ALAN JAY WILDSTEIN • Net Worth $500 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet

Name:Alan Jay Wildstein
Net Worth:$500 million
Source of Wealth:Alan Jay Automotive Network
Born:January 7, 1968
Wife:Yes, Married
Children:three daughters (Sarah, Paige, One more)
Residence:Sebring, FL
Private Jet:N92AJ (Citation 680)

Introduction to Alan Jay Wildstein

Alan Jay Wildstein, born on January 7th, 1968, serves as the Chairman of the expansive Alan Jay Automotive Network. Renowned for his dedicated leadership, he guides a family-owned network of dealerships that span across multiple states and employs almost a thousand individuals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alan Jay Wildstein, born in 1968, leads the Alan Jay Automotive Network, a family-owned network of dealerships across multiple states, employing close to a thousand individuals.
  • The Wildstein family’s legacy in the automotive industry began with Tropical Chevrolet in Miami Shores, Florida. Alan Jay, along with his brothers, continues this tradition.
  • Under Wildstein’s leadership, the network has grown to 16 dealerships in Florida and Michigan, offering diverse vehicles from numerous prestigious automotive brands.
  • Beyond the automotive industry, Wildstein contributes to his community through the Alan Jay Wildstein Center for Performing Arts at a local college, creating a family legacy in culture and arts.
  • As a forward-thinking leader, Alan Jay Wildstein ensures that the network stays relevant and diversified, preparing for a promising future in the evolving automotive industry.
  • With an estimated net worth of around $500 million, Wildstein’s assets include a large car collection, the luxury Feadship yacht ACTA, and a business jet.

A Family Legacy in the Automotive Industry

The Wildstein family legacy in the automotive industry runs deep, with Alan Jay’s journey beginning in January 1992 when his father bought him his first store. Alan Jay and his two brothers continue to co-own Tropical Chevrolet in Miami Shores, Florida, standing on the same site as the family’s original dealership. This dealership symbolizes the continuity and tradition that lies at the core of the Alan Jay Automotive Network.

Alan Jay Wildstein: A Visionary Leader

Under Wildstein’s astute leadership, the Alan Jay Automotive Network has expanded to incorporate 16 dealerships serving Florida and Michigan. Representing a plethora of prestigious automotive brands, the network offers a diverse range of vehicles and services. Wildstein’s keen business acumen and strong ties to his father’s mentorship play a crucial role in the success of the network.

Contributing to the Community: The Alan Jay Wildstein Center for Performing Arts

Alan Jay Wildstein extends his influence beyond the automotive industry, making significant contributions to his community. One notable endeavor is the Alan Jay Wildstein Center for Performing Arts at a local college, serving as a testament to Wildstein’s commitment to culture and the arts, and as a legacy to his family.

A Bright Future for the Alan Jay Automotive Network

With Wildstein at the helm, the Alan Jay Automotive Network is geared towards a promising future. He strives to ensure the network stays relevant and diversified, meeting the evolving demands of the automotive industry and its customers. As the father of three daughters, he is also looking forward to the next generation continuing the family legacy in the industry.

Net Worth and Assets

We estimate his net worth at $500 million. He is the owner of a large car collection, including Ferraris, Maseratis, Bentleys, Corvettes, and a Pagani Zonda. He also owns a yacht and a business jet.

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Alan Jay Wildstein

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Alan Jay Wildstein House

Alan Jay Yacht

He is the owner of the Feadship yacht ACTA, which was built as Gallant Lady for Jim Moran.

ACTA is a luxury motor yacht crafted by Feadship, known for her timeless design and exceptional performance.

She is designed by De Voogt and features a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

ACTA can achieve a top speed of 15 knots and boasts a cruising speed of 12 knots.

The superyacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and a crew of 11.

ACTA’s interior design is the brainchild of John Munford, offering a luxurious and comfortable living space.