STEVEN GROSSMAN • Net Worth $600 million • House • Yacht Arcadia • Private Jet

Name:Steven Grossman
Net Worth:$600 million
Source of Wealth:Southern Container
Wife:Carole Grossman
Children:Leslie Grossman, Ethan Grossman
Private Jet:Pls send a message if you have info

Steven Grossman is a notable figure in the packaging industry, known for his impactful tenure as the CEO of the Southern Container Company. Born in 1939, Grossman has built a legacy in the business world, transitioning from leading a major manufacturing company to making significant contributions to philanthropy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steven Grossman, born in 1939, served as the CEO of the Southern Container Company, a family business founded by his father and uncle.
  • Under Grossman’s leadership, Southern Container Corp became one of the largest independent U.S. manufacturers of corrugated boxes, graphics packaging, and containerboard.
  • The company was sold to RockTenn in 2008 for $1.06 billion.
  • Grossman’s estimated net worth stands at around US$600 million, considering his significant shares in Southern Container Corp.
  • After his business career, Grossman focused on philanthropy through the Grossman Family Foundation, which holds over $140 million in assets and donates more than $7 million annually.
  • In a notable philanthropic contribution, Grossman donated US$20 million to the University of Vermont in 2015 to establish The Grossman School of Business.

Early Life and Family

Married to Carole Grossman, Steven is the father of two children: Leslie Grossman and Ethan D. Grossman. Despite his high-profile business ventures, he has always managed to strike a balance between his personal and professional life, grounding his success in his family values.

Southern Container Corporation: A Family Business

Southern Container Corporation was a family-operated business, founded in 1946 by Louis Grossman and his brother Charles. Originally starting as a sheet plant, the company evolved under the leadership of Louis’ sons, Steven and Robert, who joined the company in 1962.

Steven Grossman’s leadership skills came to the fore in 1987 when he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer. His tenure at the helm lasted until 2008, a period during which he guided the company through numerous growth phases and challenges.

A Lucrative Sale to RockTenn

Under Grossman’s leadership, Southern Container Corp. established itself as one of the largest independent U.S. manufacturers of corrugated boxes, graphics packaging, and containerboard. This success caught the attention of RockTenn, a leading packaging company.

On March 5, 2008, a landmark event took place when RockTenn acquired the stock of Southern Container for an impressive sum of $1.06 billion. This marked the end of an era for Grossman’s leadership at Southern Container but opened new doors for his future endeavors.

Steven Grossman’s Net Worth

Considering Grossman was not the sole shareholder at SCC, we estimate his net worth to be approximately US$ 600 million. This considerable wealth is a testament to his success in the packaging industry and astute business strategies.

Grossman’s Philanthropy: The Grossman Family Foundation

Grossman’s accomplishments extend beyond the business realm to include considerable philanthropic work through his Grossman Family Foundation. With assets exceeding $140 million, the foundation contributes more than $7 million annually to various causes.

In 2015, Grossman made a significant contribution to the University of Vermont, donating US$20 million to create The Grossman School of Business. This generous act underscores his commitment to supporting education and nurturing future business leaders.


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Yacht Arcadia Owner

Steven Grossman

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Steven Grossman House

Steven Grossman Yacht

He was the owner of the Royal Huisman yacht Arcadia. He sold her in 2022.

The ARCADIA yacht, a one-of-a-kind motor yacht, was built by Royal Huisman in 2006.

The yacht is designed by renowned yacht designer Tony Castro and is powered by Caterpillar engines.

ARCADIA offers luxury accommodations for 10 guests and a crew of 8.