HADIA ABDUL LATIF JAMEEL • Net Worth $5 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Abdul Lateef Jameel Company

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Net Worth:US$ 5 billion
Source of Wealth:Abdul Latif Jameel Co Ltd
Country:Saudi Arabia
Private Jet:(9H-ALJ) Dassault Falcon 90

The Stature of Hadia Abdul Latif Jameel in the Jameel Dynasty

In the world of business and luxury yachting, the name Hadia Abdul Latif Jameel carries significant weight. A member of a distinguished lineage, Jameel is a brother of Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, the proud owner of the yacht Nafisa. The family’s robust involvement in real estate and car dealerships can be traced back to their father, who laid the foundation of a colossal business empire.

Key Takeaways

  • Hadia Abdul Latif Jameel, brother of Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, is a prominent figure in the world of business and luxury yachting.
  • The Jameel family’s business empire, founded by their father, spans real estate and car dealerships.
  • The family business, Abdul Latif Jameel, operates across 7 core sectors, reaching over 30 countries on 6 continents.
  • Abdul Latif Jameel Motors plays a pivotal role in the global automobile industry, distributing Toyota, Lexus, and Ford vehicles in various markets.
  • Hadia Abdul Latif Jameel boasts a net worth of $5 billion, demonstrating the prosperity of the Jameel dynasty.

The Legacy of Abdul Latif Jameel

Abdul Latif Jameel, a name synonymous with business excellence, represents a family-owned diversified business rooted in Saudi Arabia. Founded by the late Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel in 1945, the enterprise has grown exponentially over the decades. Today, Abdul Latif Jameel operates across 7 core business sectors, extending its reach to over 30 countries and making its mark on 6 continents.

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors: Steering the Automobile Industry

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors is a notable division of the Jameel business, responsible for the distribution of renowned automotive brands. In Saudi Arabia and other markets throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, it is a major distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Furthermore, it has secured the distribution rights for Ford vehicles in Egypt, fortifying its position in the global automobile industry.

The Wealth of Hadia Abdul Latif Jameel

As a key figure in the Jameel dynasty, Hadia Abdul Latif Jameel’s wealth is as impressive as his family’s business portfolio. His net worth stands at an estimated $5 billion, reflecting the prosperous legacy of his lineage and his successful ventures.

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He is the owner of the Hakvoort motor yacht Hadia.

The Hadia Yacht was skillfully built by Hakvoort in 2006, featuring an exceptional design by Espen Øino.

Powered by Caterpillar engines, she boasts a top speed of 14 knots and a cruising speed of 11 knots.

With accommodations for 10 guests and a crew of 11, the Hadia Yacht epitomizes luxury and comfort.