DENNIS MEHIEL • Net Worth $500 million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • US Corrugated

Name:Dennis Mehiel
Net Worth:$ 500 million
Source of Wealth:US Corrugated / Sweetheart Cup
Born:March 1942
Wife:Karen Mehiel
Residence:New York City, NY, USA
Private Jet:Pls send message if you have info.
YachtHelios 2

Who is Dennis Mehiel?

Dennis Mehiel is a Shareholder and Chairman of US Corrugated. He was born in March 1942. He is married to Karen Mehiel. He has 7 children. Dennis Dorian Mehiel was the owner of the superyacht Helios 2, which he sold in 2017.

US Corrugated

US Corrugated is a producer of corrugated packaging products.  The company is actually one of the largest independent manufacturers of corrugated packaging. The company is active as a producer of industrial packaging, retail packaging, and product displays.

If SuperYachtFan understands correctly then Mr. Mehiel’s father was already the owner of a packaging company. This company was named Fore M.

BOX USA sold for US$ 204 Million

In 1966 Dennis founded his own packaging company named Box USA. Which grew to become a leading company in the corrugated packaging industry.

In 2004 Box USA was sold to International Paper. For $204 million of which $198 million in cash.

Sweetheart Cup

Mehiel also owned approximately 38% of Sweetheart Cup. Sweetheart Cup is a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-service foodservice and beverage-related products. Products in paper, plastic, and foam. Sweetheart Cup was sold in 2004. To the Solo Cup Company for $698 million.

Dennis Mehiel Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at more than USD 500 million.


Mehiel is an active philanthropist. He supports the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations.  And he has donated to The Hellenic Initiative.

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Yacht Helios 2 Owner

Dennis Mehiel

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Dennis Mehiel House

Dennis Mehiel yacht

He was the owner of the motor yacht Helios 2, which he sold. Do you know more about a current yacht owned by Mehiel? Please do send us a message.