YURI MILNER • Net Worth $7 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • DST Global

Name:Yuri Milner
Net Worth:$7 billion
Source of Wealth:Digital Sky Technologies, DST Global
Born:November 11, 1961
Country:Russia / USA
Wife:Julia Milner
Children:3 daughters
Residence:Los Angeles, California, USA
Private Jet:Pls send a message if you have info

Discover the World of Yuri Milner

Yuri Milner is a Russian venture capital investor born in November 1961 in Moscow. He currently resides in the United States. Milner is the founder of the investment company DST Global and has made early investments in Internet companies like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Airbnb, and WhatsApp. He is married to Julia Milner, and they have three children. Discover the man behind the investments and his fascinating journey.

The Rise of Mail.Ru: Russia’s Internet Giant

Mail.Ru began as a simple email service in 1998 and has since evolved into Russia’s largest internet company. In 2001, Milner merged his own internet company, NetBridge, with Mail.ru and became the group’s CEO. In 2003, he resigned and founded Digital Sky Technologies (DST). In 2006, DST bought Mail.RU for $100 million, and in 2010, Milner took the company public on the London stock market, raising $5 billion.

DST Global: Milner’s Powerhouse Investment Fund

DST Global is Milner’s private investment fund. Through DST, Milner held an 8% stake in Facebook and a 5% stake in Twitter, both of which he later sold for a significant profit. He also has investments in companies like Alibaba, WhatsApp, Farfetch, and Habito.

From Russia to Silicon Valley: Yuri Milner’s Net Worth

Yuri Milner’s bold investments have earned him an estimated net worth of $7 billion. Delve into the wealth of this influential investor.

Championing Science & Giving Back: Milner’s Philanthropy

Yuri and Julia Milner are active philanthropists, supporting science and education. In 2012, Milner established the Fundamental Physics Prize, which awards $3 million annually to physicists for their achievements in fundamental physics. Milner is also committed to the Giving Pledge, dedicating the majority of his wealth to philanthropic causes.

Andromeda Yacht: Fact or Fiction?

Is Yuri Milner the owner of the luxurious Andromeda Yacht? Unravel the mystery surrounding the ownership of this high-profile vessel.. It has been reported that Milner is the owner of the Yacht Andromeda. While Burgess Yachts has denied Milner’s ownership, several industry sources claim that Milner also bought the 116-meter Ulysses from Graeme Hart. Milner was spotted on board the yacht Andromeda in Singapore in 2019, accompanied by a team from Burgess Yachts.
Official statement from Alice McGillion, spokesperson for Mr. Milner: “Neither Yuri Milner nor any family member nor any entity affiliated with him or his family own either the Andromeda or Ulysses yachts.”


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Yacht Andromeda Owner

Yuri Milner

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Yuri Milner House

SuperYacht Andromeda

He is the owner of the motor yacht Andromeda, which was built as Ulysses for Graeme Hart.

The motor yacht boasts a steel hull and is powered by six Caterpillar engines, providing a total power of 6660 kW (approximately 10,000 hp). The engines grant her a top speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. Her range is 8,500 nm. Andromeda features a helicopter landing platform, designed for an EC 145 or Bell 429 helicopter. The superyacht is designed by Oscar Mike Limited.

Some sources claim that Milner also bought Graeme’s other yacht Ulysses.