually think that Walter’s son David Scott lives here. Do you know more about his house? Please do send us a message.

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Scott Jr. Yacht Ice Bear

He was the owner of the Feadship motor yacht Ice Bear.

Ice Bear, is a true masterpiece of engineering, built in 1988 by the renowned Dutch yacht builder, Feadship, and designed by De Voogt Naval Architects.

The yacht was initially commissioned by the late automotive entrepreneur, Jim Moran, who named her Gallant Lady. Moran was a proud owner of eight Feadships during his lifetime, which speaks volumes about the quality of Feadship’s yachts. Ice Bear is currently listed for sale at a price of $12 million, and is an incredible opportunity for anyone seeking the ultimate luxury yachting experience.