Celebs on Yachts – Famous stars and celebrities on board of the most luxurious superyachts

Famous stars and celebrities on board of the most luxurious yachts.

Celebrities (or celebs) are often seen on board of the world’s largest yachts.

Celebs Love Yachts

Celebs just love yachts. Not only are they used to the lavish lifestyle of the world’s richest, they also have the money to the charter of even buy a luxury yacht. Celebs like the images of themselves entertaining on a superyacht, as it is good for their ‘superstar image’.

A Perfect Holiday

A luxury yacht can bring you the perfect celeb holiday, as it gives you entertainment (pools, bars, toys), ultimate luxury with a crew serving all your needs, an impressive entrance to the world’s most famous celeb destinations (St Tropez, St. Barths, Monaco), you can bring a lot of friends, you can even have some privacy (just move the yacht), and last but not least: you will draw attention to yourself, and have a lot of coverage on the world’s magazines and websites.

Latest Celeb Yacht News

On this page we will bring you the latest news of celebs on yachts. Did you spot a celeb on a yacht? Please do send us a message.

Beyonce and Jay Z on board Lana

Lana is a large charter yacht, built at Benetti in 2020. The yacht is designed by the Benetti Design Team. Beyonce and her family chartered the yacht in Croatia.

Jennifer Lopez on board the yacht Quite Essential

The American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman was chartering the yacht near St Tropez, France.

They were doing a photoshoot, which was later posted on Instagram.

Quite Essential was built at Quinta Essentia for Valentin Zavadnikov. He is the founder of the Beluga Group, known for its Beluga Vodka brand. It is the nr 1 selling vodka brand in Russia

Quite Essential is listed for sale, asking EUR 29,500,000.

Jennifer Lopez on board Quite Essential

Jennifer Lopez yacht

Jennifer Lopez yacht

Jennifer Lopez yacht

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas on the yacht Princess Iluka

The Game of Thrones actress and her husband Joe Jones where chartering a yacht near Positano, Italy.

They married June 29 2019, chartered the yacht on their Honeymoon.

Princess Iluka was built in 1979.She can accommodate 10 guests and a crew of 6.


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner yacht

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

Kendal Jenner on board of Tommy Hilfiger’s yacht Flag

Kendall Jenner was in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival.

She stayed on board Tommy Hilfiger’s yacht. He named his yacht Flag, after his brand’s logo.

Hilfiger bought the yacht from his business partner Lawrence Stroll. He is the father of F1 driver Lance Stroll. Source of this story: https://www.eonline.com/

Iggy Azalea on the yacht Catari, near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Australian singer, rapper, and songwriter Iggy Azalea was having a great holiday on board the yacht Catari, near Cabo San Lucas.

The yacht Catari is owned by the One and Only Palmilla Resort and is available for charter for guests.

Iggy Azalea was born in Sidney and moves to the US at the age of 16. Azalea is the fourth female rapper in the history of the chart to reach number one with her hit Fancy.

Leonardo Dicaprio on the yacht Rising Sun in Cannes

Leonardo Dicaprio was spotted on the yacht Rising Sun, during the Cannes Film Festival.

The yacht is owned by record producer David Geffen. At night Dicaprio was spotted in the Gotha Nightclub together with Robin Thicke.

Dicaprio is often spotted on yachts. In the last few years, he was seen on the yacht Topaz (now A +)  (one of the largest yachts in the world) and on the yacht LionChase, a Sunseeker Predator owned by Sir Phillip Green. (Photos by Justjared.com).

Katy Perry on board the yacht Oscar II in Sydney

Katy Perry was spotted in a bikini on the yacht Oscar II. Perry is in Australia for her world tour.

The yacht Oscar II is owned by Mario and Bill Gravanis, who own the Oscars Hotels group. The Oscars Hotels group owns several hotels and pubs in the Sydney area.

Their yacht Oscar II is available for charter for a fee of $2,400 per hour. In January 2014 the yacht was in the news as a Sydney gang member was shot on board. The police found 18 bullet holes in the yachts hull.
Photo credits: INFphoto.com.

Model Miranda Kerr on board the yacht Destination Fox Harb’r Too

Australian model Miranda Kerr was seen in St Barths on board the motor yacht Destination Fox Harb’r Too, a few years ago.

Miranda Kerr was born in Sidney in 1983 and became famous in 2007 as Victoria’s Secret model. She married the actor Orlando Bloom in 2010, but in 2013 they separated.

The yacht Destination Fox Harb’r Too is owned by Ron Joyce. He became very rich as co-founder of the doughnut chain Tim Hortons, which he later merged with Wendys.

Joyce’ yacht is named after the five-star resort Fox Harbr’Golf Resort and Spa, which he also owns. Source of photos: Zimbio

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr yacht

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr yacht

Selena Gomez on board of motor yacht Ecstasea in St Tropez.

American actress and singer Selena Gomez was spotted on board the yacht Ecstasea in St. Tropez in July 2014.

She was celebrating her birthday with fashion model and singer Cara Delevingne on one of the largest and most expensive yachts in the world.

Ecstasea was built for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and until recently owned by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Her current owner, Pakistani billionaire Alshair Fiyaz, has made the yacht available for charter: You can rent Ecstasea for US$ 1 million a week.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomes yacht

Selena Gomes


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