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Name:Andrew Currie
Net Worth:$5 billion
Source of Wealth:Ineos
Born:Dec 4,1955
Country:UK / Switzerland
Wife:Dawn Charmaine Currie
Residence:Hampshire, UK / Rolle, Switzerland
Private Jet:Gulfstream G280 (M-ISTY)

Introduction to Andrew Currie

Born in December 1955, Andrew Currie is a prominent figure in the chemical industry and a well-respected businessman globally. Married to Dawn Charmaine Currie, details about their family life remain private, adding an element of mystery to his personal life.

Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Currie is a highly respected figure in the global chemical industry, holding significant shares in Ineos Group.
  • Beginning his career at BP Chemicals, Currie’s journey to the top of Ineos is a testament to his expertise and strategic leadership skills.
  • Ineos Group, under the leadership of Currie and Ratcliffe, has successfully built a massive chemical empire with an impressive revenue of US$ 40 billion.
  • Currie’s net worth is a staggering $5 billion, signifying his successful career and substantial influence in the petrochemical industry.

Academic Background and Early Career

Educated at the prestigious Cambridge University, Currie honed his skills in natural sciences, preparing him for a thriving career in the chemical sector. He kick-started his professional journey at BP Chemicals, one of the world’s leading chemical companies.

Ineos Group and Currie’s Ascend

In 1994, Currie took a significant career leap by joining the Ineos Group, which was then a relatively new name in the industry. By 1999, his proficiency in the field and strategic leadership skills led him to become a Director and Shareholder of Ineos.

Consolidating the Ineos Empire

The foundation of Ineos was laid in 1998 by Jim Ratcliffe. Through strategic acquisitions of unwanted operations from giants like BP and Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), Ineos gradually solidified its market presence. The company also ventured into fracking and shale gas in the UK, diversifying its portfolio.

Ineos Revenue and Expansion

Today, Ineos stands tall as a multinational chemical company, employing around 15,000 employees worldwide. The firm has an impressive sales turnover of US$ 40 billion, with 60 manufacturing sites spread across 13 countries. In a move that resulted in significant tax savings, Ineos shifted its headquarters to Switzerland in 2010.

Andrew Currie’s Net Worth

As the owner of approximately 20% of Ineos’ shares, Currie’s net worth is an astounding $5 billion. His wealth underscores his monumental success in the petrochemical industry and his strategic acumen.

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